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It’s not YOI but I hope you’ll give it a play :D SHOUTOUT TO YOI TUMBLR PEOPLE AT THE END because i am forever grateful and amazed at how much kindness you guys gave from my last video ;-; 


maybe ~ ingrid michaelson cover


you can’t say I don’t give the people what they want

here’s sonya alone from great comet bc i’d die for this song (and almost did jesus christ charting these chords for piano was so hard)

Hey guys!! I did a cover of SONYA ALONE from Great Comet, I hope you like it! 

Joey’s Lovesong Playlist

Aries: Vagina // Cupcakke (just kidding, thomas dared me) ,, Drops of Jupiter // Train

Taurus: City of Stars // La La Land

Gemini: Barcelona // Ed Sheeran

Cancer: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You // Cover by Ingrid Michaelson

Leo: Woman Woman // AWOLNATION

Virgo: Bad Intentions // Niykee Heaton

Libra: Sunday Candy // Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

Scorpio: I Can’t Stop Drinking About you // Bebe Rexha

Sagittarius: The One // Chainsmokers

Capricorn: Please Don’t Say You Love Me // Garbrielle Aplin

Aquarius: Champagne // In The Height (Musical)

Pisces: Count On Me // Bruno Mars

Request: Could you please do something whit any of the Ragnarssons or Halfdan where the reader takes care of a child for a day and they see her cuddling with the child when it haves to sleep and taking care of it and they instantly feel the need to have a child with the reader and when they tell her that at night she tells them that she’s already pregnant and they are really cute and excited ? And the reader and the one you choose are married. Thank you, wife ! Love you ! Hope you like this idea! 
Made for: @raekenimages
Warning: Halfdan fluff for once

Words: 2696
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‘Promise me you will take good care of her.’ Your sister was nervous on leaving her two year old toddler with you. It was the first time she would go trading again and the first time she would leave her daughter behind, in your hands. You had to admit, it was the first time you had to take care of a child yourself. But you were excited; you were looking forward to this for quite some time. Your eyes traveled down to dark haired girl sitting on the steps before your house, playing with small stones and some sand, she was so innocent, so pure, you loved watching her playing around with her mother.
‘She will be fine. I didn’t know you had that little confident in me.’ You joked. She rolled her eyes and pulled you in an embrace.
‘She is my daughter, she is the only thing I have left.’ Her voice faded a little in the wind when she crouched down to her daughter. Your sister lost her husband in the last raid King Harald made, that little girl was the only thing that remembered her of the man she loved so much. You felt compassion for her, in the way she looked to her daughter. ‘You will behave with Y/n?’ She asked her daughter. Ingrid looked up, a set of dark blue eyes looking from her mother towards you, you smiled supportive.
‘Yes mother.’ She answered with that tiny little voice of her.
‘Give me a hug.’ The girl stood up, throwing her arms around her mother. You sister tightened her embrace, almost crying on leaving her own blood behind. When she pulled back she stood up, stroking her fingers under her eyes before giving you a kiss.
‘Try to relax a little, we see you tonight. I will take good care, I promise.’
‘I know you will.’ She smiled, stroking her daughters head. You took Ingrid in your arms, standing in the doorway and waving mother goodbye. The little girl didn’t cry, luckily, it would make everything so much worse. Saying goodbye was never fun, you knew.

You kept outside with Ingrid on your arm until you were sure that her mother, your sister, was well on her way for trading. ‘Want to go inside?’ You asked Ingrid, she nodded and you turned around, stepping back in the house. You meet with Halfdan halfway, he pulled a shirt over his head, covering his muscled well looking body underneath fabrics. He caught you looking and despite you had a toddler on your arm, his body hovered against yours so you needed to step back, pressing against the wall. He placed his hand aside you against the wall, moving his lips on yours. You stroke his beard, getting in on the greed of his tongue.
‘Wife.’ He breathed softly out when he pulled back. You smiled, resting your hand on his chest when he pointed his attention to Ingrid. She was looking at him with her at most concentration, bringing a deep frown in her forehead that made you smile.
‘You know Halfdan right?’ You asked Ingrid with a wide smile. She looked back up to Halfdan before she hid her head shyly against your neck. You turned your eyes back up to him, he was looking like his normal stern self. ‘You should smile a little more around children. If she goes home the end of the day saying Halfdan is angry it is all your fault.’ You petted his chest.
 ‘I don’t need to impress anybody else but you,’ he pecked your lips, you wanted to hold on to but because of Ingrid you just let it slip. ‘and I’m not good with children.’
‘There was a day you weren’t good with weapons and you learned soo,’ you didn’t finish the sentence, giving him a promising look. He rolled his eyes, pushing away from the wall to get some water into his face. Ingrid turned her head, watching after him and you just couldn’t resist a smile. Halfdan was feared on many levels, by everybody. Being the brother of a king was suited on his body and to be fair, half the village was shocked when the two of you got married. Because the only think they saw in him when he was looking at you was his possessive eager look while all you known on that moment … was that he wasn’t always that harsh like he looked. Being his wife wasn’t always easy but sure as hell it made you powerful, it made you strong, it made you loved by the most ruthless man this kingdom knew.

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alone again ↪ a mix for unholyverse gerard.

one: jesus christ - brand new two: blue lips - regina spektor three: broken crown - mumford and sons four: you’re no god - laura marling five: squalor victoria - the national six: in minutia - proxies seven: crossroads - tracy chapman eight: sigh no more - mumford and sons nine: graceless - the national ten: all this and heaven too - florence and the machine eleven: can’t help falling in love (elvis presley cover) - ingrid michaelson twelve: the power of love (frankie goes to hollywood cover) - gabrielle aplin thirteen: luca (reprise) - brand new.

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“They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”

“I can’t believe we’re going to do this.”

“Believe it, baby girl.”

“You’ve done this before and have never gotten in trouble?”

“Trouble’s my middle name, baybay.”

“Oh my God,” Ingrid giggled, covering her mouth so she didn’t make too much noise.  “You’re such a bad influence.”

Adam couldn’t help but smile as he looked back at Ingrid.  “Do you have the camera ready?” he asked.


“Good.  Make sure to catch everything.”

As soon as Adam put the key into the lock of the Young Bucks’ motel room, Ingrid started the video.  He turned it slowly, unlocking the door gently so it didn’t make a loud sound.  He looked into the camera with a devilish look on his face.  “This is Adam Cole baybay, and we’re gonna wake up the Young Bucks the only way I know how.”

After opening the door, Adam and Ingrid tiptoed into the room slowly, only to find the Bucks still sound asleep in their beds.  Nick was lying on his stomach, sprawled out on the bed, while Matt was curled up on his side, almost in the fetal position.  Adam had a giant shit-eating grin on his face.  Ingrid knew he was up to no good.  “They’re so cute when they’re asleep,” Adam whispered to the camera.  “They sleep through everything.  But they won’t sleep through Adam Cole.”

He made his way around the bed slowly, lifting the covers and getting into bed right beside Matt.  Matt didn’t even flinch, even when the mattress dipped slightly from the weight of Adam’s body.  Adam moved closer and closer until he was right up behind Matt.

Ingrid was shaking her head behind the camera.  Adam still had a giant grin on his face.  Adam brought his hand up, gripping Matt’s chest, while he whispered in his ear, “Get up, baybay.”

Matt woke up slowly.  He brought his hand up to feel the hand on his chest – probably thinking it was his wife – but was sorely disappointed when the hand was rough.  Furrowing his brows (and still probably half asleep), he cocked his head to look at the body beside him, only to see Adam’s shit-eating grin.  Matt yelped loudly and practically jolted off the bed.  Adam began to laugh hysterically.  Ingrid continued to film Matt, who was now on the floor trying to come to his senses, while Nick woke up at the sound, looking over to see everything unfold.

“You motherfucker,” Matt quipped, a grin beginning to appear on his face despite the shock.  “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You guys missed my wake-up call,” Adam said simply, as if that justified breaking into their room and scaring one of them half to death.  

“Well of course it would be you two,” Nick said, wiping some hair out of his face.  “The gruesome twosome.” 

“Hey!  This was all his idea,” Ingrid defended herself.  “And we’re not a twosome.”

“That’s what you think,” Nick said, collapsing back onto the bed, “but that’ll change soon.”



(8tracks & spotify)

a calming, sleepy playlist for the autumn month of october.

i will follow you into the dark / death cab for cutie ; nana / the 1975 ; la vie en rose (cover) / daniela andrade ; i found (acoustic) / amber run ; the moon song / karen o & ezra koenig ; can’t help falling in love (cover) / ingrid michaelson ; switzerland / daughter ; uranus / sleeping at last ; youth / daughter ; holocene / bon iver ; sparks / coldplay


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