The Selmer 1297 “Cigar cutter” Saxophone. A vintage sax worth mentioning. Carrying the ingraving “Adolphe Sax made by H. Selmer” and a serial number ranging from 11951 to 18700. It is one of the models in the Selmer Super Sax (SSS) series but got the nickname from the distinctive looking octave mechanism which resembles, you guessed it, a cigar cutter. These were made between 1930-1933 and It’s a rather popular vintage. It’s a lovely sax with that true vintage shade of lacquer, its marvellous v-shaped bell key guard, and a sound Adolphe Sax intended.

Ok so idk how many people who follow me are into kingdom hearts but imma gush about one thing that irks me, the kingdom key, now I know it’s iconic and personally I don’t want it completly gone, buys it’s just so plain while practically every character that isn’t part of sora, gets their own individual, seemingly personalized keyblade, now as I said no need to give him a new one or something just….make it less plain, maybe some ingravings on it or something that alters it slightly.