When we think about meeting people who will have the kind of importance in our lives, it seems impossible that they could live miles and miles away. It seems impossible that we can bond with someone over FaceTime calls and texts. Adults ingrave into our minds that the people we meet on the internet have no purpose in our lives other than to destroy it.

I feel bad for the people who still try to tell us that internet friendships or relationships aren’t comparable to a real life one, because they believe the internet is only full of danger.

Those people don’t know what it feels like…
To finally meet your best friend.

—  poems-she-wrote
Not over you | Isaac Lahey imagine

Summary: You and Isaac used to date but the two of you broke up and started seeing other people. You see him at a party and realize you are nowhere near over him

‘’Babe almost ready?’’ Your boyfriend yelled at you from downstairs, you were putting in your earrings, Scott one of your best friends was throwing a party tonight for his birthday. You were excited to see the pack again, you didn’t see them as often now that you were all at college. You tried to meet up as often as possible but not everyone could make it all the time.

You walked downstairs and smiled looking at your new boyfriend. You used to date Isaac Lahey, but the two of you broke up not too long ago. You met your current boyfriend when you went out clubbing with Malia and Kira and had been dating him for about two months now. ‘’All ready’’ He smiled ‘’You look gorgeous’’ He kissed your cheek and the two of you left to go to the party.

You weren’t the first one to arrive. Your boyfriend parked the car and the two of you walked to the front door ‘’You can go already, I want to smoke first’’ He nodded and went inside already. You were fumbling in your purse, you couldn’t find your lighter at all ‘’Fuck where the hell is this thing?’’ you muttered under your breath.

‘’Need a light?’’ You turned around to the familiair werewolf ‘’Isaac’’ You smiled awkwardly ‘’Yeah, I can’t find my lighter anywhere, I probably left it at home’’ Isaac silently used his lighter to light both of your cigarettes. You both knew it was a bad habit and had tried many times to stop but you were unfortunately still craving them from time to time. Isaac still used the lighter you had given him, It was a silver lighter with a werewolf ingraved into it, you thought it fit him well and got it for him for your 6 month anniversary.

You didn’t say anything, you didn’t want to relive old memories of when the two of you still were together. You wanted to make small talk but had no idea what to talk about ‘’It’s nice to have the pack together again’’ Isaac broke the silence, you nodded ‘’Yeah, I heard everyone made it’’ you took a drag from your cigarette. 

He looked at you, he still was nowhere over you, you decided to break up when he moved away but when he suddenly moved back the two of you had already ‘moved on’ and didn’t try again. You two had been dating for about a year when Isaac moved abroad for a college program, when the program had been cut by the school, he had to move back. You were still as beautiful as ever. He knew you had a boyfriend and he brought his girlfriend that he met about a month ago.

He liked her sure, but it wasn’t y/n. ‘’So I heard you’re dating someone new’’ Isaac nodded ‘’Yeah I met her about a month ago’’ There was an awkward silence. You were both done with your cigarettes and decided to head inside. Your boyfriend was talking to some girl you had never seen and assumed that was Isaac’s girlfriend. She was really pretty and you felt your stomach turn. You never really got over Isaac. 

You had never lost your feelings for the curly haired werewolf. You grabbed a drink, you really needed one. You saw Scott and Stiles talking in the kitchen and gratulated Scott with his birthday and complimented him on the party. You started talking to your friends and tried to forget Isaac and his new girlfriend. You definitely forgot about your boyfriend until he showed up next to you.

‘’Hey babe, i’ve been looking for you’’ You smiled ‘’Here I am’’ the two of you laughed, it was kinda forced. You couldn’t compare your relationship to your relationship with Isaac since that one was longer but you couldn’t help yourself. ‘’Can I talk to you?’’ You couldn’t do it, you thought you were over Isaac enough to try again and make it work, but you couldn’t. 

You took him to the garden and broke up with him, he understood and there were no hurt feelings. You apologized for doing it, especially at this time. He said that he already figured when he saw Isaac. The two of you hugged and he left the party. ‘’What happened?’’ You explained everything to Scott and he patted your back ‘’I’m sorry y/n’’ 

The two of you joined the party again, you drank and talked and laughed and tried to forget everything else. ‘’Y/n?’’ You turned to the voice, it was Isaac again. ‘’Wanna go outside for a smoke?’’ You nodded, a little confused and followed him outside. ‘’I’m not over you’’ he blurted out and you started coughing on the smoke you just inhaled. ‘’What?’’ you weren’t sure you heard it correctly, you had been drinking. ‘’I’m not over you, nowhere near over you’’ Your heartbeat quickened, he felt the same way? ‘’What about your girlfriend?’’ Isaac sighed ‘’We broke up cause I couldn’t do this and I know that I can’t just spring this on you because you are seeing someone else and it’s just-’’ You cut him off by kissing him. 

He had to shut up and you had to kiss him again, you dropped your cigarette and wrapped your arms around him. Isaac was shocked at first but kissed you back after a few seconds and wrapped his arms around your waist ‘’I’m not over you either’’ You said after pulling away, you were a little out of breath. the two of you started laughing for no reason.

‘’Y/n you’re probably the love of my life, can we please try this again?’’ You nodded ‘’There’s no one I’d rather be with Lahey’’ He grinned and kissed you again. Scott looked at the two of you through the window and smiled, he knew it would work out because he knew the two of you belonged together. And you knew it and Isaac knew it. And all you wanted to do right now, was kiss the man you loved. 

【Diabolik Lovers】lyrics: 「アイオライト」

Hey guys! How you doing today? Here i come with more lyrics (again, haha!), Sadistic Song Vol. 4, Shuu’s「アイオライト(iolite)」! Well, even though Shuu doesn’t catch my interest very much, i like some of his songs (his character song ‘’Farewell Song’’ is so beautiful i cry everytime i hear it (T_T )), including this one! There’s a part where it gets repetitive and it annoys me, but so does Mr. Butterfly Mask and i still like it… Anyway, the song is nice, but it’s so LONELY, what the hell? Well, at least Shuu’s being honest for a change.

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waywardprincesses  asked:

is taako in canon allergic to peanuts or did I pull that completely out of my ass?

No, no, you didn’t just pull that out of your ass. I’m wholly convinced that Justin did though.

Anyways, I had that exact mind ingraved that you’re thinking of, and I can give you the time. Episode 30, Time: 43:46

writerandstudent  asked:

I misunderstood. You asked for Happy asks, and I thought it said Happy endings. So I thought like: Oh, this person can think up a happy ending for Ticci Toby. Like he gets help, or he finds peace or something. lol sorry.

/\ Ooh dude that sounds fucking awesome! /\

When Toby was taken in by Slender, he hated it there. Even though they kept trying to make him think like a murderer, he wanted a family and friends. So he left them, sneaking out at night. He left his hatchets, goggles, mouthguard and sweater in a fireplace. He then went wandering out into the forest, in only a white sweatshirt, jeans and some broken in sneakers.

As he was walking, he stumbled on a old graveyard. There was his name, as others had called him, ‘Tobias Rodgers’. He poked at the ground, before noticing a grave next to his. ‘Lyra Rodgers’ was the ingraved name.

Some vivid images flashed in his head, and he fell to his knees, staring at the graves. He eventually shoved his own over, partially remembering his family. He let tears fall from his face, something he usually wasn’t allowed to do. The quiet footsteps behind him brought him back to his thoughts, and he heard the woman behind him crying.

“Toby?” The lady asked quietly, as though she thought something was wrong, probably with herself. The voice calmed Toby down slightly, a half smile working on his face as he rose up.

Their arms wrapped around eachother, holding the other close as possible as they started crying with a wide smile.

The mother and son looked back on the graves for a moment, before they walked home together. They both got theropists for their seperate issues, Toby having more doctors to help him remember and cope.

The small family never left eachother, holding this time close.

Zero gravity

L’Ou com balla

Arxiu de la Corona d’Aragó - Barcelona

© 2016 Oscar Alcañiz - Please, do not erase this text if you reblog this picture

PS. Originally titled as “Ingravity”, my homemade translation of the Spanish word “Ingravidez” ;-)


The Selmer 1297 “Cigar cutter” Saxophone. A vintage sax worth mentioning. Carrying the ingraving “Adolphe Sax made by H. Selmer” and a serial number ranging from 11951 to 18700. It is one of the models in the Selmer Super Sax (SSS) series but got the nickname from the distinctive looking octave mechanism which resembles, you guessed it, a cigar cutter. These were made between 1930-1933 and It’s a rather popular vintage. It’s a lovely sax with that true vintage shade of lacquer, its marvellous v-shaped bell key guard, and a sound Adolphe Sax intended.

THE START OF FOREVER (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely artisticswedishpeople :3}

You were looking all around the hallways of the beautiful luxury hotel, chandeliers hanging, sparkling like shiny crystals, white roses decorating the settle white lights, the floor pattern looking very buffed and polished, not to mention the sweet scent in the air, almost smelled like vanilla everywhere, which is a good thing, because you loved sugar smells like that.
Your new husband Andy was carrying you through those hallways to your honeymoon suite, your beautiful white wedding dress dragging across the clean floor, guests and staff from the hotel cheering you guys and congradulating you on becomming a married couple.
You took one glance at the golden ring on your finger, you honestly still couldnt believe that you were now, Mrs.Biersack.
The day that Andy proposed to you was the day your dream came true, as a little girl you always wondered who you would spend the rest of your life with, you never ever thought in your life that it would be with a hot rock star like the blue eyed angel that was now holding you in his arms.

Andy finally reached the suite, you unlocked the door for him and opened it. As he carried you inside you became shocked at the beauty of the suite, it seriously looked like the room of a castle, everthing was so beautiful, and the colors of the room were perfectly matched. You almost felt like a queen with her king,
“Oh my gosh…its so perfect…” you gasped.
“Only the best for my bride.” He tells you, kissing your cheek, he didnt put you down until he reached the bedroom and sat you down on the bed.
You smiled at him, he looked so adorable in his tux, “So dashing.” you thought in your mind.
The diamond heart shaped ring was now in your right hand, you didnt want to get rid of it so you kept it, it was very special to you because it was ingraved with the words, “For the love of my life.”
Andy came back inside the room with a bottle of champagne and two glasses, he poured you a glass and handed it to you, “Here you go wife.”
“Thank you hubby!” You happily said, it felt so good to say that. It had such a nice ring to it.

“I love it when you call me that.” He tells you as he sat next to you holding your hand.
He began caressing it and kept having a dorky smile on his face the more he stared at it.
You giggled and asked, “What is it?”
His gorgeous blue eyes looked up at you pretty ones, he gazed at your beauty for a moment before he began to speak,
“I just cant believe it…I mean when I first met you I knew you were gonna be mine but…now youre officially mine forever…”
Your eyes began to tear up a little, you nodded,
“Yeah…never thought a regular girl like me would have a huge rock star like you…I honestly still cant believe you fell in love with me…I was a nobody…”
Your husband squeezed your hand tighter, his expression became a little serious now,
“How dare you call yourself that? Youre not a nobody, youre an angel in disguise, youre the most perfect woman on earth, youre everything not nothing, and thats why I fell so hard for you, thats why I married you so we could spend the rest of out lives with each other and grow old but most importantly…” He trailed off, his hand moving from your hand to your tummy.

“Make a little angel of our own.” He cooed and chuckled a little. You can tell by the look on his perfect face that having a baby with you would mean the world to him.
You truly had yourself the perfect man in your life.
You placed your hand over his, “We will have a baby together sweetheart, I promise you that.”
You took his face into your hands and lifted it up to yours, your lips now passionately kissing his,
He leaned away for a moment and smiled at you and asked, “Shall we get started?”
Your heart started racing, the moment the two of you would connect as one soul was finally here, you felt a little nervous, you and Andy almost made love before but the two of you never went all the way, the most you would do was just mess around.
You took in a very deep breath and relaxed yourself a little, your only reply was a joyfull smile and a nodd.
He caressed your cheek a little concerned, “Are you scared baby?”
“No…I just cant believe we finally get to make love…”
“(Y/N) listen to me, if you want me to stop, then I will stop, I will fully understand okay?” he assured you.

You nodded once more, “I love you Andy…”
“I love you too (Y/N)…” he sweetly whispered.
He came behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, He moved your elegant curled hair away from your neck, his lips began kissing your cheek, your gulped, already feeling goosebumps rise on your skin, his hand was feeling your beautiful skin on your neck,
“So soft…” he whispered in your ear.
He softly kissed your neck, his breathing becomming heavier and heavier as was yours.
A small sensation of heat began to rise up on your body as he proceeded to kiss your upper back, his fingers instantely unzipping your beautiful glittering dress.
The more he pulled to zipper down, the more the fabric was replaced with his lips. The intensity in your body was taking over you, and thats when you knew, that you wanted him, you wanted him really badly, you werent nervous at all anymore, you wanted his naked body against yours.
He managed to take off your dress and place it on the floor, you turned around and took off his clothes while heavily kissing his wet lips.
He grabbed you, holding you tightly against him as he gently placed you down on the bed, placing himself on top of you.

He took a moment to take a look at your gorgeous body, and he swore he had never seen a more beautiful body such as yours.
You smiled at him, it gave you confidence and you felt so beautiful to have him stare at you like if he was about to make love to a goddess, but little did you know that was exactly how he thought of you.
His started touching your right breast, your nipple rising as he caressed it and squeezed it, rubbing it around. You moaned a little, his huge hands on one of your globes felt so good, “Beautiful….youre so fucking beautiful…” He whispered, going down and sucking your tender breasts and kissing your stomach.
“Aaahh..” you moaned in pleasure, the temperature rising in both of your bodies.
He went lower and lower and opened up your legs, he felt your inner thighs and you moaned even more, you wanted him to never stop touching you, it felt too good, you didnt want it to end.
Your orgasms did not begin until you felt his hand massaging your area, the pleasure became even more intense, he knew how to work his hands on you, because the more the touched you the more pleasure you felt.
“You like this baby?” he heavily breathed.
“Yes…” you loudly whispered, he loved the sound of you moaning, so he put his two fingers inside of you and moved them in and out.

You felt the fire rush through your thighs, the tingling adrennaline rush, the goosebumps rising higher and higher as he went faster and faster, Andy felt himself getting hard, he felt his length rising as he felt your insides.
“I want you…” you said breathless…
He did as he was told, he rised up a little, and then came to moment when he put himself inside of you,
You felt his legnth moving deeper and deeper, and you were loving it.
He groaned very loudly, he sounded very sexy to you when he did that.
He kept going faster and deeper, moving as one with you until the two of you reached your limit.
Before he took himself out of you, he tried to catch his breath, you did as well.
You guys stared at each other for a moment and smiled lovingly, You softly kissed each other happily that you shared this beautiful moment of love together, it was the happiest day of your life.
Moments later after the two of you cooled down, you were cuddling with each other, Andy wouldnt stop attacking you with kisses causing you to giggle. You loved your him very much, “I love you my wife.”
“I love you my husband.” you said in return.
You smiled even more when these words came into your mind..
“Its only the start of forever…”

(What a beautiful moment ☺️)

45. Mafia!AU

Ami Ichisada. The leader of one of the biggest criminal syndicates in the world had just gotten a report of a new gang in her territory, and she decided it would be a nice idea to greet them.

She decided to wear her best outfit, which was a dress shirt in a gorgeous red color and a grey vest suit, along with black pants, and her lucky silver magnum gun with beautiful ingravings on it.

Once she found someone who worked in said gang, she calmly tailed them and to catch their attention, she clicked her gun.

“Hello little fish~” She purred.

Inside the eye of your mind: Chapter 62

Ok my lovelies again sorry for the delay, but the new trailer, the handholding, the caravan of love, one half of the fandom melting into a pool of despair at the thought of everything not being rosy for Rae and Finn is series 2 while the other half are busy having the “Is he fingering her or not” debate has kept me wonderfully distracted from writing.  That as well as the numerous angry letters/job applications I have been filling out for E4.  But finally I made myself write today (particularly for the anon who asked for it, but also because I bribed myself with a malteasers bunny-don’t tell my trainer) Anyway hope you enjoy. As always comments/critcism welcome. xxx

Chapter 62

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