This is one of the most incredible specimens I have ever had the honour of holding… it is a REAL cuneiform tablet!

This double sided piece of clay is engraved with the earliest known form of writing on the planet!

Emerging from ancient Sumer in 3200BC, the writer would etch these wet tablets with a stylus made of reed and then typically leave them out to naturally dry. This would allow the ancient author to rehydrate the tablet and recycle it into a blank slate. Important documents would be fired in a kiln to give them permanence.

Talk about a piece of classic literature!!

This specimen is on consignment to me with the hopes that I can find a buyer, but I’d keep this holy grail piece if I could afford to! I’m still awaiting the full details on the item so for now it is proudly on display for the public to enjoy!


The Selmer 1297 “Cigar cutter” Saxophone. A vintage sax worth mentioning. Carrying the ingraving “Adolphe Sax made by H. Selmer” and a serial number ranging from 11951 to 18700. It is one of the models in the Selmer Super Sax (SSS) series but got the nickname from the distinctive looking octave mechanism which resembles, you guessed it, a cigar cutter. These were made between 1930-1933 and It’s a rather popular vintage. It’s a lovely sax with that true vintage shade of lacquer, its marvellous v-shaped bell key guard, and a sound Adolphe Sax intended.