ingomar club

The Carson Mansion - Old Town, Eureka, California.

The iconic Carson mansion is widely considered one of the grandest Victorian homes in America. Completed in 1886 by lumber baron William Carson, the eighteen room mansion housed three generations of the Carson family. It was left unoccupied when the heirs to the home relocated to San Francisco in the 1940’s, and faced possible demolition when they were unable to find a buyer. The city of Eureka also turned down the opportunity to purchase the historic home, citing concerns about the high cost of maintaining the property. The mansion was saved by the Ingomar Club, an exclusive gentleman’s club, which purchased the home for only $35,000. The club has spent millions maintaining and preserving the home over the last fifty years. While the front exterior is easily visible from the road, the home and grounds have never been made open to the public.

photo by Prayitno on Flickr