Finrod crossing the Helcaraxë

Fighting a mild form of art block with something quick and dirty, aka Findarato crossing the ice (He hasn’t got a hat or a hood, I hear you cry. You would be right, please suspend your disbelief for the sake of DRAMA and hair snapping in the wind.

The crossing is a theme that I find deeply interesting, and I hadn’t painted Finrod before, so here we go <:

Hope you like it (:

Hakumyu sword fighting Saito for findarato-ingoldo​‘s birthday
Finwë's family tree
  • Finwë's family tree

|| I promised some time ago to record the names of the House of Finwë, so here I am. The text I am basically reading is under here. There are some random noises from time to time but I think everything should be understandable. To clarify, I chose the family tree in which Fingon has no children and Gil-Galad is son of Orodreth. 

Finwë Ñoldoran married Míriel Therindë in first marriage and Indis in second marriage. His firstborn is Fëanor, in Quenya Curufinwë Fëanáro. The children from the second marriage are Findis, Fingolfin (in Quenya Ñolofinwë Arakáno), ĺrimë Lalwendë more often called Lalwen, and Finarfin Arafinwë Ingoldo (known as Ingalaurë in an earlier version.)

Fëanáro married Nerdanel Istarnië, daughter of Mahtan Aulendur called Rusco. Their firstborn is Maedhros, which can also be pronounced Maidhros, in Quenya Nelyafinwë Maitimo Russandol. The second son is Maglor, Canafinwë Macalaurë. The third Celegorm, Turcafinwë Tyelkormo. The fourth Caranthir, Morifinwë Carnistir. The fifth Curufin, Curufinwë Atarinkë. The sixth Amrod, Pityafinwë Ambarussa. The seventh Amras, Telufinwë Ambarto, previously called Ambarussa and Umbarto. The only grandson is Curufin’s son, Celebrimbor, whose name in Telerin is Telperinquar and in Ñoldorin Quenya Tyelperinquar.

Ñolofinwë married Anairë. Their firstborn is Fingon, in Quenya Findekáno named Astaldo. The second son is Turgon, Turukáno. Follows a daughter, Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, in Quenya ĺrisse Arafániel. The fourth child is Argon, Arakáno. Turgon married Elenwë and had a daughter, Idril Celebrindal, in Quenya Itarillë Taltyelemna, who married Tuor and had a son, Eärendil Ardamírë. Aredhel has a son from Eöl Moriquendi, Maeglin Lómion.

Arafinwë married Eärwen. Their firstborn is Finrod, Findaráto Ingoldo, the second son is Angrod, Angaráto also named Angamaitë, the third is Aegnor, Aikanáro Ambaráto, the last child is a daughter, Galadriel, firstly named Artanis Nerwen and then named Alatáriel. Angrod married Eldalótë and had a son, Orodreth, in Quenya Artaresto, named Artaher in another version. Orodreh has two children, a daughter named Finduilas called also Faelivrin and, in one version, a son named Ereinion Gil-Galad. Galadriel married Celeborn and had a daughter, Celebrían.