Finrod crossing the Helcaraxë

Fighting a mild form of art block with something quick and dirty, aka Findarato crossing the ice (He hasn’t got a hat or a hood, I hear you cry. You would be right, please suspend your disbelief for the sake of DRAMA and hair snapping in the wind.

The crossing is a theme that I find deeply interesting, and I hadn’t painted Finrod before, so here we go <:

Hope you like it (:

fionwe--urion  asked:

"I'm glad to see at least one of my sons knows how to be civil..." {@finwe-thefirstnoldor} {Feel free to ignore if you want :3}


“Thank you, Atar.” He bowed his head, his face a civil mask. “I must have learnt it in Alqualondë.” That was where he had spent most of his childhood, as Olwë’s ward. 

“What have my dear brothers done now?”