inglot amc eye shadows


Inglot AMC Eye Shadow #61 - Price: INR 350 (for the refill pan alone)

So I only just bought the refill pan, because I thought I had space in my palette, but I don’t so I guess I’ll have to buy another palette (yay, an excuse to buy more shadow, I’ve had my eye on a gold one)

Anyway, this shadow is super pigmented as per always with Inglot shadows, and the formula is blends easily. I do prefer Inglot to MAC shadows, because they have more variety (and also the price)

The colour is a charcoal blackish grey (it was located with the blues, because I found this while look for a matte navy blue shadow) with blue glitter. (It was love at first sight)

I’m thinking it’ll look great paired with MAC’s Deep Truth (which is a frosted royal blue)

Anyway I look forward to using it. (tomorrow!)