I know I’ve said this before, but with all this anniversary stuff going on, I am left thinking about my time spent on tumblr, and I can’t help but think of Ink and wonder how she is doing. I know her and I were never really friends, but she brought something to this community that no one else can. She had a certain effervescence and love for this game, and this community that cannot be replicated. Even when her and I weren’t getting along, I still really enjoyed some of her posts that would occasionally come across my dash, though I was too stubborn to admit it back then. I guess it just makes me sad. Sad that someone who seemed to have so much love for this game, and this community, felt like she had to disappear completely.  I know she will probably never see this but, this one is for you, Ingkeu Mihili, for making my XIV and Tumblr experience that much richer. I hope that where ever you ended up, that you are truly happy, and are enjoying whatever it is that you are up to now.

Been researching and studying...

Accents while at work. After seeing the posts that Zei has made, and the soundcloud link Ink posted yesterday, I’ve become interested in trying to figure out how Mai’s voice would sound. Combining what little lore there is out there about Miqo’te pronunciation, and my research so far today, I would say The Icelandic accent Zei described is very Miqo-esque. I myself am leaning towards a sort of softer italian accent with more exaggerated trills. It’s hard because Mai has lived in so many different regions of Eorzea that pinpointing her specific accent has become quite the challenge. I’m anxious to continue researching and see what else I can come up with.