my heart and hands
trembling with tenderness
this is what i pictured, not any less
her hands, a firm grip on my hips
can’t believe they’re mine, her lips
falling and falling
deeper into her
no regrets

behind closed bathroom doors
i get to experience all the mores, i wanted so badly
sadly, i don’t know if i’ll see her again

bubbling desire
i smell her rosy skin
and suddenly a fire ingites from within
(daydreaming or reality,
daydreaming or reality?)

i’ve waited so long
to breathe her in without guilt
now loving her is so obvious
and i know she feels the same too

pounding heart and hands
i’m just falling, falling
and falling
so deeply
without it feeling wrong

—  t.j. // that time she said ”let’s kiss somewhere private”

Young the Giant Covering Ignition by R. Kelly. Amazing!