So I’m hanging out at the workshop whilst Sofia catches up on sleep and one of the guys says - normally in Ethiopia we have lunch together , would you like to join us? - of course!
So we head for local establishment and have ingira and beef tibs when after he says - now we have coffee ceremony :)
Along comes 3 cups with a soft twig of small leaves and a special coffee pot (hope you can see in photo) after each cup is filled, I’m told to stir twig into coffee and then remove it and wipe hands (is twig toxic I wonder :D ) and drink.
It was a nice strong coffee without being dense like Turkish or expresso.
Then rather stupidly - after finishing - I went to finish my fanta - I don’t know what was in the twig, but that fanta was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted! :D

#instatravel #ethiopia #adventuretravel #instafood #coffee #ceremony (at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

FINALLY making a proper intorduction.

Any way, I’m Nina. Hello Internet.

From what you’ve seen below, i really am random. I wanted a doll blog, but I keep on finding X-men stuff instead -_-; . i’ll make up for it with a post of my girls:

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