Fern Fiddleheads: Are they Edible?

Sola dosis facit venenum

In the springtime, a special delicacy to be had is the emerging, curled frond of the fern, called a fiddlehead because of it’s resemblance to the scroll of a fiddle.

Not all fiddleheads are classified as edible: among the most-consumed species are the Vegetable fern (Athyrium esculentum), Ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris), Royal fern (Osmunda regalis), Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum), Lady fern, (Athyrium filix-femina), and Western sword fern (Polystichum munitum).

Consumption of undercooked fiddleheads has led to several outbreaks of foodbourne illness: they are difficult to clean, and therefore require a certain amount of heat before they are safe to ingest.

Image: Summer Tomato

Additionally, species like the Bracken, though widely consumed in Eastern Asia, are known to be carcinogenic, and the Ostrich fern is known to cause adverse health effects. Some ferns contain the enzyme thiaminase, which breaks down thiamine, and can lead to vitamin B complex deficiencies. Thus, ferns meant for consumption should be carefully identified, and eaten in moderation.

Despite all warnings, if properly identified and carefully-prepared, fiddleheads are a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fibre, iron, and potassium.

I am not a fan of the taste of fiddleheads, and they are what I would call “marginally edible” – like tulips, they have a place in my edible landscape essentially as a last resort, or famine food.

Others regard them as a delicacy, however, and globally, their consumption has a rich ethnobotanical history. They are certainly a lovely addition to the ecology of an edible forest understory. I regularly transplant offsets of the Ostrich fern to form dense colonies under newly-planted trees.

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I know you said blowing weed smoke to a dog face can be dangerous? But what about blowing it to their ear? I heard that's the best and safest way of getting your dog/animal high. Is that true?

There haven’t been many studies on dogs and the inhalation of marijuana smoke (no matter how it is ingested), but it’s definite that dogs bodies are different than ours. You can’t expect to get your pet high and then expect it to feel the same way you do. In fact it usually gives them anxiety rather than chilling them out. They’ll usually pace and breathe harder. Other issues they can encounter is being lethargic, abnormal heart rhythms, breathing problems, loss of balance, and incontinence. Please keep your weed to yourself :) 💚

me: maybe im not allergic to this substance anymore
me: *ingests substance*
body: ok ??? what the fuck were you expecting like

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Do NOT use if you have allergies to nuts, as the oils do contain sweet almond oil. Contact for more info in regards to allergies.

Do NOT ingest.

Made from natural botanicals.

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(curse plant anon here again) i read somewhere (honestly i think it was wikipedia i'm not sure) that yew foliage increases in toxicity when dried. while ingesting "fresh" foliage can be lethal to an adult human, ingesting dried foliage is pretty sure to seriously harm you. so i think dried yew foliage will only ever be used to bring that hard, dangerous punch to a very nasty curse. ... but then again, the yew tree is tied to both death and rebirth, isn't it? so... i need to research some more :D

You are correct on both counts. Yew is toxic to humans, full-stop, fresh or dried. It’s not really suitable for cursing unless you’re prepared to do something truly horrible to someone, up to and including killing them. I don’t recommend it.

Yew has also been used in the past for spirit work, due to its’ associations with death and the Underworld. Again, not something that I recommend due to the toxicity of the plant.

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what was the incident at the jane's addiction show?

rumours say that john had to be taken out of a jane’s addiction/john-solo show in this condition because he was acting kinda weird as a result of his ingest of some “herbal beverage”


The giant Lewis’ Moon Snail - Neverita lewisii (Syn. Euspira lewisii)

Lewis’ Moon Snail, Neverita lewisii (Gastropoda - Naticidae), is a huge sea snail native to the Pacific Ocean coast of North America, from Canada to Baja California, Mexico). This is the largest of the moon snails, with shells up to 13 cm in diameter, however a fully expanded animal is several times larger than its shell. The snails plough forward with a foot just below the surface of the sand. When extended, the foot can measure over 30 cm in diameter.

Moon snails feed mostly on clams, mussels, or other mollusks. They are “boring predators”, meaning that they drill through the shell of their prey and ingest the tissue inside. In order to drill a prey item successfully, they must first detect and immobilize their prey, cover it in a mucus sheath and then transport it into the sediment to be drilled. Moon snails use a combination of an acidic enzyme and a “rasping tongue”, the radula, to penetrate their shelled prey. The radula, located at the end of the proboscis, scrapes the surface of the shell as the proboscis rotates 90 degrees, resulting in a fairly round and smooth borehole with an inner and outer edge. The accessory boring organ, located in the snail’s foot, secretes the acidic enzyme to soften the shell of the prey.

References: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4]

Photo credits: [Top: ©Ann Dornfeld | Locality: Alki Pipeline, Seattle, Washington, US, 2009] - [Bottom: ©Megan Asche | Locality: Olympia, Washington, US, 2013]

Through walking, one ingests or assimilates the landscape for fuel and nourishment. In this way, walking is tied to a kind of productivity, to making something with one’s body and imagination.

-Randy Lee Cutler

An excerpt from the essay, “On Speculative Walking: From the Peripatetic to the Peristaltic” for C Magazine, Spring 2014.

What your Smash Bros main says about you:
  • Mario:A sadist
  • Luigi:Watches Youtube poops unironically
  • Peach:Enjoys the taste of blood on their lips
  • Bowser:Likes to sit on people
  • Yoshi:Will probably find some way to make your life miserable
  • Rosalina & Luma:Will DEFINITELY find some way to make your life miserable (because Sakurai made their life miserable by not bringing back Ice Climbers)
  • Bowser Jr.:Wants revenge on the Mario player for disturbing their family vacation
  • Koopalings:Wanted Roy
  • Wario:Doesn't know what traffic laws are
  • Donkey Kong:memer
  • Diddy Kong:HOO-HAH
  • Mr. Game & Watch:Will PERSISTENTLY try to get off a 9 on you
  • Little Mac:Hazardous to your health; do not ingest due to alarmingly high salt content
  • Link:More boring than they are dangerous
  • Zelda:Doesn't actually use her new Down+B move
  • Sheik:Abuses the HELL out of her new Down+B move
  • Ganondorf:Is more interested in hitting things than actually winning
  • Toon Link:Kinda like Link but a lot more stylish
  • Samus:"where's the new metroid game"
  • Pit:weeaboo
  • Palutena:A griefer
  • Marth:weeaboo, but also 12 years old
  • Robin - Male:Would probably S-support their best friend's daughter
  • Robin - Female:Got dragged into S-supporting their best friend
  • Duck Hunt:literally satan
  • Kirby:Either really bad at the game or legitimately terrifying at it
  • King Dedede:Relies on Gordos excessively
  • Meta Knight:A liar; nobody plays Meta Knight anymore
  • Fox:Sometimes likes Battlefield too, not just Final Destination
  • Falco:Doesn't miss Wolf at all
  • Pikachu:Claims to be a Pokemon fan but hasn't actually played any games in ages
  • Charizard:Doesn't really care about Flare Blitz's recoil
  • Lucario:Somehow both a masochist and a sadist at the same time
  • Jigglypuff:See Kirby
  • Greninja:Tries to damage people with his taunt for no real reason other than because they can
  • R.O.B.:spin to win
  • Ness:Doesn't understand the concept of mercy
  • Captain Falcon:A memer who is absolutely not with the times
  • Villager - Male:Heartless
  • Villager - Female:Also heartless, but cuter
  • Olimar:Wants six Pikmin back
  • Alph:Probably wants six Pikmin back but I wouldn't know because I've literally never seen people actually play as this guy
  • Wii Fit Trainer - Female:Hasn't actually played Wii Fit
  • Wii Fit Trainer - Male:likes yaoi
  • Shulk:Either loves or hates memes
  • Dr. Mario:A sadist with bad recovery
  • Dark Pit:Masahiro Sakurai
  • Lucina:See Robin (Male)
  • Pac-Man:Is literally a meme
  • Sonic:Bought Sonic Boom for some stupid reason
  • Mii Fighters:Wanted Protoman
  • Mewtwo:[loud incoherent screaming that sounds vaguely like "MEWTWO!! MEWTWO!!!!!"]
  • Lucas:Still hasn't forgiven Reggie for E4 2014

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I have this goddess, she's mistress of tea and also of mental health for me. I love to honor her with a nice cup of tea, and I ask her for aid in mental energy and also patience for my job. My UPG (which I suppose could be verified as far as can be since she is a "discovered" mortal god) is that she is actually a tiny goddess, she fits in a teacup, and that's how she bestows her blessings and attentions. She does not get ingested, but she loves to take a dunk in some nice hot tea.

oh my fucking gods that is the cutest thing i have ever heard

where can i get in touch with this tiny tea goddess

Prescription Bottle Coffee Mug

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Okay but please stop and imagine this with me

Okay so we all know that Kagami is one hell of a cook, right? I really like to think that he’d effortlessly and casually adapt to his partner’s diet and lifestyle - no matter how they are - and it’s just something that he does unconsciously because he really loves them and he gets really happy when they eat his food with that smile he loves

For example. If his partner happens to be gluten and lactose intolerant, he’d look up a bunch of recipes and ways to adapt the ones he already knows so his partner can always eat his food without the fear that it may make them sick.

If they’re picky about food, he’d slowly and smoothly introduce vegetables and fruits into their diet, not pressuring them to eat anything they really don’t like.

If they eat badly because they don’t have time/are too tired to cook, he makes the healthiest and cutest bentos ever, with all the nutrients his partner needs to ingest daily.


Mama Kagami just wants to see his partner happy and healthy that’s literally all he wants I’m going to cry

This has been your random situation of the day.