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Galia, Turaga of Water

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Theme: Longing

Galia is the graceful matriarch of the Ga-Akotan domain. It was through her ingenuity and ferocious competitiveness that the Ga Akotans came to dominate trade in Akota Nui. As such, Galia oversees commerce from the Ga'maunga Spring, the source of all of Akota Nui’s major waterways, which resides high in Ga'maunga Peak.

Galia’s brilliance is matched only by her desire for carnal pleasure. As such, she has taken many mistresses within her domain. While at first glance they may appear to be servants, Galia treats them as equals. They even claim to have willingly chosen to stay with Galia- often expressing a deep affection for their queen. These sentiments have not gone unrequited.

While her unparalleled beauty has certainly drawn the eyes of many bachelors, Galia has never expressed interest in their betrothal. Nevertheless, there is one matoran who appears to have garnered her special attention.

Matriarch Trident and Relic Dagger

A trident bestowed upon the new matriarch of the Ga Akotan domain by her predecessor, it is both a symbol of power as well as an effective weapon. Galia often pairs it with her relic dagger, a remarkable blade bequeathed to her by the Turaga of Air as a symbol of affection. 

Bonus: Aqua Axes

Relics which predate even the Ancients. Legend tells of a warrior who once wielded these blades with the grace and might of the sea. 

(Note: I intended to have Galia wield two of these, but I was unable to find the second blade.)