ingenious packaging

Photo shoots, Interviews, and Parliament meetings on his rampant un-seemingly royal behavior. Prince Jeon Jungkook wanted nothing more than to be a young man and do what he saw everyone else doing. Maybe not everything else but…the freedom, that’s what he craved. To come and go as he pleased, to dance the night away, to kiss a stranger, to sleep on a beach and awake to seagulls in the pink morning light. 

All without his father King Kim Namjoon the Second breathing down his neck, and his uncle’s the Archdukes Seokjin and Hoseok watching silently pleading with him to behave, despite their words. 

“There’s a time and a place for everything, Jungkook.” His uncle Hoseok chided him. 

“Getting caught up with that girl! In an alleyway of all places.” Uncle Seokjin shook his head, fanning himself with a wide, pink colored fan.

“I’m 19.” The Prince offered in his own defense. “Can’t you let me just-” 

Namjoon was furious. Standing up from his throne, his finger pointed at his son. “I will not let you be the reason people laugh at this kingdom. You will not be the ruin of our line!” 

The hall fell silent as Jungkook’s chest rose and fell harshly. “Then perhaps you should choose another heir.” 

The electric feeling in the air zipped between the men, as his uncles stirred uncomfortably. Clearing his throat Hoseok was about to say something when Namjoon held up his hand. 

“What did you say boy?” He descended the stairs slowly, clenching his teeth as his finger shook in anger. “Speak, boy!” 

“I am not a dog!” Jungkook yelled. His head held low, he took a deep breath angry eyes staring at his father. “Let me live! What am I doing that is so wrong? How and what have I done to make you disagree with everything I do, have done or will do? It’s obvious I am not your first choice to be king, so why even argue with me?” Fists clenched, Jungkook’s face was a light pink in color. 

Standing in front of his son, Namjoon only saw pain he didn’t know what to do or say. The pain between them was something that neither would speak of, and yet their strained relationship was becoming something more public each day. The fire between them couldn’t be quelled and Namjoon wondered where had it all gone wrong? 

“Get out of my face and out of my sight.” Words spat from Namjoon’s mouth as he turned his face from his son. 

Scoffing, Jungkook walked briskly from the hall, not looking at either of his uncles. “Nothing new.” 

The door slammed behind Jungkook, and Namjoon turned on his heel seething as he sat back down. “Don’t say anything to me, I don’t want to hear it just go.”

“Well you’re going to hear something from me.” Seokjin started. “This is ridiculous, more and more often you’re butting heads and I can’t keep walking on eggshells around here. He’s your son.” 

“Jin.” Namjoon cautioned. 

“Jin what? You know I’m right.” His brother challenged. 

The doors boomed open once more, and standing in a fiery red dress to match her attitude stood her majesty, the Queen Amaya. One attendant behind her, she took a deep breath hands folded neatly in front of her stomach. “He’s back what? Two weeks, and you just can’t help but to run him off again.” 

Approaching Hoseok and Seokjin they bowed at her, receiving no pomp and circumstance but angry hands ordering them up. “I don’t have time for this shit Namjoon, you and that attitude and whatever hostility this is against my son will stop today.” 

Namjoon smiled, the one thing he never wanted to do was piss her off. She was a time bomb wrapped in an ingenious aristocratic package. “Baby.” He pleaded. “This is nothing, calm down.” 

She had been staring at Namjoon, but now she turned her head to regard the Archdukes, her voice cold. “Leave.” 

Grabbing Seokjin’s arm, Hoseok scrambled from the room, letting the door close softly behind them. 

“Get off of that throne and talk to me like I’m your wife, not your subject.” Her dark brown eyes searched his very soul, and Namjoon knew better than to disobey her now. 

Walking down the dais, he clasped his hands behind his back. “Amaya, I have tried everything-”

She scoffed, silver trinkets clinking in her curls. “You don’t talk to him. You hardly know him. You haven’t tried anything.” 

“So you know my son better than I do?” He questioned. 

“Who has been here since he was six months old? Who has he called eomma since he could talk?” Facing Namjoon, she could be every bit of imposing as he could, her breasts rising and falling in the neckline of her dress. “Do not try to act like you have jurisdiction on him just because he is your seed.” 

She was a true alpha, a woman demanding of respect and Namjoon found himself weakening under her stare. “Amaya, you know that isn’t what I mean.” He tried to take her hand only for her to snatch it back. 

“Talk to him. You scream, you don’t talk. Then when he is talking you hear him, but you don’t listen. You let him get out just enough to satisfy what you already know and then go in on him. I love you Namjoon, but you need to tell me the truth.”

“About what?” He was tired, he needed to sit down and the dais was the only place, holding his head in his hands, Namjoon just wanted this day to be over. 

“How you feel about Jungkook. How you treat him…does this have to do with his mother?” She felt nothing in asking him that, there was no stab of pain, no jealousy. Honestly, the way they treated each other something had to be going on. 

Just thinking about her caused Namjoon a headache, the strife between them. His eyes found Amaya’s, her expression blank and unwavering. “No.” 

If he was lying she couldn’t find it. Crouching down her flowing dress hid her legs, knees on the floor she took Namjoon’s hand in her own. “Then what is it? You’re pushing him away, I’ve said this time and time again. You will push him until he’s gone. He is your son, he is your only heir.” 

“Amaya.” Namjoon cautioned, as he pulled her up with him. “I will fix this, we will fix this but stop.” 

“How?” Her anger was back. “You push and push until everyone is on the edge and there is nothing else. The girl? Did you know about the girl?”

He nearly spat thinking about Jungkook’s latest escapade. “He will not see her again.” 

Amaya couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Why? Because you say so? You tell him no he will run to her! What is wrong with you? What is wrong with her?” 

“She is no one!” Namjoon yelled. “She is not good enough for my son. She will not be in this house, she is a commoner, she has no standing.”

Amaya blinked, at first she sought to figure out who exactly he was talking to, and then she felt anger for the girl. In love, caught up in palace scandal with only Jungkook it seemed on her side. “No one wanted you with me.” She whispered, reminding Namjoon of her place now. 

“You are aristocratic Amaya, don’t compare yourself…”

Closing her eyes Amaya took a deep breath. “You don’t see what Jungkook sees because you refuse to.” Turning from the hall she began to walk out before stopping, her stance turned towards Namjoon, she pointed a single finger at him. “Fix this before you come to me.” The threat hung in the air, he knew what she meant. 

As the doors closed behind her, Hoseok still stood there, hands clapsed behind his back now. “Nothing solved of course.” 

Amaya rolled her eyes. “Of course not. So pig headed. Let me guess what that is? A file on the girl?” 

“Allow me the first guess, you didn’t tell him did you?” Hoseok’s eyes wandered over her midsection. 

“No. I’ve lost three and this isn’t the time. Is that her file? Instead of talking to Jungkook, you indulge him.” She sighed, hand pinching between her eyes. “Typical.” 

Grinning at her Hoseok bowed to her, as he gestured for the doors to be opened. “Go get some rest your majesty, I think we’ll all need it soon.” 

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Taylor Swift Is 26 and a Free Woman Yet She's Still Having Trouble Shaking Off That Serial-Dater Rap

Surely we can all agree on one thing:Taylor Swift is a free woman.

She’s 26, the face of a one-woman musical empire and rather stunning to boot.

But thanks to the songs that have fueled her rise to the top of the pop-star pyramid, it’s become impossible to separate Swift, the woman, from Swift, the starring character in her own long-running, ingeniously packaged relationship drama.

Hence the uproar every time she has broken up with a guy—an uproar that gets even louder when she, gasp, tries again!

There are of course no rules when it comes to “proper” windows of mourning after one relationship ends and before another begins. When we break up, our first instinct is usually to swear off dating for awhile, but hey, if someone wants to come along and sweep us off our feet…

Shrug, we’re open to that, too.

We can’t picture Swift—assuming for the sake of argument that, despite her living in a fish bowl, her emotions work the same way as a lot of the rest of ours do—operating all that differently.

But seemingly only a few weeks removed from the end of her approximately 15-month relationship with Calvin Harris, cue the excitement to figure out just when she intended to get all cuddly with Tom Hiddleston on a rock in Rhode Island. Which she did, the evidence of which was first published yesterday by The Sun, the London tabloid seemingly going to bat for Harris (who’s Scottish) in tone and tenor.

First of all, let’s go out on a limb and call Taylor what she is: lucky.

Not because Hiddleston’s so great (though don’t you just love him?!) but because surely she felt bad—no matter who ended it, breakups can be rough on the dumper and the dumpee—and lo and behold, she met someone she liked enough to share a snuggle with.

The fact that she danced with Hiddleston at the Met Gala on the evening of May 4, a few short weeks before she and Harris had broken up, added some fuel to the fire of what happened and when. But while we know Harris and Swift fizzled, we don’t know exactly when the fizzling began and, despite certain obvious explanations (long distance, etc.) the ebb and flow of feelings is reliably inexplicable.

And though the photos of her and Hiddleston are certainly romantic-looking, they don’t mean Swift has hopped right into another relationship.

“Taylor is hanging out with her friends and keeping busy. She wants to be single for a while and have a relaxing summer,” an insider told us earlier this week—and the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

If Swift were most other people, there’d be a mass round of applause for how wonderful it is that she’s found someone to dry her tears. And if she were Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney circa 2012, everyone would have a good smirk and make memes. But unfortunately Swift got saddled with the ever-searching serial monogamist tag years ago and labels can be hard to shake.

Ask Jennifer Aniston, who despite her huge career and other boyfriends carried the stigma of a scorned woman around for years, her marriage to Justin Theroux last summer just barely releasing her from her former life.

Of course, it’s not as if Swift hasn’t been at least somewhat complicit in her relationships-as-performance-art persona—Taylor’s as shrewd a businesswoman as they come, and like Beyoncé, her lemonade has made her a millionaire.

But she’s still had to multitask like a champ, both learning the hard lessons that are part of growing up while in the spotlight, and simultaneously having to shake off whatever pain and anger she might be feeling so that she can put on a great show night after night and then sound measured and rational when she fields the next round of questions about her love life.

And underneath it all, she’d probably just like to eventually find a guy who she’s into, who’s nice to her and, most importantly, wants what she does.

In the meantime, however, Taylor Swift’s relationship history—or future—shouldn’t be used to define her as a person. Her personality factors into what goes on behind closed doors, but meeting someone, trying it out, breaking up and then dating someone else isn’t a character trait.

Along the way she’ll make mistakes. The men will make mistakes. She might not even be done talking to one when she starts talking to another, making her part of the 99 percent for a change.

Like everybody else, she’s just trying to figure it out.


They are monocles in condom wrapper shaped packaging.

One of the sides says: ‘Gentleman’s Single-Use Un-Lubricated Monocle. For External Use Only, Unless You Are Particularly Adventurous.’

The other side: An image of a dashing monocled and mustachioed young man. Underneath the image is the text 'Ready When You Are’.


Nature surprises. 
Fruit of tropical origin. 
Ingeniously packaged. 
Gently protected by nature. 
A thin external film keeps freshness and brightness of the fruit inside.
We have a fruit. 
Opened carefully. 
Arises as a flower. 
Nature surprises. 
Always surprises. 
Great nature. 
Beautiful nature.


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