Rune stone # U 135 - Broby, Täby socken

The bridge mentioned in the inscription has given the name to the farm Broby. The sons of Östen did also built up a large pile. But it was no burial mound - but a cenotaph, ie an empty tomb built on a place where the dead´s not buried. We know that Östen died in Greece according to other rune stones in the area. The pile is today completely gone.

*ikifastr auk austain auk suain litu raisa staina þasa at austain faþur sin auk bru þasa karþu auk hauk þana*

»Ingefast och Östen och Sven läto resa dessa stenar efter Östen, sin fader, och de gjorde denna bro och denna hög" 

“Ingefast and Östen and Sven had these stones raised in memory of Östen, their father, and made this bridge and this mound”


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