They were in the same class when they were in grade 2 and there is chemistry between Tae-ho(a kid with no hands)  and Ingee. A year has passed, but she has never changed. Tae-ho does everything by himself, but when he’s with Ingee, he let her help him.

Tae-ho: She kept asking, ‘who are you going to marry?’

Reporter: Hey Ingee, 'who are you going to marry?’

Ingee: Me? Tae-ho.

Tae-ho: She wants to marry me without any reason.

Reporter: (Ingee) Have you changed your mind or not?

Ingee: There is no change.


Ingee and Tae Ho :)


awwwww <3


Taeho’s love storyy (:


태호 and 인지!
Deleted scene/cut (?) from previous video. Him and potential love interest. Aren’t they the most adorable things?

ORIGINAL VIDEO (about 태호):
This video:

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