@cyanbigfoot and I watched the Hunter x Hunter Movie: Phantom Rouge and no offense, the movie is a big mess of bad story line and fanservice.
So 80% of the time we made bad jokes and so I decided to draw some of the stuff we came up with. I don‘t even care if we are the only two people in the world who find this funny.
And yes, in the fansubs Kurapika literally said “You selfish fuckers.”


Secret Santa 2013 for MattFrack

So I honestly overestimated my abilities here.
This took me way too long to finish.
I was super busy with work and then I was sick multiple times, I sometimes couldn’t work because of backpain and then there’s the good old procrastination thing going on.
I still hope you like it, Matt. uvu ♥ And I’m truly sorry. ; _ ;
Sooo… merry christmas? lol?

I didn’t put watermarks on this, because I honestly just wanted to finish it and put it out there.

And here, as a little bonus, the aftermath:

Reigisa Celebration
                | Day 17 - Tattoo

I’m on vacation right now, so I’ve put this in a queue <3
This one is probably my favorite out of all the prompts I did!

Nagisa, the little minx who wants to get a huge, colorful tattoo all over his lower back and Rei is the cool, collected tattoo artist who gets flustered as fuck.
Yeah. My thing.

Also, I’m kinda obsessed with Nagisa in shorts, I guess?
But can you blame me?

My Spideypool July Santa entry for paragonless-feathers

I feel apologetic for this, because I really really rushed to make this.
As always I suddenly had no time anymore (I’m actually rushing to catch my flight in time right now haaaah) and I’m not back home until sunday.
This is the idea I got when you said “Team-Up or the aftermath”, even though the actual team-up would’ve been cooler.
Anyway, despite me not liking it as much as I’d like to (there are just… things bothering me D:), I hope you will like it!!! <3

Sketch commission for mattfrack!

Matt is the most gentle and patient client (and friend) one could ask for. I really messed up, because I took his commissions over the time I was moving to another city and school started and I also procrastinated, but he kept on telling me it’s alright. :’)
Thank you so much for not giving up on me and thank you for this really cute commission, it was so much fun!