Dunno, but I just love these screenshots from my @therealjacksepticeye sim.


I am seriously thinking about making a Simblr (Sims 3 Tumblr Blog I guess). I just have so much fun taking screenshots of my own created YouTuber Sims :< ..


South Park First Screenshots

Screenshots for the upcoming South Park game have recently been released. The upcoming RPG in development by Obsidian Games is being personally overseen by series creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker, and from the screenshots we can see that the game is keeping very much in line with the show’s visual style. No definitive word on how the game will actually play yet, but rumours about that it will be a turn-based RPG à la Final Fantasy. Oh, and you get to fight Hippies and Ginger Kids. Sweeeet!

Random Pose Pack 2!

Well hello Lovelies, here we have my random pose pack 2 ^^, these are all poses that didn’t really fit in to any theme of poses, So Random it is :P  

Total of 15 Single Poses
+ ‘Play All’ (runs through poses 1 - 15)
IN-GAME only. Requires ‘Andrew’s Pose Player’ can be found [here]


T.O.U : Please don’t Edit / Re-upload to any other site/ Claim as your own.

Tag me @ ‘lynxsimz’ so I can / Like / Reblog <3 <3 


Hidden Palms Collection

This set is a Vintage inspired Tropical Cabana vibe living room. The idea was to create something that had a modern edge while still paying respect to the past . 

Set includes

  • Three Seat Sofa , Love Seat & Armchair which all come in 19 variations of wood swatches . Now these sofas all have what is called a modular seat , meaning you can freely place the seat cushions ive created on these bases therefore mixing and matching to your hearts content . Ill release more bases like these ( kind of like seperated bedframes but now for sofas )
  • Vintage Armchair has 7 swatches including to plain linen swatches 

  • coffee table has 5 swatches with marble top 

  • Side table has 5 swatches with marble top

  • Floating Consol Table has 8 Swatches incling wood aswell as matching swatches to the tables

  • Artwork has 8 swatches 

Will match my previous sets 

Find this set by searching Hidden Palms Collection ingame
All basegame Compatible ( thanks to bustedpixels for testing it for me )
Please tag me if you use it <3 Also Recolors are Encouraged because we all know Im terrible at recoloring , message me for PSD’S if needed



The Walk Poses Set + Rough


In The Walk Poses Set

In Rough Set

  • 1 set group poses only
    • Need Andrew Poses Player & Teleport Any Sim Mod
      • Recommend teleport and poses one by one.
    • Sorry I only made 5 sims. 
      • If you want it, take it for now. I will make 6 sims later with Kpop Girl Group Dance Set.

Click pics for HQ.

So, here is the DOWNLOAD:

Simfileshare (The Walk) / Simfileshare (Rough)

Dropbox (The Walk) / Dropbox (Rough)

Thanks to all the CCs creators. <3 

Hope you all enjoy. ;] Any problem, please report. 

Silent Hill Returns To It Roots

The long-suffering Silent Hill series is set to return to its survival-horror roots, according to producer Devin Shatsky. In an interview on Playstation’s Blog, Shatsky claims that Downpour will be much less combat-oriented than its predecessor Homecoming, which was met with disapproval by fans; instead, Downpour will incorporate a very limiting weapons system that will keep players on their toes, and will be most similarly themed to fan favourite Silent Hill 2. Shatsky also states that enemies from previous games will not be “shoehorned in”, and that Downpour will be its own unique chapter in the Silent Hill story. Head on over to Playstation Blog to check out the full interview.




  • 9 poses in total + 1 All in one + 1 set of 5 sims group poses
  • CAS:
    • Snob trait
  • Ingame:
    • Andrew poses player compatible.
  • Click pics for HQ
  • More pics [x]

So, here is the DOWNLOAD:



CCs list:

Gonna back with poses collections the end of this month. Seeya.

Pose making clip for Fun. 

Timeline for SWTOR

The following is a rough timeline for the events in SWTOR as stated by Wookieepedia. The links are for Wookieepedia pages giving a more detailed overview of the events of the corresponding years.
Updated version 05/2016. Wookieepedia now states dates for Rishi, Yavin 4, Ziost, and the events on Zakuul.

3653 BBY Treaty of Coruscant

3643 BBY (10 ATC) Start of ingame events
                 Chapter 1

3642 BBY (11 ATC) Chapter 2    
                End of the Cold War, renewal of open hostilities

3641 BBY (12 ATC) Chapter 3, Ilum, Eternity Vault

3640 BBY (13 ATC) Karagga’s Palace, Black Hole, Denova, Asation

3639 BBY (14 ATC) Makeb, Raid on the Arcanum, Seizure of CZ-198,
                 Dread War (Oricon)

3638 BBY (15 ATC) Kuat Drive Yards, Assault on Tython, Korriban
                 Incursion, Manaan, Raid on Rakata Prime, Battle of Rishi,
                 Battle of Yavin 4

3637 BBY (16 ATC) Devastation of Ziost,
                 Eternal Empire emerges from Wild Space and starts a war of        
                 The Outlander is frozen in carbonite.

3636 BBY (17 ATC) Eternal Empire blockades Coruscant and Dromund Kaas
                 cease-fire treaties

3634 BBY (19 ATC) Kaliyo arrives on Zakuul

3632 BBY (21 ATC) The Outlander is freed from their carbonite prison.
                 Battle of Asylum

No es igual

No me van a decir que Vegetta toca igual a Frank que a Willy, si cuando graba con Frank parece que no mide su fuerza hasta le dejó rojo el brazo en un vídeo (pobrecito :s); mientras que con Willy parece medir cada uno de sus movimientos y si mal no recuerdo en el InGame cuando le dio un golpe más o menos fuerte de inmediato intento solucionarlo y no se acababa en mimos para aliviar el golpe…
***A mi no me van a decir que lo trata igual para mi es mucho más delicado con su Willy :3***

Vain’s 200 follower raffle!

thank you everyone for following & supporting me here on tumblr
I’m seriously surprised how fast I reached two fucking hundred follower ~ with all this bullshit on my blog…

win a drawing (character of your choice) by @lillieath (1st place) or a cool games (2nd-4th place)

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1st place: drawing by @lillieath
2nd place: Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 (Best rpg out there)
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4th place: Special secret game or ingame item!
♦ winner will be choosen per
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good luck everyone :D

Shenmue 3 Is A ‘Possibility’

French fansite have managed to score an exclusive interview with series director Yu Suzuki, who hints at the possibility of a Shenmue sequel. Suzuki mentions that the story for a Shenmue 3 has been written, and suggests that his studio YsNet may acquire the rights to the series from Sega in the future. Nothing concrete at this stage, but nothing ruled out either. Stay tuned.