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How often do you play dnd? :D???

I am a dnd baby. The squad and I played our first game like a week ago and we’re trying to schedule the next one. The majority of us are new to it so it’s a slow awkward process, but we’re having a lot of fun messing up and embarrassing ourselves with our subpar roleplaying skills.


And to think, I only got kicked off 3 servers from doing this…

On top of this, I also messed around in civilian mode, caught players in teleporter traps, and did the new borneo exploit with a couple of pyros. Thanks valve, for breaking all your own maps <3

(If you didn’t know, the teleporter automatically kills anyone who tries to use it)

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Yeah, Alistair is Fiona's and Maric's kid, it's been confirmed by the writers. The story about the maid at Redcliffe Castle was a lie.

I’ve seen theories, but I had no idea it had been confirmed by the writers! 

Shit, though. The ingame possibility of having a mixed race king going unnoticed is far too much of a loss. 

Part of that might be my weird way of looking at headcanons where for me to buy into one I either have to be able to see clear basis or it in the canon, or it has to be a minor enough thing to where nothing explicitly goes against it in canon and it could be worked in without changing the character too much, an example of the latter being I could see Frisk knowing some Spanish due to nothing ingame saying they couldn’t know it and because Spanish is a common worldwide language. Or it has to be something branching off of the first point, where it’s a logical offshoot of something that has canon basis (for example, my idea of Flowey having panic attacks at times comes from my giant fucking dissertation about how he behaves matching PTSD symptoms).

Maybe I’m boring though I dunno.

And then gender/sexuality headcanons I rarely think about too much anyway unless again, there is basis for it (like Papyrus being ace, Mettaton being trans, etc).


OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo Original Short: KO

Hey! Here’s the first original short with FULL CREDITS listed under the cut!

Last year the fine folks at Cartoon Network gave us the chance to create shorts to get the word out about the OK K.O.! Game! We get to do original shorts based on a game?! What!!!! Cartoon Network fully believes in the game and the idea so doing a cartoon for it was a no-brainer!

The idea for this short came from the development process between us and the game developers at Double Stallion.

We all felt super good about the controls, the punching, the throwing and the ground-pounding all felt great. The team had the brilliant idea to add slide kicks to KO’s moveset which was awesome! I collaborated with the games’ Art Director Eric Angelillo on the ingame animation:

Slide-kicking eventually became so fun that I was doing it all the time in the game, which influenced the story for this short! (Storyboarded by Toby Jones and Stu Livingston)

In a chance of a lifetime, I got to work with one of my FAVORITE studios, Science SARU on the creation of this short. The studio is headed by Masaaki Yuasa and Eunyoung Choi who are both huge inspirations for me. I got the chance to visit the studio during my visit to Japan last year and they are doing some amazing, next-level stuff. I’m completely humbled that they wanted to work with us and I really enjoy the energetic direction of this short which was thanks to Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna. We used several of the elements from the old pilot, but as you can see, Science SARU gave the look a distinctive twist!


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You can find Yurie hidden in the abandoned Byrgenwerth library on the lake in Bloodborne - unlike a lot of characters in Souls games, Yurie, outside of what can be inferred from her title as “Last Scholar” and her Choir outfit, is very ill-defned. There are none of the usual obliqe references to her you would expect to see, no background info, even her name isn’t surfaced explicitly ingame. For a lot of people, Yurie is just a final bulwark between them and Byrgenwerth’s greatest secret (and she does pose quite a challenge,even with assistance).

Inexplicably, i’ve almost cried over Yurie, alone, last scholar in the halls, holding up the stars by herself.


South Park First Screenshots

Screenshots for the upcoming South Park game have recently been released. The upcoming RPG in development by Obsidian Games is being personally overseen by series creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker, and from the screenshots we can see that the game is keeping very much in line with the show’s visual style. No definitive word on how the game will actually play yet, but rumours about that it will be a turn-based RPG à la Final Fantasy. Oh, and you get to fight Hippies and Ginger Kids. Sweeeet!


Captionless version here.

Long post ahead. I wanna talk a bit about pre-war America. There’s already a great post where @yahargul points out some events that happened pre-war, showing an America that’s like, the same as the one post-war just with fancier shrubbery. It was great seeing other people noticing too and how shitty it is that Bethesda didn’t show us any of that.

It made sense in the previous games, but here we have a family who lived right at the moment the bombs went off and as far as it goes ingame they fell because some dude planted his butt on the wrong console.
So how come that in an age of American soldiers marching into small suburbs the Sole Survivor’s family is planning for Halloween? People everywhere else are being gunned down for wanting food, but they have a domestic robot preparing their breakfast? Fusion powered cars were few and inbetween, but everyone in Sanctuary has the latest models. 

My theory is that both Nate and Nora, and by extension all of Sanctuary’s residents, did some sensitive work for the government. Not important enough to get relocated to the Enclave, but enough to cash some benefits.
With Nate it’s fairly obvious, duh soldier. But that alone wouldn’t be enough to get yourself and your family a space in a Vault. Only 123 were ever built. Spaces in the Vaults were highly coveted and here we have a door-to-door salesman practically forcing it on your family. 
Either Nate pulled some serious (black ops?) shit, or it was Nora whose ‘family service’ got them the privilege of Vault space. The legal system was trash, people didn’t get trials, they were thrown into concentration camps or gunned down on the streets. What would you need a lawyer for, unless there’s still things the government would like to hide?

  • Like, for example, their use of Psycho on American soldiers. A soldier high on Psycho would rip the spine out of a person’s neck and not care. He could step on a mine and crawl forward on the stumps of his legs, not feeling the pain. The Army already had to content with a lot of deserters after deploying their soldiers in American cities. They’d threaten to make it all public. 
  • Then there was the New Plague that was developed by the government, killing people within days.Two-hundred thousand died. Early in 2077 research related to it was leaked and people started suspecting the government was at fault. 
  • And, lastly Vault-Tec was funded by the government but there were still some independent contractors. Like RobCo industries, at its head Mr House who supplied to us the PipBoy, the Protectron and other gadgets. And Mr House wasn’t a patriot, he was a capitalist. If a better opportunity presented itself, he’d take it.

So between drugging soldiers, keeping food reserves from the population, actively killing it with a bio-weapon and relying on contractors to finance their own decadence, the US needed to hold it all together. They did that with the help of lawyers like Nora.
On the sliding scale of morality I think her job took her right into the deep end. PTSD would be a problem for her as well as for Nate who in all likelihood shot someone he knew by name because they wanted food for their children. 

Nate, Nora and all the residents of Sanctuary live in luxury, while the rest of America quickly succumbs to total chaos. They are far removed from the realities of American life in 2077 and I think it’s because both worked to support the government.




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Silent Hill Returns To It Roots

The long-suffering Silent Hill series is set to return to its survival-horror roots, according to producer Devin Shatsky. In an interview on Playstation’s Blog, Shatsky claims that Downpour will be much less combat-oriented than its predecessor Homecoming, which was met with disapproval by fans; instead, Downpour will incorporate a very limiting weapons system that will keep players on their toes, and will be most similarly themed to fan favourite Silent Hill 2. Shatsky also states that enemies from previous games will not be “shoehorned in”, and that Downpour will be its own unique chapter in the Silent Hill story. Head on over to Playstation Blog to check out the full interview.


Hello All, SISTAR PARTY POSES SET is here! 


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    • After you let your sims “sit” on the fence, 
      • Ctrl + shift + C
      • Enter: testingcheats true
      • Hold [shift] and click one of you sims
      • Select: Reset object(debug)
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Well now I know why these two have so many fanfictions with them being paired together, lol.
The dialogue in this game is so suggestive.




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