Wieda strolled around the trade district, checking stores and booths but not finding what she was after. Soon her feet took her to Old Towne, a place more fitting to her style and mind-set. Still though, she didn’t find what she wanted. Finally, she resorted to flagging down a heavily inked lass/ “Oi mate, where abouts can one get quality work done, someone knows what they be doin’ and willing to work wit’ a girl?”

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Question, your Fallout OC Cato is actually the greatest thing since sliced bread and your drawing completely brings his personality to light. Do you have a picture of him ingame? Or was he just randomly made up? :0

omfg thank you. i dont actually have any screens of him on hand but he like looks nothing like how i draw him LMAO i kind of came up with him before i tried to make him in the fonv CC…he looks like a trainwreck in the game


Here’s the outcome of the shooting for my modern Fenris cosplay. I loved this outfit and being this character so much; I had a real hard time choosing the shots to actually upload here.

Photos by @azahedarts