Creo que cuando dedicamos una canción a alguien y la volvemos a escuchar después de un tiempo es como si esa persona volviera a nuestra vida. En cada letra, melodía y sentimiento que creíste haber superado. Vuelve y te duele, te duele ese sonido que una vez tanto te gusto, pero ahora te parece cruel  y duele cuando llega a tus oídos y va justo a los recuerdos.

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Tell me your thoughts on freyr

I like Freyr. Freyr seems neat. I’ve had the feeling for ages now that he’s lurking around, vaguely interested in interacting with me the same way I’ve been vaguely interested in interacting with him, but not entirely certain where to start.

He’s connected to fertility, but I see it much less in a sexual way than seems to be common. He’s a sexual god, yeah, but he’s also deeply connected to the fertility of the land and the bounty of the hunt. I see him very much as a god for those who provide for their families.

He’s also a god for queer folks, particularly MLM and trans guys, and I have a lot of love for him based on that alone. Queer gods are great to have in a society that’s hostile toward queer folks.

I think of Freyr when I think about hunting and fishing licenses–they exist to protect species from being over-hunted, and to provide income to rangers that work toward conservation and environmental protection. 

I grew up in and currently live in an area that’s equal parts woodland and swamp. When I think of Freyr, I think of being a kid, fucking around in the woods, poking moss with a stick, and startling deer by stomping on cronchy leaf piles. I think of hunting camps, cleaning fish with my grandfather, and being totally accustomed to hearing gunshots off in the woods, because that’s your neighbor’s dad getting them dinner for the next month.

tbh, Freyr’s what I think of when I hear the phrase, “gay redneck.”

Modern English:
May heaven and earth make me glorious.
May Lord Ingui and the wise sage god Woden make me glorious.
May I attain the glory of divine light.
May this great glory never abandon me.
May it never abandon my people, among whom let me be a speaker of truth.

Mē wuldrien heofon and earþe.
Mē wuldrien Ing dryhten ond Wōden se wīsa god.
Ic begiete þæt wuldor hālges lēohtes.
Ne forlǣte þis wuldor nǣfre mē.
Ne forlǣte hit nǣfre mīn folc, gemang þǣm ic sóþspreca bēo.

Må Himlen och Jorden göra mig ärorik.
Må Ingvi Frej och vise man-guden Oden göra mig ärorik.
Må jag uppnå det heliga ljusets ära.
Må denna stora ära aldrig överge mig.
Må det aldrig överge mitt folk, bland dem låt mig vara en sanningssägare.

Mögen Himmel und Erde mich prächtig machen.
Mögen Fro Ing and der wissend-weise Gott Wotan mich prächtig machen.
Möge ich die Pracht des göttlichen Lichts erlangen.
Möge diese große Pracht mich niemals verlassen.
Möge sie niemals mein Volk verlassen, für das sie mich ein Künder der Wahrheit sein lasse.

—  Heathen prayer for truth and enlightenment. Translated into 4 Germanic languages.