House  ████████

One of the High Houses in Unova that have sworn alliance to House Harmonia. The house was founded by ████████, ██████████████ whose skills were critical in bringing the Unovan states into one unified kingdom. For this reason, even though this house started out as one of the poorer houses, the family eventually gained a lot of power to become one of the most infuential, causing other High Houses to regard them with suspicion. As a result, the members of House ████████ are extremely secretive; most historical information about this family (in academia at least) is very speculative at best.

Their members, inluding their apprentices/students, are feared as mercenaries and spies. As allies, they were one of the most loyal and cunning; but as enemies, they were the most vicious and unforgiving. They were rumored to have had held grudges that span multiple generations.

Like many High Unovan Houses, the ████████ House quietly disappeared from history after the Great Unovan War. It is not known whether there are any living descendants of the ████████ House. Even to this day, scholars still have a hard time pinpointing the location of the ████████ stronghold and their true sigil*. But their motto is infamous and has instilled fear for most of ancient Unovan history: “Observe, avenge.”

  • Known members of ████████ :  The Shadow Triad (by apprenticeship), █████████████

*For the convenience of the reader, the true sigil is available to the reader, and also note that most people in MoU are not aware of this fact.

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AU where the Valar are creators of various popular works and the Eldar are their fandom. The Vanyar are canonists, the Noldor produce most of the fanworks, the Teleri are mostly just trying to enjoy themselves. The Sindar are casual fans. The Avari aren’t interested in fandom at all.

Yavanna wrote the very infuential “Two Trees” that radically changed the whole genre. Feanor was a BNF who wrote a brilliant Two Trees AU fanfic trilogy which had its own following, and started to consider publishing it as an original work. A debate on intellectual property and legitimacy of fanworks ensued. Some stated that the canon is only a source of inspiration, and compared various classical works to fanfic. Some pointed out that this particular trilogy’s selling point was its clever reimagining of canon setting and events, and despite the thoroughly thought-out worldbuilding and beautiful language, claiming it as an original work would be plagiarism. Feanor’s girfriend Nerdanel, well-loved herself for the skill and unique style of her fanart, had studied under a professional artist, so she sided with the copyright holders.

When Feanor’s account was hacked she was outraged at the indifference of the website’s administration, spoke against their attitude towards the creative fandom, and led a massive fandom migration to another platform. There Feanor soon abandoned blogging, but her circle stayed and participated in several other conflicts. The drama surrounding Feanor and her legacy became one of the most famous stories in fandom history, documented on fandom_wank in 24 parts.