Reconstruction of A Townhouse is a minimal townhouse located in Zurich, Germany, designed by idA. The building is a commercial and residential complex built in 1893. The building has six apartments, an art gallery on the ground floor, and motorcycle workshop in the basement. The dwellings were fully refurbished, changing orientation on the floor plan in order to maximize natural lighting to the more popular spaces. A new infrastructure utilizing a box with the bathroom and kitchen was added and splits the loft like room in entrance, living and dining area.

If you honestly hate this site, hate the idea of letting them put advertising on your blog in order to actually make a profit so they can justify their existence to the powers that be, then close your g-ddamn account. You have a free platform, free hosting, free networking, free infrastructure, free tech support, and you’re bitching about ads. Do you know the costs involved in running service on this scale? A shitton. Even hosting a single site is expensive and a lot of times the cost is offset by ads. So stop complaining.

For every “oh noez Tumblr is shutting down!” post I see, I see one of these jackass posts. Stop acting like spoiled, g-ddamn 12-year-olds; this isn’t your home and Tumblr isn’t Mom and Dad. You are not entitled to anything. A lot of times reality means compromise. Either you get free services like this and have ads or you don’t have ads and you eventually kill the site. 

“There was a suggestion that there was a credible attack on the electricity infrastructure supporting the Games,“ Olympic cyber security head Oliver Hoare, who received the call, told BBC Radio 4 - in the first interview an official has given on the events that day.

"And the first reaction to that is, ‘Goodness, you know, let’s make a strong cup of coffee.’”

Earlier this afternoon, Republicans in the Senate filibustered the Rebuild America Jobs Act. It would have invested $60 billion in projects to rebuild roads, airports, and bridges and put a lot of people back to work. If you’re as sick of GOP obstructionism as we are, take a minute to find your Republican senator on Twitter today using our Tweet for Jobs tool and tell them we can’t keep waiting for action on jobs.
Cash-Strapped Towns Are Un-Paving Roads They Can’t Afford to Fix
Rural areas all over the country are embracing this kind of strategic retreat.

Repaving roads is expensive, so Montpelier instead used its diminishing public works budget to take a step back in time and un-pave the road. Workers hauled out a machine called a “reclaimer” and pulverized the damaged asphalt and smoothed out the road’s exterior. They filled the space between Vermont’s cruddy soil and hardier dirt and gravel up top with a “geotextile”, a hardy fabric that helps with erosion, stability and drainage. 

In an era of dismalinfrastructure spending, where the American Society of Civil Engineers gives the country’s roads a D grade, rural areas all over the country are embracing this kind of strategic retreat. Transportation agencies in at least 27 states have unpaved roads, according to a new report from the National Highway Cooperative Highway Research program. They’ve done the bulk of that work in the past five years.

Tomoyuki Yanaka can see through walls. Known for meticulous, hand-drawn ballpoint renderings of the innards of everything from furniture to museums, the Japanese architect’s most elaborate works are studies of Tokyo’s sprawling train stations. Tanaka’s unpeeling of the underground labyrinths of Tokyo Station, Shibuya Station, and Shinjuku Station (one of the world’s biggest, and busiest, transport hubs) are like MRIs of some of the most amazing infrastructure on Earth.

Click through to use our magnifying tool to get an up close look at his images.

MORE. Lose Yourself in Tomoyuki Tanaka’s X-Ray Illustrations of Tokyo Train Stations

Canada’s future does pass through the North and there is amazing potential there to help us achieve the healthiest environment, the fairest society and the strongest economy in the world. The only way that we can achieve that goal is to work towards reaching our full potential. Since getting elected, this government has used Canada’s North as a rhetorical prop, all without giving any second though to the day-to-day realities of the region. The federal government has a large role to play in the proper development of the North, and that development has to first and foremost yield positive outcomes for the people who live there and have called the region home since time immemorial.
—  – Romeo Saganash, in this lovely article on HuffPo
Adaptation is change with purpose. Writers wrestle with it. Artists embrace it. Designers craft it. Survival depends on it. In a time of unprecedented technological advancement, how we change (and what we change) has ever broader implications and meaning. Whether translating ideas from one medium to another, morphing old infrastructures into new platforms, or reinventing entire careers, adaptation is the choice between what becomes the future and what remains the past.
—  Christopher Simmons, Chair of the AIGA Design Conference 2016