A walk in WashingtonMukilteo, WA 2014


Infrared Australiana, Photographic Print, 2013, I Heart Gallery. Prints available, any size, price on application. Comment or message me to inquire

I’ve been playing around with an infrared filter lately and FINALLY got a shot I am happy with! The scene is an Australian landscape, taken near Milton, NSW. There is a bunch of abandoned buildings there with cows wandering around, just gorgeous. While I was there, a wedge tailed eagle soared overhead and landed on a branch RIGHT above me! What a privilige to behold.

Here you can see different versions of the same shot, at various stages of editing. From the original straight out of camera, to the final post processed print.


In popular culture UFOs are assumed to be artificial crafts piloted by extraterrestrial beings. But what if the truth of these anomalies is even weirder? What if they are themselves living creatures?

In the October 1959 issue of Flying Saucer magazine, a letter appeared from an anonymous reader- later claimed by various sources to be named Don Wood Jr.- detailing his encounter with a bizarre pair of otherworldly creatures on top of a Nevada mesa in 1925. According to Wood, he and three other men were flying a set of Curtiss JN-4 airplanes- commonly known as “Jennies”- over the desert. The men decided to touch down on top of a mesa to explore the landscape. They had not been on the ground long when a red disk, 8 feet in diameter, descended slowly from the sky. As the strange object touched down, Wood and his colleagues realized that it was some sort of animal. It appeared to be “breathing” by raising its top half up and down, creating a six-inch opening all along the rim in a manner that Wood likened to a clam opening and closing its shell. A large chunk had been bitten out of the creature’s side, and its body oozed a metallic-looking froth.  After about twenty minutes of rest, the animal began to glow bright red and attempted to float up into the air. Its injuries were apparently too severe, however, because it quickly sank back down.

As the stunned men watched the creature, a shadow fell over them. They looked up to find an even larger disk-shaped being floating down from the sky. This one ignored Wood and his companions as it settled over the injured creature and latched onto it with four sucker-tipped tentacles. In a burst of speed, the newcomer flew straight up with its smaller counterpart in tow and vanished into the sky. Whether the larger disk was helping or attempting to eat the other creature, Wood could not say.

The idea that UFOs could be living creatures, rather than extraterrestrial crafts, has been proposed by several paranormal researchers. Proponents of this theory point to the way many of these objects appear to dance around or chase each other in a manner akin to animals playing. Others have cited the appearance of “star jelly”- strange, apparently organic slime-  falling from the sky or being found on the ground after a flurry of UFO activity (I do need to point out, however, that many samples of star jelly have, in fact, turned out to be slime molds, colonies of Nostoc bacteria, bird vomit and other Earthly biological substances. So this line of evidence is rather dubious).

Author Trevor James Constable believed that many if not all, UFOs were actually gigantic, amoebae-like organisms that were normally invisible to the human eye. Using infrared photo filters, he claimed to have taken hundreds of pictures of these creatures completely filling the skies over Earth.*  Other people have also claimed to witness bizarre, organic-looking beings, collectively known as atmospheric beasts- drifting through the sky at high altitudes.

A fairly recent phenomenon may be further evidence of these supposed atmospheric beasts. Within the last few decades, several people have reported sighting what appear to be flying manta rays. The creatures are usually described as being flat gray and translucent, with large fin-like wings, but no discernible heads, tails or limbs. Are these creatures related to Woods’ flying clams? Are both perhaps part of an unseen aerial ecosystem existing miles above our heads much like the “air jungles” of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story The Horror of the Heights.


This is a 1996 series of infrared photos taken of Saturn’s Rings. These were taken with the Hubble telescope. Scientists stated that from these photos in sequence they have discovered new moons of Saturn. What wasn’t explained was the object’s that were marked A, B and C orbiting Saturn’s outer ring. These huge cigar shaped object’s are clearly shown following a definite path in an orbit along the edge of the ring. Could these be gigantic space craft or mother ships? One could speculate that these may be extraterrestrial mining ship’s, harvesting some type of mineral from Saturn’s outer ring. Who knows? I think we can rule out a glitch in the photography since they show up in six of the ten photos, and clearly show they are moving. John Lear stated that he believes there to be a spacecraft orbiting in or near Saturns rings that measures 31,000 miles long and 2,400 miles wide!

+ last picture:

Now take a look at this photograph that was taken by the Russian Phobos Probe in 1980 shortly before it was destroyed. The Russian space agency issued a press release saying that they had photographed a 15 mile long cylindrical metallic object, which they thought could be a UFO. 

@90s-forever and @fcyaa staging at the drift union invitational 2015. penticton, bc 

    one thing that i am already having fun with being able to scan my own photos now is being able to create natural borders from the edge of the negatives. it took me a few scans before i realized i could do it, so only a few of these infrared have it. in highschool photo class there was one enlarger that had a bigger negative holder than all the others that would allow me to create borders on the enlargements we made. i always snagged that enlarger. i would love to set up a dark room soon.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm


@warrenwarren and @onemakebodytune tinkering on warren’s 4age-t miata rear end swapped corolla. drift union invitational 2015. penticton, bc

these two shots turned out the best out of the entire roll. they really took on the infrared traits and needed no touch up. even the dust and water marks seemed to be less apparent on them. the skies are dark and the clouds look wild in it.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm


Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani transforms the stunning landscape of Central Park into a salmon pink wonderland.

Pettigiani used an infrared filter to capture the park’s lush meadows, expansive ponds, and huge rocks. You can’t see it, but many digital cameras can. It renders in hues ranging from white to red to purple depending on the camera, the filter, and the processing.

The clever technique provides a unique look at an iconic landscape. “My aim was to show a new colorful, and a little bit candy, vision of Central Park,” he says.

MORE. Infrared Photos Transform NYC Into a Technicolor Dreamland


Redshift Skirt, Emily Koerner 2015

machine knit, mixed fibers

Redshift happens to light when the light emitting object is moving away from the viewer. As the object moves, the wavelength of the light itself is stretched, making it appear more red. In this case, the light from galaxies billions of light-years away is shifted into the infrared. 

photos from the MECA fashion show

model is melodiouse


@90s-forever ‘s 180sx at the drift union invitational 2015, penticton, bc

    the following black and white photos are from a 35mm roll of expired konica infrared 750nm black and white film shot during the drift union invitational this summer. i had no idea what the results were going to be having never shot infrared and being expired film. most were pretty poor, though some of those were saveable in post, but a couple images turned out really neat. i’d like to try shooting another roll under more controlled conditions.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm