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I'd like to know more about Azalea pls.

Azalea is a Space squid just like Billy, she was born before the planet exploded so she grew up with the previous system of the planet of how it took care of it’s inhabitants.

She didn’t grow up on their home planet though, she grew up on another planet.

When she was an adult she travelled to earth with her girlfriend to start a new life but things didn’t go as planned.

She is gay but right now is faking a relationship with her best friend to make her ex jealous.

She likes tall people

Has a cruh on Elle.

Tries to be as optimistic as she can and tries to look at the bright side of things
 most of the time.

She was going to die but I didn’t kill her because she is too cute (Ahah)

She is one year younger than Elle.

When they do plays she and Elle tend to be paired together.

Used to be part of a secret agency.

She is the big star of the club and doesn’t like it.

Even though she is sweet and sociable she has trouble connecting with people, preffers to be alone most of the time.

Her favorite color is rosa mexicano I don’t know what that color is called in english.

She likes her current life.

She is strong (in spirit, not physically)

Likes baking

Uhh I think this is most of it.