LulzSec claims FBI affiliate hacked, users and botnet use exposed

“We just hacked an FBI affiliated website (Infragard, specifically the Atlanta chapter) and leaked its user base. We also took complete control over the site and defaced it, check it out if it’s still up:
While not very many logins (around 180), we’d like to take the time to point out that all of them are affiliated with the FBI in some way. Most of them reuse their passwords in other places, which is heavily frowned upon in the FBI/Infragard handbook and generally everywhere else too”

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When the State Floods the Zone, Reform Is Dead

As a result of the recent NSA/surveillance stories, there is much debate about the NSA and its massive spying apparatus. But as the existence of InfraGard shows, the NSA is only the beginning of what should concern us. In fact, and it gives me no pleasure to say this, but it’s better to face the truth as fully as we can, if the NSA ceased to exist today, it would not make any appreciable difference in the surveillance activities of the United States government.

Хакеры взломали сайт "глупого" подразделения ФБР

Хакерская группировка Lulz Security взломала сервер организации InfraGard, подразделения ФБР, базирующегося в штате Джорджия. Об этом хакеры отчитались в своем микроблоге на … Читать далее…
Sony Hackers LulzSec Strike FBI Affiliate InfraGard

LulzSec, the hacking group that has been identified as being behind the latest attack on Sony, has struck again—this time targeting a private-sector FBI affiliate called InfraGard.

InfraGard is a non-profit organization that connects the business community with law enforcement. It has about 42,000 members, including FBI agents, according to its website, and has an FBI special agent coordinator at each the bureau’s field offices who recruits interested civilians nearby to form local InfraGard chapters.

The InfraGard hack was part of a LulzSec action it called “F**k FBI Friday” and culminated in the anonymous hacking group’s publication of InfraGard e-mails, passwords and personal contact information for about 180 members on Friday.

One LulzSec tweet late Friday promised “700MB in emails” via a link to a torrent file.

LulzSec also defaced the InfraGard Atlanta website with a YouTube video challenging its target to “LET IT FLOW YOU STUPID FBI BATTLESHIPS,” according to reports.

The hack of InfraGard that netted all the data published Friday seems to have occurred about a week or more ago.

One InfraGard member told CNET Friday that he was contacted by a hacker group via email on May 26.

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Karim Hijazi, CEO of botnet-tracking company Unveillance, said the hackers threatened to publish information about him found on InfraGard if he didn’t give them sensitive security information about botnets. Botnets are networks of personal computers used by hackers and spammers who have slaved those PCs to the botnet either from volunteers, as is the case with the Anonymous hacking group’s botnet, or from unsuspected PC users through a computer virus.

Hijazi said that about a week before the first email came from “,” his company had detected attempts to crack the Unveillance corporate network with iPredator, a VPN tunneling tool.

He also told CNET that he believed an unknown person had listened in on a company conference call. In a later IRC chat with his tormenters, the LulzSec hackers threatened to post a recording of a company call they said they had listened in on.

“They had me under the gun for a little over a week with threats and extortion,” Hijazi told CNET. “The very nature of having to contend with someone who is holding something ransom is not pleasant.”
LulzSec keeps busy: FBI affiliate agency hacked; NATO, Obama administration threatened

By Amrutha Gayathri | June 4, 2011 12:50 AM EDT

In an apparent protest against the NATO and Obama administration, the LulzSec group announced the breach of FBI affiliate website, the Atlanta chapter of Infragard. The group raised claims that they have taken “complete control” over the website and has “defaced it”. They also announced that the data including passwords obtained from would prove useful for them to hack into other FBI affiliates, since a lot of users tend to reuse their passwords even though the practice is generally unappreciated by FBI.

In what looks like a silent propaganda, hackers continue to taunt corporations and have now laid their eyes on FBI. If the hackers’ threats are valid, even NATO and Obama administration including top officials have got to be extra vigilant. While a large section believes that LulzSec, that hacked into the system of PBS, did so in a bid to show moral support for WikiLeaks, the matter is still under debate since Sony has also been devastated by back to back security breaches by the same group, which doesn’t really fit into the same scheme of things.

The hackers’ next target being FBI has raised considerable amount of uncertainty, as they have been tweeting about it under the tag #FuckFBIFriday. A little while before the Infragard hack, the group had posted a tweet: #FuckFBIFriday in 45 minutes. is suspended following the hack.

The group has announced that an Infragard member offered them money to hack into his competitor’s website and to stay silent about his own database, when they informed him that his personal communication including that through Gmail has been compromised. According to the LulzSec’s claims, the member, Karim Hijazi’s company Unveillance, which specializes in data breaches, has been exposed to extract critical information. The group claimed to have uncovered an operation of US government orchestrated by Unveillance, “to control and assess Libyan cyberspace through malicious means”. The group alleged that “the U.S. government is funding the CSFI to attack Libya’s cyber infrastructure”. “We accept your threats, NATO. Game on, losers”, LulzSec wrote in Pastebin.

The group posted a series of tweets mocking FBI, of which one said “we sit and laugh at the FBI. No times decided, but we’ll cook up something nice for tonight.” The group has announced that “the hacks and leaks will always continue, even if twitter suspends our account”. FBI is yet to issue a statement regarding the matter.

Reportedly the group’s site is registered in the Bahamas. LulzSec tweeted that they have received financial support from their well-wishers according to a tweet which said, “By the way, we’ve received $110 in BitCoin donations and we just used some of it to buy a server with which to own things from.”
Member Of Infragard Writes To Infowars


I am a member of Infragard. I was asked to join but only after I had heard about them from Alex and Jesse Ventura. I decided to go ahead and join to see if all of the bad things happened to be true. Most of it is. I now average about 3hrs of sleep a night reading the reports they post.

Some of it is quite sad. We need to all be on guard against the federal government, as they are now putting all people who are politically active on a watch list. Funny thing is my family knows I am a member of Infragard and I told them to watch stories I post on facebook. since I have cannot say specifically what I know I can scour the internet for someone who wrote a story about it and post that.

Most of the stories are coming from infowars. So you guys are on the money with what is happening. Keep it up. I now have family and friends going to infowars everyday, and listening online so they can have a bit of a clue why I cannot sleep.

God Bless,


X-Files, InfraGard & EMP’s. Oh my!

Published on 25 Jan 2016

A fascinating connection between X-Files and InfraGard. Spooky. The Truth is Out There.

For those of you interested in my continuing battle with Google and who are experienced with YouTube analytics, please feel free to read and make any respectful commentary on my YouTube Help Forum thread that could help my cause. Subscribe & Share.…

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