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What are your Harry/Teddy headcanons? :)

After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry went to tell Andromeda personally about Lupin and Tonks. It was maybe the first time he broke down after everything happened, and it was also the first time he met Teddy. He explained to her that Lupin had made him godfather, that he’d like to be as involved in Teddy’s life as possible.

He went to Andromeda’s often in Teddy’s early years. He split his time fairly evenly between the Weasleys’ and the Tonks’ house in the immediate aftermath of the war. She didn’t have much family left. She listened to him and he listened to her. They spent lots of nights talking…it was rather therapeutic for both of them. Andromeda would tell Harry stories about Sirius and James and Lupin as boys, when she’d see them at Hogwarts or when they came to visit. One night, she thanked Harry for straightening Remus out and sending him back home to pregnant Tonks.

Andromeda and baby Teddy were kind of assimilated into the Weasley’s house for that first set of Holidays. Eventually, she and Mrs. Weasley became good friends.

Harry, of course, got Teddy a toy racing broom for his first birthday.

Although he saw him often, it was a long time before Harry was comfortable being alone with Teddy because, you know, he was still a baby. That changed when he took Teddy to the World Cup for his second birthday. They went together every year after that, eventually with the full Potter/Weasley clans in tow.

Harry never missed a birthday or holiday. When Teddy turned five, he came dangerously close. His team of aurors were tracking down a well known death eater out of country. Still, he apparated “home” to be there.

Teddy was ring bearer for he and Ginny’s wedding.

Harry always, always talked about Lupin and Tonks to Teddy. It was the one thing Harry and Mrs. Tonks really disagreed on in how to raise Teddy. Not because she had a real objection to it, but because it hurt her to talk about them. Harry lost it a bit and said that he deserves to know what they look like, what their names are, how they behaved. When he calmed down, he explained about the Dursleys’ was like, how he didn’t know any of those things. Harry insisted that Teddy deserved to always know who his parents were—not to burden him with the knowledge, like Neville had been, but so that knew, always, that it was okay to talk about it.

Harry came over to Andromeda’s every Saturday for supper and would spend all day there. He taught Teddy how to play Quidditch, took him to the sea. He taught him his first spells when he was five.

Harry was the one to take Teddy to their graves. The year James Sirius was born was a hard one for Teddy. For one, Harry’s attention was for the first time divided between him and another child. For another, it really, truly hit him, seeing he and Ginny action, what he was missing by having dead parents. He was so damn angry about it and started acting out. He got into a huge row with Harry and told him he couldn’t understand, not at all, and to stop pretending liked he could. Harry took Teddy to his parents’ graves and said, yes, buddy, I really do. Tears and hugs and long conversations ok? It changed the dynamic of their relationship.

He kept his mirror sliver but gave the whole one to Teddy.

Harry exposed Teddy to all kinds of muggle culture-fairs, cinema, fairy stories, music, the zoo, etc.

Teddy would come to Harry and Ginny’s all the time for supper. He became their preferred babysitter when they went out to dinner, although they never really knew what state the house/kids would be in when they got home.

Harry got Teddy his first owl when it was time for him to gather his Hogwarts supplies. He wrote him all the time.

I always thought that Hagrid gave the motorbike to Harry, eventually, but Ginny would ride it before Harry did. They gave Teddy the motorbike, ok? Just go with it.

Harry absolutely gave Teddy dating advice which was, you know, a damn adorable moment.

Teddy didn’t make the Quidditch team the first year he tried out. He was fairly upset by it. Ginny and Harry took turns training with him over the summer, and he made the team fifth year. He was a fantastic keeper. Harry came to watch his matches.

Teddy got two boxes of sweets every month-one from Mrs. Weasley and one from his grandmum. He also got a “T” sweater every year. (bonus Weasley headcanon: Eventually Mrs. Weasley broke it to her children that she wasn’t at all able to keep knitting them sweaters because there were so many grandchildren. The only one upset was Harry.)

He spent his summers divided evenly between the Potters’, Weasleys’, and his grandmum’s houses.

When Teddy realized that his grandmum was dying, he nearly fell apart. It was a long illness and it was really Ginny and Harry that got him through all of that. They were at the house constantly because Andromeda didn’t want to leave her house and Teddy wouldn’t leave her.


I’ve never really thought about them before, so I made these up on the fly but they are from this point forward my headcanons

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Sirius + Lily crying

Lily was one of two people that Sirius would (very rarely) cry in front of. It was never an outright sob, his eyes would get wet, his cheeks would redden, and his fists would shake with rage. His eyes glistened when when they danced at she and James’s wedding; a few proper tears rolled down his cheeks at Mr. & Mrs. Potters respective funerals; he shook with rage—and also a few tears—when he had to face Reg on the battlefield and hexed him to save Lily’s life; and he properly cried when James was taken by death eaters and they thought he was lost to them.

Sirius saw Lily cry many more times. She could cry properly, good and loud and wet, and when she cried it undid something in Sirius. He wondered if this was what love was, a proper love for a sibling that wasn’t clouded with years of frustration and hurt and anger, this concern that made him want to give her a hug and pat her back and make it better. He did just that when Petunia kicked her out of her wedding 7th year; funnily enough, she cried on Sirius’s behalf, when his git brother signed up to be a dark mark in training, but when he was too angry to cry; she properly cried when she married his best mate and he told her she was properly stuck with him as her brother now; the first time Harry was born, and at all of Harry’s firsts; when they were talking in earnest in September and he quietly relayed his fears about Remus.

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James (or Jily) + quidditch rituals

James, you magnificent superstitious bastard.

He didn’t believe in luck. Luck was a rubbish notion designed by lesser mortals and it was skill on a broomstick that won cups. Or so he said. He definitely had what he called routines and what everyone else called lucky rituals. Either way, he did not like for them to be broken.

1. Broomstick. Must be polished and trimmed after ever practice, kind of like medieval knights with their swords. He used his specific products, which he imported from France, and he always had seconds on hand because he ran out once in third year and it was a complete disaster. Moreover, he does this in his favorite chair away from the drafty windows and warm fireplace, so that he doesn’t warp the wood. Bless his OCD heart.

2. Gear. He kept his gear on the second shelf on the left hand side of his wardrobe. He refused to keep them in the locker room, though that certainly would have been easier.

3. Boxers. He wore the boxers he tried out in to every practice and game, even when they had grown uncomfortably tight.

4. His mum brought him a(nother) new broom sixth year a, and while he kept it as a backup, he preferred his old broom, whose name was Jane. He didn’t know a Jane, he just thought it was a lovely name, and he knew it would have been terrible luck to name a broomstick after an actual girl. Not that he believed in luck.

5. Warming up. He did the same series of stretches in the changing rooms before every practice/game. He always did four practice laps ‘round the pitch, starting down low and spiraling higher with each circuit. He even knew which part of the stands he’d fly by on every circuit around. It was his way of warming up (and maybe showing off). 

Art by anxiouspineapples


The Pregnant Harpy by infracti-angelus / jamespotterstouch (BlahBabe)

The end of the war was bittersweet. The liberating triumph in wake of Voldemort’s downfall was overridden with grief-stricken wizards and witches.  Despair at the numerous funerals postponed any victory parties as loved ones said goodbye to lost family members and friends. Time moved at an achingly slow pace for those left behind, and life eventually demanded that people return to routines that were once so easy and subconscious. And so it was that broken families struggled to move on and adapt to the foreign existence that is their lives. Normal wasn’t the same; it didn’t apply to commonplace events such as going to Hogwarts or cooking supper. Nonetheless, people continued with their lives and tried to make the best of what they had. Every moment was counted precious, every minute a gift.

The cleansing of the wizarding world, the reparation of the Ministry, and the rebuilding of Hogwarts provided everyone an opportunity for a fresh start. Everyone tried to make a name for them self.

It had taken a year to rebuild Hogwarts before Hermione could return and finish her final year. After that she had been begged by the Ministry to get into politics. At the chance to change the world, she agreed and accepted a position in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Ron was trying to make a name for himself in the joke shop. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes had fallen in quality and revenue after the war as George had taken Fred’s death hard, understandably. Ron was in the search for the perfect invention that would send the shop back into its former glory. He felt enormous pressure to fill Fred’s shoes, though it was considerably lessened by the praise lavished upon him by his wife, Hermione. Harry, as well as Ron, opted not to go back to Hogwarts. Harry immediately entered the Auror program, which he passed with flying colors. He wanted the wizarding world to value him as person and highly skilled wizard. He was desperate to be more than the “Chosen One.”

Ginny Potter slammed her locker door hard and the noise echoed throughout the empty locker room. She sunk onto the bench with her head in her hands and took a moment to reflect.  After finishing her final year at Hogwarts with Hermione, she had busted her arse to get a career in Quidditch (a profession which her mum most definitely frowned upon). A year or so after school, she had managed to land a position on the reserve team for the Montrose Magpies before ultimately being signed by the Holyhead Harpies as a chaser.  And now merely a few months before she was to be signed for her fourth season as a Harpy, she had been sacked.

Well, not technically sacked. It wasn’t like Gwenog Jones had prayed for that potion to turn blue yesterday. In fact, Gwen had seemed very disappointed it had turned, though not surprised in the least. She had congratulated Ginny and told her to come tomorrow to pick up her stuff. And that was where Ginny was.

“It’s too bloody early for this,” Ginny heaved a sigh as she shoved her dragonhide gloves into her Quidditch gear bag. She had been doing so well during training the past five months. Except she’d had the flu on and off again for the past three. Well, what she thought was the flu. After the first month or so of retching into the toilet, Harry had suggested she get an appointment with a Healer. She had waved him off saying it was no big deal. The following week she felt splendid but then the nausea came back. She figured it was just the flu again (it had been making its way slowly through her team; almost everyone had gotten it at some point) and didn’t mention anything to Harry. He was doing recon in north Wales that month and was barely home, so he didn’t notice. Then she had sprained her wrist in a rather complicated trick during training and had to stay home for a week (an entire week where she craved ice-cream and her mum’s lasagna). Then she threw herself back into training to get rid of the weight she had gained (from all that ice-cream, she had thought) and even mastered that trick she had been having trouble with. She reckoned she might get a raise before Gwen had asked for a private word.

Gwen was a retired player by the time Ginny had joined the team. She mostly did training during the off-season and helped the current captain come up with offensive plays. Gwen could tell if anyone was injured by the way they moved, on or off the pitch. She had sharp eyes and it was no surprise that she’d detected Ginny’s condition before Ginny knew herself.

 Merlin, she still had to tell Harry. She didn’t know how he would react. He was raiding the Death Eater sanctuary he’d located in Wales and was due back tonight. He’d been gone the last week and she missed him.

Ginny grasped the smooth handle of her broom, taking comfort in the familiar feeling. The smooth polished wood gave a calming effect over her. Everything is going to change, she thought, before giving a final sigh. Exiting the locker room, she plodded to the flooing platform adjacent to the coach’s office. A handful of green powder later and she was stumbling into Grimmauld Place.

Disoriented from traveling via floo and a flicker of movement in her peripheral vision caused her to drop her gear. Her wand automatically flew into her hand but before a stunning curse could leave her lips, a voice yelled “Expelliarmus” and she was diswanded.


Merlin, Harry! You weren’t supposed to be home until tonight!” Ginny breathed in relief. The momentary adrenaline subsided and Ginny was left with the urge to cry. Damn hormones.

“Ginny, what if I had been Kreacher? You could have seriously hurt him,” Harry chastised gently.

“I sent Kreacher on errands early this morning. He’s not supposed to be back til the afternoon,” Ginny explained. She paused before adding “And you know I’m jumpy when you’re not home.”

Harry grinned sheepishly and ran a hand through his hair, trying to make it lie flat. “I wasn’t going to be back until tonight but then I saw the Daily Prophet and was worried.”

“The Daily Prophet?” Ginny furrowed her brow, “What warranted an early departure from a mission?”

“So you haven’t seen it?” Harry looked concerned.

“Seen what, Harry? I left early this morning and haven’t even eaten breakfast.” Ginny grimaced at the thought of food. Harry looked at her quizzically before tossing her the paper. Ginny caught it and glanced at the first page.


  Ginevra “Ginny” Potter, a chaser for the Holyhead Harpies and wife to the famous Harry Potter, was recently released from her position three months prior to a new Quidditch season due to an alleged pregnancy. Ginny Potter née Weasley was with the team for several years and acquired two World Quidditch Cups with the Harpies. The Holyhead Harpies confirmed Potter was discharged early yesterday morning but would not comment on the motive of her release. An inside source reported Potter was let go after the offseason trainer, Quidditch legend Gwenog Jones, confronted her after practice. Any female who is more than two months pregnant is required to resign according to Department of Magical Games and Sports’ rule number…

…For more about the Potters’ possible pregnancy, turn to page 11.

Ginny looked up at Harry with wide eyes in disbelief.

“I just wanted to know what’s going on,” Harry spoke, quietly. “Normally I don’t pay attention to these things, but…” Harry trailed off as he noticed her Quidditch gear on the floor. “Godric, Ginny! Did you really get sacked?”

“I did not get sacked, Harry James Potter!”Ginny snapped.  Harry held his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

“Well then what did happen?”

Ginny ran a hand through her hair and tugged on the hem of her chocolate brown shirt. “Buggar, things like this are supposed to be bloody private. Now the damn world knows I’m pregnant before my husband. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

Harry froze. “What did you just say?”

“I said it wasn’t supposed t—”

No. Before that.”

“Oh…er, I’m pregnant?” Bloody hell, he looked completely flabbergasted. “Look Harry, I know we said we were going to wait a few years and I understand that this is a setback in both of our careers and having a baby now wasn’t exactly planned and—”

Harry crossed the room in two strides and pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Ginny melted into his arms and kissed him back aggressively. When they ran out of air, Harry pulled back with a large grin. “I’m gonna be a dad.”

“I know we didn’t—”

“Hush Ginny. This is brilliant. I’ve never been this happy before.” Ginny smiled sadly before dropping her gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared Harry. I don’t know how to do this. What if I’m awful at it?” She buried her face into his shoulder and he gently ran his fingers through her hair.

“Gin, listen. I’m scared too, but I know you’re going to be a spectacular mum.” She mumbled something into his shoulder and he chuckled. “Come again?”

“I said I love you Harry Potter,” Ginny repeated.

“And I love you Ginny Potter,” Harry replied before swooping down for another kiss.


My muses were jamespottersd, snapslikethis, scared-of-clouds, anxiouspineapples, and elliehigginbottom. Thank you ♥