Black Prism AU!

Okay so Idk how many of y’all have read the series The Black Prism by Brent Weeks but its amazing 10/10 would recomend.


Okay so setting the scene, the series is set in a universe where people have the power to manipulate different levels of light on the spectrum from Infra-red to Ultra-violet and it is LIT.

But basically.

Green Luxin Drafter Gavin. Green Drafters are care free and wild and often dismissive of authority. The light they draft is flexible and bendy, its perfect for projectiles. And im just saying but Archer Gavin making his own arrows, yes bitch.

Red Luxin Drafter Michael. Explosive, high tempered Drafters to match the explosiveness of their Luxin. A warrior on the front line used to create Luxin bombs and set fires and shit.

Superviolet Luxin Drafter Jeremy. Appreciative of irony and sarcasm. Their Luxin ia used to create traps and coordinate Superviolet squads as only Superviolet Drafters can see superviolet light.

Blue and Yellow Luxin Drafter Jack. Blue drafters are rational and inquisitive and yellow drafters are intelligent and emotionally balanced. Blue is strong like steel and can be used in crafting. Yellow is very fragile and releases back into light quickly often creating flames. It also extends the durability of other Luxins so like, Blacksmith Jack creating indestructible weapons????

Black Luxin is madness in Luxin form. It is highly destructive and causes the death of the soul of theose who draft it. It has the ability to destroy other Luxins. Ryan self-exiling himself until he learns control anyone? Yas give me that angst.

And obviously Prism Geoff because I love him. Prisms have the ability to draft all of the colours and are usually appointed as ruler because of this and only one prism is supposedly born in every generation. 

Okay I’m done.

Probably. I just have a lot of feelings about this series.

The Daqri Qube™ provides ground-breaking 360 degree coverage with four built-in optical cameras, two infra-red sensors, two motion-tracking rangefinders, echolocation, and a short-burst X-ray emitter capable of penetrating a seven-inch lead blast shield.

The Daqri Qube™ is ruggedized to withstand the modern business environment, with ISO-3103 compliant impact resistance, waterproofing tested up to thirty meters, an ablative carapace that can regenerate in less than six seconds after sustaining small arms fire, and the award-winning DoomEye™ point defense system.

The Daqri Qube™ is compatible with a wide variety of connectors and communications protocols, including USB, wi-fi, FireWire, serial port, point-to-point laser communications, telepathy, and dripping messages written in blood that spontaneously manifest on the walls. Additionally, from time to time it emits a low, ominous chanting in an unknown language. The meaning is as-yet unknown, but our top linguistic engineers are exploring the exciting business uses.

The Daqri Qube™ is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long periods of use, with cushioned handles, a carrying strap (sold separately,) and seventeen separate mucous membranes to provide ample hand lubrication at all times.

The Daqri Qube™ has been cleared of all charges in the 2015 Alabama Chicken Farmers Association v. Daqri 5th Circuit Court case. However, we are legally obligated to inform you that the Daqri Qube is known to display erratic behavior when insulted. Until this minor design flaw is corrected, all new orders will include a tub of Qube Pacification Ointment, free of charge.

The Daqri Qube™ has a battery life of up to seventeen hours under normal conditions, and can be recharged in the field with standard USB battery packs or by leaving it on an obsidian plinth during a solar eclipse.

The Daqri Qube™ comes with a lifetime limited warrantee, with full parts and replacement for the first two years. The Daqri Qube™ w̠̦͓i̱͡l̟̜͖͠l̛̲ ͚̭̯͍̕o̹͜u̖̰̳t̘̞̟̝͓̖̜͘l͍͈͙̩͔͔͝ìv̼̬͓̜̀e͏̮̼̫͈ ̙̦̤̠̖͙̠͠u̧̘̬s̳͎͓͞ ạ̴ͅl̖̺̦͜l.͏̼̝

—  the project manager sent us a message asking us to look up something named the Daqri Qube for him, aka google it for him. I sent him this and he thanked me for being the first person to give an actual answer after reading the first ten words or so.

One last thing before I shuffle off the planet                       I’m coming up on infra-red,
I will be the one to make you crawl                    there is no running that can hide you
so I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday           ‘cause I can see in the dark
someone call the ambulance                                                I’m coming up on infra-red,
there’s gonna be an accident                                     forget your running, I will find you

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