• ENFJ: Guys, the weather it's not that good. I guess we can't go out anymore tonight.
  • INFP: Do you want to come home and watch a movie?
  • INFJ: Infp, your place is too distant from mine.
  • INFP: Don't worry, my father can give you a lift
  • INFJ: Are you sure I'm not a problem?
  • INFP: Yep
  • INFJ: I feel kinda guilty
  • INFP: Don't be
  • ENTP: why don't we go to the cinema?
  • ESTP: I get bored when it comes to movies. Why don't we go in a pub?
  • INTJ: I've got an idea! Why don't we stay at home?

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Ayyy So as a kid I learned that eye contact was an Important Thing™ So I made myself make eye contact with people and hold eye contact and be all Social™ and Confident™ But like honestly eye contact is not really natural to me and when my anxiety is high I really can't make eye contact at all Do u think it might b an INFP thing? Do any other INFPs have similar problems/experience ?? Thx <3

I’m not sure but my dad was more “never look down when you walk, keep a straight face, strong handshake” kind of person and it’s not natural but I do it anyway. Confidence isn’t really natural, it’s all fake. The strange thing is the more comfortable you become faking confidence the more real it is.

As far as contact I make sure others looks away before I do, and I’m not really comfortable looking in people’s eyes at all. It seems to me more of a sensual thing, something you would do with people you know well, but I get that it’s something culturally to display dominance/confidence so I’ll do it. My trick is looking at the corner of people’s eyes (their far right outer corner). Sometimes I look through them.

I think introverts in general have a higher possibility of anxiety or other mental illnesses because our thought process is drawn inward. As far as social phobias they are usually trauma based so type really doesn’t matter the type.

Maybe other INFPs will respond with if they are comfortable with eye contact.

As an INFP I...

-procrastinate 24/7
-never sleep when I should
-cry too much about small things
-automatically take things personally
-say the worst puns
-never read or follow instructions
-always lose track of time
-am never sure of anything
-forget all practical information
-always get lost irl and in my thoughts
-never know anything for sure
-am super clumsy
-worry too much about tiny disagreements
-talk to myself, a lot
-sing songs about everything
-am an emotional rollercoaster
-make things awkward


I’ve let this go on for too long.

INFPs did not invent sadness, nor do they cry all the time. INFPs are bodies of hope in spite of the sadness around them. I like to think that they invented hope and optimism, because despite the horrible things they know of ourselves, they believe the best about others.

Maybe INFPs are fragile for good reason. Don’t you think that a ripe apple tree in the middle of a rotten orchard would tend to be a little distraught sometimes? The world is an ugly place. Guess what? Despite all of this, the stereotyped cry-baby of the MBTI would go there to the end for people they’ve never met.

INFPs did not invent sadness. They invented hope.

INFP Functions: Pros and Cons

Or at least, in my experience.

Fi —
Pros: Able to understand/sympathize well with pretty much anyone’s experiences and feelings
Cons: Difficulty showing affection/emotion; because of strong awareness of personal feelings, emotions can be magnified 1000% and made super complicated but they’re really not and ugh

Ne —
Pros: Able to see an individual or situation from all sides and angles, which pretty much guarantees a fresh perspective
Cons: Easily distracted easily distracted can’t focus on anything ever it’s terrible. No. Just no.

Si —
Pros: Remembering little details that add to the memory, like the way it felt to hug someone
Cons: Getting nostalgic over stupid things all the ding dong time

Te —
Pros: Naturally taking charge and doing well in a leadership position when it’s something the INFP loves/knows how to do well
Cons: Speaking before thinking way too much and it’s uncomfortable

it’s okay to be jobless
it’s okay to be lost
it’s okay to feel lost
it’s okay to take a break
it’s okay to take some time and figure things out
do what you think and feel is right and what you have to do, and from then on you’ll slowly get there.
it doesn’t have to be fast, you have all the time in the world.
and please, live in the moment.

INFPs in relationships


- Very caring and attentive to partner’s needs and emotions

- Will notice the small things their partner does for them, and thank them constantly

- Usually do not have irrational or unrealistic standards for their partners

- Forgiving

- Will constantly leave small notes, gifts, and other tokens of appreciation for their partner

- If the INFP is not constantly complimenting you once they get to know you in a relationship, something is wrong

- Will spend every waking moment trying to build their partner’s confidence and happiness

- Love deeply and without restraints


- Constantly needs reassurance that partner is still interested in them

- Reads too deeply into small things, like partner not responding to a text, or falling asleep before they say good night, etc.

- Has strong difficulties facing conflict or admitting to having negative feelings

- Does not like to ask for help, even when they need it

- Can become awkward in situation they do not know well

- Build their partner up to something they are not and romanticize bad parts of their relationship, or pretend they don’t exist

- Can become downright cruel in fights or breakups

- Loyal to a fault

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•Obsesses over someone for months before even talking to the person sometimes
•Lots of giggles and blushes when they think about the person
•Tries to keep crush to themselves but when people find out there’s usually a joke made about it because INFP is already so in love
•INFPs literally fall in love every single time they get a crush like not even kidding
•How do you guys love so many people
•Anyway you are in it for the long term and can imagine yourself very happy with this person
•You imagine them in so many different situations with you by their side
•You like them so innocently it’s adorable
•Still kinda obsessive tho
•Gets huge eyes when face to face with crush
•Listens to so many songs about the crush that it’s basically all you listen to
•Probably on your mind 24/7

INFP Problems #1
  • INFP: *Is comfortable enough with a person to start speaking about their life*
  • INFP: *Talks for 10 minutes straight*
  • INFP inside: *Halfway through their rant* Oh no what if I'm boring this person... what if they don't care, what if they think I'm annoying?
  • INFP: So anyway... what do you think? *nervous laugh*
  • INFP inside: Please don't hate me.
  • enfp: infp, I've been trying to tell you this. Your 'bacon allergy' is a lie your mum made up so you'd eat healthy as a kid.
  • infp: No! I'm just allergic to a lot of stuff!
  • infp: Bacon... doughnuts... Halloween candy... not saying 'thank you'...
  • infp: Oh. My. god.
INFP friends (INTJ perspective)

I’ve had three INFP best friends in the course of my life, so I feel capable of writing about them, still feel free to comment if something feels off.

-secretly/not so secretly romantic

-always willing to hear you out

-forget they’ll ever decide something, so you’re stuck at always deciding where to go for lunch

-they will always put you first

-they never charge their phone

-they live in their own world

-sometimes it’s difficult to keep in touch

-not really knowing if they’ll turn up

-they don’t need to keep in touch to love you



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Does anyone else feel like they desire attention and recognition but also to hide and be invisible at the same time?

Like there’s times when I still feel so self conscious about expressing my innermost self and views but simultaneously feel the universe pushing me to do so as part of being a co creater of this reality and in hopes that my words and actions may help and inspire others.