I haven’t had a crush on anyone in such a long time,and idk if its a good thing or a bad one. It’s nice to be relaxed and chill,and not have to over think about someone’s words or actions.
But on the other hand I find it weird. Like am I dead inside?or does no one intrigue me anymore? I know people don’t interest me as often,and I wish to connect with people on a more emotional level..but is this normal? The only crushes I have its on fictional characters and celebrities.

Is anyone else going through the same?

INFPs are the ones who...

-Won’t break a class rule but would start a revolution
-Listen for hours, even when they know that person wouldn’t let them talk for five minutes
-Always look out for the misfits and the loners
-Do their English homework, “just for fun”
-Will wait up all night just to say good night to someone
-Remember the little things people tell them like their favorite book or their best memory
-Always say thank you to waiters and janitors
-Cry when the dog dies in movies
-Write their feelings out on paper before they can find the words in their mouths to explain them
-Sit in their rooms, late at night in the dark, crying silently because they don’t want to wake anyone up
-Who apologize to the person who ran into them
-Can never pretend that they don’t care because they’ll end up crying or angry


I am in a very precarious position where I have fallen hard for my best friend (I’m a girl, he’s a guy) like a year ago and he’s not interested. Problem is, when I talk to him about my feelings, it makes things awkward for him, but when I ignore my feelings, I get hurt and end up therefore defensive and therefore easily annoyed. So I kinda can’t win, but I don’t want to cut him off for the sake of our friendship which he still wants to keep. 

So options are:

Tell him that I’m hurting (Because us INFP’s are so good at being honest about our feelings -.- )- make things awkward

Don’t say anything - get hurt and annoyed, end up messing things up

Cut him off - hurt him for no reason other than my inability to deal with emotions.

I’ll be watching this post so if anyone is in/has been in this position, reply to this post please if you’re willing for me to message you :)

INFP Problems #1
  • INFP:*Is comfortable enough with a person to start speaking about their life*
  • INFP:*Talks for 10 minutes straight*
  • INFP inside:*Halfway through their rant* Oh no what if I'm boring this person... what if they don't care, what if they think I'm annoying?
  • INFP:So anyway... what do you think? *nervous laugh*
  • INFP inside:Please don't hate me.

Person: No I’ve never had a conversation with myself. I’ve never reviewed conversations in my head to form replies that I should have in the original conversation. I don’t have imaginary conversations with real or fictitious people

INFP: Okay…that sounds fake but okay

All introverts share a common need: time spent alone in order to recharge, reflect, and decompress. So deep is the need in the INFP and INFJ that if neglected, they begin to experience lethargy - a fogging of the mind, if you will. If forced to socialize for extended periods, they might even suffer anxiety that could blossom into full fledged panic attacks. Solitude is their sanctuary, a place they can enjoy their own thoughts without the clutter of stimulation from the outside world.

INFJ + INFP: Being Alone Together, MBTIPopCulture

Wow. This is so, so true. I’m an INFJ, and I’ve experienced that “foggy” lethargy after just 5 minutes of socializing before. I’ve also had those scary anxiety attacks from prolonged “people exposure” when I was at university, and other people were simply unavoidable (i.e. roommates, AKA introvert poison). Interesting that it’s possible for all introverts; I thought it might be just an INFJ thing. Glad we’re not alone. Introverts unite!