To the INFP kids out there:

This is to all you INFP kids out there. You know who you are. Some of you even follow me, which is amazing, so thank you for that.

I see that a lot of you are super introverted, and you’re looking within, which is the greatest gift in the world, but you’re not seeing anything. You’re looking really, really hard and you’re kind of depressed because you’re not finding any immediate answers.

You’re probably like me when I was your age. You probably think that there’s something wrong with you. You’re thinking that you’re mentally deficient in some way, almost to the point of being handicapped by it.

Well I’ve been there, and I know what it feels like. You kind of feel like you’re a fraud, right? You feel like, even though everything in your life appears normal, even though many people actually tell you that you’re GIFTED, you still feel like a fraud, like any day now somebody’s going to figure it out and your life will become instant failure.

Well let me tell you, I actually believed this for years and years. And a lot of the time I actually felt like I had NOTHING inside, NOTHING to give, even though people kept liking me and kept telling me how creative and smart I was.
This is you, right? I can see it by your posts. You honestly feel like you have nothing inside, no answers, and it’s a fluke that you made it this far.

Despite what you may think, it is NO fluke. Most people don’t have a clue what is going on inside their heads, nor are they even aware enough to look, but you INFP kids, well, you’re pretty special, even if you deny it.

Just face the facts that you won’t have all the answers right away. That’s your perceived “problem.” You’re so smart you expect to have all the answers right away, EASILY, and when you don’t, it feels like a major catastrophe.

You feel empty sometimes, like you have no opinions and no desire to even look for them, so you’re thinking that you’re useless, or lazy, and, again, you feel like someone’s going to discover this “true you” any second now.

You even believe this crap yourself. I did.

But over time, decades maybe, so no rush, over time it will eventually dawn on you that what you perceive as your weakness is actually a strength that nobody else has.

Because you’re introverted, because you’re so fascinated by and focused on your mind, you will discover sooner or later that you are not your thoughts. You will have the ability to step back from your thoughts as they arise and literally watch yourself think. How cool is that?

When you’re thinking sad or depressing thoughts, you will realize that these are just your thoughts, not you. You will realize how to control your thoughts and simply drop the thoughts that don’t suit you, or cause you damage or pain. This is an advantage that only maybe 1% of all people have. Maybe less.

So the fact that you don’t know right now is actually irrelevant because, over time you WILL know. It is unavoidable. You can’t screw it up because it is your path, even if it seems screwed up.

Okay, so even now, I’m judging myself. Like why am I writing this? How can I make this better? These kids are going to think I’m just a rambling old fool.

But you know what? I DON’T CARE anymore. I like to help people but the only thing that matters is what is going on inside my own head. Same should go for you.

You can’t change the world until you have your own head on straight. That’s why there are so many “problems” out there. People think they’re helping, but unless their heads are on straight, they’re most likely hurting because they don’t know the depth of every action like you INFP kids.

So I will reiterate, you are SUPER special, even if you thinlk you’re a little mental right now. Oh, and who says it’s a bad thing to be mental? I’ve been mental my whole life and I have a pretty amazing career as a creative person. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE WEIRD.

Anyhow, this was kind of a spur of the moment rant. Share it if you think it’ll help someone, or it it helps you. Or don’t. That’s cool, too. I’m just having fun on my soap box. Have fun, kiddos, and if this seems to help people I’ll write more.

Call me Space Monkey.

P.S. Oh, and that INFP label. I generally hate labels, but in this case it’s really cool sharing with people who understand where we’re coming from. We rock!

ENFP Disney Characters

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All 3 are ENFPs. Loving, warm, and enthusiastic people. ENFPs are deep thinkers and are extremely interested in people. You can count on ENFP to make everyone feel at home. Enjoy!

ENTP: It’s the little things.

ENTPs are constantly reminded that they are Inventors and that they can create the most amazing innovative things. This puts a lot of pressure on those of us who aren’t particularly brilliant at science and math, particularly, as a lot of today’s innovation revolves around those two fields. I used to feel like I let down the ENTP community by preferring the arts and philosophy to maths and science.  However, it only struck me very recently that I am innovative and that many others like me are but not in the way that ENTPs are stereotypically portrayed. 

This doesn’t only apply to ENTPs but to all types who perhaps feel like they don’t live up to their type’s strengths or ‘abilities’. 

I shall give you an example of ‘everyday innovation’. 

I was at Glastonbury Festival a few weeks ago and my friends and I had decided to get a Kebab for dinner. This kebab was in a pitta bread on a flimsy cardboard plate and it was stuffed full so if you picked the pitta up everything would fall out and we were standing up so you couldn’t really eat it with cutlery. Watching my friends struggle for a little while, I look at my plate and realise that if I slid the pitta up the plate so half of it hung off and then folded the plate in half and then flapped the bottom up, I could eat it like a wrap and nothing would fall out. 

After I did this my friends were all delighted at this solution and all followed suit, one of them went “Well you must have had a few Kebabs in your time.”  I hadn’t but I thought it would be a bit pretentious to say “ No, It’s just how my brain works.” So I merely nodded and laughed.

I’ve also found a better way of putting duvet covers on, by turning the sheet inside out, holding the corners of the duvet against the duvet cover and just flipping it over (I’m not claiming patent on this, I’m sure other people will know this, the point is, is I worked it out on my own.)

So, I may not be able to invent a new gadget or find the solution to world hunger but I can help my friends eat a kebab a little bit easier, and make a bed a little bit faster and solve other smaller issues that pop up that other people may struggle with. And you fellow ENTP can too, even,  if like me, you suck at maths and never did well in Chemistry. 

Now, to the other MBTI types who sometimes feel like they let down their squad, don’t worry, you’re amazing, just take the time to notice the little things.

ENTP out xx

P.S When I was 14 I made a working electric chair during my lunch break and electrocuted a class mate (don’t worry he was fine) and that’s about the most ENTP thing I can think of- but don’t let that detract from the message.

ESFP and INTJ: Fireworks

INTJ: Alright, so I’m going to light these two. ESFP, you’re going to light this one.

ESFP: Why do I only get to light one?

INTJ: Because half of the time you can’t even do that. Your hands are too small to get the lighter started.

ESFP: Touché.

INTJ: Alright, are you ready?

ESFP: Yep!! Oh wait! I want to get it on video!

INTJ: *sigh* Hurry up!

ESFP: Okay okay! *turns on video*

INTJ: Alright, but wait-



*ESFP has already lit her firework, and ran, screaming. INTJ attempts to light her’s quickly, almost getting blown up in the process as ESFP’s firework explodes in her face*


ESFP: (from a very far distance) Sorry, INTJ!!

All introverts share a common need: time spent alone in order to recharge, reflect, and decompress. So deep is the need in the INFP and INFJ that if neglected, they begin to experience lethargy - a fogging of the mind, if you will. If forced to socialize for extended periods, they might even suffer anxiety that could blossom into full fledged panic attacks. Solitude is their sanctuary, a place they can enjoy their own thoughts without the clutter of stimulation from the outside world.

INFJ + INFP: Being Alone Together, MBTIPopCulture

Wow. This is so, so true. I’m an INFJ, and I’ve experienced that “foggy” lethargy after just 5 minutes of socializing before. I’ve also had those scary anxiety attacks from prolonged “people exposure” when I was at university, and other people were simply unavoidable (i.e. roommates, AKA introvert poison). Interesting that it’s possible for all introverts; I thought it might be just an INFJ thing. Glad we’re not alone. Introverts unite!

When all by myself, I can think of all kinds of clever remarks, quick comebacks to what no one said, and flashes of witty sociability with nobody. But all of this vanishes when I face somebody in the flesh: I lose my intelligence, I can no longer speak, and after half an hour I just feel tired.
—  Fernando Pessoa - The Book of Disquiet.