Some spreads of my last week bujo. I was trying to find the motivation to keep up with the new world of the bj and I was a little confuse. So I’ve motivate myself to became more zen, and here’s the hippie page with flowers 🌸 and love  ❤ 

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Almost 1,000 followers!!!

First of all wow, I can’t believe it. I’m currently at 908 followers and I just think that’s kinda crazy! But in a good way! And I would like to thank all of my followers for their support and kindness, it really means a lot ^_^ I want to do something special when I hit 1,000 followers and I would like some suggestions from you wonderful people! Anything you can think of! Remember, I play flute and draw. So anything you can think of I will take into consideration. Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your support. I hope you all are doing well! :)

Fuck . . .

INFJs because idk you probably shouldn’t.

ESTPs because they’re disturbed and it’s fun. Until they start to cry or leave so quickly you’re not even sure they actually existed because they move faster than the wind. Are you sure you got lucky? Are you sure?

ENFJs because when I ask you to keep a secret I really do mean keep your damn mouth shut.

ISTPs if you want a goddamn dissertation.

ISFJs if you want to be followed around for three months with progressively more assertive anonymous love notes left on your doorstep with gifts like flowers, chocolates, a marriage certificate they had written up at City Hall with your perfectly forged signature. The witness’ too.

ENTPs because sometimes when you stare at me from behind your glasses I’m afraid you’re going to set everyone on fire by accident or that you’re actually a serial killer like??? Why is your expression so creepy and arousing, but mostly creepy?

INTPs if you want a goddamn dissertation on steroids, backed up by all their theoretical research.

ESFJs because you’re probably a whipped service top.

ENTJs if you want to be hooked up with on Valentine’s Day, then have your emotions toyed with for the next decade as they decide whether or not to run off with you into the sunset or use you as a sounding base as they try to pick up other people because you’re not “official”.

ISFPs if you feel like living out some really weird fantasy. Fucking masochists.

ESFPs just because, they’re crazy and it’s fun. Don’t ask how you wind up on your neighbors roof. It just happened. Why are there horses tied up in the backyard? Are those scorch marks? Crazy shit. Hey look, it’s that tattoo you never wanted.

INTJs they’re super whipped. It’s funny.

ENFPs if you feel like living out an even weirder fantasy, like pretending to be pack animals. Fucking furries.

ESTJs if you want to be told what to do like it’s a sport. Your response should lie along the lines of “Yes, (whatever they tell you to call them)!”

ISTJs if you’re into that lawful evil sort of disturbed. Like masks and contracts and rituals and back taxes.

INFPs because that stick up their ass isn’t going to remove itself.

corrocontraovento  asked:

Hello! I wonder why Taeko from Only Yesterday is INFP?


For me, what stands out most about Taeko is her introversion and her Ne. We get to see things from her perspective, so that way we get insight into her memory and imagination - all those fanciful reactions, like immediately seeing herself as a famous actress on the covers of magazines (she has star-eyes and blossoms are raining down on her, is there anything more Ne??xD) when a student comes to ask for her to take a part in a play, how her reactions concerning the progress of this story-line are all paralleled to one of her favourite tv shows, the way she falls in love after exchanging about one sentence with a boy she doesn’t know, how excited she gets about the spa vacation and the pineapple, idealising both, how she gets obsessed with her sister’s hand-bag, and the way she worries over people thinking she has her period if she misses out on sports class or that the boy in her class, whom she doesn’t like, treated her badly because he knew that. Those are all signs of a hyper-active imagination.xD

But mind you, she doesn’t tell anyone about all of those things (except at the end, she tells Toshio about that boy). The whole movie is narrated from inside her self, so we basically listen to her thinking most of the time. In her interactions with others, she doesn’t come off as extremely shy, but neither extroverted. She’s quiet, doesn’t talk about her inner world, and is a passive observer most of the time.

As for Fi+Te, I think her reaction to the whole period-storyline is a good example for Fi-Si. She’s deeply embarrassed about the whole topic and doesn’t understand everyone else’s behaviour about it. She’s outraged at the boys, but also at her classmate just talking about it to her. I mean, look at her face here:


I think a Fe-user, even if it’s their last function, would be much more comfortable/understanding with the whole topic (like her classmate), or at least be interested in a detached way (=Ti). But Fi-Si goes into agony when people talk about private things in public. Fi values privacy as sacred, and their Si will be hyper-sensitive to what they deem decent (especially concerning physical intimacies).

The way she feels about that classmate she didn’t like, also shows Fi, in my opinion, because she admits that she didn’t like him, but at the same time she felt guilty for that. She has a high standard for decent behaviour and not only judges her own behaviour, but her very thoughts (that’s really typical for INFPs). She feels so bad for not having wanted to shake hands with him, that she projects her self-judgment onto him, and reads his reaction as having felt her repulsion (Fi-Ne).

Regarding Te, I think it shows in her enjoyment and the fulfillment she gets from the physical work in the country. Inferior Te-users have a need for solid things and interacting with them, but this gets suppressed most of the time, because they have trouble handling their inferior function. So, depending on the person, this would often be something they come to terms with or discover a bit later on in life.

Of course her self-judging also shows Te, since it’s the natural counter-weight of Fi. Another example for that is the way she called that song from her favourite childhood tv-show to be about procrastination, whereas Toshio thought it was just encouraging and hopeful (I think the lyrics were something like “If today’s no good, there’s always tomorrow.”).

Oh, and the way she sympathised with the girl at the farm about wanting expensive shoes, and got her to let go of that by sharing her own experience with her, is Ne/Si.:)

That’s all I can think of for now, I hope it makes things clear.:D

anonymous asked:

Hi fellow INFP! I just want to ask if INFPs tend to have recurring guilt and shame? Sometimes when I did something wrong, my guilt turns quickly to shame because I'm quick to assume that other people will somehow be hurt by my actions; thus, I can't stop berating myself for that mistake. I'll fall in a 'grip', as they say. Is it because we feel deeper than other people and that our dominant Fi can magnify a simple emotion? Any ideas to counteract that? Thank you! Have a nice day!

Hello Fellow INFP,

Well when I feel guilt it just eats me alive. I am a terrible liar and I DO NOT have a poker face like at all. But I do feel shame in the way that for some reason I feel that others will learn or somehow magically know of my failing or downfall and then I feel like everyone is judging me. Then I feel as though yes it will hurt those that maybe put their “confidence in me?” I suppose you would say. I am not sure that is what you are saying, I am only relating how usually deal.

Counteracting for me is literally talking myself down! I talk to a close friend and many times they tell me that chances are no one even knows or probably don’t not even care! I have to talk myself into not being so stuck on it, because trust me, It happens. lol

Anyone else every feel this way? Any thoughts?

And thank you Love! Hope you had a nice day too ^^


Bringing back a good one from a few years ago now. Always loved this one. Happy Friday Everyone. Have a great weekend~ #TGIF

mbti tag urself


  • ?????
  • meme generator™
  • will fight you


  • pretends everyone loves them
  • has a lot of those candles that smell nice
  • has probably murdered before


  • has 2 maybe 3 friends
  • collects rocks
  • has 50,000 secrets


  • everything they own is black
  • so is their soul
  • has a body in the trunk


  • space nerd
  • smol and useless
  • doesnt know


  • perfected the art of screaming
  • has like 8 blogs
  • likes plants


  • 0 to 100 real quick
  • never wears matched socks
  • makes weird noises


  • chaotic evil
  • ego complex
  • adult child


  • takes pictures of sunsets
  • good intentions
  • part of 57 fandoms


  • has never felt love
  • sins twice a day
  • got an A- once and cried


  • constant internal screaming
  • doesnt know what they’re doing
  • hobbies include leading people to their death


  • dOGS
  • bitter cinnamon roll
  • holds grudges for 67 years


  • speaks 600 languages
  • awaits death
  • kinda already dead inside


  • cant be alone
  • momma bear
  • has one password for everything


  • dont touch
  • always yelling
  • cant calm down


  • can kick your ass
  • obsessed with pinterest
  • goes on emotional ‘delete later’ post sprees
little things that remind me of the mbti types

enfp: curiousity, bright eyes, sunflowers, artsy aesthetic pictures, sudden laughter, looking someone in the eye, concert tickets, glitter, feeling at home, fresh smells

enfj: campfire, picking out what to wear somewhere, long rants about things you care about, post-it notes, little smiles, encouraging words, compassion, mood swings, neon lights

esfp: new videos of your favourite youtubers, picnics, shivers, acoustic guitars, realising that you are in love, little notes scribbled onto paper, plants

esfj: waking up knowing that the day will be great, getting to know new people better, polaroids, colourful notebooks, the sea, talking to your best friend about things you can’t talk about with anybody else

infj: astronomy, lilac sky, wanting to know the reason for something so badly, holding in tears while smiling, maps of places you want to visit, book piles, late night conversations

infp: sketchbooks, self-made playlists, hopes for the future, reading a book for the hundreth time, obsessing about something, caring too much, finally finding someone who understands

isfj: galleries, cycling through the city late at night, nostalgia, “the one song”, the moon, suddenly being overwhelmed with emotion, buying yourself new flowers to place next to your desk, enjoying the first minutes of the day in bed

isfp: reassuring words, making your hair look perfect, little poems, waterfalls, lace, loving your friends more than anything, wanderlust, smell of roses

intj: reading a book while being on a social event, raised eyebrows, quick thoughts, structures, skyscrapers, an empty street at night, crystals, wit and sarcasm, cold evenings, eye bags, forgetting about your surroundings

intp: spending hours on wikipedia, always looking for the right answer, dusk, petrichor, cold air, first days of winter, everything finally making sense, writing ideas down, searching for the right words, being really passionate about something

istj: postcards, rings, flea markets, rivers, city trips, black and white photographs, to-do lists, gentle nods, taking someone’s hand, everything working out how you thought it would

istp: graffiti, holograms, city’s at night, rollercoasters, electric guitars, black holes, connecting two ideas

estj: ancient ruines, sculptures, skylines, first snow, justice, the feeling of doing the right thing, glory, hard work

estp: loyality, glass figures, blizzards, cold colours, paradox

entj: smokings, black grids, power, mansions, the sounds of high heels clicking, assuring yourself that you are going to suceed, having the perfect plan, standing on top of a skyscraper, tension, galas, freshly printed magazines

entp: excitement, knowing that you can’t stop now, i-don’t-care-but-i-do, smirks, waiting for people to reply, eyes widening, “what if…”