Every year of my life, I realize how little I knew the year before, about myself, the world, others. And it both fascinates and terrifies me, how ignorant I really am. Growing up seems to be a lifetime journey toward the death of our own ignorance.

mbti as alternative responses to “i love you”

who doesn’t”: estp

“i know”: infj, enfj

“thanks”: istj, isfj

“why”: intp

“a horrible decision, really”: entj, istp

*laughs nervously*: infp, esfj

*laughs hysterically*: enfp

“i’m sorry”: isfp, intj

*finger guns*: entp

“if only there was someone out there who loved you”: estj

“YEET”: esfp

You’re not an awful person for creating a space from the ones you love. You’re a darling for protecting your energy when you’ve reached a certain limit of absorbing everything that they want you to understand. You’re like an emotional sponge—a natural counselor, and sometimes you just need a place of your own to rest, recharge and release every single feeling that you’re very tired of carrying.
—  Juansen Dizon, Healer’s Retreat

MBTI: Even the…

INFJ: Even the kind, have limits.

ENFJ: Even the leader can lose hope.

ISFJ: Even the empathetic can stop caring.

ESFJ: Even the great can fall.

ISTJ: Even the dedicated can become tired.

ESTJ: Even the doer can lose their way.

INTJ: Even the logical has a heart.

ENTJ: Even the General can be vulnerable.

INFP: Even the faithful can lose faith.

ENFP: Even the happiest can be sad.

INTP: Even the analytical has emotions.

ISTP: Even the brave have fears.

ESTP: Even the confident can have doubt.

ISFP: Even the abstract can lose sight.

ESFP: Even the cheerful can become somber.

ENTP: Even the fighter can drop the sword.

Please do not copy without giving credit! This took a lot of research and time. Thank you!

-Sophia Culler

the MBTI types as multiple people i know


-has the emotional intensity of a potato

-just lost in general

-communism jokes

-Actual Satan ™ (and proud of it)

-really intelligent and talented in academic fields or art

-probably has sex with the concept of math


-energy for days

-absolutely no chill

-if they call you they will talk for 12 hours straight (you cannot escape)

-falls in love with literally anything

-a fool

-atleast a bit gay


-also zero chill

-secretly a nerd

-an active tinder user

-can go from 0 to 100 real fast

-perfect instagram feed

-probably bi


-The Purest Person ™ on this planet

-just trying their best

-great aesthetic

-protect them at all cost

-smart but wont admit it


-enough feelings to share to five INTJs

-seriously, no one needs to feel that much, okay?

-also has zero chill but hides it and explodes on the inside

-laughs at funny birds

-people might think that they have their shit together but in reality they have no idea what they’re doing



-fueled by memes

-is actually watching youtube videos when claims to be studying


-nerd, but likes to snowboard

-fueled by bad tumblr memes

-never studies


-thinks they’re always right

-gets offended when someone tries to ask about their feelings

-very independent

-a fridge full of alcohol

-questionable morals


-just wants everyone to have a great time

-creates drama for themself just for the fun of it

-a mess but still somehow manages to survive in life

-cares alot about their friends