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Alex Jones and his Sarah Palin Precipitation Dreams…

“Alex Jones did an extreme about-face regarding his opinion of Sarah Palin. Here we explore why…”

Far right whackjob radio host Alex Jones to Bernie Sanders supporters: “You need to have your jaws broken.” [TW: Violence, Incitement of Violence]

Last week, InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones went into yet another rant about Bernie Sanders, alleging that the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate “wants us to live under the heavenly socialist-communist system like China.”

He said that Sanders’ campaign is catching on because “stupid, snot-nosed, crud” liberals adore Mao Zedong while they “live off the backs of everybody that fought Nazism and communism.”

“You need to have your jaws broken,” Jones said. “But don’t you worry, reality is going to crash in on you trash who lowered our defenses, who brought the republic down. Oh, we’re already gone and you celebrate it like you’ve joined the globalists, mounting America’s head on the wall, your great victory.”

Jones then depicted Sanders and his “pathetic scum” supporters as mentally disabled, before arguing that Sanders voters are “the ultimate chumps, the ultimate buffoons, the ultimate schmucks” who will “burn in the camps.”

From the 02.05.2016 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

Just go away already, Alex Jones! Bernie would make a good Prez!

h/t: Brian Tashman at RWW

His wife works for Goldman Sacs! Here is the article from infowars: Former Rep. Ron Paul is lashing out at Ted Cruz, calling the GOP presidential contender too close to Wall Street.
“People are liking Cruz. They think he’s for the free market, and he’s owned by Goldman Sachs,” the former Texas lawmaker said on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” according to Politico.
“I mean, he and [Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton] have more in common than we would have with either Cruz or [Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump] or any of them so I just don’t think there is much picking,” Paul added.

FBI Video Conclusively Shows Oregon Militia Guy Shot Dead By Cops Was Not Unarmed Black Teen

While one group of dangerous thugs bickered Thursday night over who would kill terrorists the hardest, the FBI held a press conference in Burns, Oregon, aimed at disproving rumors that LaVoy Finicum, the Arizona welfare rancher who came to be known as “tarp man,” was definitely not cooperating with law enforcement when he was shot to death. Needless to say, the video is not quieting down the conspiracy-minded at all, although it’s safe to assume they weren’t the FBI’s primary audience anyway.



Security expert speaks out on Obama’s $19 billion cybersecurity program  


Editing note: This is the man, if I had my druthers, that I would have in the Executive seat. 

image credit Infowars Youtube video  


               Kit Daniels | - FEBRUARY 10, 2016   

President Obama’s $19 billion cybersecurity program, in which the president will appoint a -Cyber Czar, will end in failure if implemented, according to cybersecurity expert John McAfee.

After years of ignoring the cybersecurity issue, the president announced his billion-dollar -Cybersecurity National Action Plan -on Tuesday       Quote:  to enhance cybersecurity awareness and protections and maintain public safety as well as economic and national security,  but McAfee pointed out a major hole in the president’s proposal.

Basically the government as it exists is too incompetent to implement such as thing,  McAfee said in a phone interview.  They don’t have the people.  

Obama unveiled his $19 billion cybersecurity proposal, including $3.1 billion to replace older computers, as part of his 2017 budget request.

McAfee, who’s perhaps best known for developing the first commercial anti-virus program, is running for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination to highlight the public’s need for cybersecurity amid government surveillance, especially after U.S. intelligence director James Clapper said the NSA and other agencies will use Internet-connected, -smart -household appliances to spy on Americans.

Quote:  What I bring to the Libertarian Party is cybersecurity, which in their platform is not even mentioned although it’s probably the number one thing right now,  McAfee said.  I think cybersecurity is the greatest issue that we have today because the next war is not going to be fought primarily with bombs, battleships and airplanes but with someone in China pushing a button and our infrastrure instantly disappears.  End Quote…  

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McAfee Interview Youtube Video Link:

It is not difficult to deprive the great majority of independent thought. But the minority who will retain an inclination to criticise must also be silenced. We have already seen why coercion cannot be confined to the acceptance of the ethical code underlying the plan according to which all social activity is directed. Since many parts of this code will never be explicitly stated, since many parts of the guiding scale of values will exist only implicitly in the plan, the plan itself in every detail, in fact every act of the government, must become sacrosanct and exempt from criticism. If the people are to support the common effort without hesitation, they must be convinced that not only the end aimed at but also the means chosen are the right ones. The official creed, to which adherence must be enforced, will therefore comprise all the views about facts on which the plan is based. Public criticism or even expressions of doubt must be suppressed because they tend to weaken public support. As the Webbs report of the position in every Russian enterprise: ‘Whilst the work is in progress, any public expression of doubt, or even fear that the plan will not be successful, is an act of disloyalty and even of treachery because of its possible effects on the will and on the efforts of the rest of the staff.’ When the doubt or fear expressed concerns not the success of a particular enterprise but of the whole social plan, it must even more be treated as sabotage.

Facts and theories must thus become no less the object of an official doctrine than views about values. And the whole apparatus for spreading knowledge, the schools and the press, wireless and cinema, will be used exclusively to spread those views which, whether true or false, will strengthen the belief in the rightness of the decisions taken by the authority; and all information that might cause doubt or hesitation will be withheld. The probable effect on the people’s loyalty to the system becomes the only criterion for deciding whether a particular piece of information is to be published or suppressed. The situation in a totalitarian state is permanently and in all fields the same that it is elsewhere in some fields in wartime. Everything which might cause doubt about the wisdom of the government or create discontent will be kept from the people. The basis of unfavourable comparisons with conditions elsewhere, the knowledge of possible alternatives to the course actually taken, information which might suggest failure on the part of the government to live up to its promises or to take advantage of opportunities to improve conditions, will all be suppressed. There is consequently no field where the systematic control of information will not be practised and uniformity of views not enforced.

—  Friedrich Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

Ideas and the medium to spread them is crucial. It is definitely aThought War going on. It is imperative we have Guerrilla Thinkers spreading real facts and truthful ideas or whole generations will be lost to black bag propaganda….Just study yesterday’s music and compare it w today. As well as the images and ideas being promoted.
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