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#Infovia #Mano @tenreirui /He will be at the #TOKYOARTBOOKFAIR in two weeks from now.
He says Let’s share some #kakigori, #books and #shōchū there!
#RuiTenreiroI will also take his own #work + an #anthology He has been putting together, entitled #UHLAKANYANA, an #anthology of #southafrican #comics.
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#infovia @chudemondlane /In June 1953, a few days after my father, Eduardo Mondlane, graduated from Oberlin College, he wrote a letter to his future wife and mother of his children, Janet Mondlane. At a time when in some states in the USA “interracial” marriage was still illegal. He contemplated the future they were about to face as a family. He wrote…
“…The world is waiting for the time where man will meet others in terms of their human worth and not in terms of color and language. Cultures are merging slowly but surely. There is faster and faster communication both physical and spiritual. …All this means [is] that you and I can be citizens of the world if we so desire…The world is hungering for some people who can dare to go out and meet other human beings. Don’t misunderstand me, I do not mean that any one culture is bad or inadequate. But I mean that any one single culture can be inadequate if we make of it an idol. While we love our own culture we mustn’t forget that it is a part and only a part of a bigger world - humanity. This idea is accepted by millions of people today, but it is difficult to find anyone to venture out far, except a very few. [Let’s be of] the few. The future generations are going to be thankful that we started, even if our names disappear in the confusion of progress.”