As outlined earlier, Apple’s full-fledged foray into an automotive multimedia interface is finally here, and it’s called CarPlay.

What’s it like to operate Apple’s CarPlay, and is it everything we’ve come to expect from the Cupertino-based company? We spent some one-on-one time at the Geneva Motor Show with a CarPlay-equipped 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class to find out.

Geneva 2014: Hands On With Apple CarPlay and the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

It's been a good week for Hannah Hart videos:

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One of the simplest stories for a reporter to tell is “An important idiot did something stupid”. This can take the form of “Senator is caught taking bribes”, “Movie star gets arrested driving drunk” or even “religious leader says something offensive to people of other religions.”

1000 years from now, assuming we are still around, we’ll still have these same headlines, just with different people.

Since there will always be important idiots in our population, these stories, as a collective, are not news. They do not express a new trend in idiot behavior, nor do they offer any context for how our view of the world should change simply because this particular important idiot did something stupid.

It is non-news masquerading as news. Unless it’s news that this person is capable of doing stupid things, it’s the telling of a story we already know…

Whenever you read the news, or watch Fox or MSNBC, please keep the idiot theory in mind. If the arguing is all about what some idiot did, and how much of an idiot they were or were not, engage your better half and move along.

Scott Berkun, The Idiot Theory of News.

Bonus: See Jihii’s recent post on slow news and hyped scandal.


Today Apple announced that it will debut its new CarPlay operating system at the Geneva Motor Show later this week. CarPlay is the official name for Apple’s “iOS in the Car” operating system that the company announced at its iOS 7 press conference last year. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo will be the first carmakers to show off the Apple integration in Geneva, but a slew of other carmakers are also on board, and the first versions of the system are coming in select vehicles this year. Here’s everything you need to know about CarPlay and what it means for your dash.

Apple’s CarPlay: 6 Things You Need To Know
Infotainment, circa 1928

Seth Colter Walls describes Threepenny Opera:

“The play has a double nature,” Brecht said during a Stockholm lecture in 1939, adding: “Instruction and entertainment conflict openly.”

Brecht’s honesty about nonfiction art being “instruction” is refreshing. The instinct to advance a version of the truth is an academic impulse–a preacher’s impulse. And, as Brecht says, the emotions come from the friction between the world we’d like to inhabit and the one we do.

Walls also includes a short guide to the best Threepenny recordings.

The screens in our cars can be frustrating—slow, confusing, hard to read, impossible to sync with our phone. Infotainment systems definitely have plenty of room for improvement, but as any software engineer will happily reminder you, they are unbelievably complex. From controlling the car’s many functions to smartphone compatibility and ensuring all of the various applications can run concurrently, the displays in our dash are much more complicated than the phones in our pockets.

The Anatomy of Your Car’s Infotainment System

The events in Boston last week drew the world’s attention and sympathy, not because they were any more tragic or gruesome than the drone strikes that killed women and children in Pakistan and Yemen or the two hundred plus people killed by an Earthquake in China, but because US Hollywood Infotainment Inc. has much high production values for reporting on when Bad Things Happen To White America.  Those values implicitly carry a weighting system that can be seen in most movies - white people characters are nuanced (men much more than women) have emotions and can empathise. We are encouraged to identify with them, to admire them, to value them. They are worth saving. They. Are. Worth. More.  People of colour, in comparison, are most often either objects of the White Saviour Complex, pitied / dis-empowered / emasculated victims of injustice, or they are villains who threaten white civilization. So it is that a relatively small disturbance in the fabric of White American Suburban Life can garner such attention, and time / web + print space spent on coverage,  whilst other much larger, systemic and institutionalised disturbances in American and foreign lives are relegated to Shit Happened To Other People Worth Less.


Mr. Evil Smile is back aka the new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

Honestly though, why did Ferrari have to change the name of the FF? That was a great name for it in my opinion. It stood for many things: Family Fun, For Four and Ferrari Four (the real meaning). Why did you have the change the name F*cking Ferrari! ‘Lusso’ means luxury but there aren’t really many changes that make it more luxurious apart from a new infotainment screen.

Aesthetically, it’s very much the same: it’s still got the same evil grin and it still looks like a shoe. It is a facelift, however, so the changes you see are quite minor. The front is now refined and stylised more like the 488 GTB and there is a new alloy design. What is different now is that the rear now has four lights! Well that’s not the most important thing really, those two rear air vents you see to the sides of the numberplate coupled with the rear diffuser and the more aerodynamic front means that the drag coefficient is much lower than the FF.

What I think changes the shape the most is if you look closely at the C-Pillar, so where the roof starts to slope down, you’ll notice that it’s edged now. It was nice and smooth on the FF, and this has changed the top of the rear to look squarer. It almost looks scirocco-like now, but the rear actually now has a roof-mounted spoiler to increase downforce.

You’ll be glad to know that it still has the glorious V12 from the FF which still revs to 8000rpm but with a power-hike: the engine now produces 29 more horsepower bringing it to a total of 680hp. The big change is that the GTC4 Lusso now comes with four-wheel steering like the F12tdf. It can effectively give the car a short wheelbase at small turning angles. The other mechanical changes include a new side-slip control system which will help the GTC4 Lusso get you round even quicker in those adverse conditions.

I never really liked the FF (I did like the engine), and I think this new one looks even more like a hearse. The FF looked prettier, just like the 458 looks prettier than the 488. Nice to see it hasn’t become turbocharged though.

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Walter Mosley: The Older You Are, The More You Live In The Past

Big Think Editors @

Walter Mosley is the author of more than 34 critically acclaimed books, including the major bestselling mystery series featuring the character Easy Rawlins. His work has been translated into 21 languages and includes literary fiction, science fiction, political monographs, and a young adult novel.

“A lot of people get upset at young people,” says Novelist Walter Mosley, “They say, ‘Young people aren’t living up to their potential. Young people are interested in things which are shallow, which are meaningless, which are unimportant. But the truth is, is that the older you are, the more you’re thinking is historical, and the more historical things become—especially in our world today, where things change so quickly because of technology, the more they’re invalid.”

Aspiring writers shouldn’t measure their success in dollars and cents or fame, says Mosley, but rather in their ability to entertain people with their writing. “Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, you know, Victor Hugo. I mean all of these people, they’re popular writers. They’re writing to the broadest range of people,” explains Mosley. “Yeah, it’s great literature, but it was popular literature when it was written.  And that’s the case with almost all of the literature that survives starting from Homer. You know? It’s the adventure; it’s the story; it’s the fight; it’s people falling in love; it’s people with deep, you know, personality disorders who succeed anyway; you know, beyond themselves. That’s what great literature is.”  

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Infotain Me by Ochre.

I think this song just perfectly catches the atmosphere of what it feels like to be entertained yet informed about something. This is like political satire coming to life you guys! (Information + Entertainment = Infotainment)