I made a thing.

Uh yeah so I made a bandcamp… (yup, officially in loserville territory) and I’m just uploading a few mixes and stuff I have.. so.. check it out.. if you want.. (I would recommend listening to my stuff before sleeping >:)… kidding, that would be horrifying.) —-> <—– 

Things I am currently into

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One song: Souls Like the Wheels by the Avett Brothers

Two movies: The One I Love, because I’m going to have to watch it again after seeing it last night, aaannnddd….. I’m going to say Pacific Rim, because although I haven’t seen it lately I am really feeling a rewatch coming on.

Three shows: Parks and Rec, why no I haven’t rewatched the entire series in the last few weeks I don’t know what you mean, DS9, just recently finished my first rewatch since I was a kid and dang it holds up, and I’m going to say The Producers, a Korean drama I’m watching with a friend of mine. It is frustrating but adorable.

Four people: Amy Poehler, EssieButton, Chris Pratt, and i’m just going to say THIS DOG

Five foods: tomato basil hummus with wheat thin veggie chips, this chicken thai soup (with mushrooms added), every kind of berry I can get my hands on, those vanilla ice cream bars with the chocolate coating, and tikka masala

six people to tag: (sorry guys I’m tagging most of you again. I hope you like these kinds of things otherwise sorry for two in a row!) wired-infornography, pretendthisiswitty, inconsequential, loyalsins, death-by-dragonfire, and adastrapreferably

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WinDirStat can tell you what’s taking up space where. 320GB might be a bit small for whatever you’re trying to do tho….

I actually did run WinDirStat but I already knew what was taking most of the space. Mostly games and stuff. Man the days when games were only like 600mbs. Now theyre in the 50gbs. Jeebus.

Im also thinking about separating my ssd and hd and use them individually instead of using the ssd as a cache. Or I might just say ‘fuck it, I mean yolo right?’ and get a 4tb hd

anonymous asked:

You seem to know a lot about voting and politics. Do you know how I could change my party affiliation from neutral so I can vote in the primaries?

Thanks for asking! I’m not an expert but here’s what I know. 

This was a really good post regarding voting for Bernie Sanders and voting in the democratic primary in general:

Like the post says, the first step is making certain you’re registered to vote in your district, you’ll probably be visiting your local city or county office for that.

Also as in the post, whether you need to register as a republican or democrat (or other I suppose) to vote in their primary elections depends on where you live. For example,  I’m not registered to either party, but in my state I can vote in either the republican or democratic primaries (one or the other, not both). This is the difference between an open and closed primary, in general terms.

Look here to see the rules for your primary elections by state:

Registering to vote, and registering to a party (if necessary) usually require a visit to a public office like the post office, DMV, secretary of state, etc., and you usually need your social security card. 

There are lots of online resources to tell you where you’ll need to go and what steps you’ll need to take depending on where you live, your state government’s website for example, so be sure to make use of them.