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This was a scene in the beginning of T6T…

If you guys believe the Sherlock @contact twitters are genuine, then they might have just admitted to season 4 not being real

EDIT: People are telling me that the accounts are actually fan-made, so you might not want to take this post at face value 


Just a few days ago @hello-em75 mentioned this blog and I thought we should make an official debut. :)

This blog was created thanks to the drama the fandom went through last year. We thought it was time to spread some positivity. :) We follow the track #dailyhiccstrid and later on we’ll follow #hiccstridweek2017 too. Put these in the first 5 tags, so we could see it and reblog your creations!

During Spring/Summer 2017, we want to hold a Hiccstrid Week, and for it, we’re waiting for prompts. We already have a few, but it’d be great if we could hear from you too! Overall, we’re accepting requests for drabbles, GIFs and moodboards too.

Check us out and we hope you’ll have a great time! Hopefully, when Hiccstrid Week will happen, lots of you will participate!


If you live in America and haven’t heard- you NEED to read up on what happened today. 

The White House directly attacked the free press and the United States Democracy today. They did something Obama never even did to Fox News. This is a direct attempt to take away US Citizens’ freedom of information. Completely unAmerican. 

I normally don’t involve politics because this is not a political blog, but when something begins to affect all of us, it is our duty to speak out, so that we can speak out again another day. I believe that Flea, Anthony, Josh, Chad and John would ALL be in full support of this statement. If you believe in freedom of speech, in having a choice in where we get our news, in American values of liberty and oppose fascism, Share this so that others can be informed.

And just so there’s a little RHCP in this post- Flea Discusses Trump:

Blog Update/ PSA

I have come to realize I have been pushing myself to hard lately. With writing, with putting to much stoke into what my blog is preceived as and with promoting other blogs. 

I love this blog, I love my followers, I love reading all your things and most of all I love writing, but for my own sanity there is gonna be a few changes. 

Anon asks was disabled a while ago and will stay that way for now, but it will be back. I just wanna make sure a few people has gotten bored with harrasing me. 

Kari’s Spotlight, will no longer be every friday. It will be semi weekly thing but chosing a blog and going through masterlists and commenting seriously on a writers abilities, trademarks and 3 specific fics takes time and energy and it is not something I feel like half assing so I rather it is semi weekly that rushed every week. 

On weeks where Kari’s Spotlight won’t post a new addition I call Sensational Series Sunday - will be posted. I will shine a light on ONE series with this post. I will say why I love this series and what i feel makes it so special. I don’t distinguise between big or small blogs with this. I solely focus on the writing. I will probably only feature J2M and TWF x readers series.

I haven’t written anything for a week because my energy has been down and my heart hasn’t been in it due to losts of things I won’t bore you with and I have felt and enormous guilt because of that. That needs to stop. I will still write because it is simply the thing I love the most but to make sure the love stays the guilt has to go. I will update as fast as I can but I will not push myself to do so. 

I am so sorry but I won’t be able to do any beta work for anyone but the three people that mostly betas for me. I am not trying to be rude or a bitch but I need to make that sacrifice to make room for my own writing. I have one fic I promised to look at aside from those people and I will do that still. I am just not gonna take on any other fics to beta from now on and atleast for a few months. 

I hope you will be understanding about this. 


Cloudflare, a network meant to keep in memory a lot of passwords, usernames, and general security information, just revealed there’s been a huge leak in information that’s been bleeding out and being posted to public internet pages for months now.

Change your passwords! The list of affected sites is long and it’s still growing. If you have any sensitive information it’s highly recommended you use two-factor authentication and/or change your passwords to something more complex.

A snippet of affected sites are;

- discordapp .com
- account.leagueoflegends .com
- patreon .com
- 4chan .com
- uber .com
- a couple bitcoin sites
- okcupid .com
- change .org
- pastebin .com
- a couple anime sites, like crunchyroll .com
- a lot of hentai/porn sites (…a lot)
- wattpad .com
- some torrenting/game torrenting sites
- mangafox .com
- omegle .com
- storeenvy .com
- teespring .com
- many more

The list is pretty long and it’s not even complete yet, these are just some of those that I thought stuck out more because my friends use them.

Please protect your personal information!

*Gently takes your hand*

Listen my child,

Mass Effect Andromeda hasn’t even been released yet and considering we have less than a month to go before it releases Bioware have been surprisingly frugal with videos/content about the game.

What I’m saying is don’t go forming gigantic opinions based on barely-there information and theories, don’t let a game that’s been 5 years in the making get possibly ruined because of something you’ve seen online.

Like what you want and dislike what you want, but keep an open mind! ^^

So, currently we’re getting a lot of requests from people, and I really appreciate that. I love how many people, show interest in our blog and the content we provide. I know I’ve promised you guys a lot; lockscreens, backgrounds and icons packs, and I promise, I wont forget; they will be available soon!

.. though, to those who don’t know, I suffer from bipolar disorder, which means, I struggle every single day. I have up’s and I have down’s.. and I can’t control which days are what - not to leave out the anxiety, that is also pulling me down. And whenever I’m feeling either lonely or sad, I go here, to this blog, because I know, that there is plenty of nice people here, who share the same love and compassion as I. 

So to anyone that is feeling like I forgot them, or that I have shut down their ideas or requests, please know, that I have not! They’re written down and remembered - it’s just a matter of time, and me being in the right mood. I’m so grateful for all of you 5,000+ followers this blog has gained so far, and never feel afraid to ask or request anything, ‘cause I will listen, no matter what and no matter subject. Even if all you need, is someone to talk to. I love and understand you! 

Another thing I would like to say.. or rather announce, is that I’ve been working on a bigger project for quite some time now. However, I’ve had a hard time, figuring out when to say anything about it, so with lots of excitement, I now announce to you, followers and fans, that I am working on making ARTPOP ACT II come to life. It’s going to be a huge project, with lots of more than just music involved.. please, stay patient for more information!

If you read this far.. thank you! I love you, and thank you for making this blog such a great thing - if it wasn’t for you, we probably wouldn’t be here. Also a huge thank you to the members of this blog - thank you for sharing your creativity and thoughts with me and the rest of the world. 

Quickie update

I have done the exams I had to study for and the deadline for my biologi essay has been moved to a later day. Also, I have the coming week off from school. Which means that I have absolutely nothing to distract me from writing stuff :D

Not even my gravity falls marathon

I’m trying to clear out the ask box again, I didn’t get through it last time. 

So prepare for headcanons, I’ll be posting a lot tonight :)

anonymous asked:

Do you know any dim-glowing colour changing stimtoys that I might be able to get on a Europe/UK based site?

Thank you so much for giving me your region - that makes my job a little easier. Sadly, this has been a tough ask for me, because it’s difficult for me to determine what is and isn’t dim-glowing online. (These sorts of details seldom make it into product descriptions.) Since I avoid light-up toys myself, I don’t even have the advantage of seeing if I can find items in my own collection online.

(Doing this search has shown me that there are light up toys I’d probably enjoy myself - the colour changing egg, for one!)

First, I’ll throw this out to the followers - if you know of anything you can confirm that is dim glowing and colour-changing, let me know. Even if it’s from an American site, please link me or give me the product name, because I’ll attempt to track it down on appropriate websites for our asking anon.

Secondly, I’ll give you a somewhat-random selection of light-up toys and accessories from UK-based sites in the hope that something here works for you!

The sites I link to feature light-up/flashing puffer toys, puffer balls and glitter balls. They’re also incredibly common here in Australia in toy shops and discount/dollar stores, and I’d imagine that to be the same no matter where you are. So I won’t link to many of those as opposed to the unique/unusual toys, but they are available at literally every website, if that’s what you’re after. Most of the ones I’ve seen are not dim, however.

At Multi-Sensory World (which appears to be the UK version of The Therapy Shoppe - lots of stim toys) I think the best offering is this Colour Changing Egg, £4.00. This is non-flashy and seems to offer the least amount of glare. The Sensory Mini Lights (£10.00) also look quite gentle, although they don’t change colour.

Other light-up options from this vendor that seem brighter and/or flash include: Disco Ball (£3.00), Colour Changing Sphere (£12.00), Flashing Rainbow Ball (£2.50), Glitter Ball (£4.50), Spinning Wand (£2.00) and Small Glitter Lamp (£10.00). They also have some very expensive, very beautiful light-up home decor items in their visual/sight category.

Explore Your Senses has another section for light-up toys. Best (least flashy/bright) offerings include the White Lightning Stick (£5.94 Incl. VAT), Egyptian Lights Pyramid (£11.94 Incl. VAT), Light-up DNA Ball (£5.94 Incl. VAT), Four Square Mood Lamp (£11.94 Incl. VAT) and Light Up Shapes (£22.74 Incl. VAT).

Other, brighter/more flashy offerings - and forgive me for not adding prices but my hands are tired - include the Double Windmill Lightshow, Kaleidoscope Light Bulb, Geometric Flashing Ball and the Light-up Molecule Ball.

Cheap Disability Aids also has a large section of light-up toys and furnishings. (Their site is harder to navigate without searching, though.) I like the Crystal Ball Light (£15.99), the Aurora Sphere Light (£13.95), the Spectra Ball (£3.49) and the Colour Changing Moonlight Cushion (£18.95). The cushion looks super awesome! I almost want one!

I hope this gives you somewhere to begin. If you have a specific toy in mind, or need not-UK European sites, let me know and I’ll see what I can track down.

ETA: @overlydramaticgollum says,

I would go for things ment to be night lights/ sleep aids for kids you can get toys and things that glow softly and I found a white cube at Kmart In the clearance that has a pretty soft colour change

Awesome addition!

anonymous asked:

Do you imagine Hermione as Caucasian, black, or mixed? I am always curious to see how others see her.

lol to be 100% candid with you Anon I am not the world’s most visual person. (That is actually a huge understatement. I have the poorest facial recognition of anyone I know.) I mostly identify people in writing by their gestures or habits, or by indications in their dialogue. But if I had to answer this question, I honestly see her like this:

Yeah, so, obviously I’ve been a fan longer than the movies have been out, and this is apparently how they started portraying her in merchandise until Emma Watson started playing her. Crazy, right?

Anyway, I tend to describe her as having olive skin, freckles around the eyes, golden features; I emphasize things that glimmer and glow in the sun because that plays into how I characterize her. I’m super down with POC Hermione, though. I don’t love the way Joanne defended her casting decision (I’d have gone for something more like “okay, canon obviously indicates that I wrote her to be light-skinned, but good acting is good acting and being white isn’t at all important to who she is” vs “LOOK, BUSHY HAIR, SEE??!”) but I truly love the way people have come to portray her, however it is that they do it (and @upthehillart‘s POC Harry is a goddamn panty dropper so honestly thank god for more visually creative people)

vasselheims replied to your post: You know… I’m beginning to feel like 95% of the ME…

yeah i’m gettin real tired of everyone’s negativity and cynicism about the game


Like I get it. It won’t meet everyone’s expectations, and hell it’s NOT going to be perfect. I would love somebody to raise me a game that gets EVERY SINGLE THING RIGHT. From the animations, to the story, to the representation, to combat. Find me a single game that has not a single flaw.

But I have never seen a fandom so hypercritical over the smallest details the way they are with Andromeda. Never. If they really think Bioware spent 5 years with the complete intention of making a horrific game, maybe they should go apply for a job there and fix it tbh.