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Just bros havin’ hot pot

Phichit and Yuuri are very clearly good friends. Friends who have history and who facetime. Friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time. 

Which makes the scene where they’re all having hot pot so much more in-your-face Viktuuri. 

Viktor and Yuuri are just 2 bros eatin’ n chillin’ at a 4 seat table. Viktor’s taken off his grey jacket which is folded over the free seat beside him. Got a full bottle of alcohol in front of him. He’s comfortable, relaxed. The boys are seated against the wall with the other two chairs keeping them and the rest of the restaurant apart. It’s more private and intimate that way, so that they can chill in peace. 

Why did Yuuri not think to message his other good bro Phichit and invite him to join? Well, it’s the night before a competition and Yuuri’s already feeling nervous, it’s fine that he just wants to keep things cool with Viktor for now.

But Phichit shows up all the same, so might as well all sit together and have a nice meal, right? Right.

And oh look-y here, there are two free seats right by Phichit, it’s going to be real easy to just sit down. But wait, Viktor’s jacket is over one of these seats. That’s a social no-no, a sign that says ‘seat-sorta-taken-unless-you’re-pregnant-or-injured’. No biggie though, the other chair is free and yey, it’s right by his buddy Yuuri!

Hang on a minute. 

When Celestino “Ciao ciao” Cialdini shows up to join the party, Phichit is seated where you’d have expected but Yuuri has moved?

That’s right, Yuuri changed seats.

Instead of just staying put, and having his pal Phichit sit down next to him with literally zero fuss, Yuuri thought ‘hey no, I’m gona go sit next to Viktor now that I have the excuse to since there are more than 2 people here’. 

And wait, what’s this? 

Viktor has taken off his black shirt at this point, and it’s folded over Yuuri’s (occupied) seat beside him. But then, what happened to Viktor’s grey jacket that was there before?

So basically, when Phichit arrived, Yuuri: 

  • got up, 
  • shuffled over the empty seat beside him,
  • moved around the table,
  • removed Victor’s jacket from the chair,
  • and then sat down.

Socially, this seems like a lot of obstacles to go through just to sit next to Viktor. But hey, it’s just sitting next to Viktor. It’s not like anything special happened from Yuuri being next to him. I mean, who knew Viktor was gona get hammered? The bottle of alcohol on the table that Yuuri had no intentions of drinking before a competition certainly wasn’t a sign of that. Not like Yuuri had any idea how Viktor behaved drunk, he’s obviously never drunk anything back in Japan…

And Yuuri was surprised by the pic Phichit uploaded? How could the boy not when Yuuri was being so obvious? Clinging and naked he may have been, but Viktor had the ‘drunk’ card in his arsenal of excuses for this. Viktor wasn’t the one who moved round the table in a clear effort to sit next to you. That was all you, Yuuri, and Phichit couldn’t ignore that when you were being so very obvious about it. He couldn’t! He your bro.

And bro got your back. Now you’ve got a picture of yourself with a naked Viktor Nikiforov. There’s something you’re gona wana frame and put by your nightstand. You’re welcome.


Pride Poster Series

Gay, Bi, Pan, Ace, Aro, and Trans information posters. Feel free to print and use anywhere, but keep the URL caption at the bottom of the page.

They were initially designed for an all girls high school (ages 12-18) so they are directed towards AFAB teenagers, but they can be used for anyone.


I realized I still had 3 posters that just lay around and so I’d rather give them to  fans rather than being a cheap ass and trying to sell them.
( I have a kind heart people ) so ..

Prize available

3 official BTS posters from the WINGS Promotion


  •  follow my blog
  •  like and/or Reblog the post as much as you like
  •  but no need to spam your followers either, have mercy
  •  sending me a message to bribe won’t do, the winners will be picked randomly using a website / radom pick generator
  •  I will only send ONE poster per winner , that seemed obvious
  •  this give away is INTERNATIONAL so don’t hesitate to participate

the 3 winners will be contacted by myself via message ON TUMBLR to ask for mailing informations
the posters will be sent folded in an enveloppe not a tube

Deadline: February 1st 2017

Good luck ♥   

anonymous asked:

can i have some prompts about a group of uni students willing to change the world? you know social activism, feminism, rebellion, this kind of stuff. Thank you so much from Italy 💞

•"We’re gonna miss the pride parade if you don’t hurry up and get your butt in the car.“
•Putting informational flyers/posters up around campus
•"Hey guys, I know a good place we could volunteer at this weekend.”
• Organising speeches that they can give to younger/other audiences
•"Are we seriously going door to door like the ‘do you have a moment to talk to about out lord and saviour Jesus Christ?’ people?“ "Change requires people to actually do something. So yes, we’re going to do that.”
• Protesting outside of Brock Turner’s house and other people like him
• “I got pepper sprayed, man. It was not fun.”
• Attending rallies and peaceful protests
• “No one will listen to us!” “That’s because they don’t understand. We just have to come up with a new plan of action.”
•"Omg, guys I have a great idea?“ "Hmm?” “We should get our own t-shirts” “…” “We can call ourselves the Equality Eagles.” “OK, that kinda sounds cool.”
•"We’re not breaking into the lab.“ "Do you know what they do to animals in there?! Do I have to make a slide show?” “Fine. But if we get caught, I’m pinning it on you.”
•"I will chain myself to this tree.“ "You’d last 4 hours because you have the bladder of a squirrel.”
• “How the hell did you end up in jail?” “It’s a long story.” “It wasn’t supposed to be violent.” “I’m not the one who started it.”
•"I’m starving.“ "It’s called a hunger strike for a reason.”
•Collaborating to write letters to members of the government
•"How long are we going to hold these signs for?“

Guys whenever you send in an ask, you should say what country you’re from because I think it’s cool 😂

RE: The Posters

To whichever employees are swapping out the posters in the hallways:

We do have security cameras in those locations, and our day and night guards have been instructed to watch these items for any suspicious activity.

Swapping out the posters for images of a yellow, eyeless Freddy Fazbear, crying children, or news articles about former tragedies that are not at all associated with Fazbear Entertainment, is not funny, nor will it be tolerated at any Freddy Fazbear location.

If you see any suspicious activity with the posters, please inform your manager immediately.

We thank you for your co-operation, and remind you to Smile - You Are the Face of Freddy Fazbear Pizza.


For the last Woman Crush Wednesday of Women’s History Month, a meditation on the roles - real and symbolic - that American women have played in wartime propaganda. Click the images for information about the posters and the collections they come from. 

Allison- Heartbeat

Request:   Can you write an imagine where Allison is out looking for chimeras alone at night and the reader pops out. They look together only to find the beast. It chases them and end up at the burned hale house, hiding somewhere tight the reader kisses Allison to slow down her heartbeat. You can take on from there    

A/N: So I’ve gotten a lot less creative with my titles lately. Please forgive me. Anyway, this is a little bit of Allison in honor of the season finale tonight. Hope you guys enjoy the show!

   You sat in the back of your English class, trying to focus on the poster you and Malia were currently working on. Even though you were both supposed to read the book, Malia had decided not to. That left you to fill out all the information on the poster, while Malia just cut out paper in the shapes of objects.

         “Y/n,” she said happily as she waved the string of paper people in your face. “Look they’re dancing. Y/n? Y/n?”

         While you were supposed to be scribbling down information, you weren’t exactly focused on the plot of Paper Towns. Instead, you had your sights set on the beautiful brunette sitting all the way up at the front of the room, hard at work with Lydia by her side.

         “Y/n!” Malia said loudly, causing the group of people in front of you to turn around and stare.

         You flushed and turned back to Malia, shooting her a glare. “What?”

         “You’re staring at Allison again,” she remarked.

         “I’m aware,” you practically growled. “Could you be any louder?”

         “Yeah, do you want me to?” she asked quizzically.

         You sighed. “Sarcasm, Malia.”

         While your cousin had made lots of progress since returning to human form, her ability to pick up on dry humor still wasn’t quite there yet. She also had a problem with being loud and brutally honest, and as she loudly declared your secret feelings in the back of the class, you thanked every god there was that Allison Argent was sitting up front.

         “Oh,” Malia said simply. “Well, it’s true. She’s all you talk about. I don’t get why you don’t just ask her out.”

         “Because she’d turn me down,” you stated quietly. “She’s got a thousand other girls in this school she could choose from. Besides, I’m a Hale.”

         “And?” Malia asked. “So am I. Well, technically I’m a Tate. I’d rather be a Tate. Anyway, Allison’s nice enough and you’re already friends.”

         “I know that,” you told her. “But what would her dad say? Can you imagine the look on his face if she told him we were together?”

         Malia frowned and you blushed harshly. You couldn’t believe you were even thinking about you and Allison together. In your mind, it wasn’t even a possibility, purely because you truly thought she’d never be interested. You quickly shook off your thoughts and turned your attention back to the project. There was no point in having a broken heart and an F in English.

         “Come on,” you said. “Keep cutting.”

         “I am,” Malia insisted. “You’re the one too busy staring at the hunter to do your half.”

         “You’re one to talk,” you pointed out. “You didn’t even read the book.”

         “I can barely read the label on the back of my shampoo bottle, Y/n,” Malia told you. “You don’t really wanna rely on me to read 350 pages.”      

         “Oh come on,” you told her. “That’s not true.”

         “Says the girl who reads three books a week,” Malia fired.

         “There’s not much to do in the loft,” you admitted.

         “Well there’s stuff to do at my place,” she told you. “Like drink and eat and watch those stupid chick-flicks you pretend to hate. So do you wanna come over tonight?”

         “I can’t,” you told her regretfully. “Derek wants me in tonight. Something about brother-sister bonding.”

         “Your brother’s no fun,” Malia grumbled.

         “Sometimes,” you agreed.

         You looked down at the poster and continued to scribble, leaving Malia completely oblivious to your little white lie. While Derek did want you inside with the Dread Doctors running around, you had no plans to stay in that night. You had overheard a conversation between Allison and Lydia earlier, much like the one they were having right across the room.

         “Allison,” Lydia said through gritted teeth.

         “What?” the brunette complained as she looked back at the poster, skillfully hiding where her eyes had been directed.

         “You’re coloring outside the lines again,” Lydia remarked painfully.

         Allison groaned. “I told you that you could do it. I wanted to write anyway.”

         “No way,” Lydia told her. “The last thing I need to do is color some evil tree stump all over our project. But I want it to look a little better than kindergarten level.”

         “Oh, come on. That’s at least a first grader’s handiwork,” Allison pointed out with a grin.

         “You’re hopeless,” Lydia said as she took the marker from Allison’s hand. “If we fail this because you were too busy staring at Y/n-“

         “I was not!” Allison complained. “I just…like her shirt.”

         “That was pathetic,” Lydia commented without looking up. “You can’t hide your feelings from me. Why don’t you just ask her out?”

         “Because she’d say no, Lydia,” Allison said softly. “I did try to kill her brother once.”

         “And he tried to kill me,” Lydia reminded her. “And Isaac tried to kill you, and Scott tried to kill all of us. I mean, when it comes down to it, you and Y/n are, like, the only ones in the pack who haven’t tried to kill each other. You should be asking her out on a date tonight instead of going to hunt for bodies.”

         “We need to find those chimeras,” Allison said with a frown. “I’m going looking whether you come with me or not.”

         “I’ll have to take not,” Lydia told her. “When given the choice between going to the spa and finding dead bodies with my best friend, it’s a no brainer.”

         “Fine,” Allison said with a sigh. “I guess I’m on my own.”

         Allison walked through the dead leaves with her bow slung on her back, wincing at the painful crunching sounds her boots made. Sure it was loud, but there was no other way to move around the preserve. She shined her tiny flashlight back and forth, looking for any trace of a body. She had been out in the woods for almost an hour, and she still hadn’t found anything, much like she had expected.

         Maybe with Lydia it could have been enjoyable, but now she was a little freaked out to be alone, especially with the Dread Doctors running around. She paused in the leaves and looked over her shoulder, just in time to hear a soft crunching sound. It was so tiny that she might have overlooked it another time, but in the dark woods she seemed to pick up on everything.

         She slowly pulled her bow off her back, well aware of the slow footsteps that seemed to be coming towards her. In seconds, she was drawing an arrow from her quiver and nocking it in her bow as her flashlight slipped from her fingers. She whirled around and pulled it back, only to have it point straight at your throat.

         “Woah!” you cried as you froze where you stood, one hand still outstretched for Allison’s shoulder.

         Allison’s eyes went wide and she quickly lowered her bow, mortified that she had almost shot an arrow into her crush. She knew you would have healed, but that wasn’t exactly the way to win your heart.

         “Oh my god!” she gasped. “Y/n, I-I’m so sorry!”

         “It’s, uh, it’s okay,” you told her cautiously as you lowered your hands. “Just point that thing somewhere else.”

         Allison flushed and set her bow on the ground, flashing you an apologetic smile. But her smile quickly faltered, and she tilted her head quizzically. “Did you follow me?”

         “Uh,” you said, your mind going blank. “Uh, I…”

         “You did,” Allison stated with a grin. “Were you checking up on me?”

         “You shouldn’t be alone out here,” you grumbled.

         “You’re alone out here,” Allison pointed out. “Does Derek even know where you are?”

         “Yep,” you told her sarcastically. “I’m at Malia’s sleepover. Can’t you tell?”

         Allison smiled, flashing you her trademark dimples. “As far as my dad knows, I’m at Lydia’s.”

         You couldn’t help but smile, because you knew Allison was just as cunning as you were. Peter could say all that he wanted about the Argents, but you knew Allison was brilliant.

         “So you’re looking for chimeras?” you asked her.

         Allison nodded. “Dead ones. Someone has to find them.”

         “Shouldn’t Lydia be doing that?” you asked her. “I mean, isn’t that sort of her job?”

         “I guess,” Allison said. “But I figured I’d try to help too.”

         “Well, you shouldn’t be out here alone,” you told her.

         “Y/n,” Allison protested. “I can take care of myse-“

         “I’ll help,” you cut her off.

         Allison blinked, taken aback by your words. “Oh. Okay.”

         You grinned at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. She spent time with you nearly every day, but that was always with the other members of the pack. This time, she’d finally get some time to be alone with you.

         “So where do we sta-“

         Before you could even finish your question, a large roar cut through the trees. You and Allison both shared a wide-eyed glance, and that was when the trees started shaking.

         “You don’t think that’s-“

         “The Beast,” you stated fearfully. “Run!”

         Allison blinked, but before she could even process what you were saying, you snatched her hand in your own. You dragged her through the trees, leaving her bow lying uselessly on the ground as you ran. Two pairs of footsteps crunched in the night, leaving you terrified the Beast would follow the sound. Trees continued to shake behind you as you and Allison ran.

         Finally, she cried out “Where are we going?”

         “You’ll see!” you promised as you tugged her past a large thicket of trees.

         As Allison ran behind you, she couldn’t ignore the thrill of having your hand wrapped around her own. She swore to herself that if you both made it out of this alive, she’d take Lydia’s advice and ask you out.

         The trees began to thin out and a mammoth shape came into view from the darkness. Allison quickly realized that it was the burned out shell of the Hale house. Your old house.

         “Y/n,” Allison said. “What are you-“

         “Be quiet,” you hissed as you tugged her up the steps and into the house, kicking the front door out of your way. “It might not find us in here.”

         Allison stumbled into the house beside you, complying as you pushed her behind a pile of burned wood. She was sandwiched between the wall and the wood, and that was tight enough. When you squeezed in beside her, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

         “What do we do?” Allison whispered.

         “We have to stay quiet,” you informed her.

         Allison quickly shut her mouth, but after a few seconds you turned to her.

         “Calm down!” you hissed. “Your heart is beating like crazy.”

         “I can’t help it,” Allison whispered frantically. “I’m scared!”

         You made a face and tried to listen to the noise outside, but it was consumed with roaring and trees splintering. You looked back at Allison, realizing what you had to do.

         “Don’t be,” you told her, leaning forward and pulling her into a kiss.

         Since there was so little space, you didn’t have to lean very far and it wasn’t like Allison was backing away. She blinked in shock as your lips touched hers, but her body soon relaxed. She reached up to tangle her fingers in your hair, and you could hear her heartbeat slowing down.

         Thump. Thump. Thump. Like the slow beat of a drum or like the end of a beautiful piece of music, Allison’s heartbeat gradually slowed. You could hear the sounds outside quieting down too, and you guessed the Beast was moving on. By the time you and Allison actually pulled away from each other, it was long gone.

  “Sorry,” you whispered. “I couldn’t think of anything else.”

         Allison slowly shook her head and you saw the corner of her lips turn up in the dark. “Don’t be.”

         She leaned forward again, but you held up a hand. “Wait. Wait, does that mean that you like me?”

         “Of course,” Allison breathed. “I mean, I crawled into this cramped space with you.”

         “Yeah,” you agreed. “But if it meant the difference between living and being torn apart by an inky monster of death…”

         “True,” she told you. “But I guarantee you I wouldn’t have enjoyed it with anyone else.”

         “Oh,” you said. “Okay, but-“

         Before you could embarrass yourself even further, Allison leaned forward to kiss you again. This time you didn’t hesitate, and you wasted no time in leaning into her warm body. All the fears you had had about asking Allison out earlier seemed to be long gone, and she felt the same way about you. Your only regret was not taking Malia’s advice sooner, because if you were sure about one thing it was that Allison was worth whatever fears you had to fight.


Phew! It was a long week but totally worth it!

We revamped the reptile room to free up some space and boy did it!

We have 20 eggs due on the ~29th of this month so we needed as much space as we could get.

It’s still not done, we need to pick up one more table and move the gecko racks out of the “closet” area and against the blank wall because all the baby Bearded Dragons will be on a table in the “closet” space since I can hang lights on the pole in there.

Things we accomplished:

- More room overall
- Better lighting setup
- Cleaned up a lot of the floor and created more floor/storage space
- Set up the Mealworm/Dubia/Superworm rack/tubs + Colonies started.

Things that still need to be done:

- All hangers removed from reproom.
- 6ft Heat Tape for Ladies Row.
- Better organization (Stuff not piled on Snake Rack)
- 1 Tub to finish Adult Leo rack.
- More informational posters!
- Move extra/not in use tanks into storage.
- 1 Table (6ft)
- Geckos moved to blank wall.

All things considered we made a huge jump in the progress so I’m very proud of it. Plus it looks AWESOME in there now.

Any questions, comments or concerns are always welcome. I do my best but I still may miss things!