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I'm really disappointed in this whole birthing class thing.

I really wanted to do it. I assumed it was like a one night class for a couple hours where they teach you as much about going natural as possible, since I wanna try this time around.. LOL ITS A 5 WEEK COURSE. Once a week for two hours for the next 5 weeks. No. That is not going to work. It’s on one of my only days off, I don’t wanna spend more time away from Ryker than I already do because of work before Haakon gets here..

So if y'all have any really informative articles on pain management, breathing techniques, and all that good shit.. send the links to me please !! ❤️❤️❤️

Dogs on airplanes

I have taken a number of airplane trips over the past month or so, and I noticed, on each of the flights I took, that there were dogs on board — not in carriers, but sitting on the laps, or in the arms, of their owners. It struck me as odd, and now, thanks to an interesting and informative article by Karen Elliott and Rebecca Lightle in The Washington Post a few weeks ago, I have an idea about what’s going on.

They’re all, apparently, “service dogs” — though from the look of it, they didn’t appear to be performing (or capable of performing) any particular service, nor did their owners appear to be disabled in any way. As Elliott and Lightle explain, the Americans With Disabilities Act requires places of public accommodation such as restaurants and transportation carriers to allow service animals — which can be dogs or, oddly enough, “miniature horses” — that assist people with disabilities.

That seems fair enough (though the “miniature horses” part seems a little peculiar). The problem, though, is in determining whether any particular animal qualifies as a service animal — and in doing so without running afoul of the ADA’s restrictions on the questions concerning disabilities that the ADA also imposes.

To meet the ADA’s definition, a dog must be individually trained to perform specific tasks that directly relate to a person’s disability. For instance, a service dog may be trained to assist with navigation or alert its handler to safety concerns. However, if a dog provides aid only by its natural behavior, then it lacks the individualized training necessary for ADA accommodation. This standard means that the ADA does not apply to many dogs that function as therapy, emotional-support and companion animals.

So how should a business assess whether a customer’s dog is a service animal? Federal regulations instruct that if it is readily apparent that a dog is aiding a person with a disability — for example, by leading a person who is blind — then staff members should simply allow the dog in as a service animal. But if the dog’s function is not apparent, then the ADA permits only two types of inquiries. First: “Is this dog required because of a disability?” And second: “What specific assistive task or tasks has the dog been trained to perform?”

Not surprisingly, many people are gaming the regulations, claiming “service animal” status for Fido just as a way of getting around restrictions on dogs in restaurants, apartment buildings, etc.

And the situation for airplanes is even worse. The federal Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) provides even broader protections for service animals.

Unlike places of public accommodation governed solely by the ADA, commercial airlines must accept ID cards, other documentation, apparel or “credible verbal assurances” as evidence that a service animal is legitimate (although an airline may prohibit “unusual” service animals such as reptiles, rodents or spiders). Further, if a passenger with a disability produces appropriate documentation from a licensed mental health professional, the ACAA requires airlines to accommodate emotional-support animals that would not be protected by the ADA.

Service animals accompanying commercial air travelers must be permitted in any seat space where their passenger-handlers are permitted to sit. But federal regulations also instruct airline staff to assess whether a service animal presents a direct threat to the health and safety of others or a significant threat of disruption to the airline service in the cabin. If a dispute arises with a passenger as to whether the animal should be permitted, staff are to refer the matter to the airline’s mandatory complaint resolution official (CRO). Commercial airlines must provide a written explanation to any passenger whose service animal has not been accommodated under these rules.

So just a “credible verbal assurance” books Fido a trip to San Francisco for the weekend. But he better not be sitting next to me. File under “regulatory overreach.”

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Hi guys, I’m going to ask for a little bit of your help.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can only do so much as far as protesting goes (due to location/work/mental health), but I can do other things. So the back story:

Last year, my grandpa passed away. And before you feel too bad, know that I referred to this man as “shitty grandpa” most of time. My family cut off all contact from him. I saw him last 9 years ago.

This man was incredibly sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and far right enough that even my deeply Republican side of the family rejected him. I can assure you that if he were alive now, he would still be standing right behind Trump’s every decision.

Despite all that, he saw us as family, and in his final year, realized that he didn’t want to be alone and contacted us again. I never saw or talked with him during that time, but my mother and aunt did, and they took care of everything when he passed. This includes all his money, which he decided to give to us, his grandchildren.

This includes at least a couple thousands dollars worth of physical silver.

I had not thought that he would ever give us that money, and when my family asked what I was going to do with that silver and money, I had no idea. A part of me didn’t even want that man’s money. However, I’ve decided that I’d like to honor his death, and this is where I need your help:

I would like you all to help me find important organizations/movement that Trump is attacking, so that I can donate my grandpa’s money to support them.

This includes things like supporting Planned Parenthood, #DAPL resistance, Flint water funds, refugee aid….

I’ve already found some #DAPL and Flint groups to donate too, but the problem is that I lose track of links when they are just in various posts, so I’m trying to make my own. And i need help finding more groups, ones that I may have missed or haven’t heard about yet, because there are so many problems at once. I want help collecting this information please, because I don’t have the time to do it all alone. send me asks, messages, replies, submits, anything.

and if you are international and there are organizations that need help in your country, I will take a look at those too! I’ve seen posts about the fire in Chile, but not about how to provide aid. 

Help me put his money into everything I believe in, and everything he was viciously against. 

[ARTICLE] MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Cast In KBS Sitcom, Also Starring Apink’s Hayoung

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon has recently been cast in the KBS 2TV special sitcom “Jeong Nam Hyung” (literal translation). “Jeong Nam Hyung” is intended to be a drama to teach international Hallyu fans about Korean and will air next month on KBS 2TV and KBS World. The sitcom also stars Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Hyun Jae, and Apink’s Hayoung and will be aired in more than 100 countries. Hyungwon will play Ik Soo, a rising star in the neighborhood of Itaewon and a rival to the titular Kim Jeong Nam, who can’t stand him. Hyungwon has previously acted in two web dramas in the past. “There are lots of things I’m trying for the first time, so I am learning from my seniors and the director,” Hyungwon said. “The chemistry between the actors and the staff is really good. I am working to be able to fit into the role of Ik Soo like a second skin.”

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can you explain crystal grids to a newbie?

I don’t use crystal grids much myself, but I’ll try. 

It seems like crystal grids are just  crystals being arranged in a certain way / pattern to bring about a certain effect. I am not sure what patterns do what, or if there is a certain technique or a system to the arranging, or if each magic user determines for themselves what will help the energy of the crystals flow most effectively towards the intent.

I have some resources for crystal grids, that I hope can give you more of an explanation than that.

Please note: not all of the resources provided have been read thoroughly by the poster; take any information within these articles with a grain of salt, and use what you find at your own discretion.

* = external links / resources

If anyone actually works with crystal grids, can you please chime in and maybe offer some advice or opinions or more resources? Thank you!

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I'm extremely concerned about the safety of Jewish people in these tense times. What can I do to help?

This is an excellent question that I’m glad you asked. 

First and foremost, I would say pay attention. Watch the news. Look at the reports. Be aware of what’s happening. Secondly, (and this is huge) BELIEVE US. There are always the trolls in comment sections who insist none of this is really happening and we’re all creating this to get attention. Honestly, since Trump was elected, I found some of my friends believe such things which shocked me. 

Beyond that, here are two articles with information that might help:

What I Wish Non-Jews Understood About Anti-Semitism

That has some feelings, experiences, and explanations. 

Anti-Semitism: Know It. Name It. Shame It.

That’s a fantastic article (also referenced in the first article) on dealing with anti-semitism. 

ETA: See a fuller response here: What Can You Do About Anti-Semitism?

As looking at the photograph of Arberto Hugo Rojas, it reveals in front of us an image of young Kurdish fighter, wearing a camouflage gear and holding a rifle. Next to her the figure of a male fighter facing off the camera’s gaze can be noticed. The picture probably captures a scene of the preparation before a combat against Daesh. The warm tones of the image highlight the desolate area where the two photographic subjects are positioned. If one observes this image more closely, one can feel at unease, something is going wrong if a woman is taking up arms.

How can we read this image? How can we understand our uneasiness? How can we understand the context of the social surroundings and political aspects in the photo?                            
           First and foremost, so as to answer these questions one needs to accentuate the image’s functions in relations to producing a system of knowledge rather than the intentions of the photographer shooting it. The modern individual is trapped in an era where we get informed through article news, web pages and social media. Our gaze is subject to being institutionalized. Since images are mostly edited and surrounded with text, it is vital to observe how these systems of governing the gaze are used to imply preconceived interpretation. Our first encounter with this photograph was probably through a newspaper or an online article. Our first sight of this photograph is not even its full, uncropped one. The magazine gaze has overtaken the gaze of the spectator(Lutz et all, 2003). What we see is a different image, resized in order to emphasize on the female fighter, to take our attention to her features, facial expressions and “glamorous look”. The title of the article about her death where the female fighter is described as the “Kurdish Angelina Jolie” has a huge impact on the spectator. Our initial  reading of this photo is influenced by how it was presented to us. In order to fully grasp the image, to deterritorialize the sovereign, to take part in reading this photograph based on an ethical duty as Ariella Azoulay puts it, the spectator needs to understand its own responsibility of what is visible, to abandon their passive attitude toward the image and look deeper into their own ethics of seeing (2008; 130).

           This is not the first instance when Western media showed fascination for the YPJ soldiers. For instance, Kurdish female fighter called “Rehana” gained a lot of attention after being murdered. As Dilar Dirik comments: “Reporters often pick the most “attractive” fighters for interviews and exoticise them as “badass” Amazons.”(2014). However, what we can learn from this ongoing obsession about the female freedom fighters is not much about them as it is for the values and stereotypes Western media wants to reassure about the Eastern women. What is evident from the way in which Eastern women are given the platform to raise their voices is that only the ones that are beautiful enough are important to be heard of. This raises question of what notions of beauty the Western media is reinforcing and whether it has been trapped in the ways which the imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy operates (hooks,2000). In both cases the representation of the killed Kurdish women was made in a specific way underlining not their political agenda, but their appearance, body and gender. The overabundance of media attention they receive on the basis of her look devalue the struggle of Kurdish independence and fight against Daesh.

           This images were picked up by western feminists as an example of way of rebellion against the patriarchal eastern society where women are more subordinated than in Europe and USA. However, this way of interpreting the images is decontextualizing the complex message of the images and setting an orientalist way of seeing. As bell hooks states, the fight to end sexist oppression is universal and the beginning of the fight against male domination was not started by white Western women. She argues that the “sexist practices in relation to women’s bodies globally are linked”(2000;46).  Moreover, Kurdish women were part of the struggle for independence for many years before the first western woman was allowed to join the military. Which leads us to the important questions which this image raises – Whether eastern women are sorely fighting against patriarchy or their fight can be intersecting between class, gender and nationality? Can Eastern women be acknowledged for their gender-egalitarian governance demand and do we care about the core of their political struggle?

           The trends of interpretation this image has created over time have had the similar one-sided approach at looking at this image. The unease we feel at or first encounter is not merely due to the sexist oppression in the Middle East nor the death of a beautiful looking young girl. It may include these conceptions, however, if we look carefully, the forgotten scenes of horror of a whole nation trying to maintain their lives as they fled place by place will unveil. It will evoke our disgust for ourselves as we realize that these women are fighting for their freedom, struggling against displacement, mass murder and systematic assimilation across four different countries. We will  see an ongoing resistance against terrorism, settle colonialism, patriarchy and fascism.  We will not see actress Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood millionerd, but Asia Ramazan Antar, a Kurdish YPJ female fighter fighting her own fight for democracy. According to Ariealla Azoulay, photography’s critics emphasize on the fact that photography has the ability to be perceived falsely forgetting that it can also allude us to the truth (2008;). To decolonize the media’s myopia, one need to attempt destroying what was oversimplicity written and interrogate distortions of people’s life experiences.  Even if we have the postcolonial emancipatory image in front of us, it is the spectator duty to look critically, overturn the attempt of media to simplify the intersectional identity of the subject of photography. If we look at Asia Ramazan Antar not just as a beautiful female fighting against rigid sexist roles but as individual with personal engagement to the world, we will equip ourselves with a photography as a tool of decolonization of our minds, photography as a radical way of seeing.

           Notwithstanding the above one question remains: Are we ready to decolonize ourselves?

fun story time

a few years back, there was this guy named “icycalm” who got somewhat popular in the arcade gaming scene by writing fairly informative articles about arcade gaming. he was somewhat abrasive about it though, and had a super rigid view of game design, basically believing that any game that wasn’t a tough as nails 2D arcade-style action game was awful. (so basically, not too far from egoraptor/arin hanson)

as time went on, he got more and more harsh about his views, to the point where he literally considered RPG fans to be mentally deficient. the breaking point was when someone doxxed him and found out he was a literal criminal (scammed a bunch of old people out of their money) on the run for the law. that information coming to light gave him a mental breakdown. he started getting into philosophy but it was basically an excuse for him to justify becoming a raging sexist social darwinist fascist

he then became more cult leader-like, banning a bunch of people from his forums and locking most of his content behind a paywall (50 fucking bucks per year to access his shit!). he tried a variety of creative projects from developing his own “revolutionizing” game to creating a “grand theory of everything” philosophy. as of now, he’s currently faking his death, either for attention seeking or to stay on the run from the law, or both. but he’s more than likely still alive because the domain on his websites got renewed

he’s not actively dangerous or anything but i thought it was a….interesting story to relay. when i was a lot younger i used to be a fan of his when he was more reasonable, and afterwards i was around for the 4chan threads he tried preaching to. he started a very small movement of people who shared his views on gaming, but arcade gaming being so niche stopped it from rising to like, obnoxious “PC MASTER RACE!!!” levels. i’m fairly certain that movement is essentially non existent lmao

so yeah, ever feel bad about your life, just know it could get as bad as this guy’s


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Worship & Practice in Anito Resources & References

To make it easier to find certain posts and information on my blog as well as on past posts on Pinoy-Culture that I may have posted, I have decided to create this list. I know many of you are interested in learning more about how our ancestors worshiped and what they believed in either through curiosity or actually bringing back these beliefs and practices into a modern revival, so I help you find this helpful. This post will be updated as new information and articles are written on the blog and I will be setting aside a permanent page to find all these links collected into one page. Enjoy! If you have anything in particular you want to learn and discuss feel free to message me. (Edit: Majority of this info is on the Tagalog and Bisayan beliefs as that is what I am so I do more research on those two. So if you are wondering why it’s because of my own personal practice. I do try to post information on other groups when I can.)

Basics & Foundations

Offerings & Rituals


The Anito & Diwata

The Ancestors

Symbols & Omens

Prayers, Oaths, & Devotions


NEW THEORY OF GRAVITY MIGHT EXPLAIN DARK MATTER A new theory of gravity might explain the curious motions of stars in galaxies. Emergent gravity, as the new theory is called, predicts the exact same deviation of motions that is usually explained by inserting dark matter in the theory. Prof. Erik Verlinde, renowned expert in string theory at the University of Amsterdam and the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics, published a new research paper today in which he expands his groundbreaking views on the nature of gravity. In 2010, Erik Verlinde surprised the world with a completely new theory of gravity. According to Verlinde, gravity is not a fundamental force of nature, but an emergent phenomenon. In the same way that temperature arises from the movement of microscopic particles, gravity emerges from the changes of fundamental bits of information, stored in the very structure of spacetime. Newton’s Law from Information In his 2010 article [], Verlinde showed how Newton’s famous second law, which describes how apples fall from trees and satellites stay in orbit, can be derived from these underlying microscopic building blocks. Extending his previous work and work done by others, Verlinde now shows how to understand the curious behaviour of stars in galaxies without adding the puzzling dark matter. Puzzling Star Velocities The outer regions of galaxies, like our own Milky Way, rotate much faster around the centre than can be accounted for by the quantity of ordinary matter like stars, planets and interstellar gasses. Something else has to produce the required amount of gravitational force, and so dark matter entered the scene. Dark matter seems to dominate our universe: more than 80% of all matter must have a dark nature. Hitherto, the alleged dark matter particles have never been observed, despite many efforts to detect them. No Need for Dark Matter According to Erik Verlinde, there is no need to add a mysterious dark matter particle to the theory. In a new paper, which appeared today on the ArXiv preprint server, Verlinde shows how his theory of gravity accurately predicts the velocities by which the stars rotate around the center of the Milky Way, as well as the motion of stars inside other galaxies. “We have evidence that this new view of gravity actually agrees with the observations, “ says Verlinde. “At large scales, it seems, gravity just doesn’t behave the way Einstein’s theory predicts.” At first glance, Verlinde’s theory has features similar to modified theories of gravity like MOND (modified Newtonian Dynamics, Mordehai Milgrom (1983)). However, where MOND tunes the theory to match the observations, Verlinde’s theory starts from first principles. “A totally different starting point,” according to Verlinde. Adapting the Holographic Principle One of the ingredients in Verlinde’s theory is an adaptation of the holographic principle, introduced by his tutor Gerard ‘t Hooft (Nobel Prize 1999, Utrecht University) and Leonard Susskind (Stanford University). According to the holographic principle, all the information in the entire universe can be described on a giant imaginary sphere around it. Verlinde now shows that this idea is not quite correct: part of the information in our universe is contained in space itself. Information in the Bulk This extra information is required to describe that other dark component of the universe: the dark energy, which is held responsible for the accelerated expansion of the universe. Investigating the effects of this additional information on ordinary matter, Verlinde comes to a stunning conclusion. Whereas ordinary gravity can be encoded using the information on the imaginary sphere around the universe only – as he showed in his 2010 work – the result of the additional information in the bulk of space is a force that nicely matches the one so far attributed to dark matter. On the Brink of a Scientific Revolution Gravity is in dire need of new approaches like the one by Verlinde, since it doesn’t combine well with quantum physics. Both theories, the crown jewels of 20th century physics, cannot be true at the same time. The problems arise in extreme conditions: near black holes, or during the Big Bang. Verlinde: “Many theoretical physicists like me are working on a revision of the theory, and some major advancements have been made. We might be standing on the brink of a new scientific revolution that will radically change our views on the very nature of space, time and gravity.”

Title: Solidarity
Rating: K+
Pairing: Bawson-adjecent: if you squint at the end.
A/N: Okay, so I’m just getting my feet wet again with this writing thing. It’s been a long time. LOONG TIME. However, this wouldn’t leave me alone. Also, this isn’t beta’d and was written in no time at all. Hope you enjoy!


Some took sharp intakes of breath, others groaned, others laughed, others rolled their eyes; majority of them whistled. He looked around, pulling his phone from his pocket, wondering what had all of his teammates’ attention. Noticing the google alert notification, he clicked and gaped at the heading: “MLB’s Ginny Baker Bares All”.

Tommy did his best not to look at the pictures before reading the article informing everyone that Cardinals catcher Trevor Davis’ email had been hacked, these photos the most interesting of the lot. Miller swallowed, not sure what to think. He had been resistant to Baker on the beginning, but they had formed an unlikely friendship; the idea that this was one more thing she’d be dealing with made him shake his head. It’s not like no one else in the Major League, in athletics period, hadn’t taken pictures they probably didn’t intend to get out; but this was the first female baseball player, nude.

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  • Locations of Bi Resource Centers and LGBT Resource Centers
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softlouisaf replied to your post: so like would their anniversary still be the…

oh but didn’t “harry” “introduce them” cause that was a thing if i recall correctly

yes it was and that made it all 10000x funnier 

Tumblr Epilepsy Blogs: A Summary

@epilepsysupport: If I don’t have the answers you need, my vast network of contacts probably will!

@the-seizure-blog: Here are some uplifting infographics and links to informative articles about epilepsy.

@captainfantasticspastic: You can do it! I believe in you! I am here for you if you need me!

@thetwitchylife: Let’s share our experiences and be epilepsy pals!


@fuckepilepsy: what if there was an epilepsy fairy

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New article came out today in The Scottish Sun stating Cait attended the pre Bafta parties "with her boyfriend Tony McGill" I'm done, I can't pretend isn't true anymore, Cait likely leaked the info to them.

The Scottish Sun is a tabloid. The info for that observation came not from Cait or any source empowered to speak for her. It wasn’t “planted” by her people. Instead it came from twitter, from a caption that was put by a twitter user under a pic of Cait at the Baftas party. The rest of the article was sourced from twitter as well. And not coincidentally most of the rest of it is also wrong. They did get the part right about her looking stunning, but nothing else. Tweeted photo captions, most of which are put out by fans, are a very poor source of information for a news article and in this instance the tweet has since been deleted- suggesting that the user is acknowledging overstepping the truth in favor of opinion in this instance.
Also there have been no retweets of this article by Cait or Sam. Sam who stepped all over himself to retweet the “Scottish love” article. Twice. It may be a tabloid but when they report something that Cait and Sam don’t mind standing behind there is a quick signal boost via a retweet. So it stands to reason that they are both aware of this article too, and are choosing to ignore it. They are not giving it validation by ether addressing it or retweeting it. That says it all for me, along with the quick removal of the tweet that started it all by the, pretty obviously errant, twitter user.

Neither Cait, or her people, had any hand in this article, anon, just a twitter user with an opinion, but it’s your prerogative to jump overboard if you wish- just means there will be more drinks left for the rest of us up on the Lido deck!