Soft Launch Rehearsals Held at WWoHP Hollywood!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood has begun technical rehearsals for its official opening in April! Want to know what this means for you? Read here to find out more!


Note: This post is about is about both TFOU and Télé Québec.

As Miraculous draws to an end in France and more regions, it seems that it may come sooner to those in Québec. As the Télé Québec schedule states, episodes are released Saturday and Sunday with the week of the Feb. 28 releasing them each day, giving the season finale the date of March 19, 2016, before France’s presumed date of April 3, 2016.

As I report all news I thought I’d inform everyone that if they do not wish to see synopsis’ of episodes as they air in Québec, they should blacklist the tag #ml spoilers or #plot posts. Some consider the Télé Québec synopsis’ to be too spoilery and rather have a tease of the episode rather than a statement on what it is about.

I will continue to post updates on TFOU as information is released with regular tags, but all that have to do with Télé Québec will be tagged with the above tags.

When episodes are fully released on Télé Québec, I will provide links to the video with episode information under ‘read mores’.

Directions on how to view the episodes and Télé Québec timeslots down below:

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Top secret information handled by up to 30 unsecured accounts on Hillary Clinton’s secret email server

We keep posting new information about Hillary Clinton’s legal quagmire, hoping that she might be put in handcuffs any day now, but I seriously doubt she’ll ever see a day in jail (because, you know, she’s a Clinton). Still, the story continues to get worse and worse for her and her inner circle of advisors.

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UK Killer Whales Can't Be Saved
While there have been ongoing discussions for several years now about whether to reintroduce wolves and lynxes into Scotland, little has been done to save currently threatened populations and this is most notably shown by the march to extinction that Scotland's orcas are embarked upon.

Short article about the latest research paper published highlighting the PCB concentrations in European Orca its possible cause for the demise of the West Coast Community and how there is little government interest to take action to stop further extinction. 
Photo is not from either UK populations.

If the average millennial wants to find out what people are feeling about any given subject, they are not going to look for a poll, they are going to access Reddit or some similar site and check the up votes for the topic they are interested in and read the comments. It’s in real time, and changes right before your eyes. Or they go to YouTube and find a relevant video and see both the positive votes and the negative votes for the video. Or they might simply post something on Facebook and check both the number of likes and the comments that readers make. It doesn’t take long to get the pulse of any issue.

This is the world that pollsters are trying to tap into. It can’t be done. In the modern world the influences on our opinions are so massive from the near infinite information sources of the Internet that even a satire news story that propagates on Facebook as the truth can raise the anger, or the sympathy, or the desire to take action of tens of millions of people overnight. What good is a snapshot poll is such a fluid world?

We have become a nation of wavering likes and dislikes. Every new information snippet finds its way into our subconscious and subtly changes us. We are unsure, at every moment what we will do until a choice physically presents itself.
Killer Whales and Ship Noise Frequencies Are Now Same, Making Whale-Foraging Difficult
A critically endangered population of killer whales in the Pacific Northwest may be encountering more noise pollution than in the past. A recent study suggests large passing oil tankers emit sounds at frequencies killer whales use to communicate and echolocate. Ultimately, researchers say, this could impede their ability to find food they need to survive.

NBA Game Previews & More


-7 -110 /   196 ov -110 /   -310
+7 -110 /   196 un -110 /   +250
Full Game Preview Here

-1 -110 /   207.5 ov -110 /   -115
+1 -110 /   207.5 un -110 /   -105
Full Game Preview Here

-4 -110 /   208.5 ov -110 /   -170
+4 -110 /   208.5 un -110 /   +150
Full Game Preview Here

+1 -110 187 ov -110 +100
-1 -110 187 un -110 -120
Full Game Preview Here


+13.5 -110 /   230.5 ov -110 /   -
-13.5 -110 /   230.5 un -110 /   -
Full Game Preview Here

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VIDEOS: Klizan runs the gamut of emotions during insane semifinal win over Mahut

Martin Klizan fended off three match points in his roller-coaster semifinal win over Nicolas Mahut in Rotterdam on Saturday, just a day after saving five in his quarterfinal win over Roberto Bautista Agut.

It was an emotional match for Klizan - who’ll play for just his fourth ATP title on Sunday - and each of his emotions was adorned on his sleeve throughout.

Mahut served for the match at 7-6, 5-3, but, like Bautista Agut before him, he couldn’t close it out. Klizan broke, and celebrated as if he’d just won Wimbledon.

Martin Klizan breaks serve

Klizan went on to win the set and the match, but not without some cathartic lunacy along the way, including: an epic racket smash, a 30-foot-high racket chuck, and a frustrated post-point wallop that knocked the racket out of Mahut’s hands.

if you missed the Klizan-Mahut match, here it is in 30 seconds

— Ricky Dimon (@Dimonator)

February 13, 2016

When he finally clinched the 6-7(3), 7-6(7), 6-2 victory after two hours and 46 minutes, Klizan pretended to row himself to the final.


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Freedom of information has been the death of truth.

Freedom of information has been the death of truth.

  The endless stream of information that is flowing around the world increases each day. Its sources: official, unofficial, opinionated, speculated, carbonated with hyperbole, salted with half-truths, outright lies, fabrications, and fantasy are replacing truth. So virulent is the flow of information, so indiscriminate is the information that is slathered across the news and internet, separating…

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* World Travel Tips : 10 Secret Mexican Islands You Can Have All to Yourself

Travel Tips - Looking for an island getaway that’s not as overrun as Cozumel? We’ve got your number. These lesser-known Mexican islands offer up relaxation, adventure and, for the most part, zero bars on your cellphone.

(Photo: Samuel Tristan via flickr/CC Attribution)

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World Travel Tips : Find cheap flights, hotels and car rentals. Plan your trip with travel guides, personalized recommendations, articles, deals and more. When you travel, you want your bags to travel with you. Follow these tips from travel professionals on how not to lose your luggage.

New post has just been posted, “Impacts of Climate Change on the future of the Oceans”. If it interests you take a gander, even if you dont care a quick click on the link will do! :) Thanks guys xxxx

Banned umpire worked at 2015 US Open

US Open organizers admitted that one of the two umpires recently banned for corruption by the International Tennis Federation worked as a linesman during the most recent edition of the tournament, after he’d been added to the “do not credential” list, The Guardian reports.

Denis Pitner was given a one-year ban effective Aug. 24, 2015 - just a day before qualifying began at Flushing Meadows - but continued to work at the tournament until Sept. 10, which was around the time of the semifinals.

Pitner was banned for regularly accessing a betting account from which tennis wagers were placed, as well as divulging details of a player’s fitness level to an opposing coach, according to The Guardian.

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) released a statement in the wake of the US Open’s revelation:

After learning within the last 24 hours that an official on the “do not credential” list may have worked at the 2015 US Open as a linesman, the USTA immediately investigated the claim. The USTA was shocked to find that this was in fact the case.

As we have now determined, Denis Pitner had been approved to work the US Open as a linesman on 13 July. The USTA was notified that Mr Pitner was placed on the “do not credential” list on 24 August. Mr Pitner had already picked up his credential prior to the USTA being notified. Due to a flaw in our process, which we are investigating now, Mr Pitner’s credential was not cancelled. For this reason, he did work as a linesman at the 2015 US Open.

Pitner also worked in Doha at the men’s world tour event - in which Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal competed - last month in an oversight the ATP chalked up to a “breach in procedures.”

The revelations come as an independent review panel - established after explosive match-fixing allegations returned to the fore during last month’s Australian Open - prepares to undergo an exhaustive investigation of both corruption in the sport and the practices of the Tennis Integrity Unit.

“The USTA takes this matter extremely seriously and has made the investigation of what caused the error its highest priority,” a USTA spokesman told The Guardian. “We will also work with the newly created independent review panel to ensure instances such as this are not repeated in the future.”

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[ENG/ITA] WARNER MUSIC JAPAN: "KAMIJO no bonjour! Vampire" guest's info released!

[ENG/ITA] WARNER MUSIC JAPAN: “KAMIJO no bonjour! Vampire” guest’s info released!

External image

[ENG] Infos about KAMIJO’s guest in the radio broadcast「KAMIJO no Bonjour! Vampire 」 were published! We listen about the real story of the live performance!? Stay tuned for two following weeks! ■7th broadcast on 2/16 (Tue) studio guest : MACHI (LAREINE) ■8th broadcast on 2/23 (Tue) studio guest : MACHI (LAREINE) FUJI FM (78.6 TOKYO, KOFU 83.0) 「KAMIJO no Bonjour! Vampire 」 Every Tuesday 19: 30 ~…

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