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Prompt: Lance struggles with his body image for whatever reason. Some of the others pic up on his suffering and try to help him feel better about himself (preferably a completely platonic)

Platonic you ask, platonic you get!

Lance stared at his arms in displeasure, his eyes trailed down to his stomach and then to his legs. Too skinny.

He didn’t like his lack of broad, his lack of manliness. It was disheartening to stand next to Hunk, Shiro and even Keith. Them and all their muscle, them and theirs strength, when Lance himself was skin and bones. It was moments like these that Lance felt least like a warrior fighting in a war and more like a child.

He sighed as he shovelled some food in his mouth before he left to training, where the others were also headed. He went to the changing room and shrugged off his clothes, cringing when Shiro walked past with his shirt off, his abs and pecs naked to the world, swole arms flexing as he put on his armour. Lance once again poked at his arms and deflated a he felt nothing but a small, taut muscle.

They had gotten ready and left to train. 

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Writing Magic Posts: Personal/Experience versus Applicable Information

Magic posts generally fall into one of two major categories: personal/experience posts or applicable information posts. Which type of post yours falls under will affect how they are perceived.  

Personal/Experience posts are what a person experienced during a magical event, typically written from a narrative PoV with a lot of focus on conversation, the environment and detail. They are very detailed recordings of a single experience. Applicable Information posts differ in that, while they may be based in personal experience, they are usually built off of a combination of multiple experiences rather than just one.

Differences between personal/exp posts and applicable info posts:

Personal/Experience Posts are:

  • Usually describing a single event
  • Written like journal/diary entries
  • Focus on emotions, feelings, sensations, and/or events
  • Are generally useful only to the Original Poster (OP). (This usually ends up with them being ignored/not getting many notes, for those of you that care about that.)
  • Examples: “I went to X astral realm…”, “I interviewed X spirit…”, “I casted X spell and this is what I felt during/what happened after…”, “My guide told me X…”

Applicable Info Posts are:

  • Usually written from experience with multiple events, a summarization of multiple experiences sometimes including those of others
  • Written like articles
  • Focus on information/what is applicable- useful for many people
  • Purposely avoids emotional tone/language
  • Can be useful to a wider audience (thus usually garnering more notes/attention.) 
  • Easier to gain confirmation for (since you can ask others who may be doing the same thing about their experiences)
  • Usually better organized and thus easier for a quick read
  • Examples: Info on the culture of a specific group of spirits, a spell, theories

Some of you might worry that your practice will be less “sacred” if you give out information. Well, I’ve got good news for you-

You don’t need to expose personal shit to be informative. As said earlier, the majority of people don’t care about your personal experiences because there’s nothing in your sacred experience that they can use and apply to themselves (as cold as that might sound). Because of this, you can still keep the personal aspects of your practice secret while opening up applicable information. So you can keep your guidance from your spirit guides, heart-wrenching journeys, sacred sigils your deity gave you and whatever else personal shit to yourself. Good news, right?

Anyhow, if you want to focus on writing more applicable information posts,

You move from a personal/experience to applicable info with:

  • Confirmation - multiple, unrelated people experiencing the same thing
  • Correlation - Multiple instances of the same/similar events/experiences occurring 
  • Analysis- finding out what may be applicable to others, and what isn’t
  • Editing out personalization- You purposely remove anything that applies only to you. This makes the information more widely applicable.

Moving from personal experiences to applicable info is an extraction process. You’re literally extracting and filtering out “raw info” from a collection of experience- it takes time, but the applicable info will be very useful once compiled.

For confirmation/correlation studies, the ideal minimum of experiences/people confirming would be 30, as it is the statistical “magic number” where trends begin becoming apparent.* While not foolproof, it would be the ideal. However, given the size of the community and how hard it is to find others doing the same things as you, that sample size isn’t achievable for the majority of us.

The next best thing would be to form (persona 5 voice) social links with a small group of practitioners around the same level of experience as you, so that you can perform experiments/confirmation/correlation checks with each other.

Tips for a better applicable info post:

  • Be as SPECIFIC with your sample as possible. If you want to write about a type of demon for example, don’t  just call them “demons” in your post. Don’t even just say “Lavartum demons”. Now, saying Theatre Lavartum demons, a specific subset of the Lavartum species, would be much better. Narrow it down as much as you can, to specific subspecies/races/ethnicities (when talking about spirits) or towns/provinces (when talking about an astral location), for example(s?). Here is a post expanding more on why.
  • Have others review your articles to make sure the information is applicable and easy to understand.
  • Write as simply yet precisely as possible. Don’t use vague, flowery language when you’re trying to share info and make it more applicable.
  • Have good formatting…it doesn’t matter how good your information is if it’s poorly organized so nobody can understand it. Make use of headings, subheadings, etc.
  • Proofread
  • Don’t be afraid to ask around if people have had similar experiences. More people are likely to trust the info if it was formed through the experiences of multiple people (because confirmation). The more you trap yourself with this idea that you can’t share any of your experiences, the greater your insecurity is going to get. After all, you’re the one forcing standards on yourself. If you’re gatekeeping information and then getting insecure that you can’t be truly open you have no one to blame but yourself. You need to really look at yourself, your practice and the community overall to decide what you do or don’t want to share; ignoring these points will only hurt you in the long run. And a reminder again- you don’t need to expose personal shit to be informative.
  • Create new terminology when necessary, but if you need to use an already existing word (such as ‘signatures’ in ‘energy signatures’), try and make sure that your new term uses that word in the correct context or as close to the original context as possible. Don’t be afraid to make up completely new words if what you’re attempting to talk about doesn’t fit anything you know of (and double check with google to ensure that the word you’re making up doesn’t exist yet lol)

Applicable information posts are the main way that new information gets introduced to communities, as the information can actually be used and improved upon by a multitude of people. If you want to effectively contribute your information, you’ll need to make it applicable to others, hence the name.

*Google it for more. 

Dean/Cas: Bright Star

Professor!Cas AU inspired by this post. 1.7K.

“Dr. Novak?” Dean calls quietly as he opens the office door. It’d normally be rude to walk in like this but he figures it’s an exception with Castiel.

The room is darkened save for the sunlight streaming in through the wrap-around window, and from the desk pushed up against the wall comes a low, warm voice. “Good afternoon, Dean.”

God, that voice. Dean blushes a little, then stammers, “Hey, thank you again for, um- For letting me make this up.”

“You’re welcome,” Castiel replies, and oh, so that’s what people meant when they said a smile could light up a room.

Okay, so maybe Dean’s got a crush but honestly, who wouldn’t after meeting the guy? With the gravel-rough voice and five o’clock shadow and nerdy ties that are always on backwards. He’s somehow hot and endearing all at once and Dean is basically a walking cliché.

To be fair, there were times when Dean felt like they could’ve been more in a parallel universe - one where they’re classmates, or childhood friends, or total strangers who meet on the street. Dean would have been infatuated either way and had something realistic to pin his hopes on.

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i have no idea if you're looking for langst prompts but here we go during a mission lotor shows up and voltron starts getting their butts handed to them and lotor hijacks their intercoms and addresses blue lotor is like well lance they never really liked you and all this stuff and so lance is like yeah yeh youre right my dude so lance forces them to break apart and goes to him hes joined the dark side skip forward and the paladins see lance and he looks better than before but tryin' to kill them

YESSSS!!!! I’ve wanted to do something like this for awhile! 

“Alright everyone stay in formation, just because we cleared this area doesn’t mean that the fight is over.” Shiro’s stern voice traveled over the coms and Lance nodded and moved backed into his position. 

“This fight seemed too easy, like they were holding back.” Keith stated as he flew next to the black lion. 

“I agree with Keith, for once.” Lance mumbled as he gripped Blue’s controls tighter. 

A few snickers filled the coms and a small smile grew across Lance’s face. 

“Guys….. What is that? Hunk’s panic voice filled the coms and Lance looked through Blue and saw what Hunk had just saw. 

“What the hell?” Lance’s eyes widen at the giant Galra ship that came out of a wormhole right in front of the 5 paladins. 

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I'm not sure if you've done a post about this before, but what do the various pronouns suggest in terms of nuance/self image? For example, how does "boku" used by a girl actually come off to a native speaker? (if you'd know the answer to that)

Well, it sorta depends on the person.

I noticed in a lot of songs that female singers use 「ぼく」 and when I asked why, native speakers said it’s so that men feel less uncomfortable singing along. Same with きみ in the sense that it’s used by men for love songs and girls can use it, but they wouldn’t normally use it other than to sing along.

I can’t speak for the absolute majority, but here’s what I’ve deduced from conversations about this:


わたし is the most common form, of course. It’s like your default. 

あたし is a slang feminine way of saying watashi. It’s kind of cutesy. If a guy says it people will usually think he’s gay.

ぼく is a friendly male “I,” and my Japanese professor once said to most definitely opt for that pronoun if you’re a man under 20 (as opposed to わたし) because わたし sounds a little too feminine when you’re that young. You still want to use わたし in formal settings, though. It has a kind of humbling effect. Sometimes girls use it to be boyish.

おれ is also a male “I,” but very informal and kind of…insecure-sounding, at least to me? I guess that’s not a widely-held view (maybe), but when using it, it kind of gives the impression that you’re trying to look really masculine or tough. However, at the same time, it can also give a “you’re my friend, so I don’t need to worry about being too polite around you” impression. 


あなた is the most common and opted for “you,” but you’re supposed to avoid “you” in general. It can sound kind of accusatory. Just use the person’s name (if you need to specify the subject).

きみ is “you,” used for kids and talking to someone you’re really close to. It’s in a lot of love songs. I wouldn’t recommend using it if you’re a woman. Even using in a situation like addressing someone younger than you, it’s quite condescending (if you’re a woman). You never use it when referring to a male.

おまえ is you, but kind of a gruff one. In general, おまえ is used for people below you in age or status, but can come off really condescending. 

I think most important of all is that using anything besides the default わたし etc. will always say something about your image. It’s kind of like going out of your way to give off a certain impression, especially if you’re a foreigner. People expect you to say watashi, so you’re very obviously going out of your way to use a different pronoun, save just trying to sound more natural.

Tiger Stripes : Scenarios

Anon: scenario with suga, tsukki, kuroo and yams with female s/o where their s/o has lots of stretchmarks on her thighs even though shes a petite person and gets pretty insecure about it and attempts to hide it from the guys at aLL COSTS. i have lots of stretchmarks on my inner thighs for some reason and i wouldnt call myself a big person i’m pretty small so im kinda insecure about themmm ://

I relate to this fam, I am short and have tons of stretch marks on my thighs. Is this the request I never knew I wanted until I wrote it??

Female pronouns used!


Suga first began to know something was up when you wore leggings on a date during the summer in thirty degree heat. He was sceptical but decided not to mention it.

It happened again.

This time you wore tights underneath your shorts. He had asked you if you were hot and you laughed shakily and replied you weren’t. He didn’t believe you but he didn’t want to press or force you.

He finally knew why when you slept over at his a month later. 

Suga’s shirt rose above your thighs whenever you stretched, revealing dark blue PE shorts (to preserve your modesty and to avoid flashing your underwear) lovely, beautiful skin, and marks on your thighs.

“Nee, y/n, why do you have marks on your thighs?” He asked and his heart was beating too quickly.

What were they? Had you done them to yourself? Had someone else done the to you? He didn’t know wether he wanted to know the answer or not until your smile fell and tears pricked in your eyes and he took you in his arms.

“y/n, sweet, please tell me what’s wrong.”

You sniffed trying not to dissolve into tears. “I have stretch marks Koushi,” you whimpered miserably.

“Why do you sound so sad?” he questioned, and his hand ran up your thigh to trace the marks on them. “They’re nothing to be ashamed of. They mean you’re growing.”

“But they look disgusting,” you protested. “And they make me feel… all weird because I’m short.”

Suga moved to press his forehead against yours. “I love you so much, y/n, and you’re so beautiful, stretch marks don’t change that. And plus,” he leaned closer to whisper in your ear. “They look super cool!”


“You should wear shorts,” Tsukishima informed you as you rifled through a drawer his closet where you kept some of your clothes. “You can wear one of my shirts too.”

“Why?” you questioned, and you held the elastic band of your boyfriend’s brachiosaurus bottoms tighter.

“Because you look nice in shorts,” he told you, leaning over to fish the pale denim out from the bottom of the drawer, holding that and one of his shirts out to you.

“You mean you like my butt?” You prompted and Tsukishima smirked.

“You said it, not me,”

You whipped him with the t-shirt, “Rude!” you protested before you told him to turn around as you dropped the pyjama bottoms and pulled off the sleep shirt and pulled on the shorts and tugged on the t-shirt.

“You have stretch marks,” Tsukishima said bluntly before you could even turn around. You stiffened.

“You weren’t supposed to look,” you said, teeth clenched, not wanting to turn around in fear of either bursting into tears or punching a wall.

You heard him sigh. “Do you want to get iced coffee?” he asked.

You blinked. “You never answered me, why did you turn around? Why did you mention my stretch marks?”

You could almost hear him shrug.

“I turned around because I needed my belt, and I mentioned the stretch marks because I’ve never seen you with them Now do you want iced coffee or don’t you?”

“Sure…” you replied quietly, before Tsuksihima’s around were wrapped around you, his nose buried in the crook of your neck.

“Don’t feel ashamed or insecure,” he informed you huskily, and you figured you must’ve been giving off the emotions in waves. “I love you, and you look gorgeous, stretch marks or not.”

“Thanks, Kei,” You told him, snuggling into his arms.


Kuroo traced the lines of your stretch marks, marvelling at they way they felt on your beautiful skin. Having everything explained to him (”That’s why you wore leggings underneath your dress!”) he wanted to see them properly himself. He deemed that the glance he got of them before you explained was voided.

“You don’t have to look at them like that,” you muttered, cheeks flushed red.

“But I want to!” He protested, his fingers pausing on your skin. “I think they look awesome.”

“Why?” You asked, hardly able to keep the bitterness out of your voice. “They make me feel terrible.”

Kuroo thought for a minute and resumed the tracing of your marks. “Well, maybe think of them like tiger stripes,” he suggested, you peered at him curiously. “So y’know how tigers have the stripes? It’s like that saying that tigers have to earn their stripes, and you’re the tiger, so these stripes are to show how much you’ve grown.”

You blinked at him. “I… I never thought of it like that…” you admitted.

“You should’ve, you’re a beautiful tigress,” Kuroo informed you, a smirk laying on his lips when a blush rose to your cheeks. “And I guess that makes me  your tiger.”

You giggled. “Shut up, dork!”

He retaliated by pressing kisses to the inside of your thighs and trailing up your body until his hot breath was ghosting over your lips.

“But I’m your dork, Tigress,” he purred.


“y/n you should probably change the plasters on your thighs, they look old and dirty round the edges,” Yamaguchi reminded you as he sat with his head in your lap, fiddling with the edge of one of them.

“I will Tadashi,” You promised.

Of course, he didn’t know about the stretch marks that embellished your inner and outer thigh. He just thought you scraped them up while messing around on your friend’s skateboard, as that was what you had told him. 

You always had an excuse for things that involved showing skin; chlorine allergy, sunburn, scraped up skin, coldness. Anything to hide them.

Tadashi’s finger caught the edge of a plaster and accidentally ripped it off, causing you to jump with the removal of several of your leg hairs, and with the fact that one of your worst marks was left uncovered.

He didn’t speak, but just traced it gently before leaning down to press a kiss to it. You din’t stop him as he peeled off the rest of the plasters, pressing kiss to each new mark that was revealed until he was tracing a heart on your skin gently, and you were smiling down at him.

I love you, you traced on his back.

Yamaguchi grinned. I love you too, he traced back. You’re gorgeous, he added, and you blushed scarlet.

“Dork,” you whispered fondly, and Yamaguchi chuckled happily beneath your fingers.

This is for all of you who are insecure of your stretch marks for whatever reason. No matter what, you are beautiful and you have grown so much.

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- Admin Emi
A Republican contractor’s database of nearly every voter was left exposed on the Internet for 12 days, researcher says
The Republican National Committee's database of nearly every registered American voter was left vulnerable to theft on a public server for 12 days this month, according to a cybersecurity researcher who found and downloaded the trove of data.

Detailed information on nearly every U.S. voter — including in some cases their ethnicity, religion and views on political issues — was left exposed online for TWO WEEKS by a political consultancy which works for the RNC and other GOP clients.

“What is alarming about this now is that I believe it’s the first time RNC IDs and model data have been exposed,” said Matt Oszcowski, a veteran GOP political data strategist who recently started his own political fundraising company, Campaign Inbox. “This is not just a list of people; this is unique proprietary information which gives away [Republican] strategy and informs on targeting and methodology.”

In true Republican fashion, Matt Oszcowski states the most alarming part of this is the GOP’s proprietary information has been jeopardized. NOT the millions of individual American’s voter information.

TWO WEEKS. For two weeks American voter information was left insecure online by the RNC. The DNC gets hacked, the RNC “accidentally” leaves American voter data vulnerable to theft on a public server.


Is It The Black Sheep or Just Dark Skin ?

Growing up I had an older brother that was light skin, great at nearly everything and pretty much knew everyone. This pretty much always made me that much more self aware because we were brothers there was always a comparison who’s cuter, who looks better, etc. I’ve never spoken on the type of self hate and overall hateful outlook I use to have on myself because of this. I was the loud, rambunctious,  small and lanky dark skin younger brother and to make it even better I was just Super Gay even as a child my gayness just radiated off me. So I acted as most Black Young Skinny Flamboyant Gays Boys did with a lot of Attitude and Always on the attack if need be. I would immediately attack or be ready to read someone to filth if they came for me in anyway and I never understood why I was such a problem for people but I didn’t have time to reflect or understand I had to protect myself because no one else would do it. Fast Forward to a year after I graduated and thats when the first couple  pictures were taken, Looking at these pictures I can remember scrutinizing everything about how my nose looked big, my eyes looked stupid, my lips were huge and how my skin was just wasn’t even and it just looked horrible and I can also remember this was the year a man first told me I was beautiful, that I was the most gorgeous boy he’s ever seen and I loved it. The feeling I got when men told me these things or said them over and over. I can recall spending an afternoon with this guy and he called me beautiful about 10 times in a hour and I remember the feeling of power and strength I felt I had because of this. My 19th year of life was the year I began to find sexual freedom in men they would drape me in looks of lustful thoughts and appraising words. In those moments it would feel good but the times after I would never feel complete or whole. I wondered why just there admiration of me would allow me to open up or even let me share apart of myself with them. Now reflecting I realized I was never one with myself, never being told I was beautiful or enough by the ones who have seen the transitions of my entire life scorned me and it made me retreat to a place within me that  left me feeling that I wasn’t worthy of being told such a profound statement. It’s so hard sometimes because you never realize what  type of misconceptions society can put on you I can adamantly remember always feeling like the ugliest boy just because I was the darkest and this was even before anyone ever told me that being dark skin was looked at with a negative perception which I later did learn when I started to get teased for being so Black and so Gay and thus actually informed me that my insecurities were in fact valid. I never once told anyone though not my mom, brothers, sister or any of family. I learned to protect myself and to just keep moving and to never rely on others that wouldn’t and could not help me anyway like my mother and father. This built resentment for them but a hatred for myself that I could never really understand until I shared it with others in the moments of physical and sexual refuge. It was then that I realized how much I really hated me how much i had come to look at myself as a “disgusting” human being because I allowed myself to have feelings for men and gave them pieces of me with them only telling me of there surface admiration of me. Never once have I had a gentleman tell me he loved me for my mind, spirit, heart, or personality. Just my facial features or traits of my body that I myself was not only comfortable with but had never felt as though there was real beauty within them anyway.

 In figuring this out I stopped any sexual refuge and began to try and find out who I was and if I could ever find beauty within myself. In this time I realized I hated both my mother and my father, my brother and my sister all for reasons of painful deception and inflicting a deeper cut of hate that I already had within myself. My brother with his early words of hate like “Faggot” and “Gay Ass Bitch” that were so often said I actually got used to them and saw them as nonchalant as words like stupid or ugly. My sister for always being my refuge always being my crutch and breaking that bond with her own selfish and greedy actions. My Father for never being there for always choosing a life of indecency and for spending more time and years in a jail system then out of it & for allowing me to be looked at as a stereotype of being a young black boy who grew up without a father and that being the reason I sought after the company of other men, which was the farthest thing from the truth. Lastly My Mother the woman who in fact carried me for nine months and birthed me yet the woman i’ve never felt a connection with i’m pretty sure my mother like other people saw a difference in me that was very different than many others boy and that I had a walk, talk and a “switch” that she so often called it that me “serving young boy fish realness” written all over it, but I never saw warmth or safety with in my mom. Part of the reason I think I never told my mom of the gay slurs or fights I would get into because of how I walked, talked or expressed myself was because she was one of the individauls who actually would be bringing me down like those who didn’t even know me but just saw me and judged me. I can remember my mom asking with disgust and dismay why do I walk or talk like I did. As if I had an answer for her, as if there were any other answer than “I was born this way”. So it was in those moments that I completely shut off a emotional connection with her and then in the more compelled and troubled teenage years I found hateful words, statements and actions that were done to me from and I to her. I know that wholeheartedly the actions of my mom are what always gave me the negative perception of who I was. It always made me put my guard up with others and to protect myself from everyone at all costs. She always had this way of being sarcastic and abrasive with a ere of disapproval that I had come to not only know but actually begin to master in my own right & use in the effect of others as well as her. The moral of the entire passage is that i’am that stereotypical gay flamboyant black boy who talks kind of loud and can be kind of bitchy and use to love drama (as in mess) and always felt alone and like no one understood me. Yes I was teased for doing what felt natural to me hanging with girls, shaking my ass, or even rolling my neck and snapping with my hands. Even after coming to terms with my sexuality there were things that I still felt alone about because I would never be the gay that new Old Hollywood Movies or Broadway Plays and could recite them word for word or knew any Liza Minelli or Cher or Madonna songs or knew any song by any white musicians made after 2000s it just wasn’t me. I loved New music I loved feeling like that a hard gangster rap made you feel like you lived that life or how pop songs made you feel cute and bubbly and how a good R&B made you feel the pain of being in love. I would never be the perfect candidate for any category of gay conceptions I was kind of tall super skinny, dark and slightly hairy especially in some areas & I’ve never been one for consistency shaving or waxing. An unfortunately even with all of these my most desired type of man were those I had grown up with who became products of their environment by selling drugs, and portraying themselves in a more thuggish or gangster persona and with that persona came the understanding that no matter how much they cared for me or maybe even loved me the actions and image they put on to the world became the one that guaranteed their livelihood and the progression of it & because of this they would always have to remain in a closet one in which I had never been accustomed to and could never allow myself to always feel like someones secret or a lie that could never see the light of day. My Point for writing all of this was to give you a slight back story of me but not to in anyway make may me seem as if I’m a victim or I need any pity or remorse but to show that I am a living, breathing progression of a person. To show that i’am a DARK SKIN GAY BOY that grew up in the hood and it was hard Ive had days when I asked god why did he make me like this, why couldn’t I be light skin like my brother or why did people have to tease me , why didn’t anyone love me and those feelings an emotions stayed with me even at 19, 20, and even 21. I’ve had breakdowns when I still ask questions of why me but I now realize it was because I was strong enough for it. It was because through my own misconceptions of myself I had to have people tear me down and destroy so that when I built myself back up and ignorance would be thrown my way in the words of faggot, or gay bitch or bitch ass nigga , or my black ass or my nappy headed ass. Thats words and phrases like this wouldn’t hold any willpower over me they would be mere insecure phrases that people learned to use for people like me that seem to be hurting the perception of black America in today’s society and more importantly what a Black Man is in today’s society. Recently though I had a person close to me share a very personal secret with me and after I cried because it showed me that when you push through even when you feel like a failure and you see that you could be so much more than what you are. That when you don’t allow others words to not be your defeat you don’t allow there words to break or destroy your happiness or you perception of kindness and beauty in the world. You can change a person who may change the world. None of it easy, life has it’s ups and downs, highs and lows there are so many times when we don’t do something or go after something or speak up for ourselves out of fear. Fear of judgement, ridicule, beliefs, opinions but being who you are, accepting that and living organic can be your greatest gift to the world . No matter what you may feel if your able to help someone, society may not always look at you with great intention but if you reach out and help that one little boy or girl or even man or woman that may be going through the same ordeals, trials or situation as you and they can see you as a beacon of hope. Than thats what life is worth , love is worth it , fighting through those words, other actions, or even overcoming hate within the world or yourself is worth it. I want my greatest gift that I share with another person or the world to be Love and Happiness. Because thats what changes the World A Spark in one Can Start The Flame of Millions & I Intend to Change The World.