information costs

It doesn’t matter what’s real or not real because no one can tell the difference and even if you can it’s an isolating quality not a bonding one

the information people receive is still not real, but social media has given them an unprecedented illusion as to its realness

the idea that the information comes from “the average person” instead of someone tainted by the concerns of power, i.e. a politician

but social media is an extension of politics in the sense that its a pyramid of people who want to be the center of the world no matter the cost in information accuracy or human life

anyways stock is up on my futa separatist prepper fic series sold on amazon in 2.99 installments

The leaders of Russia, Australia and the US all go to Hell

While there, they spy a red phone and ask what it’s is for. The Devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth.

Vladimir Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 15 minutes. When he is finished the Devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes a cheque.

Malcolm Turnbull calls Australia and talks for an hour. When he is finished the Devil informs him that the cost is 4 million dollars, so he writes a cheque.

Finally Donald Trump gets his turn and talks for 3 hours. When he is finished the Devil informs him that the cost is 25 cents. Trump just smiles.

Turnbull and Putin go ballistic, and ask the Devil why Trump got to call the US for only 25 cents?

The devil smiles and replies: “Since Trump took over, the whole country has gone to hell. It’s a local call.”

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: How is Pokemon GO going to work? Is every pokemon going to be within a distance for everyone to collect them? Am I going to have to travel across the world just to get an Eevee? Will pokemon show up at my college? In my room? How does it work? Am I going to have to climb a mountain just to look at a Geodude? How big are we talking of a game space? Will people actually join me in a pokemon fight? How many people are going to have this were I live? Field pokemon in fields? What if I live in a city? Only garbage pokemon? What does this mean? I need answers.

The Journal

I’ve written some stuff recently about how the Journal hasn’t really been John’s journal for a long time. Since s1, it’s been referred to as “John’s journal,” but really, Dean has taken over conservatorship of the journal. He’s the official curator, and we’ve been led to believe that he’s, for the most part, the one who has continued keeping it current.

When we first saw it in the pilot, this is what it looked like:

Only a day or two later, in 1.02, the journal has already been transformed. All the photos, all the other loose bits of paper and clippings and things just stuffed in there have been reorganized, removed, refiled. It’s been pared down substantially.

Dean’s spent the last 11 years slowly transforming John’s original journal into something entirely different. We know he’s been continuously adding to it, especially after 7.11 when a lack of the most updated information on Vetalas nearly cost Sam his life. I’m pretty sure if nothing else, THAT would’ve inspired Dean to update the journal and keep it current, you know?

This is what it looks like today:

All the loose newspaper clippings have been tidied up. From what I remember in the early days of the show, those were mostly John’s unsolved cases. Things that had been left hanging that he was using as a distraction to keep Sam and Dean busy enough to stay out of trouble while he hunted for Azazel on his own.

The Woman in White had been a long-term open case. The Wendigo, too, was a generational case that John distracted Sam and Dean with, which they’d found IN THE JOURNAL. 

Strangely enough, the first case that Sam and Dean found on their own, independent of John’s journal, was 1.03 Dead in the Water. With a little boy named Lucas (just like the little boy in 12.03). Dean found them that case. On his own. Lest we forget the gift that is Dean circling potential cases in the paper:

It was the first time they went literally off book. They’d already ditched all the research and extraneous notes from the two unsolved cases John had sent them on. Dean had already begun the process of making that journal his own. Beginning with THIS CASE in 1.03. With a boy named Lucas, a mysterious reference to a “bike” (which I think is another reference to the black motorcycle that Dean commented on in passing in 12.03. And rather than make yet another post about that bike, it was also a reminder of 1.03, and another case that revolved around parents and children and lies and secrets and untold truths and “the story became the story” until the dam broke and the lake drained and all those hidden things from the past suddenly returned to the surface…) I mean really. PARALLELS TO THE PAST! But in a decidedly more mature fashion. The bicycle in 1.03 and the motorcycle in 12.03. Things are similar, but not the same now.

Sam and Dean spent the next little run of episodes finding their own cases again, adding things to the journal, updating it, making it more relevant to THEM (I say Sam and Dean but it’s usually Dean we see with the journal, and attached to it more personally than Sam).

It becomes painfully and personally relevant again in 1.09 Home. And then again in 1.10 Asylum (yet another of John’s old cases he sends them to solve for him). Same in 1.11 Scarecrow. At this rate they’re really beginning to tidy that thing up. 1.12 Faith brings the journal up in a new way. Sam was using it as a resource to help him find a way to heal and save Dean. We have no idea of knowing if the hunt for the rawhead that injured Dean had been another of John’s cases, but considering their previous run, it’s not unlikely.

Sam and Dean, toward the end of s1, then began learning more about demons, predominantly from Bobby. Which leads me to assume that there hadn’t been much in the journal about demons at all. Which is kind of odd knowing how much of John’s search for the thing that killed Mary had been focused specifically on the fact that he KNEW it was a demon. Yet Sam and Dean had been sidelined with all the cases in the journal that John had conveniently left lying around a motel room for them. Almost like he’d specifically left out a lot of crucial data.

He didn’t want them involved in the hunt for Yellow Eyes. He wanted to protected them by sending them out on hunts he knew they could handle. But the demons came after THEM, and when they needed fast help to learn wtf they were doing dealing with demons at all, they turned to Bobby.

I’m SURE that Dean has added pages and pages of useful info on demons. Because I’m equally sure that JOHN never included it.

What I’m getting at here is that it fundamentally irks me every time we call it “John’s journal.” It hasn’t been Johns since he left it behind for Dean in 1.01. After 11+ years, Sam and Dean (but especially Dean) have made it their own.

What Mary’s reading isn’t so much about John as it is about Sam and Dean. Yes, there seems to be a portion of it at the beginning where he recorded everything he went through after Mary’s death and his first forays into the supernatural, what life was like for him and the boys over the intervening years, but I think it’s been a LONG time since it was used as a journal in that sense, of recording a single person’s personal thoughts and feelings and observations.

When we think of the journal now, how it’s evolved over the course of the series, it’s become more of a handbook on the supernatural than a reflection on John.

I almost said “its original owner” there in the previous sentence, but changed it to John. Because John wasn’t even the original intended owner of that journal. It’s Henry’s initials inscribed inside the cover, and he’d ordered it to be his journal as a Man of Letters. Strange, though, how over the years it’s finally evolved to serve its original purpose. John may have used it as a means of recording more personal events in the beginning (taking Dean shooting, and eventually taking him out drinking…), but that’s not what the journal is today. Dean’s accepted his legacy, and made it a repository of knowledge.

No wonder Mary’s having such a hard time reconciling its contents with the husband she lost.

Intermission: After Hours
[SIAOD series: part 16]


With Takeshi at his side, Shouto ends up at a safe house that his brother runs his “business” out of. His elder brother wants the details on what happened at the stadium with the hope that he can figure out what happened and help Shouto deal with it.

On the surface, Shouto’s panic is assuaged, but what is learned isn’t quickly forgotten.

Especially when that information comes at a cost.


“Oh, like his quirk even works that way,” the woman beside him, and in her case, Shouto was sure she was named Haru, rolled her eyes. She absently tucked a loose lock of hair behind her ear. “You worry too much. He’ll be fine.”

Takeshi leaned an arm on the bar, grinning, “You’re just upset because he didn’t take you with him as a backup.”

“You do realize that your quirk is the one that’s more likely to gain suspicion, right?” Haru asked, “Mister I’m Sorry Officer, I Didn’t Realize I Was Carrying Six Kilos Of Dynamite, It Won’t Happen Again.”

“What a mouthful,” Takeshi teased.

“Could we not-” Shouto said suddenly, jumping in before things got more out of hand. “Could we not talk about the stadium?”

Gone To Hell...

Bush , Queen Elizabeth and Vladimir Putin all died and go to hell. While there, they saw a red phone and asked what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth. Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a cheque. Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished the devil informs her that the cost is 6 million dollars, so she writes him a check. Finally Bush gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is $5.00. When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the devil why Bush got to call USA so cheaply. The devil smiles and replies: “Since Trump took over, the country has gone to hell, so it’s a local call.”

Fun Facts About Reyna (Headcanons)

1. She’s got a pretty decent singing voice, but no one but Nico knows about it. (It’s also quite possible that this information getting out could cost Nico his life, no matter how close he and Reyna are now.) Obviously she’s a mezzo-soprano, because that’s very Reyna. 

2. When Nico and Will start going out, Reyna writes a big speech about how she’ll kill him slowly and painfully if he even thinks about hurting Nico. In the end, she just takes out a knife, places it on the table, and stares Will down for half an hour. Of course, Will is too scared to do anything, so he just sits there and tries not to panic. 

3. Reyna hates Nico drinking coffee after 6 p.m. She’s not “The Mom Friend™” (that’s Jason), but she doesn’t want Nico to stay up all night and feel tired the next day. 

4. The same goes for not wearing coats in winter. If Nico tries to walk out without a coat, she drags him back in by the back of his shirt and makes him put one on.

5. She plays the triangle in Nico, Percy, Jason, Leo, Hazel, Will, Annabeth, Piper, and Dakota’s band (a thing they made to bridge the gap between the camps), and she will kill anyone who says the triangle is not a fine, worthy instrument. 

anonymous asked:

About the using the part time jobs as fast travel, its a great method for getting somewhere quick in real time and making extra cash, but if you're on a time crunch, part time jobs that are chores and would move you to a different town DO cost a bit of in-game time. So just be careful if you're trying to sneak in a shop stop near the end of the day!

It’s so late to be replying this but I’ll do it anyways just in case someone can see the information! (They, in fact, cost 30 min. in game, I think. So be careful!)

On BJD Costs

As the mod of this blog I have all the confession blogs blocked, but when I came across this one, I wanted to weigh in because it’s an area that I think involves general lack of information as to the costs of running a BJD business. Doll companies don’t like to whine, but in the end they’re often seen as greedy for their prices. 

Ever notice that affordable dolls aren’t recast? These companies can produce dolls at a lower cost with great quality, so why can’t others? Why do we need recasts?? Why can’t the companies just make them more affordable in the first place?? If a recaster can produce the doll for X amount… why can’t the company??? Especially if it isn’t limited,, I mean they are just reproducing the same thing the recasters are but from the original mold…

~ Anonymous

Okay, so here’s the deal: this blog’s mod works closely with several BJD artists. Here’s why some dolls cost more or less, etc, and why the price you pay may involve factors you’ve never considered. Factors that ‘cheap’ companies may have found ways to work around. 

Industry connections: So MOST doll companies have their molds made and their dolls cast by a casting studio. Large casting studios will demand large quantities and may use more industrial molds, while small casting studios like Haru (bless them for the work they do) may allow for more flexible casting quantities. The larger companies aren’t geared toward BJDs, so there’s a HUGE amount of effort in getting them to understand the industry and building a relationship with them. It’s expensive and a lot of reject dolls happen along the way. What casting studios are available to companies varies by region and country too. Obviously casting companies in places like Korea and Japan charge much more because their labor costs and overhead are much higher. So maybe a doll is more expensive because the best casting company the artist can find is also expensive. Resin costs can also vary widely from vendor to vendor, and that can also affect the price. 

Labor and Space: Labor and space is a huge factor for doll companies. You would be shocked to know how much doll work is totally unpaid, because it’s done by the artists and company owners directly, and they often don’t pay themselves for their own work. There are also doll companies who have a few employees, and if they’re any good, they pay those employees as best they can for their time and work. Labor costs are simply higher in some places than others. Same goes for space. If a doll company uses any studio or retail space (versus running the company from their home like most do), that will cost money as well.

Does your favorite doll company have an English website and customer service? Something that isn’t done by Google Translate? Then hopefully that doll company is paying someone or several someones for their time and effort in maintaining that. 

Packaging: Packaging can actually be a huge expense, but we wouldn’t want companies to skimp on it! Packaging is often how we distinguish legit dolls from recasts, and many people enjoy the packaging. In any case, custom boxes made to the right size, stickers, foam inserts, etc all have to be negotiated with vendors, who are all going to have quantity demands and costs associated with them. Again, if you don’t find a good vendor it’s expensive and time consuming to keep testing new ones out. 

Taxes: Hooo boy, does anyone like doing taxes? No way! Anyway, taxes can be very high depending on whether or not you’re reporting accurately and what the local regulations are. They’re especially high in EU countries like France and Spain, and in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. 

Mistakes:Mistakes happen a LOT. Stuff comes out flawed and can’t be used, or it gets shipped to the wrong address, or you send the wrong part or the wrong faceup. Companies are on the hook for correcting these mistakes when things go wrong. They do it gladly because it’s a part of customer service, but it goes into the final price of the doll. 

…And this is just SOME of what influences the cost of a BJD. Every company is different, and some may have found shortcuts, or ways to minimize costs, but the margin on BJDs is very low. No one’s making much money on them if they even get a salary at ALL. 

TL:DR: Some companies are “cheap” because maybe somewhere along the line someone worked out of love and didn’t see much financial reward, or maybe the cost of manufacturing is just cheaper because they have excellent vendors who do good work affordably or simply use cheaper materials. Some companies cost more because their costs of operation or manufacturing are higher, or maybe they just pay their workers slightly better wages. 

I don’t know anyone in the doll industry who makes a large salary by making and selling BJDs…if they even make one at all. This includes even the well-known companies. Just because they look big and have people with titles like ‘President’ and ‘CEO’ doesn’t mean they are hugely profitable or that they make a living wage, or even that running a BJD company is their primary job. 

Alright children, in light of last night’s episode, I think it’s time for a refresher course in some important definitions.

bodily autonomy: the ability to control what happens to and with one’s own body. For example, willingly taking on the Mark of Fucking Fratricide is an exercise of bodily autonomy, albeit an extremely ill-advised one, because the person who did it was the one who made the decision to take the Mark and its power onto their body.

consent: the explicit, deliberate, and fully-informed giving of permission for things that happen to one’s own body. The person who took on the Mark of Fucking Fratricide gave their consent, both to receiving the Mark, and to not getting all the information about the cost of doing so.

things that ARE violations of bodily autonomy: getting tricked into getting possessed by another entity, such as an angel

things that are NOT violations of bodily autonomy: someone who cares about you continuing to pursue the only lead you’ve got on removing the Mark of Fucking Fratricide, which you have said many, many times that you want removed; please note that, in this scenario, no action is being taken upon the person who bears the Mark, nor on their body–that’s why the pursuit of this research has nothing to do with the Mark-bearer’s bodily autonomy at this time

things that require consent in order to be morally justifiable: the invasion of one sentient, autonomous being by another

things that do NOT require consent in order to be morally justifiable: pursuing the only lead you have about removing the Mark of Fucking Fratricide from your brother’s arm; this does not require consent from aforementioned brother, because simply pursuing the research does not do anything to him or his body

Here endeth the lesson.

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I’ve decided to open up Commissions!! 

Being a poor college student who wants to play video games is hard and I thought the best way to get money was to sell my artistic labor! So here’s some information!:


  • Each Chibi costs $5, but they are fully colored with no extra pricing
  • You may choose either a weapon or a pet to along with it for free
  • If you would like to have both a weapon and a pet that will cost +$1
  • If you would like a mount with your Chibi we can discuss prices via ask

Stylized Drawings (A STEP BY STEP PROCESS):

  1. Pick out what type of coloring you would like
  2. Pick what type of drawing you would like
  3. If you would like to have the picture be left uncolored, and just want line art, then there will be no added cost.
  4. Pick a character or person (it doesn’t have to be w101 related!) and send me an ask! I will then supply you with my email in order to talk about what you would like in more detail
  5. Want a mount? Different mounts cost different princes! Just ask and I’ll make an estimate!

Multi Person Drawings:

  • Depending on what you would like, multi person drawings act as multiple types of drawings, with an added fee of $5
  • The multi person drawing  example above would cost $29 in all

All payments will be done through paypal

If you have any questions or concerns, please message me.

I’m writing to you now to give you some really good news just as you asked me to. Are you sitting down? ON SUNDAY I HAVE BEEN CALLED UP FOR THE FIRST TEAM FOR A FRIENDLY AGAINST OPORTO OF PORTUGAL. THIS INFORMATION IS GOING TO COST YOU. GET MY PRESENT READY. HAHAHA. Well, I hope you’re still alive after this piece of news. I love you very much. Pray for me and wish me luck. Ciao, a kiss.
—  Email from Leo Messi to a friend telling him of his call-up to the Barcelona first team (2003), from Messi by Guillem Balague
Things we can do in voice lessons:
  • Coach your audition song
  • Pick audition rep
  • Extend your range
  • Determine your range and vocal type
  • Strengthen your tone
  • Find your natural vibrato
  • Work on acting the song
  • Talk about the audition room
  • Work on breathing
  • Work on releasing tension
  • Teach you to sing healthily
  • That means no more sore throats
  • Talk about your habits, good and bad
  • Fix the bad habits, reinforce the good habits

Many of these things aren’t things we can do in 30 minutes and it’s done, but I can give you the tools to work on your own and get results if you can’t do weekly lessons!  Message me for more information, my lessons cost as little as $20!  Check out my FAQ right here, and my schedule for the next two weeks here!

Police carried out another raid on Save the Children on Nauru.

“Attention charity workers! We have a warrant to take your computers!” a police officer yelled as he bust down the door to the office.

“Why? What have we done?” a charity worker asked, confused and dazed by the sudden intrusion.

“We suspect you’ve been aiding journalists inform the Australian people about all the terrible things that happen on this island by leaking information to them and we dislike that on principal. What’s on that computer?”

“Budget spreadsheets and pictures of my family.”

“TAKE IT! IT COULD BE SUSPICIOUS! Look somewhere in it to see if they’ve written “information smuggling costs and expenditures” somewhere in that budget spreadsheet!”

Several police grabbed the computers around them.

“I don’t trust you lot,” the police officer continued to the room. “Your name is “Save the Children” thus you clearly have some kind of agenda.”

“Yes. Helping children.”

“Well stop it you lefty bastard.”

“Why should the government be afraid?” a brave charity worker stood up on her desk defiantly. She was sick of this. “The government is tracking everything we do on the internet but we’re told that there’s nothing to fear from this lack of privacy as long as we have nothing to hide. So then why does the same not apply to our government? I say to our government do not fear if you have nothing to hide. Can I take it from your raid here that there is something here on this island that shames them?”

There was a moment of awe as the words sunk in to those around her… followed by a police officer interrupting it.

“Arrest her.”