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Miraculous Fandom Events: June Reference Sheet

There’s a lot of stuff happening in June in this fandom, so I figured a quick rundown of everything that’s coming up for this month might be helpful for some people who might not otherwise know what’s happening and when. 

1) Think Outside the Lovesquare ( @thinkoutsidethelovesquare )

  • A month devoted to rare pairs and non-lovesquare pairings and each week has a different theme (daily prompts, remixes of scenes from the show, a week for polyamorous ships, and remixes of other people’s fics). 
  • Here’s a link to a post explaining the entire month
  • Here’s a link to all of the prompts for Week 1 (which starts tomorrow!)
  • Make sure to check out their FAQ and send their blog asks if you have questions

2) Julerose June ( creds to @loosescrewslefty )

  • A month devoted to Julerose (Juleka x Rose) that’s got daily prompts for each day of the month for you to content create for
  • Here’s a link to the post with the calendar of all the prompts since this also starts tomorrow!

3) Miraculous Pride Month ( @queermiraculous )

  • June is Pride Month! So a bunch of queer Miraculous fans came up with a calendar of prompts in honor of Pride Month! 
  • Because this is a pride-themed calendar, these are meant to be used to celebrate any queer ships within the miraculous fandom
  • Here’s a link to the post with the calendar of all the prompts (creds to @megatraven for making the calendar). Starts tomorrow!

4) Ladrien June ( creds to @professaurus )

  • A month devoted to Ladrien (Ladybug x Adrien) that also has daily prompts for each day of the month for you to content create for
  • Here’s a link to the post with the calendar of all the prompts. Also starts tomorrow!

5) Chlonath Week (creds to @powerdragonmoon )

  • A week devoted to Chlonath (Chloe x Nathanael) that will run from June 11th to June 17th and will have daily prompts for each day of the week for you to content create for
  • Here’s a link to the post with the list of all the prompts so that you all can get a jump on it early and be prepared

6) Chat Noir Zine Pre-Orders ( @meowraculouschatnoirzine )

  • If you didn’t know there’s a Chat Noir Zine currently in the works! Creators are still hard at work finishing up their pieces, but if you’re interested in pre-ordering a physical copy of the zine, those are due on June 5th
  • Here’s the link to the pre-order information. If you’re interested in getting a physical copy of the zine, there’s a minimum donation of $10 to cover printing costs (if you’re able to donate more, it’s appreciated! It’ll either be used to cover the costs of zines for people who can’t afford it or be sent to charity)
  • Keep an eye on their blog for more information about shipping costs when the zines are ready to be sent out! Free digital downloads will also be available to those who want that as well

7) Voting Period for ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge ( @mlficwritersanon )

  • A bunch of writers all got together and anonymously wrote reveal stories so that the fandom can try and guess which writers wrote which fics! The deadline for voting has been extended until June 18th. 
  • Here’s a link to the AO3 collection
  • Here’s a link to the post explaining the ballots
  • Check out the Rules and Guidelines if you have questions. 

EDIT: 8) Alyadrien Week ( @miraculous-weeks )

  • Alyadrien Week is back on! It’s a week devoted to Alyadrien (Alya x Adrien) that will run from June 12th to June 18th and will have daily prompts for each day of the week. 
  • Prompts haven’t been decided yet but I’ll update this with links once prompts are released. In the meantime, go here to suggest prompts you’d like to see. 

If I’m missing anything, let me know and I’ll edit the post :)

Romanogers Artwork

As promised here we go with the Romanogers Artwork. I had it for a while in pending,so I decided to post it.

Ther is still the possibility to make an Artbook about all my Romanogers works in HQ definition . Let me know if you want to have it,because I got a few requests and then I can start to create a project for you and inform you about the costs.

Thank you

orugomagno  asked:

I write to inquire about tuiton fees and financial aid at Elsewhere University. I would be very grateful for any information on the cost of enrollment for incoming students and any form of funding available to students with a low income and/or outstanding academic record? I would also like to now, if I am unable to afford tuition, would it be acceptable for me to Make A Deal? Thank you very much for your time.

Elsewhere University has phenomenal financial aid, primarily merit-based (and what constitutes as merit is shifty, at best) - this has something to do with a deal struck a long time ago, a game won by some philanthropist. It also has a lot to do with the fact that Elsewhere University can recognise that if it intends to carry on being a university, it’s got to have most of the students be clever enough to make it through four years.

It wouldn’t be unacceptable to strike a deal, in the sense that something would certainly accept it; it might not, however, be advisable.

It’s seriously frightening how a decision based on good intentions and lacking information can cost in DGM.

If Allen destroyed Pierrot swiftly after it attacked Kanda, then Lala and Guzol might have had a proper end.

If Eliade didn’t try to kill Krory right away, she might have survived.

If Lenalee went back to help Allen immediately, he could have avoided meeting Tyki, or she might have actually died together with Allen. But at the same time, if this didn’t happen, it’s unsure if Allen could have ressurrected his Innocence in new form.

If Tyki staid behind to make sure Allen was dead then his Noah wouldn’t have gotten unleashed.

If Lenalee didn’t try to fight the Level 3 solo, Anita and company might have survived. But at the same time, without it she would have been unable to crystallize. Then again, maybe then she wouldn’t have gotten kidnapped into the Ark, where Allen was forced to play the piano and save everyone else - on cost of awakening the 14th.

If Allen killed Tyki, then Joyd wouldn’t have awakened, who threatens the autonomy of Tyki’s identity.

If Link didn’t give the Dark Matter to Leverrier, then his siblings wouldn’t have been turned into half-Akuma and end up killed by Exorcists or get brainwashed by the Noah.

If Cross told more of the truth maybe Allen wouldn’t be so deep in shit. If he told less, he might still be around. 

If Kanda and Lenalee reported their brief encounter with the 14th, Allen might have had greater chance of survival.

If Allen didn’t try to focus on saving Tokusa, then the Jordan camp might have survived.

If Kanda didn’t give into the Noah’s provocation, Alma might have survived and Allen wouldn’t have to deal with a completely awakened Noah.

On of the most painful things in the series is when you realise how different things could be, if only they knew better.

Commission Etiquette

So you found an artist you want to commission. Great, this can turn out great for both parties. However it’s important to be polite when commissioning someone. Treat them how you’d want to be treated if you were the one being commissioned. This means -

1. Pay attention to contact details, if their commission info says to email them, do that. Don’t message via tumblr.

2. Read the info the artist gives you, and give information as needed. If the artist asks for a reference photo, find them one for what they ask for. If the artist asks for information to estimate cost, give it to them. Don’t wait until later, the artist is asking you for these things to make the process faster, not slower.

3. Know your budget, and save properly. Don’t try to haggle, most artist on this website are already underpaid.

4. If you decide not to go with this artist, can’t afford it, or just decide you don’t need the commission PLEASE tell us. It’s so frustrating to spend time working with a person on what they want commissioned only to never receive a final email. Artist put in effort when talking to commissioners, please pay us minimal respect enough to let us know you don’t want to commission us instead of just leaving us hanging.

Movie concept


So I was saying how it seems like INXX types have some kind of homicidal tendency.

What if there was a squad of the 4 INxx types and they were a hit team contracted by the CIA?

INTJ: The mastermind. Makes all of the plans using gathered intel. Truly wonderful strategist.

INFP: Intel operations and overall expert on getting information, no matter the cost.

INTP: Weapon’s/gadget expert. Amazing engineer. Know how every weapon in inventory works.

INFJ: Infiltration/assassination. Cinnamon roll exterior hides cold all-consuming mind. Will kill you in a heartbeat before you see it coming.

Bonus discomfort:

No messages at all saying “I really like these books because” or even “I don’t think they’re necessary because”; obviously, because no one has read the bloody things. They don’t exist in a public way, as paths we can debate and take from and weigh critically. They only exist as objects of obscure desire. Their role is to be “rare things we want and cannot have, envy others for having; or if we do have them, encourage others to want; or create hierarchy by implying that others are lesser for not having read them or not devoting the funds to acquiring them to bolster one’s personal sense of status”

The only thing we can debate about them is - not even whether these particular books are worth the sticker shock - but whether books/knowledge in the abstract ought to be paid for, and if so how much. A whole lot of bluster in my inbox defending *what the books represent*, rather than the books themselves; just as I cannot comment on the content, just express my equally strong hatred of *what the books represent*

This adds to the “Emperor has no clothesiness” of the whole phenomenon, like, that everyone is more enthused about defending status symbol grimoires as a concept rather than getting excited about this author’s writing and ideas specifically. There are artists I support with silly quantities of money, because I adore what they do. How can we critically assess whether hidden knowledge is worth paying for? We can’t. Maybe Scientology is all that? We will never know. Have you ever heard anyone say that they LIKE these books? Or have you just become curious because of the rather mysterious status they seem to hold, a status which gives them a sort of authority and value which the work may not actually merit? People who have made the mistake of spending a fuckton of cash on a rare book aren’t exactly motivated to give unfavourable reviews, nor to share what they have learnt; and so the mystery heightens, the prestige of the book increases, and the circle is endless.

That’s when it becomes a community phenomenon. That’s when it becomes a problem to me when everyone I admire recommends his work without ever quite spelling out why. That’s when “50 people in my inbox getting angry that I don’t feel comfortable buying rare limited edition small press books from authors I haven’t read before” amplifies the problem, like, why is everyone so fucking threatened that I won’t buy a book? Why is that a problem for anyone other than me? Why is everyone around me super invested in defending high-entry-cost information? Why does everyone think books they can’t afford is totally awesome? Why does everyone around me think “religious seekers should put down large quantities of money on trust in exchange for enlightenment” is a great cultural norm we should have more of?

d i s c o m f o r t


Hello friends! 
I’m happy to be parting with a few lightly used (or never used!) books from my collection! Please message me via tumblr @ochrewitchcraft and I will give you my PayPal information. Please pay the cost of the book (listed below) and kick in a few $ for shipping and PayPal fees. US only, I will not ship internationally. You must be 18+ and be comfortable with me having your mailing address.
~Green Witchcraft - Ann Moura ($8)
This edition has some light cover damage.
~Grimoire of the Thorn Blooded Witch - Raven Grimassi ($15) 
Completely new! Never left my bookshelf after purchased for $20.
~Nat Geo’s Guide To Medicinal Herbs ($10) 
Never read, new condition.
~Hedge Witch- Rae Beth ($5) 
Slight water damage on the cover, pages not affected

jezebel-rising  asked:

Kat, it's been a super, super shitty day so I'm gonna go re-read your aka!kiba series and then the whole of backslide while drinking tea. Thanks for being an awesome author <3333


Have a snippet of the next one, while you’re at it. 

Given that Kiba has been around Kakuzu for more than a handful of seconds, it’s a little astonishing to find out that Akatsuki charges about half as much for missions as the Hidden Villages do.

Asking Kakuzu about it gets him an aggrieved and aggravated mutter about underselling valuable skillsets and criminal wastes of talent—no indication of whether it’s the criminals who are the wastes or if it’s the waste that’s criminal—and Kiba isn’t brave enough to follow through on that particular conversation when Kakuzu’s looking that offended. Hidan just shrugs, uncaring, and Deidara’s shut up in his room with smoke coming from under the door, so Kiba doesn’t even try to get his opinion on it. The others are out on missions or getting supplies, so that just leaves one source of information.

“Mission costs?” Konan repeats when he brings it up. She lowers the book she was reading, giving Kiba a considering look, and then asks, “Do you need money for supplies?”

Nerves are curling through Kiba’s stomach like they always do when he asks questions, and he wonders if he’ll someday manage to bring up simple things without feeling like SPY is written out across his face in red marker. He forces himself to shrug, dropping down to sit on the floor with his back braced against the bookshelf, and pretends interest in the titles to his left.

“Just curious,” he admits, reaching up to tip a book on the history of Earth Country out of the line. The cover alone looks dry enough to put him to sleep, and he grimaces a little, pushing it back into place. “I mean, we’re all S-rank, and I know a lot of missing-nin charge more than the villages do when people want to hire them, so I thought it was kind of weird.”

Konan slides a piece of her origami paper between the pages to mark her place, then closes her book. “Nagato’s trying to make sure we’re competitive,” she says after a moment. “Because we’re S-rank, we tend to finish missions more quickly than a chuunin or a tokubetsu jounin would, so we can take almost as many jobs as a small village. The overhead costs even out quickly, since we have far fewer people.”

Kiba was mildly terrible at math, back at the Academy, but that makes sense. It doesn’t quite feel like the full truth, but the reasoning is easy enough to accept, laid out like that. “I’m surprised you got Kakuzu to agree to that,” he says after a moment.

Konan smiles, just faintly. “Kakuzu is one of the reasons it works. He’s good at budgeting.”

Remembering how he had to haggle with the bastard to get even as much as Konoha would pay for a C-rank mission after bringing in the last bounty, Kiba makes a face, though he doesn’t argue. “Are we allowed to take solo missions?”

“Bored?” When Kiba groans in exasperated agreement, Konan snorts softly and sets her book completely aside, rising to her feet. “No solo missions, since it makes us targets as missing-nin, but I wouldn’t mind something to do, if you want company.”

Well, that isn’t exactly what Kiba was hoping for—he has a bunch of messages he needs to send Genma, and it will be ten times harder doing that with Konan around—but he really does want to get out of the base. He’s not used to being lonely, or having nothing to do; it’s one of the perks of growing up in a large clan, and even more so growing up with a nin-dog partner. Kiba’s never been one for extra work when it’s avoidable, but it’s so hard to be alone with his thoughts that he’s already taken more missions in the past few months than he did in all of his time on Team 8.

“You sure?” he asks, because Konan is still head bitch and he doesn’t want to annoy her. “I can get Deidara or something.”

Konan pats him on the head, just briefly, and the curl of her mouth is amused. “I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t,” she says. “You’re not the only one who likes to stay sharp.”

It takes effort not to grimace. In his case, it’s less staying sharp and far more getting competent, and Kiba definitely hasn’t forgotten that he is for all intents and purposes a genin, and not even an incredibly skilled one at that. He might have killed Danzō, but that was more a fluke than anything. He’s not like Itachi or Deidara, or even Hidan. Not a genius in any way. He’s just—

Just Kiba. And not even fully himself, without Akamaru at his side.

  • Inktober - 15: The cursed storyteller. 💀

This happen when you take your characters and changed them quite a bit for fun hahaha.Also i’m selling my inktober drawings! 🎉

If you want more information about the cost, the shiping or want to reserve any of them, just send me an email or a DM and i’ll be glad to answers your questions. 💖

Soo you’ve been asking for submissions and I’m trying to sell my prints, maybe this could work together^^ 
Those are available on my instagram account called @kuntstuff (more information for costs and shipping in the description under the picture) and if you’d post this, some more people might see it. I’d be really happy about this, thanks a lot!

submitted by @ausziehungskraft!

ToTN- Memory Loss AU

Tales of Two Ninjas

One-Shot 18 ( FF | | AO3 ) 

Memory Loss AU

Summary: I love you. Will I ever hear those words from your lips again?

Rating: K+/T

The leaves looked sad and wilted. Defeated. The petals dull and pale.

He knelt in the grass, ignoring the early morning dew soaking through the fabric of his pants as he tended to the plants. The sunflower, one of Hinata’s favorites, was in dire need of help.

Naruto frowned.

Just yesterday it was standing straight and tall, reaching for the suns rays.

Today it wept.

“Daddy, when’s mommy coming back?”

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My beautiful and delightful followers, I’ve never tried to do anything like this before but here goes…

Like many other trans people I’m feeling really down about what a certain American President said, and the general feeling that our humanity as trans people is being questioned. So I thought tomorrow (Friday 28th July) we could try and flood social media with information about the costs and practicalities of being trans and positivity about how brilliant and beautiful we are.
So if you have the time, post your selfies, information, and positivity tomorrow under the tag #TransTakeover
Let’s show the world that we are valid and our voices will not be silenced by a fluffy haired orange peanut.

Article: Timing and Pricing

The question comes up all too often, and I hope this article will help guide you with tips on how to achieve fair pricing for your art, fursuits, and more!


Obviously there are a lot of ways for any given person to answer the question of pricing, in this article I am going to address how I arrive at pricing my creative efforts. It is one among many ways to price creative work. Once you read this article, I am happy to hear if this method worked for you, or see suggestions on improving accuracy (as I am still open to personal improvement!), but I do find this to be a professional, very reliable, accurate way to do it, as well as being useful for other aspects of the creative processes well! 

For a little backstory, I have been involved in the furry fandom since 1999, and fursuit making has been my hobby since 2001 and now it is my profession. I’m also an artist, a tailor, I do costume refurbishing, create unique props, and make my own merchandise that I sell at events. I am only one person, and don’t outsource my work to other companies, so I don’t have one single thing I do that doesn’t need the effort I put into it figured out. Even personal items, prototyping, and practice – I try to think about how much effort I put in to achieve the item I have created.

How to figure out pricing!

I time myself! I use a dedicated timer (I’ll touch on why I use a dedicated timer below), it is this one to be exact: I ordered it in 2011, and have been timing everything I do ever since. I selected this timer specifically because it has a “count up” setting, so I can start and stop that as I work on my project, and set the other programmable preset buttons to count down to when I should stretch or take a break, (because I can totally work all day and forget to eat lunch), or even for when it is time to end work for the day.

I keep a log. You can organize your log however you wish, but I simply write my times down in a notepad each time I stop and switch tasks. I am careful to pause it when I need to take a break, or move away from my desk to end work for the day, if I didn’t do that then my times would not be accurate. In my log I write notes on what I accomplished within the timed span – this will help you generalize and find areas to improve in the future!

It is important to mention that I have decided to use a dedicated timer, rather than a timer app on my phone or a timing website on the computer, because I do not want the temptation of getting distracted from the task. You may have a different working style, that’s totally ok! Just be sure you are not approximating your times and are truly working towards accurate timing. How else will you know for sure? Part of being accurate about these times is being disciplined about starting and stopping the timer.

What does one of the timed project logs look like?

I recently worked on a fursuit prop skull for a client, a completely unique project that I had not made before. I couldn’t promise a flat price because of the possibility of undercharging, but I do work within a client’s specified budget so there are no surprises. 

Here is how my timed work on this project was written down in my log:
Planning: 30 min
Foamwork: 2 hour 50 min
Taping: 55 min
Pattern trace: 15 min
Cut fabric: 33 min
Sew: 1 hour 23 min
Glue: 25 min
Hand sew: 49 minutes
Teeth: 49 min
Paint: 37 min

546 minutes / 9.1 hours

I break down my times into minutes and then a decimal of the hours, this is so I can easily convert it into the agreed-upon rate. This timing process can even apply to illustrations or anything else you work on! Additionally I time all my prototypes and practice, even for things that are not as unique as this prop, this allows me to generalize future pricing to give an accurate quote on if I can work within someone’s budget or not.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet, but is an absolutely important part of pricing (especially if you are making physical things!) – Materials cost! Materials are also part of pricing, as is Overhead. If you are working for yourself, you should be keeping receipts of the things you buy for tax purposes. Looking back at the receipts for items you buy and use on your projects, you can more accurately estimate what you’ve used up for this project. If you bought extra material in the process, you can measure what you’ve used for your projects and figure out a fair materials price from there.

Here is another breakdown of my timed logs, this was for a Black Lab fursuit head I made. Is the time taken how long you expected? (Keep in mind I have been doing this for a lot of years, but I am also not a high producer. I make one or two fursuits a year, among other things. If you are new at this, or are a professional with a different working style, you will have a different experience from mine!) For this project, I also wrote a comprehensive materials list, shown below.

The time breakdown:
Foamwork: 4.85 hours
Head patterning: 2.39 hours
Liner: 1.43 hours
Furring: 15.83 hours
Nose: 1.56 hours
Ears: 1.43 hours
Eyes: 3.65 hours
Neck: 2.5 hours
Mouth detail: 2.4 hours

36.04 hours

Materials list:
Black fur (provided) - On forehead, upper brows, cheeks & back of head.
Beaver fur - on muzzle, lower brows & ears
2" (older lot) luxury shag - cheeks
2.5" (current lot) luxury shag - neck
Lycra, black - nose
Minky, pink - ears and tongue
Vinyl, black - eyelids
Anti-pill Fleece, black - Inner mouth & eyes
Whiskers (clear nylon) - face
Sculpy Ultralight - Nose, teeth
Upholstery foam - head structure
Quilted Broadcloth - liner for head & neck
Hot glue - various
E6000 glue - various
Paint, black/yellow/white - eyes
Plastic mesh - vision
Waterproofing sealant - eyes
Sandpaper - nose & eyes
Masking tape - patterning process

You can see that the amount of materials used adds up, even in small quantities! Think about the time it has taken to collect these items, running to the store to get them, ordering them online, going to the post office to deliver your finished project to your client, and so on. That should be included as part of your overhead. Overhead is your operating costs, and it is fair to think about to figure in to your pricing as well, especially if you are a digital artist who may have few materials costs yet have high equipment costs – or a fursuit maker, who also has high equipment costs, such as a sewing machine. I don’t have an exact figure on how I work in overhead in my pricing, but I absolutely think about it as part of pricing for something, especially if I need to buy a new piece of equipment to accomplish it!

What does this information do for you?

Okay, so I understand that the above may look like a lot to consider, but it truly is important to know. As a fellow businessperson I just can’t stress enough how important it is accurately knowing how long it takes you to make something! It is quite useful, not only for pricing but other aspects of crafting, such as deciding where you need to improve! I admit, it took a while to train myself to remember to start and stop the timer. I placed a few post-it notes around, stuck to my sewing machine that says “Start Timer” and another on my computer that says “Stop Timer,” little reminders definitely helped. Now it is second nature to use the timer and helps me get focused on working!

Using a timer also allows me to take into account if I need to shave off time to bring a price into an affordable range for my clients. I can think about it in the sense of “How can I pattern this more efficiently?” “Where can I design this to be simpler?” but still be stylistically good, and so on. It also allows me to see if something is not worth offering for commissions, because the price a client would likely pay does not match up with the amount of effort it takes me to create it.

Another important aspect that comes out of accurately timing your work is seeing how much effort you put into your pieces. It serves as a good marker to see if you are spending too much time on less-important parts of the task versus a very important part of the task. It allows you to quantitatively see where you can streamline or simplify your patterning process, or maybe just where to hone your practice more. When I started timing myself I found it incredibly easy to get distracted from the big picture while working on projects, in the past I have hyper-focused on details that just did not effect the end outcome, and timing has helped me recognize that. I’ve since thought of better ways to accomplish what needs to be done and use my time more efficiently. Some of these include rearranging the order I complete tasks, and even compiling a more efficient list to get started on future big projects. Setting yourself up to succeed is an important part of this!

In Summary

With your timing information and materials costs figured out, you now have a baseline for how you can price! This may not be the exact cost for the object or art that you charge in the end. However, it is absolutely a good start for beginning auctions, a low-end price for taking offers, or setting base commission prices by! Deciding your own rates are entirely up to you, I cannot tell you how much to charge, but I do need to stress DO NOT PRICE BELOW MINIMUM WAGE. You are worth more than that!!! You’re not doing yourself, your clients, or your colleagues any favors. Fandom work is very niche work, and it takes an immeasurable amount of practice and honed skill that should not be dismissed. You are a crafts-person who is skilled at your craft, and skilled labor has a value!

Old school fandom advice on pricing is incredibly varied, and sometimes involves the soul-crushing advice of looking at others’ work that you think matches your skill level and copying their price strategies. This doesn’t help you. I always thought it was really hard and demoralizing to try to research other makers I thought were in my skill range and ballpark pricing that way. I came up to a wall when I couldn’t find people making things like I was making, I was at a loss. I had to break away from that thought process and since I felt it was really unhealthy, and I really hate creative competition, timing myself has saved me the stress. Comparing yourself to others is a fast path to feeling discouraged – I’ve been there, grasping for pricing advice and feeling lost on how I should price a con badge or a sketch. Timing myself has thoroughly solved this! I can feel very good about pricing and the direction my work is going because I can quantitatively see the improvement as I practice a pattern and my times get better. I never feel like I am undercharging, additionally I never feel like I am overcharging either because I can see how much work it took! It is the one thing that has helped me get by confidently, without looking at what anyone else is doing, and still get a satisfying price for my work. A price that I am happy with and that clients are happy with.


  • Time yourself
  • Pause the timer for breaks and distractions, to keep your times accurate
  • Log your times with a few details on what you accomplished in that period
  • Keep track of expenses and overhead to figure in to pricing
  • Identify areas where you can practice more to improve
  • Use past timed work to generalize pricing for future work and have more accurate quotes!
  • Decide a fair rate, never go below minimum wage! 
  • You don’t have to compare yourself to others! 

I do commissions possibly a bit different than some of the other fandom content creators, but I do hope timing work becomes more a standard practice among the creative folks in the fandom. This style of pricing has really been what works for me, especially with all of the unique and varied things I do. 

Keep up the good work and keep moving forward. I hope these tips help, happy crafting! 


So Furuta won. I really didn’t expect that, because since he proclaimed himself the ‘’Washuu King’’ I knew he was a dead man walking. This is what happens with villains, they die, right? Not in Tokyo Ghoul because this is a tragedy.

I’m a fan of Furuta, really like his character because I think he’s like me sometimes. Also, he’s such a well build character, he has done SO MANY things to get what he wants, to reach the top of everyone, to get his so dreamed ‘’Super Peace’’. I mean, scape from Sunlit Garden, get involved with so many organizations, get information at all cost, manipulate various people to do his demands, 1v1 Eto, kill all the Washuu bloodline, became the Bureau Chief of CGG, almost exterminating ALL ghoul in Japan and now defeating his enemy. Furuta really his something.

So, I’ve been reading many things here on Tumblr, from ‘’this is not the end, can’t end up like this, impossible.’’ to ‘’This is the end, accept.’’ 

I have to say, I didn’t expect Furuta winning, but you GOT to admit: he deserves to win. He had sacrificed so much, fought for that, he predicts everything that Kaneki did, he uses Kaneki’s mistake in his favor, he was smarter, and then he throws this on Kaneki’s face. (In case you want a more detailed post about Kaneki’s mistakes, I’ll let this one here:

Before we continue here, I’ll let another post - that I don’t completely agree, but I think it’s a good reading - talking about Kaneki falls and what MAY happen in the End Credits. Here’s the link!

Furuta has been also building himself up has a Villain. Since he got to be Bureau Chief, he had been doing that. There are many actions of him that show that to us, But this one, in particular, got my attention. (also is the most recent)

When he stepped on his table, he showed his true self. The vicious devil that he is. That he doesn’t give a SHIT about CCG and others. 

Don’t believe me? He himself said that. 

He just wants power, since the beginning. I will not say he wanted that always because we don’t have a full background of him yet, but we can assume he begins his journey for power since Tokyo Ghoul part 1.

When Touka is looking for Kaneki in the University she confuses herself with another guy, that for her, looked like Kaneki. In my opinion, Touka has trying to find Kaneki by smelling, and then, she ended up mistaken Furuta for Kaneki because I ASSUME that he already had the Rize’s Kagune infused within his body. You know, he’s a Demi-Human, how Arima said, they’re not supposed to live for so long, because they are ‘’failures’’, assuming by he being at the University, I’ll say he had around 20 years, reaching his apex in live. So, to ‘’cheat’’ nature itself, he gets to talk with Kanou for doing something for him. I hope before TG: re comes to an end, we get some of his background.

Well, return again for these days, Furuta did get ‘’fucked’’ a couple chapters ago

138 - Falling From The Tower. He had to run from CCG because Hide and his team aka Terrorist attacked him. You may say: ‘’WOW Furuta really gets fucked and surprised that time!’’ don’t you? The answer is no. Furuta knew this would happen. Let’s not forget, he’s an actor. Just like Kaneki.

You see? He knew because he’s smart and predicted his enemy detail by detail. He got ‘’uncrowned’’ because he wanted to. We know, Furuta hates fighting (maybe because of a trauma or because when he uses his power, he gets older faster), this is why he doesn’t resist the attacked, He knew Kaneki would come back on his own to fight. 

Now, there’s a theory that since Furuta got on the head of CCG, the titles and the narrator itself, were non-other then Furuta. Furuta got the role of Black King on chapter 98 - Old School. Since then, the title where a bit of ‘’confusing’’ - at least to me - and if you check each one of them, you will link it to Furuta. 

Some examples: 

* 100 - The Red Hands. We know for a fact, that Ishida love’s to focus on Furuta’s hand, almost trying to implying something, also he’s always wearing gloves. But the real thing here’s he got late on the reunion of the CCG, his hand was stained with blood. The Washuu blood. 

* 101 - The Toys. This is one of my favorites, the encounter of Kaneki and the ‘’Former Furuta’’. On this chapter, he gives Kaneki a chance to assume all of he has done with the Washuu family and then tell some lovely history of him and Rize. But then, most important he revealed his plans of making a buuuunch of kids. That he would eventually use and manipulate to exterminate Kaneki and his foes, The Oggai. In other words, his toys.

*139 - He laughs. Who laughs? Of course, Furuta laughs, because his plan worked (again.). At the final os this chapter, Touka meet Juuzou and Furuta. He sees his plans going exactly how he planned and laughs his ass off because is that what he does. He orchestrates everything and then laughs. 

Well, if I keep talking about the chapter’s title I would spend days, probably I’ll do a post connecting everything to him after all that mess end. 

If I think this the end of Tokyo Ghoul: re? Well, my mind says: ‘’No, it’s isn’t the end, there still hope.’’ 


I would love to see this has an end. Furuta winning, Kaneki learning from his big mistakes, losing everything he loves the most… We only change when something very traumatic happens to us, and this, maybe be the last tragedy that he needs to finally be the Nameless King, to finally breach out from his Birdcage, to live, not at crucial times ending up choosing himself but to live with the others at his side.

How Roma said before she died ‘’Send out the parade, (give me more please) you cute children.’’ 

The parade - at least for now - is done. The script and cast by Nimura Furuta have finally come to an end. Is this his Super Peace? Is this what he truly wanted? 

What will happen in the End Credits Roll? We’ll see finally the ‘’Dragon’’? Maybe, Kaneki itself will become the Dragon by devouring Furuta, maybe this is Furuta’s plans. Who knows?! 

P.S: Laugh, it’s fun!

About Team Rocket Event

I’m sorry for the super late post, but  I was busy, sick and my feelings were all over the place.

Anyway, without further ado:

1. I didn’t get to see the balloon sadly, because I was late, but it didn’t really take off, because of the strong winds. Which is bad. But the big announcement was, the said balloon will travel around Japan and there will be more events involving it! Which is great! Here’s a short video of it:

Btw, the balloon apparently costed… 20 000 000 yen to make. That’s around 177 720 US dollars. Holy shit.

2. The main event took place at a certain theather in Tokyo. The location was secret and only known It started at 9pm.

3.The best part of the event was the announcement of the balloon project and the TRio talking to us from some hidden room xD Only Nyasu came out, Musashi and Kojiro stayed hidden of course, sadly. They complained a bit about their lack of activity in the anime, but they didn’t say anything about their future in the anime. But then they talked individially to a few fans chosen from the crowd and it was quite nice. I didn’t get chosen sadly, but they picked my friends and asked her things like “what’s your special skill that could be useful for Team Rocket?“ and she said “English‘. Rockets got really happy and said she could become a manager at Team Rocket xD Then they talked to a few more people, but some of those people obviously didn’t care about Team Rocket as much as Pokemon in general, and I guess Rockets noticed that, because their questions were like “Who’s your favorite Gym Leader?“ (the person said… Kasumi and I was like waaaat, what about Sakaki-sama) or “Who’s your favorite Pokemon?“ (someone said “Gekkouga“, ugh). Ugh them spies. I wouldn’t want to answer any questions like that, but I would just say simply that I didn’t care about Pokemon and I just loved Team Rocket. I hope there will be more events like that and someday I’ll get to talk to them in person.

4. Then we were shown the digitally remastered 1st Pokemon episode “Kimi ni kimeta!”. I still don’t know why we would be shown a Team Rocket-less episode at the event that was apparently aimed at TEAM ROCKET MEMBERS. Btw, the sound was out of sync, lol.

5. Then Rockets talked a little more at the end. Musashi got a call from Sakaki-sama on her phone and was asked to pass it to Kojiro (why he didn’t call Kojiro directly is beyond me lol). Well Kojiro got bitched at, because he blurped out a classified information (the balloon costs lol) and his salary got reduced. Ouch, poor Kojiro D:

6. Then we had a commemorative group photo with Nyasu! It was a short event and ended at 10PM.

On a side note, Mr. Mima’s back not only on Twitter, but also in Team Rocket business ;)