when ppl complain about wikipedia - in 2017 - being a quantum morass of unverified information, it just makes me wonder if they’ve ever even used the site before

do you not, like, google stuff

and have you never seen a little number in a pair of brackets, or, alternatively, a citation needed tag

or read, like, a book, and seen a footnote or, alternatively, had a ‘citation needed’ tag pop into your head

like do people just not have a bullshit detector on the internet in this, the year of our lord two thousand and seventeen, and if not, how do they confirm their facts

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cherry-or-lime  asked:

in the breakup scene, does it still occur because the radio was shot and, was it ronnie that shot it?

It’s actually almost entirely different! Jason and Ronnie never actually break up. They pretend to break up while they’re actually at the prom because Heather Chandler is still absolutely livid about getting a black eye when Ronnie punched her in the cafeteria. That’s what leads to Heather Chandler and Heather McNamara being able to be lured away where they get shot and is the closest to a “breakup” scene that Adapt has. 

What really and truly catalyzes Ronnie’s total and final descent into blowing up the school isn’t a breakup, it’s a suicide attempt.

Ronnie’s humor is similar to JD’s only because Veronica’s humor is. They both find humor in dark things. So, even if they were to break up, that scene would not be anywhere near the same thing. Ronnie wouldn’t find the shooting of the radio to be amusing, not even on power trip due to complete and total distancing from the murders.


Tradução das informações sobre o próximo episódio de Boruto
13話[魔獣, 現る]
Episódio 13 [ A besta demoníaca aparece]
Boruto tem um grande choque, ao ouvir de mitsuki, o nome do culpado pelos eventos. Afim de evitar mais danos, Naruto corre até o verdadeiro culpado, com Mitsuki. E a gigante besta demoníaca Nue aparece na vila!! Qual é a relação dele com os incidentes?

O relatório de Sai informa o nome do verdadeiro culpado, Naruto fica surpreso. Quais as ações que eles tomarão para resolver o caso!?

里の危機を聞きつけ、引退した六代目火影·カカシがナルトたちの前に登場! その知識と経験で、ゴ一スト事件捜査の協力をちう申し出る。
Cooperação voluntária!
Ao ouvir sobre a crise na vila, o aposentado sexto Hokage Kakashi, aparece antes de Naruto! Com seu conhecimento e experiência, ele se oferece para ajudar na investigação do incidente.
Créditos da tradução: lidiuzumaki.tumblr.com

#2017BTSFESTA BTS 4th Anniversary Family Photo
Each member is a different era.
Seokjin: ‘Save ME’
Yoongi: ‘불타오르네’ (FIRE)
Hoseok: ‘RUN’
Namjoon: ‘피 땀 눈물’ (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
Jimin: ‘봄날’ (Spring Day)
Taehyung: ‘Not Today’
Jungkook: ‘쩔어’ (DOPE) 


List of alleged extraterrestrial beings that have been reported in close encounters, claimed or speculated to be associated with “Unidentified flying objects.” (left to right)

1-Flatwoods Monster:  Tall humanoid with a spade-shaped head 

2-Hopkinsville goblin:  Small, greenish-silver humanoids.

3-Greys:  Grey-skinned humanoids, usually 3–4 feet tall, bald, with black almond-shaped eyes, nostrils without a nose, slits for mouths, no ears and 3-4 fingers including thumb. They have been the centre of quite a few cases of alleged alien contact over the years 

4-Little green men:  Diminutive green humanoids. Even though a few abduction or contact cases have referred to green skin no report has ever involved anything that would fit the classic cultural stereotype of “Little Green Men”. They are included here only for cultural reference.

5-Reptilians:  Tall, scaly humanoids.

6-Nordic aliens: Humanoids with stereotypical “Nordic features” (tall, blond hair, blue eyes) and have featured in several cases of contact



• White: Symbolizes the Moon. Peace, purification. In the absence of another color, white can replace.

• Black: Banishing, astral cleaning, protection.

• Red: Symbolizes fire. Passion, sex, courage, determination, intensity.

• Orange: Symbolizes the Sun. Vitality, creativity, positive energies.

• Yellow: Symbolizes the air. Concentration, money, work the strength of the mind.

• Pink: Love, friendship, family.

• Blue: Symbolizes water. Harmony, tranquility, patience.

• Purple: Spirituality, intuition and energy transmutator.

• Green: Hope, health, luck, plenty.

• Brown: Symbolizes the earth. Justice, everything connected to documents, strength, security, animals.

• Golden: Symbolizes the Sun. Success, glory, achievements, abundance, prosperity.

• Silver: Symbolizes the Moon and stars. Hope, dreams, reinforce requests.


TRIGGER’s Secret Night Infodump!

A lot of information managed to be revealed in a single hour, so we’ve gathered all the important stuff in a single post!

1) A special login bonus went live after the broadcast ended.  If you login between now and 3:59 JST on 5/20, you can receive 7 Stellar Stones!

2) The second installation of Part 3 will go live tomorrow (5/17). They didn’t give an exact time, but we can likely assume it will be at or around 17:00 JST.

3) TRIGGER’s first full album goes on sale on 9/20. It will include 11 songs, and is being sold in three versions: standard (3000 yen), limited (3500 yen), and deluxe (8000 yen).

4) TRIGGER’s new MV will be animated by bones! They showed off some still images of the MV during the broadcast, which you can see above

5) Cards for the Tales of Link Collaboration were revealed! All of i7, TRG, and Re:vale will be available in the collab. You can check who’s who by looking at the captions above!

Hope you’re all as excited as we are!


Ask Ethan: What Happens When A Black Hole’s Singularity Evaporates?

“What happens when a black hole has lost enough energy due to hawking radiation that its energy density no longer supports a singularity with an event horizon? Put another way, what happens when a black hole ceases to be a black hole due to hawking radiation?”

One of the most puzzling things about Black Holes is that if you wait around long enough, they’ll evaporate completely. The curved spacetime outside of the event horizon still undergoes quantum effects, and when you combine General Relativity and quantum field theory in exactly that fashion, you get a blackbody spectrum of thermal radiation out. Given enough time, a black hole will decay away completely. But what will that entail? Will an event horizon cease to exist, exposing a former black hole’s core? Will it persist right until the final moment, indicative of a true singularity? And how hot and energetic will that final evaporative state be?

Incredibly, even without a quantum theory of gravity, we can predict the answers! Find out on this week’s Ask Ethan.