New Live DVD “N.E.S”

Royz will release a new live DVD titled “「N.E.S」~2015.03.01 Zepp DiverCity~” on October 14th, 2014. It will cost 6200 Yen and features their tour final at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo held on March 1st, 2015.

With Vincent’s morbid fear of the dark, imagine him in a populated area with houses at night. Imagine him staring directly into whatever windows have a light source on the other side.

This is a thing he does.

He needs some kind of light source to ground himself at all times, and in desperate situations that probably would mean sitting outside. In the dark.

Looking directly at windows.

Imagine how terrifying it would be to look out your window at night and see someone, even at a distance, looking RIGHT BACK AT YOU

foxstory asked:

Quick question- What sort of art pencils are the best for someone looking to improve in traditional art? I'd be interested in the regular various - darkness kinds and also brands of colored pencils .

For pencils I strongly suggest Faber Castell, however I haven’t used many brands in my life so they are pretty much the only ones I trust. You can get a variety of them, but I usually pick 2H, HB, 2B, 6B and 8B, that’s for the various tones you might want to create from the most light to the darkest ones. 

To be fully honest, I use pencil mostly to sketch. I rarely use them to do black and white pictures, but when I do the results can be pretty neat. Mechanic pencils are also cool. I am a crazy user of 0.5 and 0.7 with HB polymers.

As for colored pencils… My colored-pencil-case includes Giotto Elios colored pencils, which I really love, 

and “Artist Colour Pencil CE”. I have attached an image below because I had these since I was very very young so I don’t know exactly the brand name, but in the picture they look exactly the same!

In general, it is a mixture of these brands. Funny thing I just discovered I have watercolor pencils from the same brand!

Faber Castell is the brand that most people would probably suggest, and I do too as well, but i want to give those brands a chance too :) It doesn’t mean I do not suggest it, dude GO FABER CASTEL! But I don’t have any at the moment :’D

I think those brands right now work the best for me, and they are the ones I would strongly suggest to anyone who wants to start doing traditional art. Make also sure to look for tutorials around the internet about blending the colors together. 

Last but not least, experiment as much as possible! Play around with pressure, experiment with paper brands as well, paw attention to how hard you should press the pencil on the paper and see what values you can get from it. From the lightest to the darkest. It is good to have a variety of colored pencils since you can’t really “mix” them together to create new colors, but you don’t need a variety of the same color in different tones since you create them yourself. You are saving money this way and you learn much more, the process is also much more fun! I hope this helped :’D

Unfortunately for these little, complicated birds they’ve become this year’s newest trend. Thousands of people worldwide have begun purchasing these adorable little birds due to trending videos which usually display a regurgitating or aggressive parrotlet. Sadly, very little people who bring them home actually know what it takes to care for them properly to allow them to thrive. Since there’s no way I could possibly stop everyone from impulse buying these birds the least I can do is explain the reality behind owning one in the hopes that someone will either think twice or be a little more prepared for avian ownership.


Lifespan: 25+/- years

Behaviour problems: Attention Screaming, Possessive Aggression, Territorial Aggression, One-person Aggression, Feather Picking

Health concerns: Overgrown beaks, Fatty Liver Disease, Nutritional Deficiencies, Kidney Failure, Calcium Deficiencies, Scale Deformities, Foot Lesions, Excessive regurgitation, Increased Stress Levels

Common Owner Mistakes

  • Seed only diets, feeding excessive human foods or unhealthy foods
  • Allowing them to eat food they’ve eaten, chew their teeth, share drinks
  • Interacting the bird with another pet
  • Not seeing an avian vet for checkups
  • Encouraging aggression
  • Taking them outdoors unrestrained
  • Small cage sizes, inadequate stimuli
  • Encouraging regurgitation
  • Being dominant/ forceful, Ignoring body language
  • Dowel perches, Sand perches
  • Cohabitating

Proper Care


Aggression/ Mishandling

Housing/ Stimuli


Black Holes Could Turn You Into a Hologram, and You Wouldn’t Even Notice

By Tim De Chant

Few things are as mysterious as black holes. Except, of course, what would happen to you if you fell into one.

Physicists have been debating what might happen to anyone unfortunate enough to slip toward the singularity, and so far, they’ve come up with approximately 2.5 ways you might die, from being stretched like spaghetti to burnt to a crisp.

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‘We realise, of course,’ Ridcully continued, 'that in truth we know very little compared to what we don’t know, and somehow that is good for us - all things must strive, and because we know how ignorant we actually are then we must strive hardest of all.’
—  ‘The Science of Discworld IV’ - Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen
Lovely queers, allies and other beautiful people:

I haven’t been around much on tumblr and I’m gonna take a minute to explain why.
I love you all and I love tumblr and the freedom it gives me, but I feel that it’s not healthy for me to spend a lot of time on it.
My mental health decreases when I spend long hours staring at a screen and getting so many impressions. I have learned that I need to take care of myself and therefor I’m cutting down a little.
I will still be a fun and helping blog you can turn to at any time and I’ll always be here for anyone who needs advice or a virtual shoulder.
I will answer my asks about once a week all at once, unless you have a really urgent one, I will answer those ASAP.
I hope you all understand :) I will continue to fight for people’s, animal’s and nature’s rights!
Thanks for reading and pls reblog so that people who come to me for advice know the answer might take a few days.

Peace, love & pride (and fuck the cistem!)


Official Pikkuri Sticker Information


“The commander-in-chief who commands the troops of the Sindria Kingdom. He has the appearance of a beastly, green dragon. A few people know how he looked like when he was a human. His favorite type is his wife (he was made to confess it). Around the time when he sheds his skin, his mental state becomes affected and he becomes sensitive.”

New page announcements!

In a further effort to make the Sakana-Comic blog a true hub for the Sakana comic, I’ll be posting announcements for new pages here FIRST. I’ll still announce new pages on my MyNameIsMad blog, but there will be a 24-hr delay between posting here and notifying my followers there

Therefore, if you wanna catch the new updates ASAP, please consider following the Sakana-Comic blog! Having a central, separate hub for the comic helps me keep better track of its fans and statistics, easily find sakana-centric asks in the askbox, and allows me more freedom to post other art and information on my main blog without cluttering the dashboards of people who are just looking for Sakana info. Maybe people who like Sakana don’t want to hear about all the Regular Show comics I do all the time?? Aren’t into woodland-themed wizards?? I am trying to do what’s best for everyone here. My fans! I LOVE YOU! I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! 

To recap:

1. New comic update is announced on Sakana-Comic as soon as it goes up.

2. 24 hours later, I reblog the update announcement on MyNameIsMad.

Thanks a bunch, and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! 


I made a little unboxing video about my first experience buying from Yahoo! Japan Auctions, as well as using to do so :3

I added a little information in the description, and hope to further expand it into a little guide for first time buyers, and then perhaps make a video tutorial in the future.

Hope you like my video! ^_^