Libraries are even more vital in our new civic information environment. It is not sufficient for them to survive, they need to expand and thrive. This will require developing new muscles — but new ideas are not sufficient. We also need to escape the old ones. In order to do so, they need to focus on capacity building and understanding what it takes to innovate from within.

As a reminder of how exactly to attend, let’s look it over! (it’s really simple, I promise!)

ANY Dangan Ronpa character is welcome to attend. They are automatically given an invite! This includes OCs and those who have Dangan Ronpa verses (as long as they use that one at the party!)

If you are not a Dangan Ronpa character, and you do not even have a verse for it– fear not. The only thing you need to attend is have one of the people who meet the above requirements invite you. That way there is a reason for you to be there, and you have at least one person who will know your muse!

That’s it! Have fun!

Steven Universe News roundup!

Steven Universe is returning in June with a “Summer of Steven” event!

the exact date is TBD, but will likely be revealed closer to the month of June

Steven Universe was renewed for a fourth and fifth season!

According to Matt Burnett’s tweet that brings the total number of Steven Universe episodes to 156 (78 aired - 78 unaired)

Season 5 of Steven Universe will likely take us into 2018!

Season 6 and beyond are totally being considered, but given the extended timeline for episodes to air and episodes to produce, future renewals cannot be commented on at this time

The “Summer of Steven” event will not feature weekly airings of Steven Universe

However there is an airing plan in place, that Matt Burnett states has been “strongly implied” and that “The Summer of Steven is going to blow your minds!”, with more information to be announced much closer to June

This is NOT an April Fools Prank! 

Even Rebecca Sugar has been tweeting about it today!

The flashback: The résumé of Bernie sanders Vs Hillary Clinton

Don’t forget to vote!! 

Calling All Earthlings, NASA Wants to Send Your Art & Poetry Into Space!

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NASA, known for its highly scientific endeavours into space, is offering enthusiastic artists a chance to have their art released into space for countless millennia. In September they will launch an ambitious project which is the first of its kind in the U.S. to launch the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft  to gather samples from an asteroid and journey back to Earth for further research. Find out how below!

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For science: Reblog this with your BTS bias, your star sign (sun/moon) and your mbti type

if you don’t know what your moon sign is check here (your sun sign is your star sign)

and if you don’t know your mbti type check here (the test is kinda long)

This is all for science it’ll help a lot! 


The houses are mathematical points that signify areas of life. The signs of the Zodiac show how the planets express themselves, and the houses show where the planets’ energies are confined to, primarily directed at, or most prominently displayed. They each have a mode, element, and natural ruling sign.

Angular: These are the most salient houses. They have a direct, often immediate impact on the individual’s expression, lifestyle, and decisions. The first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses are angular.
Succedent: These houses have less to do with our general impact on the world around us or our behavior and are instead associated with more personal desires, inclinations, and attitudes. The second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh are succedent houses.
Cadent: It is within these houses that lessons are learned, information is distributed, change takes place, and the individual discovers more about the world or themselves. The cadent houses are the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth.

Fire: the fire houses primarily concern attitude & identity. They shape the individual’s worldview, their opinion of themselves, the way they handle their opportunities and misfortunes, the way they utilize their talents, et cetera.
Earth: the earth houses primarily concern material needs. The individual’s state in the practical realm is associated with them – their wealth, home, security, possessions, health, and what they consider to be desideratum.
Air: the air houses primarily concern social concepts. Communication, charity, intelligence, education, connections, collective developments, societal opinions, and interaction with community are associated with these houses.
Water: the water houses primarily concern the soul. Self-discovery, emotions, personal depth, yearnings, psychic abilities, comprehension of non-cerebral ideas, spirituality, and the inner world are subject to these houses.

The houses have ruling signs, but they do not belong to their ruling signs. They simply help to define each other, and are familiar with each other since their themes are congruent. The first house is ruled by Aries, the second house is ruled by Taurus, the third house is ruled by Gemini, the fourth house is ruled by Cancer, and so on throughout the Zodiac.

How do they physically work? Like… in space? As I said, the houses are mathematical points; they’re based on the individual’s specific location and time of birth. The natal chart is a snapshot of what space looks like from earth, so the signs & planets move throughout the houses as we see them. The first and seventh house cusps represent the horizon at one’s birth place.

A house is considered to be in a sign when the sign is on its beginning cusp. A planet is considered to be in a house when it is between two house cusps. The signs are always exactly 30°, but the houses can be virtually any size if you’re using the Placidus house system (which I think is the most reliable). There are a TON of house systems other than Placidus, but if you want to look into them, make sure you’re prepared for a lot of astronomy and mathematics.

If you do use Placidus (and any other non-equal house system) though, I should tell you about interceptions. It’s called an interception when a house is big enough to contain an entire sign within its cusps so that two houses will be in one sign. For example, I have Sagittarius on the cusp of both my 12th and 1st houses because Capricorn is intercepted in my natal chart. If one sign is intercepted, it’s sister sign will be too (the “sister sign” is simply the sign on the opposite side of the Zodiac wheel – so Cancer is also intercepted in my chart).


The First House: Angular // Fire // Aries
(AKA Rising or Ascendant)

The first house is about how the individual presents their identity. This is where one’s place in one’s environment is formed, experienced, and understood. The Ascendant describes how the native sees the world and how the native is seen by the world. The other planets generally filter through the Ascendant, in a way, before or as they are expressed.

The Second House: Succedent // Earth // Taurus
The second house is about how the individual secures themselves. Possessions and money are closely involved with this house; how materialistic the native is, how the native handles their finances, how the native may be able to earn wealth, and what the native needs to feel safe & comfortable are all things the second house describes.

The Third House: Cadent // Air // Gemini
The third house is about how the individual learns, thinks, and communicates on a daily, commonplace level. It describes one’s speech & thought patterns, the way one absorbs information and speaks it back into their environment, how one comprehends their daily life and converses (casually) with the people they spend most of their time with. It’s associated with “lower learning.”

The Fourth House: Angular // Water // Cancer
(AKA Imum Coeli [IC])

The fourth house is about how the individual was raised and how that affects their idea of home. The Imum Coeli describes the marks the native’s past has made on their psyche, how they feel about their childhood and how they felt during it, how they send down roots, if and how they settle down, how they make their home, and what they do with their history.

The Fifth House: Succedent // Fire // Leo
The fifth house is about how the individual pursues creativity. Children, art, romance, and hobbies are associated with this house, as it describes how the native creates, what they create, how they act and feel around children, how they fall in love and what they’re like when dating, what they do for fun, their passions, and how they express themselves through creations.

The Sixth House: Cadent // Earth // Virgo
The sixth house is about how the individual takes care of themselves. Their routine, job, work ethic, and health are described by this house. This is where the native learns how to sustain themselves physically and financially, figure out what hurts them, how to get rid of the things that don’t help them, and how to use their abilities to their benefit.

The Seventh House: Angular // Air // Libra
(AKA Descendant)

The seventh house is about how the individual deals with partnerships. This includes their desire for relationships both romantic and platonic, their needs in relationships, the kind of partner they look for, and how they view marriage and commitments. It’s also the house directly across from the Ascendant, which represents how one sees oneself, so the Descendant may indicate some of the things the native chooses not to see in themselves but projects onto others.

The Eighth House: Succedent // Water // Scorpio
The eighth house is about how the individual handles controversy, secrets, and inheritance. It describes how they search for the truth (as well as whether they want to know it and how they handle it), their trust, their view of taboo subjects, their attitude toward death and sex, their comfort level with darkness, and a number of other related things. Money is also associated with this house.

The Ninth House: Cadent // Fire // Sagittarius
The ninth house is about how the individual searches for knowledge on a deeper, more profound level. Journeys, philosophy, exploration, religion, and anything that can be qualified as “higher learning” are subject to this house. The individual’s worldview, opinions, morals, personal philosophies, and comprehension of humanity, God, and the universe are described here.

The Tenth House: Angular // Earth // Capricorn
(AKA Medium Coeli [MC] or Midheaven)

The tenth house is about how the individual establishes a name for themselves. This is where the native becomes and acts like a professional. Their career, business choices, reputation, public image, overt persona, and their community’s or audience’s general opinion & view of them are associated with this house. It says a lot about the jobs one accepts & pursues.

The Eleventh House: Succedent // Air // Aquarius
The eleventh house is about how the individual impacts society. Friendships, community, charity, invention, originality, ideas, kindness, and the like are associated with this house. It describes the native’s hopes and dreams, the way they apply them to other people, and how they help others in a more general, indirect way (through causes and such).

The Twelfth House: Cadent // Water // Pisces
The twelfth house is about how the individual experiences spirituality. All that is hidden, unknown, confined, trapped, misunderstood, shrouded in otherworldly fog, and mysterious is subject this house. Institutions (hospitals, prisons, et cetera) as associated with the twelfth house, as are self-discovery and transformation by way of eradicating old shells to make way for the new. It is also said to describe the past life and karmic energies of the native.


1ST HOUSE: Incredibly self-aware; strong-willed; gets their way

2ND HOUSE: Looks for comfort; possessive; nostalgic

3RD HOUSE: Communicative; intelligent; cannot keep quiet

4TH HOUSE: Nostalgic; great memory; ultra-familial

5TH HOUSE: Fun-loving; commitment-phobe; creative

6TH HOUSE: Prone to OCD / ED / GAD; worrisome; nervous

7TH HOUSE: Needs love; self-unaware; allocentric

8TH HOUSE: Prone to SI; reflective; never fully content

9TH HOUSE: Philosophical; imaginative; hates dishonesty

10TH HOUSE: Goal-oriented; determined; successful

11TH HOUSE: Friendly; collaborative; forward-thinking

12TH HOUSE: Self-unaware; imaginative; can’t focus


02.06.16 // three stages of note taking

1) make a mind map to get all the important information in one place

2) copy info to my notebook to structure the information more clearly

3) condense each part to flashcards, and memorize!