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Here’s a clearer version of my ADHD info graphic
Happy ADHD awareness month everyone!!

How To Guess A Sun Sign

Here are some traits that are very apparent in the sun signs - but remember, these also show up in their Rising’s. Lots of times, you’ll guess a person’s rising rather than their Sun. This should help a little.

Aries: They’re always talking to SOMEONE. They differ from Leo’s because they’ll talk to anyone and everyone, while Leo will usually stick with their squad or people of a certain social ranking.

Taurus: They usually always have something new on, and don’t really question the norms fashion wise. They often have lots of money. They’re productive. Stubborn.

Gemini: Talking to one person in class. Usually doesn’t shut the fuck up. Tbh a little creepy, if you’re just looking at them. Bubbly, if female. (idk why but Gemini guys seem sketchy).

Cancer: Withdrawn. Don’t talk to many people. Quiet when they speak. Hugs. Always.

Leo: [See Aries’s part on Leo’s]. Fashionable. Against fashion norms. Loud.

Virgo: Fashionable. With fashion norms. Quiet. Beautiful. “Prude”. Intelligent.

Libra: Always in a new relationship. Makes friends super easy. Will talk to anyone about everything. Always has interesting fashion choices.

Scorpio: Always in a new relationship. Stands out, ‘not meaning to’. Usually called a slut/stud. No one likes them / everyone either loves them or hates them. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 is how people refer to them. Flirtatious. Artists. Brutally Honest / Manipulative.

Sagittarius: Always asking questions. Stands up for what they believe in. Stands out. Knows fucking everything. Talented. Artists. Over Honest.

Capricorn: Productive. Always talking about their achievements. Overachievers. Overworkers. Always doing SOMETHING. Doesn’t talk much. Either makes lots of crude jokes / roasts or is totally against them. Judgmental.

Aquarius: Stands out. Talented. Speaks up. Always talking, [like Aries], bubbly. 'Sociopaths’ according to everyone. Tbh, they’re a bit salty. Either makes a lot of crude jokes / roasts or is against them. Dank Memes. Over Honest. Manipulative.

Pisces: Artist. Artist Aesthetic / Hipster Aesthetic. Always carrying their craft with them (guitar, notebook, pens, piano, whatever). Doesn’t talk to many people. Genuine. Victims. Stubborn in what they believe in.

What does my gc2b package look like?

All of our orders are shipped in standard grey envelopes or USPS Priority Mail envelopes. There is NO mention of the brand on the outside of the package; our return address will state that the package is from someone named Karen to maintain discretion. 

We use standard international labels and mark the item as ‘gift,’ to help compensate for customs fees. It’s important to keep in mind that there is still a chance that your order may get caught in customs if you are an international order. 

What’s inside my gc2b package?

Your gc2b package will contain your binder (naturally), a packing slip with your order information enclosed, and a gc2b insert that explains how to take care of and put on your binder safely. If you need any of these things removed from your package, please let us know before placing your order, so that we  an ensure that you receive your binder safely!  We never want to compromise anyone’s well-being or safety by shipping something that might cause trouble. Your needs are very important to us. 

As always, if you have any questions at all, we are standing by to help with any and all of your binding needs.❤️❤️❤️❤️