Sesame Street Season 16 aired from November 19, 1984 to May 17, 1985.


Season 16 set out to make an “attempt to familiarize children with hospitals and make them less threatening through the situation.” In Episode 1996, Luis broke his arm and as a result was sent to the emergency room. Computers would still be used this season to “encourage the development of creative writing skills with the keyboard.” Norman Stiles said, “As a result of working with computers, we know now that kids can create writing before their motor skills are developed.”

Sesame Street will also be getting into music videos such as one video will be called New Moosic, featuring How Now Brown and the Moo Wave. “We don’t want older brothers and sisters to come in the room, say that’s a baby show and turn it off,” said Dulcy Singer.

A new event and gacha has been announced, and it’s the continuation of the bnOURS events from the past two seasons! Both will run from 9/25 17:00 (JST) until 10/2 16:59 (JST).

First off is the event, “Wandering on Local Trains  Autumn Leaves Special ~Swaying on the Manami Railway~”.

This event will be a bingo event. By clearing bingos, you can obtain puchinanas of Mitsuki, Sougo and Gaku. The event will also give items like UR items and a special event badge so be sure to complete all of the difficulties! Kinako Bread will drop from lives so have fun playing!

Next is the gacha, “Swaying on the Manami Railway”.  These cards are limited and will come with Rabbit TVs showcasing Mitsuki, Sougo, and Gaku’s report on the autumn scenery. These cards will not provide bonuses for the event.

Your first solo scout will be discounted to 5 stones, and the cards will also be available for Pick Up in the Scout Catalog.

Just like the previous entries, this gacha will not include any of the other members.

Good luck!

big update!

Изменения были и Вы можете их заметить! Не волнуйтесь, никто и ничто не удалено ахахах
Я сократила количество постов первого и второго поколения, удалив бессмысленные и объединив многие в один большой пост.
Были удалены многие ссылки из навигации, удалены многие плейлисты и удалена все страница персонажей. Но, несмотря на то, все доски остались в пинтересте!

Но все появится заново, но в другом формате и в другом составе.

Я долго это обдумывала и наконец-то поняла, как хочу реализовать, что хочу реализовать.  

Хочу сказать Вам спасибо за поддержку, которую я получаю, но сейчас она мне нужна как никогда. Такое решение на глобальные изменения далось мне не легко и надеюсь, что Вы понимаете меня.

A Cheap Tactic to Make Weak Souls Stronger

List of Food Souls whose shards you can obtain via shard fusion:



  • Escargot
  • Hamburger
  • Hotdog
  • Mango Pudding
  • Napoleon Cake
  • Pastel de Nata
  • Sanma
  • Sweet Tofu
  • Tangyuan
  • Tiramisu
  • Vodka
  • Yogurt
  • Wonton


  • Cold Rice Shrimp
  • Long Bao
  • Macaroon
  • Miso Soup
  • Orange Juice
  • Sake
  • Sashimi
  • Spicy Gluten
  • Tempura
  • Yellow Wine


(none 😡😔👐)

And if I’ve missed any, let me know~! Thanks!


All response emails have now been sent, congratulations to everyone who made it into the zine! You have until 11:59PST on Monday 24th September to accept your spot, so please check any spam/trash folders just in case!

If you haven’t received an email, please DM us here so we can sort it out for you!

Thank you to everyone who applied!

Gonna be honest here, unless you don’t have access to the internet art books in this day and age are just a waste of money. I’m not talking about concept art books, those are good for inspiration, but the “fundamentals of art” or “how to draw anime” books are pointless. You can look up specifically what you want to learn for free online, it’s quick and you can also get multiple strategies. The main things you need to get good at to make decent art is anatomy, perspective, and colour theory. And you know what’s helped me improve my art way more than those books? Literally just looking at and studying other peoples art, all different types, realistic, cartoon, anime, background, prop design, concept, paintings, comics, old art new art everything. Speedpaint videos too! just pay attention to their process and tactics. and ya know actually drawing helps too obviously, who would’ve known? practice makes ya better at things? crazy

Midpoint Update!

Hello everyone! We’re mid-way through sign ups now, so it’s to time give you all a quick update!

As of right now all of our current writing applications should have received the appropriate email response for their submission! If you still have not received one, please be sure to message us as soon as possible so we can take care of that for you. We apologize for any delay you’ve had in receiving these, we do unfortunately have lives and things that we can’t always control, but as of now everyone should be good to go!

We’ve also reached over 100 followers on this blog, which is AWESOME and shows that a lot of people are invested in this project! We’re super happy to have all of you, thank you for joining us!!!

Just so you’re all aware, sign ups are still open through September 30th, so if you haven’t gotten your application in you still have time! That window is closing though,so be mindful of that! We are more than happy to welcome you into our crew though, and especially if you’re a fic writer and need help with ideas and figuring out what to do, you’re always welcome to shoot us a message anytime! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

We’re super excited that we’re nearing the real start of the creative process of this event, and we’re really hoping you’ll join us. Thank you for all of your interest and word spreading! Can’t wait to see you soon, fellow Phandom Thieves! <3

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Information About Cuphead, Madeline, And Chalice

Cuphead: Straight and cis, but happily supports his sisters. In a relationship with Hilda Berg. Twin brother to Madeline (15 years old, younger by three minutes) Hot headed and sassy, tends to be extremely defensive. Second to worst foul mouth in the household

Madeline: Male to Female transgender. Lesbian. Single but crushing. Twin sister to Cuphead (15 years old, older by three minutes) Sweet and kind, though still self conscious about coming out to her friends. Legally cannot swear, but started a swear jar to help pay for transition surgery. Will not accept money presents as she believes she has to earn it

Chalice: Pansexual and cis. Doesn’t have a crush, but does have interest in someone on Isle 3. Not related to the other two (acts like she is tho), and her age is unknown due to a broken memory. Most foul mouthed of the three, a little deviant with an angelic surface to trick most. Literally spoils Madeline rotten with presents and torments Cuphead about him being shy with Hilda

У меня какого-то черта перестал работать фотошоп, из-за чего я решила установить новый. И так как все настройки пропали, то обработка на постах немного изменится.

Anon submission

Someone made a participant submission in anonymous. We don’t know if this was a mistake or not but we want to reiterate that because of the way this activity works, you can’t be in anonymous. Resubmit again and make sure to say what is your blog ☺🎃