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¿Qué es la diferencia entre pero y sino?

It’s easier to understand pero by knowing how sino works.

sino is used as “but / rather”; it’s when you’re negating what someone has said and now you’re supplying the right answer: no es francesa sino alemana “she’s not French (but/rather) she’s German”

sino que is pretty much the same thing, except the next word that follows is a conjugated verb (or a verbal phrase): no estaba leyendo, sino que dormía “I wasn’t reading, (but/rather) I was sleeping”

And sino que can also precede direct objects or indirect objects or reflexives which is what I meant by verbal phrases: no dormía sino que me bañaba “I wasn’t sleeping (but/rather) I was taking a bath”

When you see sino or sino que you basically say “that last thing’s wrong and here’s what it actually is”

pero gets used when you’re connecting two otherwise unrelated ideas or clauses. It adds information as a conjunction, it doesn’t negate things to supply correct informatin which is what sino does.

If Bleach characters visited a psychic...

As requested by anon. :)

Bleach characters are visiting a (real) psychic to have their futures told! Here is the result!

1. Kira

Psychic: You will suffer much pain.

Psychic: And that pain will make you sad.


Kira: I don’t know what I expected.

2. Byakuya

Psychic: The white hair of old age awaits you.

Psychic: You will not die in this fight.

Byakuya: Tell me what I really want to know.

Psychic: The white hair will look awesome on you.

Byakuya: I knew it.

3. Keigo

Psychic: Someday, far in the future, you will invite Ichigo to do something with you……..and Ichigo will say yes.


4. Unohana

Psychic: I see a great pile of bodies in your future.

Unohana: Am I healing them, or did I put them there?

Psychic: …wow, you didn’t even blink.

5. Nemu

Psychic: Poison! Betrayal! Death! Resurrection!

Nemu: So a normal week then?

6. Matsumoto

Psychic: Your old captain, the one that you lost - you will see him again.

Psychic: And it will make you angry.


Matsumoto: Captain Shiba usually has that effect.

7. Hachigen

Psychic: The true nature of your powers will be revealed some day!

Hachigen: R-really?

Psychic: Dunno man. Do you think Tite Kubo remembers you?

8. Haschwalth

Psychic: Someday you will have a choice….betray your leader and die, or don’t betray your leader and die.


Haschwalth: Being second in command kind of sucks.

9. Kenpachi

Psychic: Ichigo will never want to fight you.

Kenpachi: So you’re one of those fake psychics, then?

Psychic: No, I’m serious. He doesn’t want to fight you.


10. Hiyori

Psychic: I see in your future a reunion between you and your old captain!

Hiyori: Please for the love of flip-flops tell me that you mean Hikifune and not Urahara.

Psychic: I have no more informatin.

Hiyori: DAMMIT

11. Hitsugaya

Psychic: I see growth…

Hitsugaya: Yes??

Psychic: …emotional growth…

Hitsugaya: Darn it!

Psychic: ….as well as growth…

Hitsugaya: Yes??

Psychic: …in your powers…

Hitsugaya: Um, okay.

Psychic: …oh, and also growth…


Psychic: …in your understanding…


12. Ukitake

Psychic: You will be healed, someday.

Ukitake: Really??

Psychic: Let’s hope so. You’ve been sick for way too long!

13. Shinji

Psychic: Victory in battle is to you and your visored comrades what the Oscar is to Leonardo Dicaprio.

Shinji: ….sweeter when it finally comes?

Psyhic: Your optimism is adorable.

14. Yoruichi

Psychic: I see a sword in your hand!

Yoruichi: Oh good. Maybe you can help me remember where I left it!

15. Grimmjow

Psychic: Your face…..will be seen.


Grimmjow: What sort of lame-ass prophecy is that?

Psychic: Look, it isn’t lame to some people.

Grimmjow: They sound lame too.

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A thing I've always wondered is; when you buy a normal manga, it has multiple chapters. But since OnS only gets one chapter per month, does that mean the 'book' is only around 30-40 pages long?

I’ll try my best to make this as easy to understand as possible, so bear with me haha.

So Owari no Seraph (ONS) is published monthly with usually around 30 pages in Jump SQ (SQ stands for Supreme Quality as this particular magazine is expected to have manga with more quality+pages, being monthly instead of weekly like their main Shonen Jump weekly magazine and all). There are about 19 stories currently being published in Jump SQ to total about 840 page volumes each month. 

Then you get the tankōbon (volume) releases. These are the ones that are released only a few times a year and can get licensed and brought overseas. These are released every 4 chapters or so because that’s the number of chapters in each volume (the fourth chapter in vol. 9 is actually chapter 0 however). Which means that these volumes are about 170+ each. 

So the number of pages depends on what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the monthly magazine volume, that totals over 800. If your talking about Seraph’s volumes that are released a few times per year, then it’s around 170 pages or so.

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A few questions: What exactly do you do for the Blackout? You hardly post anything Blackout related. No one knows about you until after the first Blackout, and now you're on pictures, claiming stuff. You don't really post on Tumblr, so who are you?

If you take the time to know me, you’ll know that this really isn’t a blog that I post up on often. I make references to the other blog @whatwhiteswillneverknow on more than one occasion. I have more followers on that blog and I tend to post more on that blog than all my other blogs combined. Some of my personal reflections gets reblogged on W3NK every once in a while JUST to remind people “hey… I’m the guy behind this.”

I have a total of 4 active tumblrs, with the other two being @werespectdarkwomen and @welovedarkbeings being the other two. @nukirk is the blog with the least amount of posts, but it’s the only blog where people can expect to see me for who I am instead of the three blogs, where there’s a theme going on.

However, as of late, people know me more on a “theme” basis and expect me to perform on demand, forgetting that I’m a complex person with ideas that can’t fit in one or the other theme blogs. 

But what I’ve done for #TheBlackout is simple. I helped rally support for it. There were no place for central informatin. I gave logos for at the time I thought was a “one time event” instead of a “monthly event”. The many things I’ve done for #TheBlackout has been noted in the masterpost. Here are a few notables:

nukirk, the curator behind whatwhiteswillneverknow, who runs visual promotions and serves as the promoter on most of the social networks.”

“After Blkoutqueen suggested #TheBlackout and the movement gained traction on tumblr, the tag that was placed on the original promos by nukirk was #Blackoutday (a “happy” accident).“

“The first released logos, now known as the “Social Media Promo Logos” (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Vine and Instagram), were released to the public by nukirk to help promote and spread the movement.

As of March 29, 2015, in addition to the 5 SM logos, there are now logos for YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest, bringing the total to 8. (Link to hi-res logos)”

The “” domain, which is part of some Blackout material is actually own by me. 

All the promo graphics… done by me. Here’s a post of my thinking behind them.

Basically, this is who I am. I do post on Tumblr, you just have to know where to look. 

I’m also going to take this time out to say that I intend on fixing this “identity” problem. However, some people may not like the method.