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Video documentation of installation by Ryoji Ikeda currently shown at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Germany:

The »Infosphere« exhibition starts with a presentation by composer and artist Ryoji Ikeda in Atrium 1 + 2 of the ZKM. His large-scale projections relating to architecture and sound worlds, are a totally immersive experience for the visitors. With »the planck universe [micro]« and »the planck universe [macro]«, the ZKM presents a series of new works, inspired by the artist’s encounters with scientists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN has the world’s largest particle physics research institute. Ikeda’s new synesthetic works are based on principles of particle physics and cosmology. Inspired by supersymmetry, they visualize a theory of particle physics – the different scales and dimensions of the universe.

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Today, even tho I should need to, I barely finished anything 💩
That is due to my love for coding (???) which kinda developed today💡
I really enjoyed it and I’ve just finished coding now for another hour today💻💤
I’m now cuddled up in my bed because it’s freakin cold and I’m to lazy to put on longer pants 🏂
Anyway, I’m off now becaus I don’t want to sleep in for that long tomorrow 🌚🌜
Good Night and don’t forget that tomorrow is mothers day 🌹🌹

Late evening math date today 💕

Do you usually learn evenings or at night or prefer to be active during the day?
In the last years I’ve often learnt late at night or in the early morning but this year I’m trying not to get too strange and unhealty sleeping routines.

However a tip: did you know you memorize the most out of things if you read them before sleeping?

What are you learning today?
Love to learn ♡

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human cyborg brain by Asher Happy
Via Flickr:
the concept of thinking.background with brain.the file is saved in AI10 EPS version. This illustration contains a transparency.

I’m so bad at finding time for actual posts in the last couple of days so here’s my mlip one day late…
Yesterday was alright I managed to kill the 3,5 litres of water (for the first time) and I have to admit that I felt it in a positive way! So stay hydrated friends 🍼
The other thing is that I tried to get done as much work as possible - which wasn’t the case 😐 My au-pair papers arrived yesterday and this organisation seems great but also really expensice with super high standards so this literally ruined m mood for like ever…
I’m not sure if an au-pair year or a year studying abroad would be better😔
There are so many important decicions I have to make right now and I’m really not ready at all…
At least I’ve studied for like 2 hours 🙏🏻📖
Anyway, yesterday was depressing and painful but today is a new day and I’ll try to make the best of it somehow😐
Oh and because my putside study-session seemed so cool I’ll post another picture in just a second
see you❤️

01.02.2016 - Happy February!
Maths - Vectors and Matrixes

I’m revising maths and doing a little scheme.
Today it’s a blue day 💙📘📒📕⭕🔵🔹🔷

What are you learning today?
Love to learn ♡

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Marcin Ignac alongside Jakob Eg Larsen and Arek Stopczynski from the Danish Technical University tracked mobile phones with Bluetooth enabled and discoverable as they moved around the Roskilde Festival.

“The height of different parts of the festival area represents number of detected devices over time. The color was assigned to every scanning point depending on it’s proximity to one of the stages.”

I like that this is taking some of the thinking from the MIT Senseable City Lab and applying it to something at a slightly smaller scale.


Listening music according to your mood during driving

Source : Engadget / CES 2012


Iran was the firs country attacked in an informatic war. This virus was the “weapon”, a very complex virus called Stuxnet. Stuxnet was developed and funded by Israel and United States, and it’s the first [known] worm that spies on and subverts industrial systems.

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UP, by Jawbone is a wristband and iPhone app that tracks your activity and sleep and inspires you to move more, sleep better and eat smarter.