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Workout done!

As usual, I’ve started with cardio. I did a mix of running, cycling and elliptical. It was actually pretty nice because most of the cardio equipment was replaced and brand new! I prefer these much better because it doesn’t suddenly stops when you stop cycling for like 2 seconds and you an pause it to quickly go in the toilets, come back and still having the informations about your workout. 👌

After I did some strength training exercises for arms/shoulder and abs/core. I think I’m gonna try to do at least 2 strength training sessions in a week : one for arms and shoulders and another for legs and butt. I still need to track it. Actually I’m thinking about doing something for a better tracking, especially for food because I’m not seeing my progress due to bad eating at some point.

Anyway, it was a nice workout! 💪 I hope your week is all going well, what are you up to guys? 😊😊

Body weight training can be a great way to gain strength, build muscle, boost cardiovascular fitness, and burn fat. Body weight training has little to no marketing since it requires no equipment beyond your own body weight.  It is a form of training that has many benefits but is often overlooked due to the overwhelming amount of advertisements competing for you attention. Here are some benefits:

Efficient workout.

Research suggests that bodyweight exercises such as plyometrics yield great fitness gains in a very short workout durations. Since there is no equipment, it is easy to transition from one exercise to the next. With shorter rest times, you can burn more calories and boost your heart rate.


Body weight training can be done anywhere at any time since it does not require equipment.  It can make workouts easier to squeeze in.

It is cheap.

Gym memberships could be pricey but you do not need a gym to do bodyweight exercises.

Outdoor Workouts.

Since it does not require a gym, you can do it anywhere! On nice days you could go in your backyard, a park, etc and enjoy your workout there.

Combines cardio and strength training.

Adding quick cardio intervals will keep your heart pumping while still building strength.  Cardio intervals could be a minute of jumping jacks, a minute of running in place, etc.

Easy to Modify.

Body weight trainings are easy to modify for any fitness level. Adding extra repetitions and performing exercises slower or faster can add a challenge.

Increase Flexibility.

Completing exercises through a full range of motion is a great way to ensure that joints move freely.  It can lead to better posture and might reduce the chance of exercise-related injuries.

Improved Balance.

Body weight exercises do not use weights for resistance so it is accomplished through other ways.  A bodyweight squat could become more challenging by doing a single-leg squat (pistol squat).

Core Strength.

The core helps with posture, improved athletic performance, and many other aspects.  Bodyweight exercises can be used to engage all twenty-nine abdominal muscles.  More core strength means more stability in other workouts which means you rely less on outside support. This helps prevent injury.

Injury Prevention.

Body weight trainers are generally safer regardless of experience, age, or fitness level.  Many exercises can actually be used as an option for rehabilitation.


Bodyweight exercises involve compound movements (multiple joints and muscles). Compound movements have shown to be extremely effective for strength gains and performance improvements.  Since core strength is developed it translates into improved strength gains throughout the entire body.

anonymous asked:

Oh my goddd I know that Erejean isn't exactly your thing but I immediately imagined them for this one, obviously you don't have to do it! (314):Had an orgasm and got a charley horse at the same time. It was a multi-purpose scream.

Oh god, anon. You don’t know what you’ve done. I call this one “Jean & Eren and the horrible dorm furniture.” Totally not based on a true story. 

2.3k of erejean nonsense.

There’s a strange disconnect between how the school treats hypothetical sex and the act itself. For example, Jean passed several posters reading, “always use protection,” “always ask for consent,” “a person can’t consent if they’re intoxicated” and then a very muscular man wearing a bikini top and a tutu handed out condoms on the diag.

“Thanks Reiner!” Eren shouted, grabbing a handful and waving at the condom fairy who waved back with their wand.

And then there was the actual result.

“What is that?” Jean pointed.

“My dorm room…” Eren said, because it was obvious.

“No, where is your bed?”

“There,” Eren pointed.

“Up…there?” Jean asked incredulously.

“Haven’t you ever seen a loft set up?”

The University furniture was part of those stackable sets, modular blocks customizable for each room. Of course, they were purchased several years after the University was built and not all rooms were as flexible with the furniture. So Eren had his bed situated over his desk and bookshelves, but the ceiling was so low, Jean had no idea how he crawled up there. To make things worse, a large pipe ran the length of the room, meaning not only was the ceiling low but Eren was sleeping with a pipe over his head. It was like every poster was telling Jean to have wild amazing college sex and the very infrastructure said, “HAHA ,TRY IT.”

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights,” Eren said critically.

“I just don’t understand why it’s all the way up there, when you have plenty of space here,” Jean said, indicating the ample floor space.

“I like the space for my morning workouts,” Eren informed Jean.

God bless those morning workouts, Jean thought, eyeing the firm curve of Eren’s bicep. Eren seemed to sense what Jean was thinking because he stretched out his arms over his head. Fuck.

“Where’s your ladder?” Jean asked, looking around.

“Oh, outside my window so Armin and Mikasa can sneak in.”

Oh, right. You needed a keycard to get into the dorms and Armin and Mikasa both lived across the road. Eren’s dorm was on the first floor, but the first floor was raised so his window was unreachable, hence the ladder. Eren had also dispensed with the safety rail in the front, which made Jean a little queasy, what if you rolled off in the middle of the night?

“So how do you get up?”

“Like so!” Eren said.

He reached up and pulled himself up with those gorgeous biceps, wiggling along like a snake on its belly.

“Can you even sit upright?” Jean asked?

“Well, sortof,” Eren said, his feet dangling off the edge. “If I slouch.”

Jean stared.

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Is it possible to get abs without going to the gym? Like if I had light weights at home is it still possible to get abs with them?

Yes you can.

But you will probably hit a plateau in a few months, because your body will get used to it. So you will have to add weights.

More information on home workouts ->

Static stretching

This is where you hold a position for more than 30 seconds in order to elongate the muscle.  This kind of stretching should be done after the activity.  These stretches are designed to target specific muscle groups one at a time to lengthen them.  When doing static stretches you should feel some tension but stay within your pain-free zone.  Do not do these kinds of stretches when your muscles are cold.


  • Improve muscle interactions
  • Improve flexibility
  • Relaxing both physically and mentally

Dynamic Stretching

This is an active stretch.  You are stretching through controlled movements.  Dynamic stretches should be done as a warm up.  These kinds of stretches focus on multiple muscle groups at one time.  You should feel a nice stretch and you should feel your heart rate begin to rise.


  • Increase blood flow to muscles
  • Increase range of motion
  • Increase awareness of joint position
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Gets you mentally prepared to workout 
imma be real here

if i would have been a douche bag and charged every person that liked or reblogged my healthy living guide $7, i would have made $259,000. 



I care about people and put all of that free information, workouts, and meals out here for free. Because I want you guys to be healthy and I’m not here to rip you off or make money off of insecure teenage girls. I don’t even work with clients under 18. 


why the fuck would you buy a plan from someone that is 17, unqualified, steals before/afters, etc.??? 

I just don’t understand.