informal fallacies

some logic review sheets for my philosophy unit test today!

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“Their music sucks. The singer’s racist.”

“That book sucks. The author’s a misogynist.”

“He’s an idiot for being homophobic. Therefore, we shouldn’t take him seriously on any matter, even if he’s making sense.”

^ These are called “ad hominems.” These, specifically, are attacking the person and concluding that their work/argument is no good because of some irrelevant fact about the person. One can easily spot such arguments if one of the premises is insulting the person. Ad hominems are illogical forms of argumentation, and I see a lot of them on tumblr. Some of them have more than one premise attacking the person, unlike the examples I gave above. If I see any arguments that are set up like these, I don’t care if you’re arguing against a supporter of White Supremacy, Pro-Life, Conservatism, Liberalism, Veganism, Meat-eating, etcetera. If you make arguments like these, I’m not going to take what you’re saying seriously. Of course, if you fix your arguments such that they make sense, i.e. are logically structured, then of course I’d take what you’re saying into consideration.