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My Story during 19/09/2017 (Mexico City Earthquake)

TL;DR below

It is September 19, 2017 and we’ve just had an evacuation drill. We do not know what to do specifically, we just heard the alarm and evacuated each classroom at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de México. It is close to 1:10 pm, we are in class, we are laughing and completing some assignment that I can remember now: Paris Climate Agreement. We can feel the ground shaking lightly; we look up from our devices, we stop talking, we look at each other. We think it is just another minor tremor, it feels lighter than the one we felt on September 7. We are wrong.
We feel it intensifying, the teacher is telling me to get up and join my classmates away from the windows, away from the heavy projector that is hanging in the middle of the classroom. I clutch the very first thing I see, my laptop. My laptop with the sunflowers in the cover, the sunflowers that are supposed to bring me hope. I do not know why, but I hug it close. I pray, as I join my classmates in a circle holding each other, let this be over let this be over let this be over. It was not.
The next thing I know, the building is swaying back and forth, the windows are cracking and I hear pieces falling from the ceiling. We are on the first floor on the building, we are closer to the floor, we look at each other terrified surely thinking about the other three floors above us. Floors full of students just like us that do not have an escape route from a possible collapse. We do. If we leave the classroom we will be greeted with the Claustro, the area where there is no roof above the building. Not another second goes by before we are already running outside, we are fleeing what we felt was a sure death.
I breakdown, I start crying, I cannot see what takes me to the center of the Claustro. I am engulfed by my classmates and by strangers, I can feel tears coming down my face and I can feel my friends comforting me. The movement has not stopped. The building is moving even more violently, with so much force I feel it will come down around, trapping so many of my friends, of my classmates. I cry and I shout, I feel like death is coming up behind us.
I look up as I hear a very loud sound, and I can see so many people escaping another building, so so scared. I hear other people crying, I try to calm down and dry my tears. I am not successful. All I can think of are my friends, my brother in another building’s fourth floor. Just meters away from me, but still very far out of my vision. I cannot believe what I am seeing, I fear for my life and everybody else’s. And I still do not know the place of origin of that horrible, horrible sound.
The movement stops. We evacuate the building. I take my friends’ hands and follow without uttering a single word. Everybody’s in shock, everybody fears the building will come down any minute if we do not move fast enough. I find myself in one of the courtyards, outside of the building I was in, but without view of the other buildings on campus. What I see completely shatters my heart. There are really big holes in the walls of the entire building, there are so many pieces of my school in the floor. I am so very scared. We all are. We are in the same courtyard we were at during the drill, this time hit by the reality of an earthquake.
The rest comes and goes in my mind. We are moved from one place to another until we are moved in front of another building. People breaking down, friends I cannot locate, parents entering campus trying to find their relatives. This was the building my brother was on, and I cannot locate him. I only have my laptop still clutched at my side, I had forgotten my cellphone in that now long forgotten classroom. Soon before we are moved outside campus, I find my brother and I completely break down. We have never hugged so tightly.
We wait hours before we can leave campus. I live far away from school, and the streets were cramped, the traffic stumped. I am lucky to have found a working phone to communicate with my mother. We learn the origin of the sound, eight bridges collapsed: three buildings that were connected on the four floors they have. We know there are students still inside helping clean the rubble from this collapses. We wait five hours with our hearts completely crushed.
Those bridges that collapsed saved many lives. They could have created enough to tension to actually bring down the buildings. Including the one I was on. I am lucky. Unfortunately, my school is devastated, my life and dreams completely shattered. We now know there are 5 confirmed deaths, 5 dreams and souls gone. Other 40 people were injured or rescued, thanks to my classmates’ efforts. We are completely in the dark about our classes.
But we are not the only tragedy. Coming home I learn about so many other tragedies that add to mine. Several buildings collapsed, including a school that had children trapped underneath. I hear about so many places in need of help, getting home is a challenge itself because of the heavy traffic. I know most of my family is okay and getting home and I am lucky. I know my home is okay, that it is still standing, and I am lucky. So many people were not.
My beloved Mexico City has declared an official State of Emergency. The epicenter of this deadly earthquake in the states of Puebla and Morelos is in ruins. So many people have been left homeless, with no food or shelter for the time being. So little attention has been put on them. As I write this, we are coming close to 300 lost lives.
You have probably heard about the insane support that my beautiful people have given. As inspiring and incredible as it is, really hard months are upon us. We have weeks in which the amount of internal support will not be enough to relief the many victims of this disaster. This is were YOU come in dear reader, you can help with as little as you have, reblogging this post and/or my others. I will only be posting about this tragedy. Please help in any way you can, this help will be greatly appreciated and of much much use. Currency disparity is now working in our favor: a dollar is worth approximately 18 pesos right now. Every donation, as small as it may be, will help enormously.

TL;DR: Mexico City has declared a State of Emergency after the 19/09/2017 earthquake. We will need every piece of help that YOU can offer, even as time goes by. Posts about aid are in my blog, please PLEASE help any way you can. My school (TEC CCM) is shattered and I am very very lucky I am alive. The bridges that collapses SAVED my life and many others’.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just wanted to tell my story to help communicate this tragedy. I love you and appreciate my current situation very much.


critical role memelocationswhitestone

Whitestone is a city in the Alabaster Sierras mountain range on the northeastern edge of Tal'Dorei’s continent. 

It is named for the white-colored stone quarried there, which, although not inherently magical, is particularly receptive to arcane energies and therefore may be used to create objects that can retain more powerful enchantments, perhaps for longer periods of time.

The city is ruled from Whitestone Castle, the former and current home of the de Rolo family and the one-time home of the Briarwoods.

Somewhat isolated from the rest of Tal'Dorei both geographically and politically, Whitestone’s citizens suffered without external aid for five years under the oppression and horrors of the Briarwoods until Vox Machina arrived, fomented the Whitestone Rebellion, and fatally deposed the Briarwoods.

After the city of Emon was sieged by the Chrome Conclave, Whitestone began to serve as the temporary headquarters for the remnants of the Council of Tal’dorei.

Thought I should share this cool tidbit of information:

So a POT just asked if he could FedEx something to me and he asked for my name, my cell phone number and my address. Because I’m extremely concerned for my safety I’ve been using completely fake information minus the city I’m in. So I called FedEx and they told me that I can give him the fake name, my TextPlus number and the address of my local FedEx and all I have to do is call 1-800-GoFedEx to have the name changed after I recieve the tracking number. That way I can pick it up with my real ID. Thank God.


(So I just realized I spelled ‘taught’ wrong, sorry for the misunderstanding~)

“So, Captain Levi…  Some citizens in the city informed me that here I would have found ‘humanity’s strongest’, but all that I see is just the same little, annoying brat I had to bear a long time ago” you stated, sarcasm dripping from your voice.

You had barged into Levi’s study without even knocking, causing the Corporal to glare hardly at you. The (H\C) woman had been rather sassy and rude, but in his eyes you had never been more beautiful and charming; your (E\C) eyes glittered with excitement and mocking spirit, while you put your foot on the Captain’s desk.

“And I see the same, old, sour spinster I had to listen to a long time ago; is that a wrinkle I see on your face?” he smirked, satisfied with his remark. He would never admit it out loud, but he had missed you, very much so.

“Well it might be. Or it’s just your sight getting worse and worse because of old age” you smiled with mirth and smugness. Back to the old days, the two of you had shared the same kind of arguments everyday, never getting bored of bickering like an old married couple. He had missed that part of you too.

You sat in the chair in front of the man, crossing your legs and planning on testing your long lost student just a little more.

“So shorty, I assume that you’re still the same cleaning obsessed moron you have always been, aren’t you?”

“Yes, just like you’re still the same pathetic old hag you’ve always been” 

“Well I’m happy to hear you say that because starting today I’ll be residing here and now I know for sure that this pathetic old hag won’t be sharing a room with you”

“Tsk like if I would let that happen”

“Oh and who exactly are you to tell me what I have to do, brat?”

“I’m the reason you’re here, aren’t I?” he smirked again thinking about the good old memories he had shared with you.

After all that was just their way of flirting

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Let’s make this HOW FUN with an exclamation mark! 


who shot that arrow in your throat?
who missed the crimson apple?
it hung heavy on the tree above your head

this chaos, this calamity, this garden once was perfect
give your immortality to me; I’ll set you up against the stars

I cut the arrow from your neck
stretched you beneath the tree
among the roots and baby’s breath
I covered us with silver leaves

how often/ever do we see what cities are like on Earth in Star Trek in the future??  like, in a substantive manner?

what are the development patterns like and have they corrected the automobile-centric infrastructure of our present?  if everyone can transport everywhere, then there wouldn’t be a need to center cities around cars OR the political/etc momentum to re-center everything around public transportation… not to mention that whole post-scarcity thing going on.

how do people of different cultures/groups cluster?  presumably there isn’t gentrification or racism or institutional/effective segregation that divides neighborhoods, but what does this mean for where people *choose* to live?  if Earth is a paradise, what kind of culture-based conflicts are there between neighbors?  how place-based are cultures when people can more easily pick up and move somewhere else, where they aren’t tied down by the economy or other such limiting factors?  the sociological ramifications of comparing then and now……..

but mostly I was thinking – Sisko as being from a New Orleans of the future is easy to imagine for an audience in many ways, because that’s a city that’s easy to believe won’t change in some aspects – the historical pedestrian-centered downtown area, the quaint horse/carriage tourist thing, the wrought iron, the *food* culture, the whole aesthetic and indulgence… but what would change is what people like to ignore about the city anyway: a) equitable flood/hurricane infrastructure to keep the population of the *entire* city safe w/o being environmentally detrimental and b) less corruption and no racism, the service industry being about sharing culture rather than exploiting it.

but to actually get to my original point: what if Sisko had been from idk Detroit? or Atlanta?  those cities are going to be *way way* different centuries from now than they look today, in a more substantive way; they’ve already reinvented themselves several times.

I also greatly enjoyed the depiction of San Fran in Art’s fic – that felt like a city that could retain its present distinctiveness while incorporating future technology, etc…… like fuck, what does 23rd or 24th century New York or Tokyo or Seoul or Mumbai or London look like????  that’s gotta be WILD, presumably the density plateaus at some point??  what about Nairobi or Lagos?  Jakarta or Mexico City or anywhere in China??  how is technology and population and development distributed across the planet???

Timothy McVeigh’s father, William McVeigh, hoped that his son would have shown some sort of remorse and apology. but he never did.

when he was in the execution chamber, one of the reporters present to watch him receive the lethal injection said that Timothy had lost weight, become very pale and was not the cocky convict they had previously interviewed.

Fresh Start - Part 1

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Oliver Queen and Thea Queen

Words: 1120

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: This is a new story I had been thinking about for a time now and I finally started writing. I’m quite excited and I hope you like it. Sadly, Barry doesn’t appear on this part yet but in the next one 

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PART 2  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 8  /  PART 9

Your entire life had always looked like a movie. And not a funny or romantic one. More like a drama. At the beginning, it was like a princess story: you were the youngest daughter of the Queen family, you had an easy and happy childhood, you could get anything you wanted just by named it. You even were a bit spoiled if you were honest to yourself. Then Oliver and your father went on the journey and never came back. Your life changed. The life of your entire family changed.  

You became a new person. You were forced to grow up and become a woman so it wasn’t surprising that when Oliver came back out of nowhere, he barely recognized you. You couldn’t blame him but it was too late for you to be the old dreamy (Y/N) Queen. Still, you had hope. Your brother was alive, he was back, so maybe things could go back to the way they were before. But time proved you wrong in ways you would have never imagined.

Before you knew how it happened, you were at Tommy Merlyn’s funeral, then at your mother’s and when you least expected…Laurel’s. It all became too much. Hit after hit, life was taking you down and you didn’t know if you were going to be strong enough to take more tragedy so you made a decision: you had to leave Star City before it changed you in ways you didn’t want to.

“You’re what?” Oliver said when you told him and Thea about your decision.

You had come to the City Hall to talk to Oliver and Thea. You knew Oliver would be too happy. Although everything that had happened had been awful, it had made you, Oliver and Thea come closer than ever before. So you knew it would be hard for them, but you also knew they would be there for you, at least Thea. It would take more time for Oliver to come around.  

“I’m leaving Star City” you repeated. “Before you say anything, Oliver, I’m not asking for permission. I’m telling you. I’m leaving” you added crossing your arms.

“Are you sure?” Thea asked with a frown.

“I know you’re worried. I’m your baby sister and it’s a big step but it’s also something I need to do” you said looking at both of them. “I will be fine but I just can’t stay here any longer. I’ve been through too much and after Laurel…I can’t take it anymore. I need a fresh start” you explained looking down at your hands. “I know it hasn’t been easy to any of you either, but somehow you have managed to be stronger than me” you shrugged.

“You’re as strong as we are. We are the Queen’s after all” Thea smiled at you as she grabbed your hand and gave you a reassuring squeeze.

“I know we are. But I’ve been strong for so long that I need a break from everything” you said looking now at your brother.

“Where are you supposed to go?” He asked looking down at his hands.

You knew this was a huge deal for him. You and Thea meant everything for him, especially after Felicity broke up with him. He had always protected you, he had been your rock, your confident, your best friend. However, you knew he would let you go if it was for your own happiness and wellbeing. Still, it would be hard to watch you walk away from him and out of his sight.

“Central City” you informed them. You saw how they exchanged looks of concern, which made you laugh. “I’m not going there to stop metahumans, calm down” you laughed. “I want to study journalism and I’m going to do it there,” you explained.

“Journalism?” Oliver questioned with an eyebrow raised.

“Hey, you two are doing important jobs in here. I mean…you’re the Mayor,” you said. “I want to do something that belongs to me. I want to make my own name, not the one the family has given to me,” you added looking down at your hands.

“There’s no way we can change your mind?” Thea asked with a small smile.

“I already got my place at the university so…not really” you chuckled.

“You’re unbelievable,” Thea said getting up. “Come here”, she said opening her arms.

Smiling, you got up and hugged your sister with strength. She had always been so comprehensive with you, even when you had the craziest ideas she had supported you, which had made her one of your most important pillars in your life.

“Thank you”, you whispered as you hugged her.

“If you need anything. Anything. Just give us a call and we will be there, you know it right?” She said in your ear. You nodded with a small smile. “And don’t worry about Oliver. He’ll come around” she added.

“I know” you smiled pulling away. “I love you”

“And I love you too” she replied.

She looked at Oliver for a moment before leaving the office. Probably she had a bunch of things to do. Taking a deep breath, you turned to look at Oliver who was now standing and looking out of the window.

“How am I supposed to let you go?” He asked.

“By…letting me take your car?” You teased.        

“No way” he replied quickly. Even when you weren’t seeing his face, you could hear the hint of a smile in his voice. “Are you completely sure about it?” He asked finally turning to look at you.

“I am” you said walking around the desk to stand by his side. He looked down at you for a few seconds before pulling you into a tight hug. “Ollie, I’m going to be fine, I promise”

“Do you really think I’m going to feel better because you say that?” He said.

“I know you won’t” you laughed and pulled away. “But I will. Plus, it’s Central City, not another continent, and The Flash is there” you said with a smile.

“Don’t you dare messing with any metahuman, understand? That’s dangerous” he warned you.

“Oliver, I’m joking. I’m not really interested in them” you shrugged.

“Fine…” he sighed. “When are you leaving?” He asked.

“Tomorrow” you smiled.

“Tomorrow!?” He exclaimed.

“Hey! If I waited any longer I’m sure you would find the way to stop me so yes, tomorrow” you said. He narrowed his eyes at you and sighed shaking his head.

“I hate you” he mumbled hugging you again.

“I know you don’t” you smiled hugging him back. He laughed a little and kissed the top of your head.

“No I don’t, but I hate that my baby sister is leaving” he said making you tear up a little.



The Kingdom of Hearts was known for its bad condition,famine,cruelty and theft was something very common outside the palace gates. However, the guards patrolling in the city were informed by a random citizen that he saw a man with the heart birthmark on his body, to be more specific ,he pleaded and asked for money in exchange of the man’s identity and place .In the very end the ‘suspect’ called by the name Luciano Vargas was brought to the castle with a bit of ..force since it seemed like he refused to come peacefully and calm. Inside the throne room, the man was dragged by the wrist in front of the king himself. The guards excused themselves for the sudden interruption and explained the king what the situation was. ‘’My lord, we were told by the citizens that this man is owning one of the Heart marks we have been searching for. It is believed that it is somewhere on his body so we came to give this information to you.’’ the guard explained as he gripped Luciano tighter by thewrist, not letting him escape unchecked. 

Meeting eyes with the king of hearts for the first could see that he(the Italian) wasn’t please knowing what chaos is outside the gates and howthe king was living…but not only that…there was another reason. The thing he ran all this time… from the king…the mark on his body that was situated on the inner thigh of his right leg however getting in the way of his escape. He was having a small nervous smile as he looked away, everywhere but this man’s violet eyes. He wasn’t afraid, no, but maybe the king would lose interest if he’d ignorehe thought..but his chances were probably close to 0.

Though, for a ‘peasant’ ,this man was dressed pretty good,and the reason was the following: This Luciano Vargas was brought there from a cabaret brothel and it seemed like the man who saw the mark was nothing but one of his clients so Luciano worked there.
‘’I am not the man you are looking for.’’the Italian spoke straight to the king, not bowing as if his pride was bigger and the respect towards the German low, no matter how charming king Lutz was, Luciano’s respect always had to be gained’’I am nothing but a mere human.’’he lied.

Huge blog update! Miasma content now available!

Great news, everyone!

@thatsoneginger and I have been working on this story for almost a year and a half, and even though the core story is going to stay behind closed doors until we’re ready to release the book, we’ve set up a series of pages on my blog to share details about most of our current main and side characters, information about the city of Campene, and the Gray Lover.

I really hope you guys will enjoy all the work we’ve done, its been a lot of late night conversations and screaming at each other in excited frenzy about character and plot elements to get to this point. It’s not much, but hopefully its enough to get you guys excited over our little story.

Here is a link to the page, but you can also find the link through my Original Stories tab.

Please enjoy and tell us what you think!


City of Tiny LIghts. Screenplay by Patrick Neate. Dir. Pete Travis. Prod. Ado Yoshizaki Cassuto and Rebecca O’Brien. Perf. Billie Piper and Riz Ahmed. Icon Film Distribution, 2016. Film. (photo source)
Louis Tomlinson WON'T be banned from the US even if convicted
The One Direction star, 25, was seen outside his home in LA after he was booked for simple battery on Friday night following a row with photographers taking pictures of his girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

By Joe Sheppard For Mailonline

PUBLISHED: 16:59 EST, 6 March 2017 | UPDATED: 19:26 EST, 6 March 2017

Louise Tomlinson has been seen for the first time since allegedly attacking a woman and a photographer at Los Angeles Airport.

The One Direction star, 25, was seen receiving a Starbucks delivery while wearing a dark hoodie at his home in LA.

Tomlinson was booked for simple battery on Friday night after he became enraged by paparazzi taking pictures of him and girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

As he challenged one of the photographers, Miss Calder reportedly became embroiled in a fight with fan, Ana Becerra, 22, who was taking pictures with her phone.

Louis, who is in the US on an entertainer visa, rushed to her aid and allegedly wrestled the fan to the floor to break up the fight.

Ms Becerra claims the pop star hit her and was filmed saying she would press charges.

Her friends recently revealed told The Sun she has received 2,000 threats on social media since the bust up.

She is reportedly too scared to leave home following the abuse since her bust-up with the 1D star and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder in LA.  

But even if Louis is convicted, he will not be blocked from entering the country as his charge is only a misdemeanour.

The only way this could affect his current immigration status would be if the crime were to involve moral turpitude or great bodily harm, which this case does not.

It comes as the star hired a top Hollywood lawyer nicknamed ‘Mad Dog’ to contest his police charges.

His defence will be led by Marty Singer, who is said to charge £1,600 an hour, The Mirror reported.  

Singer - who has earned the nickmame 'Mr Fixit’ - has previously represented Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Charlie Sheen, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, who dubbed him the 'best lawyer in the world’.

According to entertainment news website TMZ, Tomlinson’s case is likely to end up as an informal hearing in the City Attorney’s office - an alternative path to charging someone with a crime.

Astonishing footage of the fight has appeared online and the hashtag #WeSupportLouis is trending among his fans who say he and Eleanor are the real victims, with one witness telling MailOnline Louis’ girlfriend was hit in the face and throat by a gang of girls.

The film of the brawl first shows Louis trying to push away the camera and then falling to the ground in a heap with the photographer, named online as Karl Larsen.

(recap and a few photos of Louis getting Starbucks delivery below the cut)

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Welcome to Destiny! Where the canon’s made up and the timeline doesn’t matter!

So here’s what I learned from the Ticketmaster Verified Fan debacle for NYC’s Radio City Music Hall:

  • Ticketmaster apparently will only let you buy up to 2 tickets for verified fans - this may vary venue to venue, but for the NYC show, they only let me choose 2, while for the DC show, they apparently let them choose 4, so be prepared for that. (As a note, the event information for Radio City said I could choose up to 4.)
  • Refresh the page! It does not auto refresh! At least, it did not for me.
  • The process goes like this: you pick the type and quantity first. (Pick Verified Fan, which is like the first option.) Then you enter in your code.
  • Type out your code beforehand, copy it, and just CTRL/Command + V.
  • Once you start searching for tickets, CLOSE OUT OF EVERYTHING ELSE THAT YOU HAVE OPEN INCLUDING APPS - or else you forfeit your place in line.

And that’s what I learned. Happy ticket purchasing to the rest of North America!

10 Things I Hate About You [b.b au] [1/10]

Master Post

Series Title: 10 Things I Hate About You (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Stratford!reader, Clint Barton x Stratford!Natasha, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Sharon Carter, mentions of Steve Rogers, mentions of Tony Stark
Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild swearing
Word Count: 1,797
Requested: No
Description: Y/N and Natasha Straford’s house rules say that Nat can’t date until Y/N has a boyfriend, so strings are pulled to set the dour damsel up for a romance. Soon Y/N crosses paths with handsome Bucky Barnes. Will Y/N let her guard down enough to fall for the effortlessly charming Bucky?

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Growing up in an upper-middle-class home in California was something that Y/N Stratford had always been thankful for. Being subjected to those assholes that people at her school called boys, however, was not something that she appreciated very much. None of the boys at Y/N’s high school were worth any of her time, in her opinion, and some of the girls there were pretty awful too. Y/N’s sister, on the other hand, totally disagreed. After their mother passed away, Y/N and Nat had started falling out more than ever, and they barely even spoke to one another anymore.

Natasha Statford was the incarnation of all the things that people at Stark High School wanted to be: pretty and popular. That was the extent of it. And not only was Nat shallow and a little bit of an airhead, but she was awful to her older sister, Y/N, and had taken advantage of their dad’s love for his daughters when their mother passed away. Nat wanted to do what everyone else her age did: date a cute boy with a high social rank at their school. Perhaps that was what made Nat the favoured Statford sister. Y/N was just as beautiful as Nat, and even more smart. But she had an antisocial, often abrasive attitude and wanted nothing to do with the losers at their school.

Nat’s best friend, Sharon Carter, was smart enough to befriend Nat in order to climb her way through the social system of their high school, not that Nat would ever realise, and had always had her eye on Steve Rogers; a self-absorbed high school senior and aspiring model. Steve’s affluent best friend Tony was the grandson of the man who founded the high school they all attended, and it only made the two of them even more unbearable. 

At least Y/N had one friend that was worth having: Wanda Maximoff. Wanda was considered to be even more odd than Y/N at Stark, and that was saying something. She wore dark clothing and loved Shakespeare more than anything. People gave her nicknames such as witch, but Wanda only ignored them. One more year of school and Wanda and Y/N would be gone from that hell hole anyway. 

In the morning, Nat and Y/N got to school separately. Nat rode the bus with Sharon in the mornings and Y/N took her old car that she had bought with the money she saved from all of her part-time jobs. Y/N – unlike Natasha – wanted to be responsible for herself and was sure that she would only use her inheritance for paying for college and nothing else. Natasha was already coaxing her father into buying her Prada backpacks and who knows what else. So once Y/N and Nat were out the door, it was almost like they didn’t even know each other.

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