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Duke University


Even with all the construction currently going on around campus, I don’t think it’s possible to catch a bad angle of Duke. 

Please bring back ArchAtlas

Maybe you don’t know this, but ArchAtlas was terminated by tumblr for a minor copyright infringement that was not his fault and was immediately corrected. ArchAtlas was a very informative and formative architecture-centered blog curated by Roberto Cruz Niemiec, who used to credit all his sources, respect captions and links, provided information about the authors posted and answered carefully, politely and acurately thousands of questions about architecture to anyone who might ask. ArchAtlas was the example for a perfect blog perfectly managed.
Tumblr @staff, please, return back ArchAtlas to where it belongs.
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EMERGENT creates an escape from the normative branch library,  moving beyond it with a  communicative  and continuous architecture.

 Located in the Ironbound District in Newark, New Jersey, the proposed library can be seen as  an  abstract continuation of the landscape of Independence Park.  Cylindrical columns  rise around visitors like a forest,  bringing  into question  the relationship between nature  and architecture, information and knowledge.

The below grade communal space features a  four-story  public space looking up into the canopy of programmatic library spaces,  where planes of wood and crisscrossing steel columns create a warm and comforting  invitation to move up through the library’s collection. Wrapped around the layer of white steel columns, the art gallery  will host art from the diverse local arts community of Newark and beyond..

The staggered facades on the upper levels create  zones  for lounging and study along the perimeter of the library floors. Composed of exterior and interior  channel glass and the crisscrossing structural columns, the interior facade continues the emergent effect for visitors through its translucent glow during the day and subtly textured surface at night while providing a glowing exterior to the community in the evening.

EMERGENT proposes  a luminous continuum of space for learning and growing for the  entire Ironbound community.


SERIE: Top 5 green roofs worldwide

Singapore: Reflections at Keppel Bay

At reflections at Keppel Bay, greenery is inserted at different elevated planes to complement the architecture of the villas and tower blocks and its waterfront location. The curved and sweeping towers rise out of the reflecting pool and culminate with green terraced crowns. 

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