And make sure you put in a little personality. You have one. It’s a major part of you. You might as well own it. Besides, people hire people they like, not resumes they like. 

Jessica Hagy of Indexed fame explores how to stand out in a cover letter. Or, just follow the immeasurably brilliant example of young Eudora Welty's application letter to The New Yorker.


Ring | Deskriptiv

The shapes shown here are create by defining a set of rings which are duplicating and deforming along the z-Axis of a coordinate system. The deformations are results of a certain algorithm which allows variations in how the original rings are spread out. The graphic at the top-left shows the radii of the rings which are the source of all subsequent iterations. The graphic at the top-right shows the density of the shape on a scale from grey to white. Below a graphic of the distance of each iteration from the ring it originated is given. The lines on the bottom shows the perimeter of each deformed ring iteration.

William C. Woodbridge, Isothermal Chart, or View of Climates & Production, Drawn from the Accounts of Humboldt & Others, 1823. Engraved map, with added color, USA. Princeton Lib

Woodbridge was quick to incorporate the latest scientific and educational ideas, here expanding on Humboldt’s concept of isotherms to show the relationship of mean annual temperatures to world climates and crops.

Graphic: Meltdown fears
Japan scrambled to avert a meltdown at a stricken nuclear reactor on Monday after a second hydrogen explosion rocked the facility, just days after a devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed at least 10,000 people.

Fears of major radiation leak in Japan
Photos: Japan reels after deadly quake

Once-idyllic fishing town now a paradise lost