This is real
  • USA: LOL Mexico bye
  • Mexico: ...
  • China: Hey.
  • S. Korea: Hey.
  • Japan: Hey.
  • Peru: Hey.
  • Mexico: What.
  • USA: What.
  • (Canada: What.)
"Sexuality isn't the most interesting thing about me"

One important aspect that I love about Delphine is her public, full open acceptance of loving Cosima right from the start. There’s no soul searching scenes of accepting her bisexuality or should she be closeted but rather, one direct statement and complete love is love mentality. Immediately after, there’s no hesitation to show their affection in public and their affection doesn’t gander a “OMG WTF?” reaction from other characters (except for Rachel’s snide comment “So, you’re gay”, but that’s Rachel using her power play tactics and Cosima’s response is perfect). Both EBro and TMas have commented that the Cophine relationship is not focusing on being in a f/f relationship but rather their own character issues and complexities of science colleagues and dealing with Leda clone disease. Shout out to OB script writers: you’ve got the right idea. Keep re-enforcing that love is simply love in this show and beyond. The more people see & learn that all loving relationships are normal, the easier for this world to accept everyone.

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I’ll never understand fanfic writers who write Magnus to be so fragile and almost breakable, next to Alec. He’s not. Like stop trying to enforce heterosexual normalities with a gay couple. Magnus could deadass blow up a fucking side of a street if he wanted to, he’s not this small magical man. He’s the son of the prince of hell dammit. Stop treating him like he’s breakable.

**Also not saying that Magnus can’t be fragile, that’s not the point of this post