Peoples Body Language Explained: What People Really Mean

This simple infographic shows how body language can mean different things. The way people move and interact with each other can tell you a lot about what they really mean. For example people that are feeling uncomfortable can guard or shield themselves with their arms, or an object.

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Their Jailer Collapsed, These Inmates Saw Their Golden Opportunity But Nobody expected what happened next
We have all read stories about inmates trying to escape jail and this video has captured something like that too. When their jailer has collapsed, these inmates have escaped their cell but then they did something you wouldn't expect. source In Texas, Parker County criminals are behind bars in their cell. Let's be honest, that's...

Because most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, NASA conducted a Clean Air Study to determine which common houseplants are the best for filtering harmful toxins like ammonia and formaldehyde from the air.  

**Please note: Several of these plants are known to be toxic to cats, dogs and other pets. If you are a pet owner, please do check the toxicity of plants before introducing them to your home.**

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GLAAD has released its annual Where We Are On TV study examining LGBTQ representation on broadcast, cable and streaming television. Here’s an overview:

  • LGBTQ characters make up 4.8% of regular characters on broadcast TV
  • Broadcast platforms showed 43 regular and 28 recurring LGBTQ characters; cable platforms showed 92 regular and 50 recurring LGBTQ characters; streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) showed 45 regular and 20 recurring LGBTQ characters
  • Racial diversity of LGBTQ characters has improved slightly over time, but it’s still not great; about 71% of LGBTQ characters are white
  • 16 transgender characters will appear in shows across the three TV platforms (broadcast, cable and streaming); 4 are trans men 
  • 1.7% of regular broadcast characters have a disability; that’s the highest number since GLAAD started tracking disability portrayals
  • Each platform showed one LGBTQ character with HIV; only one of these characters is considered a series regular
  • Gay men represent the majority of LGBTQ characters on broadcast and cable networks; lesbians are the highest represented LGBTQ group on streaming networks
  • Since the beginning of 2016, 25 lesbian, bisexual and queer women characters were killed off across networks, a record high 
  • There are more black series regular characters on broadcast platforms than ever before; 20% of regular primetime characters are black

I look forward to this report every year, but not because it’s going to be good news. (Anybody else really, really sick of Dead Lesbian Syndrome?) Still, these are interesting findings, and it’s good to know where we are. Thoughts?


Here’s a clearer version of my ADHD info graphic
Happy ADHD awareness month everyone!!


It’s not just insecurity. Society’s biases against plus size* people affect every. single. part. of their lives. We have the receipts

Refinery29 has launched a new major initiative – the 67% Project – to fully represent plus size women who have been ignored by the media too long. Women over size 14 are 67% of the country and 2% of the images you see. Share this to bring more attention to the *REAL* severity of the problem.



Theories about the Origins of Space and Time.

1. Gravity as Thermodynamics
Entropic gravity is a theory in modern physics that describes gravity as an entropic force - not a fundamental interaction mediated by a quantum field theory and a gauge particle, but a consequence of physical systems’ tendency to increase their entropy. 

2. Loop Quantum Gravity
According to Einstein, gravity is not a force – it is a property of space-time itself. Loop quantum gravity is an attempt to develop a quantum theory of gravity based directly on Einstein’s geometrical formulation. The main output of the theory is a physical picture of space where space is granular. More precisely, space can be viewed as an extremely fine fabric or network “woven” of finite loops. These networks of loops are called spin networks. The evolution of a spin network over time is called a spin foam. The predicted size of this structure is the Planck length, which is approximately 10−35 meters. According to the theory, there is no meaning to distance at scales smaller than the Planck scale. Therefore, LQG predicts that not just matter, but space itself, has an atomic structure.

3. Causal Sets
Its founding principles are that spacetime is fundamentally discrete and that spacetime events are related by a partial order. The theory postulates that the building blocks of space-time are simple mathematical points that are connected by links, with each link pointing from past to future. Such a link is a bare-bones representation of causality, meaning that an earlier point can affect a later one, but not vice versa. The resulting network is like a growing tree that gradually builds up into space-time.

4. Causal Dynamical Triangulations
The idea is to approximate the unknown fundamental constituents with tiny chunks of ordinary space-time caught up in a roiling sea of quantum fluctuations, and to follow how these chunks spontaneously glue themselves together into larger structures. The space-time building blocks were simple hyper-pyramids (four-dimensional counterparts to three-dimensional tetrahedrons) and the simulation’s gluing rules allowed them to combine freely. The result was a series of bizarre ‘universes’ that had far too many dimensions (or too few), and that folded back on themselves or broke into pieces.

5. Holography
In this model, the three-dimensional interior of the universe contains strings and black holes governed only by gravity, whereas its two-dimensional boundary contains elementary particles and fields that obey ordinary quantum laws without gravity. Hypothetical residents of the three-dimensional space would never see this boundary, because it would be infinitely far away. But that does not affect the mathematics: anything happening in the three-dimensional universe can be described equally well by equations in the two-dimensional boundary, and vice versa.

This is only one out of many methods for doing this. Keep in mind that not all Moons are equal, though. A lot of people just make this on the Full Moon, but it’s a good idea to pay attention to where the moon is astrologically during this. Certain spells call for Lunar-charged water from certain periods or phases in the Moon’s cycle.