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This infographic shows just how much of the ocean we don’t see

World Oceans Day was this week, and to celebrate, we’re showing you all the stuff beneath the waves. People sometimes forget that oceans contain a lot more than the water you see just beneath the surface.

The depths below the ocean’s surface comprise a staggering 95 percent of the Earth’s living space, and much of it is unexplored by humans.

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I was scrolling through Pinterest and thought I’d share some infographics I pinned on there here because they are a great way to learn new things since complex information is simplified and they are more memorable and entertaining to look at.

College Admissions: What Really Matters?
Saving For College: How Much Will it Cost?
How to Graduate From College With No Debt
8 Tips for College Preparedness
Before College Ditch These High School Habits
Why Language Learning is Important
Teaching Students to be Smart Annotators
The Complete Study Guide for Every Type of Learner

Health & Fitness
The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture
Top Ten Exercise Myths
Your Brain on Exercise
Workout Nutrition
Ways You are Accidentally Hurting Your Health
When We Eat Matters
We Eat Less Healthy Than We Think
The Facts About Calories
Your Body Without Water

How to Become a Morning Person
The Secret to Better Sleep
The Best Sleep Hacks
4 Sleep Patterns You Probably Didn’t Know
Best & Worst Sleeping Positions
What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep
Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making
Health Risks of Not Sleeping Well

Keeping Your Skin Healthy
Beauty Hacks
DIY Recipes for Healthy Hair
DIY Coconut Oil Beauty Products
Cosmetics & Chemicals
Making Your Own Beauty Products
Chemicals in Your Beauty Products
The Right Way to Wash Your Face

Blogging & Design
26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website
6 Principles of Design
Typography and Fonts
Visual Content in Marketing
The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post
Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

How to be More Organized in Everyday Life
Maximizing Small Apartment Space
How to Be Organized
How to Keep a Clean Home
How to Organize Your Closet
Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Tips for Job Interviews
Best Careers for Your Personality Type
Resume Dos and Don'ts
How to Boost Your Body Confidence
Science Says You Should Be Nicer to Yourself
How to Stop Negative Thoughts From Getting You Down
Powerful Productivity
How to Break Out of a Creative Rut
How to Spend Smart
Motivation Tips to Get More Done
The Best Times to Buy

Back To School Infographic Collection

I decided to make a collection of infographics that are related to school & making your school life easier, I hope it helps!

How to get enough sleep

Coping with stress

An overview of mental illness

Psychological Life Hacks

For your crush <3

School grades don’t define your intelligence

We need to talk about mental health.

How to improve your memory

Foods for brain power

The effects of caffeine


which pen type should you use? (based on the angle and pressure you write with, and texture and aesthetic preference)

a series of infographics by me! 

pen recommendations for each type under the cut!

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