infographic art


A human brain has around 86 billion neurons, and the communication between these neurons are constant. The sheer scale of these interactions mean a computer (an EEG) can register this electrical activity, with different frequencies indicating different mental states.



Because compiling data is a thing that I do sometimes, and making things pretty is a thing I do all the time, here’s a nerdy Pokémon infographic breaking down the distribution of types among the different generations.

• Water is far and away the most common type, yet the generation that added the most new Pokémon (Gen V) has the lowest number of water Pokémon.
• Gen I has half of all poison Pokémon. HALF. The next closest percentage is 30% of all dark Pokémon in Gen V.
• Every generation - even tiny little Gen VI - has the most of at least one type (some are tied for most).