If traffic lights were structured with this little green people would lose their mind. Keep history in perspective because race and social justice issues now are affected by and rooted in the recent past. Happy Black History Month!
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Here’s how one of the world’s most common toxins is poisoning American children

Flint, Michigan is in the midst of a horrific crisis. For years, lead has been leaching from its corroded pipes into its water supply, poisoning its residents.

Lead is one of the most egregious toxic metals that can enter the human body. While it sickens people of all ages, young children are especially vulnerable, as their bodies absorb four to five times as much as adults.

For this reason, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have warned that there are no safe levels of lead exposure for children. According to the World Health Organization, lead exposures contribute to 600,000 new cases of intellectual disabilities in children each year.

Here are the different ways lead exposures can often irreversibly harm young children.

Make sure to choose oils that, even when diluted with water, will not stain the crown, and be sure to disperse the oil well, so that, while scented, it won’t be bad for your hair (or, again, the crown). One thing I’ve never really mentioned is that it can be difficult to evenly disperse essential oils in water, given that they are, of course, oils, but it’s not impossible, so give it a go, but do your research and keep dangers such as allergies in mind for safety’s sake.