7 Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making and How to Fix Them

Our bedtime routines are often formed by the life we lead. That makes sense, but our activity when we’re awake can often affect our sleep negatively. These seven sleep mistakes are some of the most common, so we wanted to look at how they can be fixed.

Infographic and video by Dreams

Source: Infographic & Video

A visual glossary of Dress shoe toe styles and brogueing

More Visual Glossaries (for Him): Backpacks / Belts / Bowties / Brogues / Chain Types / Dress Shirt Collars / Cowboy Hats  / Cuffs / Dress Shirt Fabrics / Eyeglass frames / Hangers / Hats / Jackets/Coats / Jacket Pockets / Man Bags / Moustaches / Necktie Knots / Pant Breaks / Plaid / Shirt Anatomy / Shirt Collar Anatomy / Shirt Collars / Shoes / Stripes / Tartans / Trench Coat Anatomy / Vests / Vintage Hats / Wool



Types of Sleeves Infographic from Enerie. 

*3 images because Tumblr still cannot seem to host clear and sharp images of vertically long images.

Writers continue to reblog these infographics for their useful terminology. If you’ve missed any here they are: