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Phenotyping wolfdogs from photos is trickier than you might think! The photography itself can mess with your phenotype. Here’s some tips on how to pheno from photos.

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My pendulum isn’t a crystal (it’s a small bottle filled with herbs), but the concept is the same, and I personally found this technique helpful for getting to know the pendulum. Of course, sometimes I’ll substitute the “No” question for a simple, “Show me no,” but I prefer to ask it  to “Show me yes,” and then attempt a question that should garner a “No” answer.

Planning a trip to Germany soon? We are sure you have done some research on where to go and what to eat. Now that you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there– time to confront the vague subject of cultural norms. Just like in the United States, Germany has its own quarks and standards that take some time to get used to. Look like a local by following some basic cultural norms such as avoiding the bike lane or arriving on time. Bon voyage!

This is only one out of many methods for doing this. Keep in mind that not all Moons are equal, though. A lot of people just make this on the Full Moon, but it’s a good idea to pay attention to where the moon is astrologically during this. Certain spells call for Lunar-charged water from certain periods or phases in the Moon’s cycle.