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Program: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop for color tweaks.
Tablet: Wacom Intuos 4 small
Canvas: 1950x1950 px at 300 dpi
Time taken: 2 hours to sketch and 4 hours to color.

Jigoku Onsen [Characters + Baths]

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Translated by clearui

Hell’s greatest bath keeper

CV. Kaji Yuki

“Isn’t the bubble from this camellia soap the best?”

The manager who is entrusted as the one in charge of the baths at Jigoku Onsen.
He’s the one who takes full responsibility over work in the bathhouse, managing bad people, and customer service.
He’s also the one who puts drinks in the bath for the special guests.
Basically, he’s good at anything, and good at giving services, but….
Apart working at the bath, he seems to be having another surprising skills.
He has been returning to this world again and again, trying to fulfil his ambition to take over the world.

Job: General Manager (Bath keeper)
Spirit Age: 19 years old
Height: 179cm
Blood type: O
Hobby: Playing cards, Sewing
Favorite food: Blowfish sashimi
Likes: Moon gazing
Dislikes: Yorimoto

Curing nerve pain
Spring’s nature: Carbon-dioxide spring
Sugar content: ●●●●

Moon’s beautiful bath keeper

CV. Nojima Kenji

“Fufuu, your face looks delighted. Does it feel that good?”

The second keeper who is entrusted with Jigoku Onsen. Gentle, graceful and always smiling.
He’s thought to be Jigoku Onsen’s prince because of his beautiful appearance, which has lead popularity of the bath so high.
Particularly under the moonlight, his beauty are not considered something in this world.
He specializes in playing traditional musical instruments.
However, there is this calculative personality of his that makes him to use his beautiful appearance to make other suffer in darkness that no one can ever imagine–……

Job: Bath keeper (Second bath)
Spirit Age: 20 years old
Height: 177cm
Blood type: B
Hobby: Playing instruments (Flute, Lute, etc)
Favorite food: Smoked fish
Likes: Musical instruments
Dislikes: Troubles from all over the world (even hell’s are included)

Beautiful skin
Spring’s nature: Bicarbonate spring
Sugar content: ●●●●●

Idol bath keeper

CV. Kimura Ryohei

“Leave rubbing your back to me~ ♥”

The third keeper who is entrusted with Jigoku Onsen. He has captivated many costumers, taking advantages of his cute little devil character.
Reservations for his bath are booked up to hundred years.
His bath is the most popular of Jigoku Onsen.
Because it was popular, he practically does nothing and hates pulling efforts. He doesn’t want to work as much as possible, but he still works to play.
He often does showcasing his dances and singing in the banquet hall.

Job: Banquet hall “Momozono no Ma” Lead and bath keeper (Third bath)
Spirit Age: 17 years old
Height: 172cm
Blood type: O
Hobby: Dancing
Favorite food: Maccha soft cream from Golden Hermitage
Likes: Taking away other people’s things♥
Dislikes: Efforts and guts

curing anemia
Spring’s nature: Iron-oxide spring
Sugar content: ●●●●●

Skillfully at warming bath keeper

CV. Kondo Takashi

“Nee, should I heat it up specially for you? ”

The fourth keeper who is entrusted with Jigoku Onsen. He takes pride in his work, and he works diligently. The finesse of the fourth bath is the highest quality that he takes pride off.
customers like the hot bath because of the bubbling acidic water that makes them happy and shallows their agony.
He has an unique sensitivity that can part between empathy or other emotions, which sometimes lead him to confused toward the customer who has the emotion he doesn’t understand.
He acts rashly toward Ranmaru for his enjoyment.

Job: Bath keeper (Fourth bath)
Spirit Age: 18 years old
Height: 180cm
Blood type: AB
Hobby: Finding his favorite food in people’s face that is in form of grains
Favorite food: Chimaki (Rice dumpling)
Likes: Perseverance (Patience)
Dislikes: Knob

bacteria cleansing
Spring’s nature: strong acidic spring
Sugar content: ●●●●●

Aggressive noble bath keeper

CV. Suwabe Junichi

“How red your face has become…… Are you in heat because of me?”

The fifth keeper who is entrusted with Jigoku Onsen. Really knowledgeable and intelligent. He thinks that he has the most common sense among all bath keepers, often giving out remarks all the time.
The type of person who doesn’t care anything. Sometimes, he would allowed people to come to him for hot spring cure, because of his aggressive charisma, which has led him to be revered…….
He also likes the bathhouse work, but he has bad imaginations that makes him suddenly trapped in his own dark imagination…….

Job: Bath keeper (Fifth bath)
Spirit Age: 20 years old
Height: 179cm
Blood type: B
Hobby: Taking strolls
Favorite food: Anmitsu
Likes: Big Dipper
Dislikes: Antiques goods

Spring’s nature: sulfur spring
Sugar content: ●●●●●

Hidden bath keeper

CV. Takahashi Naozumi

“Come here. Let’s start from hot water first”

The person is the one who is responsible for the tea house called “Golden Hermitage”, also the sixth keeper who is entrusted with Jigoku Onsen. Because of it’s popularity of being exclusive that has been operating since the temple open, which has satisfied hot spring’s guests’ tongues and eyes.
He was fallen to hell by mistake. While he focuses on managing the tea house, he is somewhat feeling melancholic. Although his heart is a bit disturbed by the situation…. he has grudges toward people who doesn’t have considerations.
His number one rule in Jigoku Onsen is that the guests must not be offended.

Job: Bath keeper also tea house owner
Spirit Age: 16 years old
Height: 178cm
Blood type: B
Hobby: Practicing expressions
Favorite food: Golden Hermitage’s Jigoku Jelly
Likes: Sound of water flowing
Dislikes: All things and people that are noisy and indecent.

Spring’s nature: radioactive spring
Sugar content: ●●●●●

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Translated by clearui



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do you think kagehina has a chance at going canon?

tbh i don’t think any ships will be ‘canon-ed’ in haikyuu? it focuses more on friendships, teamwork and passion, and romance is hardly touched upon!

i’ve picked some last names!!

vera laclair
alyn sparks
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persephone demette
ryan larkson
sterling crawford
candice greene
thomas o’bryan
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also i’m picking out names for the police officers (detectives?) that are involved a lot with alyn and his past case. they both have a power (psychometry n i think motion stop but idk) so there’s that. (i really want to name one of them akane. REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do that. we’ll see)



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