keep in mind I had to shrink these down to post on tumblr so the quality is a bit botched but the ones you you receive will look much better!

Sfw and Nsfw are allowed.

Undertale Commissions are ALLOWED

Please message me HERE if you’re interested in a commission.

all payments will be made through paypal!.

I’ll be taking only 3 commissions at a time. so if you contact me for a commissions and I don’t respond right away please be patient.



  • i’m allowed to decline a commission ANYTIME for ANY REASON. if you’ve already paid full refunds will be made
  • please be kind and patient..
  • please keep in mind i draw female bodies 100000 times better.
  • only contact on the tumblr commission blog about commissions.
  • YOU WILL PAY ME FIRST i don’t give a frick frack what problems or what your personal reason is for wanting the drawing first. this is a safety precaution every artist needs to take. Once I can see the money has hit my paypal then we can start the art picture.

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on one faithful day, sometime in january of 2016, sarah asked camden if they wanted to create a squad… history was made. 

hi! we’re are creating a squad for people who love dodie just as much as we do! we’ll be trash together and gush about how cute dodie clark is, how cool space is, the death of the “dovan flat”, memes , and much more.

how to join:

follow sarah and camden

follow this blog

fill out this survey

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reblogs on your posts and selfies

if you get in:

track the tag #dodieclarksquad

the deadline for entries is february 27th! :)

Ashe’s Commissions

Things I Will Draw:

  • OC’s (Please provide a visual and/or detailed written reference)
  • Anime (Note: I am only doing the ones I know of)
  • RWBY
  • Love Live!
  • Couple stuff! (cuddles, kisses, mild lewdness, etc)
  • Animals 
  • Armor/Weapons
  • Undertale

Things I Refuse To Draw:

  • NSFW 
  • Heavy Gore
  • Anything Relating to Sexual Abuse

You can find examples of my work here

Other Information:

Backgrounds - Can be negotiated! The most likely price for a fairly detailed background is $8.00 (depending on how detailed the background is, that price will go up)

Wanna Add A Character? - Will be half of the original price of what you’ve decided on!

Ex. Character A = $25

Character B = $12.50

(In a simpler example: $25 for one character, $12.50 for every additional character)


The first half of the commission must be paid when the sketch is established
When the sketch is to your satisfaction, the second half must be paid when the piece is done

Remember to use this option when paying

If you would like to ask for a commission, please contact me with this email:

And please keep it in a format to this example:

Title: Commissions - <Your Username/URL>

Hello Ashe,

I’d like an artwork of [ex. Bust, Full Color], with [character].

[To make this easier for me and you, please attach any references you have of the character! Especially if they’re an OC!]

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im looking up some facts abt yamazaki susumu in honor of jimmy’s bday and it’s making me so sad…. it doesn’t seem like anyone knows a whole lot about him, but he was a doctor and the physician he studied under, matsumoto jun, described him as gentle and taciturn. he also studied literary and military arts under his uncle growing up. and he was apparently one of the most loyal and trusted members of the shinsengumi, and was loved by kondo. he even got along really well with saito hajime (shimaru’s historical counterpart), who was known to be very introverted. 

and after he died in the line of duty, kondo isami (or possibly hijikata toshizou? i could only find two accounts of this and they conflicted with one another) gave a very tearful condolence speech in his honor…. everyone else apparently cried, too…. and he died pretty young, probably in his thirties (although wikipedia lists his birth year as 1843, which would have made him 25, but that… doesn’t really make sense, since the general consensus seems to be that he was probably two or three years older than hijikata, who was born ten years before that). 

he just sounds like such a nice guy, loved by all, and everyone was apparently really heartbroken when he died…

(Trans) Track Information for Jaejoong’s 2nd album, No.X


1. Good Morning Night (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

2. Drawer

3. Love You More

4. Love You To Death  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

5. Good Luck  (Lyrics and co-composed by Jaejoong)

6. Blame  (Lyrics and co-composed by Jaejoong)

7. Welcome to my wild world

8. Breathing  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

9. All that Glitters  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

10. Meeting again will meet again but.. (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

11. You know what?  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

12. Run Away  (Lyrics by Jaejoong)

(trans: crystalmoon64)

Links to order Jaejoong’s 2nd album^^: (click)

YotoHoLiC [Characters]

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Translated by clearui

Prince of Shingetsu, Arata
CV. Tachibana Shinnosuke

“……It’s probably because I’m beside you tonight.”

The eldest son of Yoto family.
“Shingetsu” is the title he was given as the 107th generation. Beautiful-looking prince that represents family of princes. Sometimes, there seems to be unnatural atmosphere around him. Excellent in both academics and sports, also he has won a piano competition while he was studying abroad. There seems to be something under his composed grown-up atmosphere. He studies a lot of thing for the sake of his future.

Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Cocoa
Likes: The grand piano which is a keepsake from his predecessor
Dislikes: Butterflies (when they are fluttering)

Host of Mikazuki, Mikazuki
CV. Maeno Tomoaki

“Hold my hand, aren’t you cute?”

The second son of Yoto family.
“Mikazuki” is the title he was given as the 107th generation. Although he looks like host, his personality is cold and nasty. He feels a bit ironic to be placed in this situation in Yoto family. His only strong point is that he is serious of his responsibility than anyone else, that makes him a well-behaved playboy.

Height: 174cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Cocoa with MAXimum cacao content.
Likes: Your sleeping face
Dislikes: Your tears

Little Devil of Yumihari, Yumihari
CV. Shimono Hiro

“You’re right. It’s okay to dream, just like this.”

The third son of Yoto family.
“Yumihari” is the title he was given as the 107th generation. His smile is impressive, along with his adorable sweet face, which can make other people’s hearts beat. He’s suffocated because his future has been decided. There is also a naughty side of him that seeking for excitement. He quarrels with his parents.
The little devil surfaces from behind his cuteness. He’s quick with his head, but isn’t aware of the results later on.

Height: 173cm
Weight: 54kg
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Cherry
Likes: Stargazing
Dislikes: Meaningless time

Loner of Mangetsu, Mitsuru
CV. Hanae Natsuki

“Nee, would you like listening to my selfish request?”

The fourth son of Yoto family.
“Mangetsu” is the title he was given as the 107th generation. Good looking, and very beautiful like girls. There is a little bit darkness around him whenever he is alone. He avoids people who approach him, and blame himself for it. In fact, he is a very pure boy, and more than anyone, he’s troubled inside of wanting love.
Studying is not his thing because he always worries too much about something else.

Height: 175cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Hot Milk
Likes: My Usa-tan
Dislikes: Studying (especially math)

Tsundere Izayoi, Izayoi
CV. Kaji Yuki

“If you think that you’re special, don’t you misunderstand?”

The fifth son of Yoto family.
“Izayoi” is the title he was given as the 107th generation. He acts tsuntsun and is a aloof fashionable boy. Because he doesn’t think about his surrounding, he often puts selfish behaviors. He doesn’t act cute among his brothers.
Good at talking, good at conversing but he always goes tsuntsun. He’s good at making pastry.

Height: 172cm
Weight: 54kg
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Gateau Chocolat
Likes: Baking
Dislikes: Carrot

Angelic Akatsuki, Akatsuki
CV. Kimura Ryohei

“Not just anyone else, the one I need is you.”

The youngest son of of Yoto family.
“Akatsuki” is the title he was given as the 107th generation. Along with his charming adorable idol face, there is this glittering atmosphere, just like an angel from this boy. He’s also loved by anyone. He always looks positively and gives straightforward opinions.
For his responsibility in Yoto family, it’s already clear, he’s a good child who takes care of his family. He’s polite and courteous towards women even to his nursemaids. To protect his dignity, he take the knight roles, which seems to be missing something.

Height: 166cm
Weight: 54kg
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Ogura Toast
Likes: Small animals
Dislikes: Not good with winter

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Translated by clearui

Exciting news.

I am very happy to announce that your very first Magnus Bane event will be happening. Starting this Wednesday. It will be tournament style, slave vs. slave, gender (sorry, those of you who do not go by what’s between your legs) segregated, wrestling. In mud, for starter. Slaves who fail to win the bout(s) they are in will get to spin a very fun wheel. A wheel of punishments. So, you best try and win, eh, children?

For Masters, Mistresses, and Keepers, there’s leaflets being delivered to you with any relevant information.