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"How do you get better at drawing?"

Alright, I feel the need to make this post because a lot of artists get this question, myself included, and the response is ALWAYS the same thing. Now I’m not the best writer, nor am I the best artist but, what I do have is understanding and experience with the subject at hand and the question is:

“How do you get better at drawing?”

That’s that magical question all artists, beginner to professional, seek and strive to answer their entire lives.

“How do you get better at drawing?” is probably the most frequently asked question artists receive and is probably the most difficult to answer simply because everyone learns differently, so when pressed to answer this life changing question, our default response is either “practice” or “draw A LOT”.

I think I fell into this category many times. I remember when I was growing up I would ask the artists I looked up to the very same question and when I heard those words uttered, “just draw a lot” my enthusiastic smile would flicker and burn out and I’d be sitting there, left with a depressed thought that if that’s all there was to it, then “why am I not good enough?” I worked hard, drew everyday, and practiced all the time, yet I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted and was left with this overwhelming sense that, maybe, I just didn’t have what it takes. If it were as simple as “just draw a lot” then I have been doing that to a T for years and years and… nothing.

Flash forward a few years, you are no longer the plucky freshman in high school. The years you’ve endured that followed weathered you down and broke your soul, your passion for art has dried out due to failed attempts at getting better, and you’re on your way to college.

In college, you find yourself with like-minded people. You feel young again because you’re a freshman, ready to start over. Your passion for art is rejuvenated because you notice that there are actual classes catered to teaching you how to draw and you excitedly sign up with a new sense of purpose thinking “This is it, I’m going to be the best artist ever!”

But then you actually attend the class.

It’s not what you expected at all. The students are at mixed levels, some are already really good and you’re sitting there learning to draw boring squares and spheres while your dreams of drawing seem to be slowly slipping away from you and TO MAKE THINGS WORSE your art teacher hates your favorite art style. Let’s say anime. WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO? YOU JUST WANTED TO BE GOOD AT ART AND YOUR TEACHER KEEPS PUTTING YOUR DREAMS OF DRAWING LIKE YOUR FAVORITE ANIME ARTIST IN THE HOLE. WHY DOES NO ONE UNDERSTAND YOU?

And this is where all this backstory comes into play. This is the one KEY element that took years and years for me to finally understand and make sense of those words “just draw a lot”.

Your teachers don’t hate you and they don’t hate anime!… Well, maybe they do, but not because they hate things you like, rather it’s because after years and years and years of teaching students like you with the same dream and goals in life, they have become hardened and skeptical of anime because from their experience students who want to draw anime are STUBBORN and usually can’t draw anything other than anime.

Look at it from the teacher’s perspective. Their goal is to teach you how to get better at art and they have one semester to do it. They usually tend to grade you on how much better you’ve gotten over the course of the year. You may not be Picasso but you put your heart into learning and you came out stronger because of it and from personal experience. But all too often, the students who draw anime and like anime only want to draw anime. Nothing else. They hate realism, they hate rendering, they hate anatomy, they think drawing squares is boring, they don’t understand why they need to know about lighting and shadows because anime isn’t rendered like that and all they are concerned with is anime. Anime. Anime. Anime. Anime!

Now back to the first question: “How do I get better at drawing?”

Now think back. Think about how you got where you are today and how your friends got where they are and so on and so forth. Think about all the masters before us, all the amazing animated films we’ve seen. Think back to what exactly we did and I think you’ll find that it wasn’t just “draw a lot.” It was much more than that. Either subconsciously or intentionally we all did the same thing that helped us improve. At some point in our lives we started using references. That’s it! Hallelujah! That’s the golden ticket! All the years worth of suffering as a kid lead to when we finally caved in to the pressures of getting a good grade in college art class by drawing from life. That’s the secret. That’s why some artists are not good at art until they are in their late twenties, or even later! They didn’t realize that drawing from life was the key until much, much later in the game. That’s why some kids are masters at the age of fifteen. The difference between a good artist and a bad artist is this one simple thing. Some kids learned from an early age that the key to learning to draw is by drawing a lot WITH REFERENCES. And I don’t mean your favorite anime, I mean actually drawing what you see in real life and being able to UNDERSTAND it.

Think about it, if all you’re drawing over and over and over again is what you know from memory (your favorite anime, artist, etc), then you’re only going to get really good at drawing what you already know. You can draw your favorite anime character or draw like your favorite artist over and over again and wonder why you’re not getting better even though you are trying so hard, but in reality, the reason you’re not getting better is because you’re not learning anything new. Problem solved. This is what you’re teachers have been REALLY trying to tell you all along. It’s not that they hate you or your anime or whatever your favorite art style is, it’s because in order to get better at art you have to DRAW FROM REAL LIFE FIRST in order to understand how things work

You can always learn to draw the way you want later down the line. If you LOVE anime, good for you! Go for it! But if you don’t want to draw your like favorite 90’s anime series for the rest of your life, you’re going to have to learn to draw realistically at some point. Every artist does eventually out of necessity and pressure to get better, whether they knew it or not.

So as an artist just setting out or an artist that frequently gets asked “how do you get better at drawing?” it is our duty to spread the correct information. Instead of saying “just draw a lot” what we should all be saying is “just draw a lot– WITH REFERENCES FROM REAL LIFE.” After all, they only way you get better at anything is by learning and imitating, not repeatedly doing the same thing incorrectly. You can’t learn a new language if all you’re doing is saying “Hola! Como estas?” over and over again and just because you know one or two phrases doesn’t mean you know Spanish. You need to learn more than just a phrase in order to understand a language and speak it correctly. That same thing applies with art, you may know how to draw like your favorite artist or anime, but in order to get your own style you need to learn the basics of drawing and what makes up the anatomy in order to apply it to your work. 

And it’s never too late to learn. heck, this realization didn’t hit me until early this year and I’ve been drawing for yeeeeeaaars and am only now seeing a vast improvement in my work. I’m also in my mid twenties. Yeah, there are people that are nineteen and know how to draw, but that’s because they learned this stuff from the get go. Now that you know it… USE IT! And if you do this one simple thing. I don’t even care if you dislike realism. If you are serious about getting better and you do this one little thing called drawing from real life and drawing from references, I promise you that you will inevitably get better.

Don’t get mad at your teachers for not letting you draw the way you want, just do what you’re being told. College is boring. You have to be boring in order to learn. They are there to help you learn how to draw, not how to be the unique butterfly you want to be

You will get to draw however your heart desires once you learn how to draw from life first and learn basic art skills. That’s what that commercial we always saw was all about! You need a “good structural foundation”. So don’t just draw a lot, draw a lot with the power of knowledge!

Now go learn!

(Other Ig) 25/5/2015  A Non-fan shared a photo of Private Kim Jaejoong’s Autograph:

[TRANS] Mom accepted a celebrity’s sign and was shaking over the sign that said ‘Ill Jjang’, but the sign said ‘Kim Jaejoong’ when I looked again
By the way, the paper is a Big Bang note ^^
#KimJaejoong #celebrity

Kim Jaejoong, “The Serial Autograph Signer” (๑・ω-)~♥

Source: som_mmm, Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

Cheap Icons

Aha so currently my mother’s abusive boyfriend lives with us and it’s bad for both of our mental, and physical health, plus he’s able to take money from our accounts on his own. I’m going out of town in a few days and I really don’t want to put the burden on my friend I’m staying with!

I’ll make little icons, like this 

For a dollar! Info under cut

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Mika Bio 3.0
  • Name: Mika “The Moth” Mothra
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Estimated to be 21; Within the Insect realm moths lives are long lasting with the average life expectancy is 1000-1500 years old. They are the second most long living creatures behind the Spiders of the Arachnid [who live between 2,500-3,000. However, due to a great an incident within her mother Queen Mikalya called “The Great Primal Explosion” which radiated such intense magical force that wiped nearly 80-85% of the realms population. Queen Mikayla herself is estimated to be almost twice the expected life expectancy. There is no telling the age expectancy of Mika and her sisters due to this very reason.
  • Weight: 125 Lbs
  • Height:  5 feet 1 inch; Mika is the shortest of the Mothra sisters lol.
  • Occupation: Princess and Mothian Ambassadress in promotion to strengthen the connection of the Moth Kingdom to other species Kingdoms and Tribes.
  • Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Sewing, Realm Walking [the ability to slip in other realms such as the human realm], Collecting plushies/dolls and figurines, Listening to music from the human realm.
  • Backstory Summary: Growing up the youngest of the Mothra sisters Mika grew up a quiet, shy, and introverted child. She would often spend her days shadowing her sisters and telling her exciting exploits with her sisters with her many plushies she received as gifts from both her sisters and mothers [she really is the most spoiled and dotted on lol]. Mika would also confide in the many plushies and dolls when her sisters became too busy to play with her. Due to very unique magical ability which mainly lies dormant and only becomes active during sleep Mika discovered she could venture into plains of realities by “Realm Walking”. Whilst Realm Walking she ventured into the human realm and discovered the vast music and art that the humans held. Using this ability she would venture to the human realm to enjoy art and music of a species which is entirely unknown to the Insect Realm and even learning the many languages of the place called “Earth”, however, she keeps this ability and the information shes learned realm walking hidden. The music she enjoys in the human realm was the spark of her interest to begin singing.

Additional Info:

  • Why do Mikas eyes seem to glow?

Her eyes glow because of her magic abilities. The brightness can fluctuate depending on how much magic she is using and how long she is using it. She is always at a constant low glow due to her magic sight always been in use.

  • What magic abilities does she have? 

Mika’s major magic factors are healing and psychokinesis. Her healing powers are vastly superior and even out rank that of her mothers. Her psychokinesis althought being vastly weaker then her healing powers are still formidable when she finds her self in a tight spot.

Her weaker abilities or her minor magic include night vision and super sight or enhanced vision.

  • Mika has sisters? How many? Whats there names?

Yes she is the youngest of ten which means she has nine older sisters. Mika has 9 older sister Micah, Micheal, Mina, Miro, Maya, Mimi, Mindy. Micki, and Micku [Micki and Micku being twins]

  • What is the Moth Kingdom like?

The Moth Kingdom is focused around Magic, Academia, Industry, and Technology or “The Four Pillars of A Moth”. Many young pupils are trained along a basic principles of math and science and receive lessons and magic and basic warrior training. Many moths choose a singular path to devote their lives too by the start of their adult lives whether it be Alchemy, Magic studies, Academia, Industry or technology works, or many other. Because of this the moth kingdom has remained prosperous for many centuries. 

  • How do the Moths age?

The age relatively close to what humans age as. But the between the ages of 20-40 moths have the inexplicable ability to stop aging. Due to this Mika and many of her sisters have stopped aging. Moths reach adulthood so early in their lives that many hold many skills by the time the dusk of their lives.

  • Anymore information of what the Moth Kingdom is like?

A little more information about the Moth Kingdom is that it is actually a Matriarchy with females out numbering males 10:1. Due to this females are more likely hold higher positions in fields of study and jobs and more likely to be the ones to serve in the military. Feminine attributes and qualities are highly celebrated and adorn throughout Mothian culture.

  • What are the other kingdoms?

There are many nomadic tribes that dot the world but only 4 species really hold the most land and power. The Moths, The Flying Apocrita Sisterhood [bees, wasps, hornet], The Arachnids, and The Ants.

  • What do the Mothian people eat?

They don't’ actually eat [though they have the ability to] but consume life energy from the surrounding natures. This is a cycle of life and death when a moth dies their magic abilities materializes into life energy for the many plants and waters that lay about the earth. This is of course consumed by the living only to have the cycle repeat. Though moths are all suckers for the sweets <3

  • What kind of home did Mika and her sisters grow up in?

Despite Queen Mikayla being so busy she always made sure that her daughters were well taken care and gave them both love and attention throughout their lives and still so.

  • Do Mika and her sister explore often?

All the time many of her sisters work dictate that they do and because Mika the Ambassadress of foreign connection she also travels and explores quite a bit as well.

  • Where is Mikas father?

Due to Queen Mikayla royal status she often has many suitors and mates, however, they are quickly dismissed after conception. Mika and her sisters grew never knowing their fathers though they never question why either. The Queen just doesnt have much time for men lol



(രᴗര๑) notorious-dingus’ commissions have been updated! (5/24/15)


╰(°ㅂ°)╯Keep in mind, add-ons may cost you extra!

Because I am a web comic artist, AND a mother, you may have a slight waiting time for your purchase to be completed — I will do my best to assure that you do not wait over two weeks for your art, BUT WAITING TIMES MAY VARY!

Please read!

  • Requests for gore, nudity, and other adult situations are allowed. Lewd imagery is NOW accepted, but is accepted under specific limitations. Please inquire about further information regarding such. (*゚ロ゚) If such art is requested, I will NOT post it here once it’s finished. 
  • PLEASE give me proper references for your characters/subjects.
  • The prices listed above are BASE prices. Additional prices may be applied.
  • Yes I do flat color commissions where shading is not applied. Flat colored pieces are 15 USD.
  • I am allowed to turn down a commission request if I feel the need to.
  • Additional charges may take place if the requested commission requires add-ons. I tend to charge about 5 USD as an original add-on charge. Please ask if you’re unfamiliar with add-ons.
  • Once you have received your artwork, you may do with it whatever you wish, but PLEASE do not forget to credit me! We artists work hard for you! (*゚O゚*)

Examples of my art, up close and detailed:
              [x] [x] [x] [x


  1. The fastest way to reach me about commissions is over at lady-linebeck as I am always around that account and get messages faster that way. You may also email me at, but I can be slow at checking it sometimes. 
  2. Leave me your name, and/or your tumblr url.
  3. Please list the type of commission you would like to purchase, and with what character/subject you have in mind. PLEASE leave me references as well. Without them, I cannot complete your commission.
  4. After your payment has been calculated, I will respond to you with your total, and you may send your payment to via paypal.

Please keep in mind, those who reach me first, and pay first will receive their product faster. So it’s first come, first serve.

If for ANY REASON YOUR PURCHASE MUST BE DELAYED, I WILL CONTACT YOU RIGHT AWAY. I promise you prompt customer service!  


Keep your eye on your email, for I tend to contact my customers during my work to keep them updated as I complete their commissions.


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You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, iPhone, iTunes, media player, et cetera and write down the first 10 songs. Tag 10 people.
One rule: No skipping.

1. Blank Space - Taylor Swift
2. Weighted - Frank Iero
3. Pretty Hurts - Beyonce
4. Never Wanted To Dance - MSI
5. Wrapped Up - Olly Murs ft. Travie McCoy
6. Elastic Heart - Sia
7. Call On Me - Eric Prydz
8. Don’t - Ed Sheeran
9. Kids - MGMT
10. Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

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RETURN OF THE JEDI: After meeting the young Ewok Wicket, Leia returns to his village where she is given a new dress to wear, crafted by the Ewoks. While the dress is made from simple, natural materials like animal hides, it possesses a rustic beauty. Leather sandals and two braids interwoven with leather complete Leia’s look.

DESIGN: To create a dress that looked like it could have been made on Endor, stitcher Laurie Rudd used chamois leather with an integrated crepe blouse.  The dress was stitched together and then leather was handsewn over the seams to create a primitive, decorative cross-stitch pattern.  This is Leia’s last costume in the Original Trilogy, and its informal, casual nature is representative of the peaceful conclusion of the saga.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. + Heroes AU.

In recent days, a seemingly random group of individuals has emerged with what can only be describied as “special abilities”. Although  unaware of it now, these individuals will not only save the world, but change it forever. This transformation from ordinary to extraordinary will not occur overnight. Every story has a beginning.

Scientist Jemma Simmons, who’s father was mysteriously killed in New York, takes everything in her hands. His research about people with superpowers inspires Jemma to find those individuals and learn more about them. Philip Coulson, who can’t stop drawing strange symbols has no idea that this is the answer for Jemma’s question, he is the link in this story. His adopted daughter Skye (who’s real name is Daisy Johnson) has always been special. This is why Coulson tries to keep her safe and sound from bad people. A police officer Melinda May can hear people’s thoughts, and trying to cope with her problems on her own. Technically gifted Leopold Fitz was the first one, who was on Jemma’s radar. They’re clinging together, while Jemma tries to understand Leo’s abilty, and FItz tries to protect (and not fall in love with his new best friend) Jemma from bad people. Finally, a man named Grant Ward is the one who has all abilities at once. He has too much blood on his hands, but the promise, which was given by Jemma’s father won’t stop him from his revenge and to get more powers.

Several bonfires will be lit in the main clearing deep within the forest. In the corner is a map of all the clearings and how they’re lined up (they are further apart than they seem). Food vendors can be found in the area of open space in the middle.

Many Darumaka will perform dances around the bonfires. Care to join in?

[ Extra info is locked until the start of the event. ]