'Pacific Rim 2' production news: More details on the 'Pacific Rim 2' drama
"Pacific Rim 2" will happen, and it's not just Guillermo del Toro who believes it.

Thank goodness Del Toro has been so persistent. Slowly but surely we might get our sequel.


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New and improved commission post time! Featuring a brand new pattern!

I’m Tiff, a self employed artist living in Canada! I spend my days making cute dolls that you might be interested in buying!

My commissions are open!

What are you commissioning from me?

A plush of your favorite character or OC!
A lovingly made, custom high quality doll!

What are the average costs of these cute plushies? 
all prices are in USD

9" chibi - 80-120$

12" detailed (example 1,2,3) - 150-250$ (Minky hair included in the base, as well as a very basic armature.)

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the character, less pieces to their outfit the cheaper, plainly put!

Shipping costs

Shipping costs for 1 doll: 14$ to Canadian and American addresses. 18$ to european. If you fall outside those please contact me and I’ll get a quote for you!
Shipping costs for 2+: 18$ to Canada/USA, variable for everywhere else

Shipping within Canada gets a tracking number. If you require a tracking number for a package going to the USA it is 5$ extra

Upgrades and extras for 9" chibis

Minky hair. Minky is a very soft, lightly furred material that is commonly used in making animal plushies. It’s a very popular among my customers, and costs 10$ extra to have it for your doll. Colours on hand vary and may not be available for all dolls.
Hoods: Some characters are defined by having their hoods up. If you would like a functional, removeable hood for your doll it is 15$ extra.

Dolls requiring unnatural skin tones(eg blue, green, ect), will be made out of minky. Dolls requiring these colours will be 5$ extra, but if the customer wishes to upgrade to minky hair as well it can be combined for 10$.

Upgrades and extra for 12" detailed dolls

Removeable clothing. If you are interested in a part of the outfit being removeable please let me know at the start! if unspecified I’ll include it where I see fit.

How to order:

Please send references of the character,  as well as who the character is/what series they’re from, and any other relevant information  to plushmayhem @ gmail (dot) com

Please attach images to the email as sometimes orders with hyperlinks get misplaced in my spam

Before ordering, please take a look at my terms and conditions, as ordering a doll from me means you are in agreement of them

And again, thank you so much for your love, support and especially reblogs! I wouldn’t be able to make this my living if it wasn’t for you!

I also sell premade dolls and smaller cute things on my etsy, take a peek!

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I’m opening my commissions again! If you’re interested, send me a message here or on my deviantart :)

-I don’t do nude or extreme gore, and I can decline commissions for whatever reason. 
-Please note whether you want line-art, flat colors or full colors.
-If you don’t specify a background you will get a one color background. 
“Simple” background means not with much detail, for example the Snowy Day drawing and the Malec drawing. 
“Full” background means with a lot of detail like the landscape drawing.
-If you want a drawing in a similar style as one of my other drawings, let me know.
-Please send references and/or descriptions if it is from fandoms I am not in, your ocs, or real life people.
-Payment will be done with Paypal.

You can find more info here.

[RUMOR] Jackson will film Hunan TV’s Day Day Up on 2.29 & 3.01. The guests for 3.01 - BIG BANG member(s). Jackson will replace one of the MCs who was Korean and worked as a translator on Day Day Up (helped translating what Korean guests say to Chinese). 

Day Day Up is one of the most famous shows on Chinese national channels.


Andante: “If you die, it completely takes over the body, and then comes back to me, adding to the mass.”

Andante: You could also consider it like that weird human myth, Vampures. How there’s a head Vampire, and everyone they convert is under them…”
Andante: “I’m at the top, as I was the first one to survive it.”

Andante: “Of course, it’s not like the mortality rate is extremely high, it’s just very likely…”
Andante: “though, stronger willed Pokemon are more at risk…”

Phantom spraying is a behavior found in spayed/neutered cats. They will back up to an object, then hold their tail upright and twitch it, as if the cat was actually spraying, but there will be no urine. This behavior has the same meaning as actual spraying, a way to say “I like this thing, its mine now.” A cat will phantom spray on things like furniture and even people.