It really annoys me when people discredit Little Mix because all of their achievements aren’t in America. Like they all love to ignore the fact that they’ve had one very successful arena tour and are about to go on their second. Or that they debuted in the top 5 albums TWICE in America, which broke records. They seem to forget that they’ve visited places like Japan multiple times and gotten such great responses over there. They forget that they were the first girlband to get vevo certified. They just ignore the facts that they are successful, even if it’s not just in America.

how to cleanse your crystals properly

you can use rice or salt to cleanse them

  • literally just put them in a bowl full of salt or rice, buried in or just put on top, and leave them overnight - white rice, brown rice, kind of rice, sea salt, kitchen salt
  • the rice/salt absorbs any negative energy in them, so definitely throw it away when you’ve finished cleansing your crystals 
  • if you used salt, then run it under cold water to get rid of any salt that stuck (but not for crystals that are water soluble - list at the end of which those are)

you can bury them in the earth

  • make sure you know where you put them though so you don’t lose them
  • they can’t be water soluble!! don’t put water soluble crystals in the ground incase the water seeps through.

you can cleanse them in a bowl of salt water

  • I usually do this, and I find it quite good but a lot of people are very against it because it can sometimes ruin your crystals. 
  • glass bowls are the best to do this in, not metal
  • again, make sure they are crystals that can be put in water that won’t dissolve.
  • leave them in a bowl with salt in it, you can put it on a windowsill and get some sunlight or moonlight on them too
  • towel dry them but pat them down gently with a towel because if you’re too rough it could damage them. 

you can put them on top of a quartz cluster

  • you need a pretty big quartz cluster to do that though, like a giant flat amethyst cluster would be optimum. 
  • you should probably put a cloth over the top of the cluster though so you don’t scratch your crystal

sunshine or moonlight!

  • put the crystals somewhere where they’re in the light, like on a windowsill
  • also there are some crystals that sunlight will damage, I’ll make a list at the end too

holding crystals under running water

  • just hold them under some cold running water for a few minutes
  • also make sure they’re not water soluble 

crystals not to put in water!!

nearly all the names of water soluble crystal end with “-ite,” like calcite, fluorite, sodalite, malachite (which can also be poisonous!!) etc. but there are some exceptions, like lapis lazuli is also water soluble.
always check if your crystal is okay with water before putting it under any! there’s a good link here that has some specific info, but you can always google it if you need to!


I needed a more updated commission post. +more colour 

Things I will NOT draw;

•Furry art
•Shotacon, non-con, minor/adult shipping, ect.
•Extremely detailed OCs (you know exactly what I’m talking about..)
•If your commission is an original character, please provide me a good reference (a paragraph description of the character isn’t an efficient enough)

Each commission is between $27-$40 (depending on what you get and whether you want the commission shipped to you, a $27 commission will cost $29 with shipping cost, and so forth.)

I ship internationally!! The 2$ add on cost for shipping will NOT be raised higher if you live overseas! Commissions mailed off include a small handwritten “thank you” note.

Payment is through paypal only please, and you can email me or message me with any concerns!

Thanks so much!! Send me a message if you’re interested (my inbox) and feel free to check out my other art


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
pinkseacrossing and myself launched a new website all about Happy Home Designer’s features

We literally started work on this around 10 hours ago so it’s not complete in the slightest (the item and themes lists will take a while for sure), but if you want to take a quick peek around and let us know what you think of it so far that would be great (suggestions welcome too of course!)

You’re free to share information and images from the site on Tumblr but you MUST link back to the website as a source in you post, thank you ♥

[FANCCOUNT] Youngjae at KCON LA 2015 - Day 1

’YOUNGJAE MOUTHED “do u remember me” TO MARK’S NIECE’ - hobimilk

‘Aww Youngjae asked one of the neices what his name was but she must’ve said something hilarious bc he laughed really loudly’ - soreejillah

  ‘ youngjae said “have a good today” - babyoungjaes

‘they asked who likes in n out the most and youngjae yelled and hyped it was adorable’ -   loveandghouls

q:whos the biggest in n out fan here? Youngjae: I LIKE IN N OUT *screams* MEEEEEE - DaenumHyupp


quick commission info

super rough commission information post im putting out there for now until i make a proper chart and page!

I’m including links, so click on them for examples

First and foremost I work by the hour, so in my area is $10/h so that’s what I charge. I work as efficiently as I can and ensure you get what you pay for. I’m willing to do whatever you like, with the exception of formed backgrounds (just for now) so it would either have white background or some colors!

  • Sketches cost $15 and lineart is $25 (my lineart is a lot crisper now the exmaple is old but the only one i have atm sorry!)

  • I draw ocs, fanart, aliens, robots, everything  

  • I do flat colors, and I also do soft shading over lineart. it depends on if you want a bust or full body. But it would be $40 or more. 
  • I am willing to draw/paint nsfw and gore as well 

  • I do painted busts, such as the last post I made, that range from $80-$150 since I go by minimum wage (so $10/hour)! personally those are the most enjoyable for me!
  • If you’d like something more complex and painted I’m totally willing to do that, depending on what you want it will cost extra.

for all pieces, if you let me know from the beginning you want the step-by-step progression shots of how i drew your piece beginning to end, i can send the progress chart to you for an extra $5

if you’re interested, send me a message or email me at!

at the moment i have 0/10 slots full, so get at me!



Hello yes I am back with an updated commission chart! Nothing much has changed, but I thought it would be nice to update the art I’ve done over the past several months since I first opened commissions. <3


  • I’m pretty flexible with payment, but payment in advanced would be preferred!
  • Payment through Paypal only please!
  • I’m very willing to keep you updated on your order and send you previews if you’d like, just ask me!
  • Please let me know if there’s a certain date you want your order by! Then I can work around my schedule so I have time to get it done ASAP~
  • I will turn down a commission if the requested order is something I’m uninterested in or not comfortable with. I want to put my effort towards something I enjoy for the most part otherwise the commish might not turn out as nicely as it could be- ;; w ;;
  • I enjoy anime and cartoons, so I’m pretty open when it comes to fandom stuff! If you’re interested in knowing what kind of fandoms I’m into, you can ask me or take a look at my tags on my main blog!
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!!! <3

Prices are up above and also below the cut! There are background prices below the cut as well and also my contact info for those interested! 

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hello everyone i’m taking commissions!! all prices are in USD and must be paid through paypal only!

3 slots are currently: OPEN

price list/info:

  • sketch - $15+ 
    messy lines, flat/simple coloring, plain white/grey/transparent background
  • simple illust - $30
    clean(er) lines, coloring, colored/simple background
  • full illust - $45
    clean lines, full detailed coloring, background, textures

pick from headshot, bust, waist, knee up, or full body!
prices depend on complexity of the character design, the number of characters, pose (if applicable), details (if applicable), and background (if applicable)

NO REFUNDS if you do not like the finished product. half refund if cancelled after sketching, full refund if i haven’t started

i draw:
☆ anime and cartoons (in my style)
☆ fanart and OCs
☆ porn/mild gore (for samples please email me!)

i cannot draw:
☆ landscape backgrounds
☆ mecha
☆ furry

if you’re interested, email me at kurokock @ gmail . com !!
please use this form when emailing:

website url:
commission type (bust up sketch, headshot illust, etc):
character(s)/OC reference(s):
pose: (if you don’t have one in mind i will make one up for you!)
additional details:
post on tumblr?:

once i approve of the commission i will send you my paypal email and i will get started as soon as possible! you can also send me an ask for any questions you might have

even if you aren’t interested a signal boost would be awesome!!
thank you very much for taking the time to read! i appreciate it!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


bust examples | digital sketches: example 1, example 2, example 3 | traditional sketch example style #1 example style #2: example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4

i’m wyly, and these are my fine warez.

stuff i have experience drawing:

▸ homestuck (as you can see)
▸ steven universe
▸ invader zim
▸ fullmetal alchemist
▸ madoka magica
▸ fruits basket
▸ neon genesis evangelion
▸ naruto

i’m not averse to drawing for other series as long as they’re not live-action, e.g. supernatural or the avengers.

things i will & won’t draw:

✔ any ship (except*)
✔ INCLUDING polyam ships
✔ poc & lgbt headcanons!!! (i love these, if you have any such hcs don’t be afraid to mention them in your request and i’ll incorporate them to the best of my ability)
✔ some au stuff (humanstuck/species swaps, bloodswaps, etc)
✔ mild blood & gore
✔ original/fan characters

✘✘ "genderbends"/“rule 63s”/“cisswaps”/etc.
✘ animals (including ponies; excluding amphibians)
✘ portraits
✘ robot/mecha/machinery-type stuff
✘✘ *pedophilic and/or incestuous ships
✘✘ physical abuse
✘ nsfw/porn

the only method of payment i accept is paypal and i prefer it up front.

if you have any questions or are interested in commissioning me, you can shoot me an ask off-anon here on tumblr and/or email me at, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

thanks for looking! any & all signal boosts are very much appreciated =)

I’m kinda mad that everyone who’s re blogging that pic of Erron black unmasked thinks that one is real because it isn’t. The other one was created by someone on Deviantart, but I cannot locate them at this time. This is the real one from the actual game. Erron isn’t some scary looking wrinkly dude he’s a fucking bird with flawlessly white teeth. Get it right

I’ve only just jumped on the Steven Universe wagon. I’ve seen a lot of posts of fanart and stuff floating about so I thought I would give it a go. I think I’m only 10 episodes in (no spoilers plz). But so far its just all really adorable; music, animation, design, characters. I really like it. It reminds me of Bee and Puppycat. Garnet is my favourite so far.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I've just sorta realized B.A.P.'s existence, and i want to know them more. But i always mix them up. Do you mind making a brief description of each member?

Hello there! Oh yes, I don’t mind at all! These aren’t perfect descriptions (and other people might have different opinions), but I hope they’re ok for you~

Yongguk: Leader and Rapper
Birthday: March 31 1990
Matoki: Shishimato (Red)
Yongguk’s a very caring and strong leader. In the group he’s responsible for rapping and composing songs. He’s well-known for his many charitable works and love for kids. Some notable characteristics are his deep voice, his tattoos, and his love for tigger. He has a stoic and reflective personality (thinks deeply a lot) but his smile and shy, child-like nature are his most heart-warming charms.

Himchan: Visual Birthday:
April 19 1990
Matoki: Tatsmato (Pink)
Himchan’s often referred to the mother of the group by the members and fans. His many talents range from singing to traditional instruments (best known for the janggu) to emceeing. He’s very sociable and brings life to the group during variety (without him, they’re really an awkward bunch). He loves coffee (Americano), wine, and fashion. He’s a dork, and sometimes harsh, but also critical of himself and very caring of the other members and the fans.

Daehyun: Vocalist
Birthday: June 28 1993
Matoki: Kekemato (White)
Daehyun is the group’s honey vocal, as he’s known for his high notes in many of the group’s songs. Originally nicknamed as Busan Wonbin, he occasionally speaks in satoori here and there. He’s one of the more playful ones of the group, and likes to especially pester the younger members. Along with Himchan, he can be chatty. Among fans, he’s known for his big appetite and love of food. Sometimes he speaks without thinking, but he loves the fans very much. 

Youngjae: Vocalist
Birthday: Jan 24 1994
Matoki: Jokomato (Yellow)
Youngjae is the group’s energetic spirit and he is the huskier vocal that melodically holds together B.A.P songs. He’s the “brains” of the group and often a wisecracker that trolls the other members and especially the fans. His laughter is extremely contagious and he’s best known among fans for his silly faces and reactions. Some of his favorites include R&B music and photograpy. Just like Himchan and Daehyun, he’s another talker and fan of the fans.  

Jongup: Dancer
Birthday: February 6, 1995
Matoki: Dadamato (Green) 
Jongup is mainly in charge of dance, as his breakdancing style highlights the group’s more hip-hop concepts (he does have a great voice too). He is the resident ball of sunshine, as he always puts everyone in a good mood. His many loves include pokemon, hamburgers, chocolate milk, Frozen (particularly Olaf) and Chris Brown. Among the fans he’s best known for his abs and biceps (nicknamed Cheetos). One of the shyer members, his clever sense of humor is his best charm, and he never ceases to remind fans or the group of that.  

Zelo: Rapper
Birthday: Oct 15, 1996
Matoki: Totomato (Blue)
The youngest of the group, Zelo impressed with his famous LTE rap. He is also a talented dancer, and his fluid style compliments their stronger dance styles very well. Despite his age, he’s also the tallest member, at 184 cm, and he’s quite conscious about it. Including rapping and dancing, he skateboards and is often seen carrying one around. He also has a liking for interesting fashions and socks. Another of the shy members, he’s coy when put on the spotlight outside of the stage, but a very playful and curious kid at heart.

Thanks for sending an ask! And I hope your interest in B.A.P grows even stronger!

100 follower giveaway

Okay so I’m only three shy of 100. As soon as I hit 100 I’m going to use a random number generator to select one person to get one colored and shaded piece, up to three characters. (Cannot be pornographic or contain fetishes. Gore is OK) I will also select two others to get a lined piece of one character, same restrictions apply. I will note the three winners privately and they will have 24 hours to reply. If they do not reply in time, another will be randomly selected to fill their spot. (Please do not follow me for this unless you plan to stick around.) Thanks a good luck!