According to insiders, Kyungsoo got casted in a new movie called 'Hyung/Brother' with the role of the younger brother, recovering after an unfortunate accident. The older brother is supposed to be played by an actor in his 30s. Filming is supposed to begin in October/November.

hulo my family is stuggling a bit again, and i want to help out;;
Last time i did this i made quite enough to help my mom pay for things, even tho she didn’t want me to lmao. 

i reused some old pics bc theyre my only examples;;
ok but! its p simple!

> chibis - $5, and you can add as many up to 3 other characters. Each will be an additional $3 though.
> bust sketches - $5, additional chara $3
> col. bust sketches - $8, additional chara $3
> painted bust - will be $15-20 depending how complex the chara is, extra chara will be additional $5
> painted full body - $25, additional chara $5
> sketch full body - $15, if you want it colored will be $18, additional chara $3 
> the last ex is a painted bust, but if u want me to animate smth like shown on ANY, it’ll just be an additional $5 

I can draw anything just as long as it doesn’t include:
> intense/explicit nsfw (ok i cant do ppl doin the dirties)
> furries/animals (i can draw like animal ears on ppl tho…idk i cant draw animals themselves well tho;;)

If you’re interested, just send me a message on here.
reblogs are much appreciated, thank you for considering.

if you commission my boyfriend as well, I’ll throw in another chibi for free.

thanks! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

The Sims 4 Superstar Hint?

The Sims 4 Poland has posted a video of The Sims: Superstar on Facebook with the caption, “Lights, camera action! :D Is your Sim ready to…be a star? ;)”

With Gamescom just a week away, we’re all on high alert for any hints at what the big announcement might be. Though this seems like quite a large hint, there is also reason to believe that we’ll be getting a Pets or Nightlife expansion.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

What would you guys prefer, Pets, Nightlife, or Superstar?

The Signs Compatibility

The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The fire signs are compatible with the other fire signs, and the air signs.

The earth signs are compatible with the other earth signs, and the water signs.

The air signs are compatible with the other air signs, and the fire signs.

The water signs are compatible with the other water signs and the earth signs.

The fire signs are not very compatible with the water signs, and they are very incompatible with the earth signs.

The earth signs are not very compatible with the air signs, and they are very incompatible with the fire signs.

The air signs are not very compatible with the earth signs, and they are very incompatible with the water signs.

The water signs are not very compatible with the fire signs, and they are very incompatible with the air signs.

Friendship and Family compatibility has to do with: Sun and Moon.

Relationship compatibility has to do with: Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars.

Important notes about Compatibility:

  • Your sun sign is not everything.
  • Many friendships and relationships can work out even if the suns are not compatible, but other signs, such as moon, venus and mars, are compatible.
  • You should not let astrological compatibility hold you back from pursuing a relationship of any kind.

These compatibility rules are not just for your sun sign, they apply to every sign. I hope this little post has helped you understand more about compatibility, and how it works.

On Chat Noir Needing a Kiss From Ladybug

I’ve seen some people wonder where the idea “Chat Noir needs to kiss Ladybug to break his bad luck curse” originates from and if it is considered canon. The idea can be found in some old synopses.

In an older version of Zagtoon’s French Wikipedia article, a synopsis for Ladybug was present and mentioned Chat Noir’s motivations. From the archived copy of their page (October 26, 2012):

52 épisodes de 13 minutes - Série 2D. L’action se situe à Paris et décrit comment LadyBug sauve le Monde chaque nuit grâce au pouvoir de la chance. À ses côtés : son allié dont elle n’arrive pas à se débarrasser : le Chat Noir. Ce dernier espère pouvoir avoir enfin ce baiser de Ladybug qui lui permettra de retirer la bague qui lui porte tant la poisse. Ladybug est le premier personnage tiré de Quantic Universe.

52 13-minute episodes - 2D series. The action takes place in Paris and follows how Ladybug saves the world each night thanks to her power of luck. At her side: an ally she can’t get rid of : the Chat Noir. He hopes to finally have a kiss from Ladybug that will allow him to remove the ring that brings him so much bad luck. Ladybug is the first character from the Quantic Universe. (translated by myself)

Chat Noir’s desire for a kiss is also mentioned in Method Animation’s synopsis for Ladybug:

FRENCH - Paris, aujourd'hui. Marinette est une adolescente comme les autres. Elle adore faire du shopping avec ses copines, rêve de devenir styliste et est folle amoureuse d’Adrien, qui ne l’a jamais remarqué.Mais, la nuit, Marinette se transforme en super-héros  et combat le mal grâce au pouvoir de la Chance. Elle pourrait être la plus célèbre des super-héroines si seulement le Chat Noir (Adrien) arrêtait de lui porter la poisse. Et surtout, il essaie systématiquement de l’embrasser. Beurkk !

ENGLISH - Marinette is an ordinary teenager in Paris. She loves hanging out with her friends, wants to work in fashion, and is deeply in love with Adrien who never noticed her. But Marinette transforms into LadyBug at night and fights evil thanks to her superpower of luck. She would be the most powerful superhero if only Black Cat (Adrien) wouldn’t keep annoying her with his power of bad luck. And most of all, he keeps telling her he wants to kiss her. Yuk!

This idea has not been brought up in more recent synopses for the show. Whether or not this is still part of Adrien’s/Chat Noir’s character is unknown. Perhaps he is still the same, or maybe the concept has evolved.

*vibrates intensely*

It’s happening!!! Twin World is being ported to the Vita!!!!!!

Time for some HD goodness of my babies! *runs around in circles and squeals* This will be Quinrose’s 2nd Vita port (Heart is getting one right now) but that’s such good news that they’re doing TW as the second because it means they care about it and it’s not just some ignored spin off! *squeals more*

Thank you to vocaotome for finding this teaser advert for me!!! And to randomly-spicy-diamond for alerting us both to this!!


Pairing: Akashi Seijuro/Kuroko Tetsuya

Rating: G

Word Count: 1565 | AO3

some sort of akakuro soul eater au for the lovely pyunsukee! (if you have the time, go send her some love!) 

Three instances of the life of Akashi and Kuroko as a technician and a weapon.

“Silly Tetsuya,” Akashi says, burying his head in Kuroko’s chest. “If it meant saving you, I’d let them take my life in a heartbeat. As if I could live without you.”
“You think I could live without you?” Kuroko says indignantly, carding his fingers through Akashi’s hair. 

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INTP-ISTP-ESTP Just... So Done

ISTP and ESTP are sitting on the couch, playing a single player video game. ISTP is getting frustrated because he cannot make a jump across a pillar. He’s tried it over and over and ESTP is delightfully amused. INTP walks in through the front door.

INTP: Hey guys.

ESTP: Hey!


INTP: (͡๏̯͡๏)

INTP: What’s up with him?

ESTP: He’s been trying to make this jump for an hour and it’s hilarious.

ISTP: *Misses again*



INTP: My god, ISTP, maybe you should take a break.

ISTP: I can’t.

INTP: That’s… okay, well, not true at all, but–

ESTP: Hey, why don’t you let INTP give it a shot?

INTP: Yeah, I can probably do it.

ISTP: Yeah, right.

INTP: Yo, I’m like the Assassin’s Creed Master™, come on.

ISTP: *Hands the controller to INTP*

ISTP: Okay, Master, go for it.

INTP: *Makes the jump on the first try*

INTP: Oh, hey, I guess I–


ISTP: (⊙_◎)



ISTP: *Gets up*

ISTP: I can’t even fucking deal with this right now, I am so upset.

ESTP: *Snickering*

ISTP: I’m getting something eat.

ISTP: *Walks away*

INTP & ESTP: *Continue snickering*

ISTP: *Slams cabinet in the kitchen*

INTP & ESTP: PPFFFFFhahahahaha.