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Okay so even after watching tons of videos I still have a problem grasping special personality traits the guys of got7 have. Could you introduce them and say something special about each of them? :)

hello dear, of course i can!!! i’ll just write some special things/facts/etc about them and i’ll do it from oldest to youngest!! (i apologize ahead of time if i get too into this and start going overboard lol)

mark (oldest member, part of rap and martial arts line of the group) :
-is a pretty quiet kid 
-although he is quiet, he does have things on his mind (he said so himself)
-cares a lot for each of the members (if you pay close attention, you can see that he just silently takes care of everyone)
-also can practically fly the in air (like how?!?)
-really cute and adorable (but can also be hot af omg no pls)
-owns a cute lil dog named coco with youngjae (he is apparently the father between the two of them lol)

jb aka jaebum (leader of the group, main vocalist, debuted back in 2012 with junior as “jj project”) :
-tries to live the chic and cool life (but is a fucking nerd)
-loves his cat nora to death
-savage af (his clapback game is too strong)
-is infatuated with the simpsons 
-ready to fight someone 10000000% of the time
-can act, sing, and dance (did bboying and was he also know as ‘defsoul’)
-got7 obviously means a lot to him
-he’s wonderful person and probably deserves an award for being able to lead this crazy group

jackson (part of rap line and martial arts line):
-“wild and sexy” → a very accurate quote by him
-extremely hardworking (and i mean EXTREMELY) !!!
-is a beautiful human being inside and out, not to mention is freaking hilarious  
-is really freaking extra for no damn reason 
-loves his own personal family and his got7 family deeply
-only fears bugs and jyp pd
-who doesn’t love jackson?!?

junior aka jinyoung (dancer, vocalist, debuted with jb as “jj project” → was a rapper back then):
-loves to read and study (he is quite the smart boy)
-is mother of the group (very motherly to the members aka his children)
-also an amazing actor (support and love actor jinyoung!!)
-is a gentleman and is just husband material overall tbh
-has a reaaaaaaaallllyyy nice butt 
-all he really wants in the world is to eat meat with jackson

youngjae (main vocalist and rapgod):
-is actual sunshine
-his laugh and smile makes flowers grow
-but his vocals makes you really emotional (has voice of an angel ;;n;;)
-should be protected by all means
-cucumbers are his worst enemy
-him speaking in english is probably one the cutest/best things ever
-only trained  for 7 months prior to debut (the boy is just so talented)
-coco = his life
-recently began his career as a rapper and has been killing it since

bambam aka kunpimook (rap line and dance line):
-is secretly the lost member of every girl group tbh 
-fanservice king
-he’s fab af but is kinda a confused child 
-his rapping should be appreciated more (like seriously)
-is such a caring sweetheart
-probably whipping his way into your bias list
-just love bambam okay

yugyeom (maknae of the group, dancer, vocalist):
-cute giant baby 
-“i’m the maknae, although I do not look like I am”
-is a dance machine and is always slaying
-the members are all practically his servants (king gyeom ftw)
-not really as innocent as he might seem … o.o
-is total chris brown trash omfg 
-living the double life “a.k.a browny” (oH MY GOSH)
-sensitive, yet things don’t scare him easily
-always thankful and grateful to be in got7
'Pacific Rim 2' production news: More details on the 'Pacific Rim 2' drama
"Pacific Rim 2" will happen, and it's not just Guillermo del Toro who believes it.

Thank goodness Del Toro has been so persistent. Slowly but surely we might get our sequel.

NU’EST Drops 1st Mystical MV Teaser for ‘Q is.’

Just slightly over an hour ago, NU’EST dropped their 1st MV teaser for 4th mini-album ‘Q is.’, bringing the audience into a dystopian-ish, mystical wonderland with falling snow. The electronic intro tune seemed to boost a sound back to their urban electro roots, ending with soft vocals. The teaser has since broke the 20k view marks earlier on.

Blond Minhyun stood out with his outlandish, futuristic robes; Baekho was set against a backdrop of leaveless, bluish branches; Aron seemed to be braving an impending storm; long-haired raven, Ren, was caught holding onto what seemed like a penchant, and last but not least, JR stood alone in a wrecked room, reminisence of what once was that could belonged to royalty with fallen chandeliers.

Undoubtly, the 28-second teaser wasn’t enough to satisfy our appetites, and since it’s labeled as the 1st, perhaps we would see subsequent teasers very, very soon. Meanwhile, continue to stream the teaser on official portals such as NU’EST Official or 1theK, instead of other re-uploads

According to a PLEDIS representative, NU’EST is set to return with a more matured look then before, and member JR, Baekho as well as Minhyun actively participated in the lyric writing of the album. ‘Q is.’ will be released on the 17th.

Another highlight to note is NU’EST’s comeback teaser on Music Bank played today, where more hints of how the song could sound like was heard.

While the concept has been mentioned on several portals as ‘Queen is.’, what do you think it would turn out, and how are you liking the sound? Tell us!

Source: BNT News ; NU’EST Youtube

Dates in Japanese

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日付(ひづけ hi zuke) Dates

1日/一日 [ついたち tsu i ta chi] = 1st

11日/十一日 [じゅういちにち juu ichi nichi] = 11th

21日/二十一日 [にじゅういちにち ni juu ichi nichi] = 21st

31日/三十一日 [さんじゅういちにち san juu ichi nichi] = 31st

2日/二日 [ふつか fu tsu ka] = 2nd

12日/十二日 [じゅうににち juu ni nichi] = 12th

22日/二十二日 [にじゅうににち ni juu ni nichi] = 22nd

3日/三日 [みっか mikka] = 3rd

13日/十三日 [じゅうさんにち juu san nichi] = 13th

23日/二十三日 [にじゅうさんにち ni juu san nichi] = 23rd

4日/四日 [よっか yokka] = 4th

14日/十四日 [じゅうよっか juu yokka] = 14th

24日/二十四日 [にじゅうよっか ni juu yokka] = 24th

5日/五日 [いつか i tsu ka] = 5th

15日/十五日 [じゅうごにち juu go nichi] = 15th

25日/二十五日 [にじゅうごにち ni juu go nichi] = 25th

6日/六日 [むいか mu i ka] = 6th

16日/十六日 [じゅうろくにち juu roku nichi] = 16th

26日/二十六日 [にじゅうろくにち ni juu roku nichi] = 26th

7日/七日 [なのか na no ka] = 7th

17日/十七日 [じゅうしちにち juu shichi nichi] = 17th

27日/二十七日 [にじゅうしちにち ni juu shichi nichi] = 27th

8日/八日 [ようか you ka] = 8th

18日/十八日 [じゅうはちにち juu hachi nichi] = 18th

28日/二十八日 [にじゅうはちにち ni juu hachi nichi] = 28th

9日/九日 [ここのか ko ko no ka] = 9th

19日/十九日 [じゅうくにち juu ku nichi] = 19th

29日/二十九日 [にじゅうくにち ni juu ku nichi] = 29th

10日/十日 [とおか to o ka] = 10th

20日/二十日 [はつか ha tsu ka] = 20th

30日/三十日 [さんじゅうにち san juu nichi] = 30th

Days, Months and Seasons in Japanese

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i know a lot of people are reconsidering watching the movie Deadpool now that its been revealed that there are rape jokes in it

to put it in context: deadpool and another character discuss their pasts and both of them mention rape but in a joking way, you could argue this is two survivors talking about their past or that its just shitty writing

other than that i’ve heard the movie is very enjoyable

12/2/2016 [info] Jaejoong's Album NO.X on iTunes Album Chart


[RANKING] #Jaejoong’s Album #NOX debuts at #24 in Worldwide iTunes Album Chart on 2/12! Well done 

(BY princejj)

- (Ranking) Jaejoong NO.X ranked #1 in 18 COUNTRIES (for iTunes Kpop genre) and 

#1 in 8 COUNTRIES (fr iTunes all genre)! Congrats(≧▽≦)

- Please support Jaejoong’s 2nd album NO.X. Buy his album on iTunes or links to buy Jaejoong’s 2nd album NO.X = (CLICK)

NU'EST Releases Member Collage Teaser, MV Teaser to Drop Tonight 13 Feb 0000hours KST

With raising anxiousness from the fandom about the soon-to-be released all album ’Q is.’, PLEDIS has unveiled a collage teaser featuring the different members in a snowy backdrop, suggesting that it is perhaps a scene from their music video.

That’s not all - NU'EST will also drop their first MV teaser tonight, at 13 Feb (0000hours KST). Get ready to trend #NUEST and #Qis if you’re up in that hour!

ㄴㅇㅅㅌs pumped for this, can we see your hands?

Source: NU'EST Twitter>

((So it’s aph Spain’s birthday, and I wanted to point out something.

The actual nation of Spain? It’s in crisis mode.

All my knowledge about the situation is from my Spanish teacher who follows the Spanish news, but here’s what I know.

- the region of cataluña, where Barcelona is, is trying to become an independent nation. They submitted a Declaration of Independence and have their own police and money. The government of Spain hasn’t been willing to talk yet. But…
- recently Spain had a general election. But the election didn’t work. The nation of Spain could not form a government.
- so for about a month, the nation has not had a government.

In other words, crisis.

((If you want to relate this back to Hetalia, that essentially means that aph Spain would be very very sick))

Again, I’m just stating my understanding of it. A snap election will probably be held soon because obviously, the nation needs a government. Depending on who gets elected, it could decide the future of a lot of things. If the new government isn’t willing to talk to the cataluñana independence movement people, military action is possible, and then everything can go from there.

If anyone has any more information, or I got something wrong, Please please PLEASE add on to this through reblogs. I’m very interested, and I just sort of wanted to get a conversation going about what’s been happening.

Thank you))

Like how Knuckles is jealous of Sonic’s care-free lifestyle, Speedy is jealous about Tails having freedom. Being an heir and pressured by his father, the Battle Lord, to lead the Battle Bird Armada someday, Speedy often wonders what it’d be like if he wasn’t born into this lineage. Seeing things other than birds flying freely; like bees or bats, has him feeling frustrated. Once he saw Tails fly; a species unnaturally capable of it, and enjoying it, he then translated this frustration into hatred

LGBTA+ Christians Connect: masterpost

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Too often, LGBTA+ Christians are made to feel like they are the only ones in the world who practice the Christian faith while embracing their gender and/or orientation. Thus, we’ve made this masterpost to help you reach out. 

The urls on this list belong to bloggers who are LGBTA+ and Christian and have expressed a desire to connect with others like them. So don’t be shy, follow any of these lovely folks or send them a message and get connected!
(If you do find it too intimidating to message strangers, that’s okay! Just send us an ask off anon and we’ll publish it, inviting other people to come to you!)

Also, we invite you to send us feedback regarding this masterpost! Did you find any new friends using it? Is it helpful? Is there something we can do to improve it? Let us know!

We’ve split the masterpost up based on the various posts available for reblogging, so if you are looking for someone who shares your specific identity, scroll down to that portion of the post to find them. Also, we’ve placed all the people who gave us no extra info at the top of each section, so scroll to the end of each section for folks with more info about themselves.

If you are not on this masterpost yet and would like to be included on it, reblog this post or send us a message and we’ll put you on it!

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